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  1. I did the factory rebuild, principally for the new exhaust system, as this would have been enough extra on a European shop overhaul to make them more expensive, and with a slower turnaround. My original exhaust had been repaired a few times in its life, and I didn't fancy having to continually keep patching it up. I did try Ganns for a quote, but couldn't get him to answer me at all, which didn't feel great as I wondered what would happen if I had a query later - YMMV
  2. It's not even that! That moulding on one side takes the external air and pushes it through the intercooler, on the heat shield side takes the heated air from the exhaust muff to the blending valve for distribution to the defroster and heater. The heat shield is protecting the moulding from the exhaust (#5 to #3 to #1) which is only 1/2" away I'm not doubting that this has fixed your CO reading, but curious as to where the CO was coming from to get in there?
  3. You called I've only done to one return crossing, so far from an expert! (always reminded: Ex is a has been, spurt is a small drip under pressure!) Flumag has doen the trips several times, and it may well be worth giving him a nudge - he was generous enough with his time to talk me through a number of items on the phone. As I was trying to meet a deadline, and to a degree control costs, I'd heard enough about Greenland to avoid all but the essential stops there, and hence missed Kulusuk, and just used Narsarsuaq both eastbound and westbound. From what I hear though, Kulusuk is a lovely destination and *shouldn't* be a problem. Do beware of Narsarsuaq though - they totally lied to me about the last fuel uplift (telling me they had loaded and charging me for 200 litres, but delivering something nearer 120) and I subsequently raised an MOR on them - that 80 litres was fortunately "only" a substantial part of my reserve, but if I had ended up going for a swim I expect their paperwork woild have all been in order. Some things to consider to get you started: Routes (and the corresonding HF requirement), max acceptable headwinds for each planned leg, PNR, if fuel comes in bowser of by the whole barrel only, if you will need a barrel pump, airport opening days/hours (easier when westbound), survival equipment. I had an absolutely fantastic experience and would recommend it without doubt. The trip does have its risks though, and only you can make the asessment as to how acceptable those risks are to you
  4. Do you get the GS indicator on an ILS? If so, and you consistently fail to get the GS indicator on a GNSS, then you are most likely missing a wire - from memory I think it is the 'ILS Energise' signal. If it is intermittent then a bit more troubleshooting is going to be required to work out what it is that makes the difference between ok and not ok
  5. Disappointed you didn't let me know you were in Zurich as if I'd known I would have jumped on the tram up to meet you! (and could have given you the Zurich City tour) However, don't get too upset about the customs officers - last time I went through a US customs and immigration at a scheduled airport, there were lots of signs about no guns , cameras , phones etc, and as a non-native I wouldn't have dared to even produce a camera, let alone use it, and even worse to take a picture of an official! Enjoy your stay - are you coming to Speyer in two weeks?
  6. What Hank said - without a travel board, what can you use to set zero on a digital level or protractor?
  7. Unfortunately GA accessible airports in the Munich area are somewhat thin on the ground - you'll end up miles away and getting a train (or expensive taxi)
  8. Seems EMB Joined November 8, 2010 and aviatoreb Joined March 14, 2011 I guess somehow you lost your cookie for aviatoreb on your desktop (browser upgrade? New/different browser? Cookie cleanup?) which forced a logon, and when you couldn't recall the password, the system created a new password and sent you a link for the first account it could find with that email address, which happened to be EMB. However, as your phone still had a valid cookie, that stayed logged on as aviatoreb I suppose the board could only allow one user per e-mail address, but there are cases when that is a valid situation, but in the case where there is more than one user name associated with an e-mail address, it should probably ask which one you want reset when requesting a new password. You might be able to delete your own EMB account, or you might have to drop Craig a note requesting deletion
  9. Try asking on the yahoo "gns480 users" group - it is likely it has been seen before, and there may be more than one solution tried and tested
  10. If the weather is good, try the Chinesischer Turm in the English garden - they serve traditional Ma├če (2.1 of your US pints)and pretzels there. Otherwise just about any bar will have what you want, but the Paulaner Brauhaus is close to the main HBF
  11. I've gone to FL200+ quite a few times, but then I don't cruise over 15GPH very often - more normally 12-14 (gas is the equivalent of 9bucks a gallon here) - 30" and 2200 RPM works well enough
  12. ISTR there is a limit somewhere on the airframe (?empennage related) that limits how much power can be put in - hence the reason the Acclaim is de-rated to 280HP If that is correct, it does seem a shame that it can't be 310HP at sea level but with a lower critical altitude for increased take off and initial climb performance
  13. Made it home on Thursday having left Osh on Saturday -overnights in Potsdam (thanks Erik), Goose Bay, Reykjavik, England (one in the borders, one near London) To get home, 28 hours of flying, 428 gallons of gas, and a massive grin!
  14. The previous owner of my aircraft installed Tempest fine wires at around 1300 hours, and I ran the same ones until I did the engine exchange at around 2200 hours. The factory re-man came with Champion massives - after 100 hours the wear was obvious to the naked eye, and my A&P thought I *might* get as much as 300 hours out of them. I changed them to Tempest fine wires before coming to Osh