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  1. Still heading east - vac pump seems to have recovered (was just the engine pump, horizon recovered with the standby), just lots of apologies to Bahrain for the botched landing and go around, and then a substantial mistake on the outbound flight plan.. Quick bite to eat now and then some zeds for an 0500Z departure in the morning for a very long leg
  2. SO far, so good - still on schedule. Might have to replace the VAC pump as it might just have died tonight on arrival - if it has will be on the standby pump for a few days until we get the chance to replace it, but have the Aspen and castleberry too, so only loss is the autopilot if both the main and standby die Next couple of days are going to be long ones - probably no update or photos for a few days
  3. Your kid eh? Hmmm....
  4. LRT = Long Range Tanks - not a lot of point in having the ability to load 780lbs of fuel if you only have 800lbs left between MTOW and basic empty weight (BEW ) IPC=Illustrated Parts Catalog - has the parts for each serial number, so you can work out the differences, MM=Maintenance Manual - similarly you can see if there are procedures required on your proposed s/n that you might want to address A MSC can get you the manuals on a USB stick for less than the price of a tank of fuel, and a wise investment I would suggest
  5. It looks like an early one - check for the MTOW conversion (or what it will cost to get it installed) - LRT without that will be limiting Check the engine does have the oil cooled head mod (I would expect so, but expensive to add if not there) Might be well worth getting an IPC/MM to see what has changed in the intervening years and if there is anything there that you particularly dislike. Not sure what the transponder offers - you may need to upgrade for Mode S/ADSB (or accept a ceiling cap maybe?)
  6. Very interested in how you cope with the attitude change for different IAS (and presumably weight/CofG) - I notice a change in indicated quantity between cruising at 110KIAS (normally in the flight levels) and playing the hooligan at 170KIAS (can only do that low down!), and I guess that is going to be more significant having recently added the long range tanks aft of the main spar
  7. Is there not a thermostat for the oil cooler circuit in this model? I'm pretty sure there is on mine (the vernatherm), and it bypasses the oil cooler until ~160 or so
  8. I set the Avidynes up for a 600fpm descent, and when it chimes then dial in 700fpm without touching the throttle - the increased speed more or less cancels out the difference. Still takes 20 odd minutes and ~100nm to get down from FL200! For mental planning without the GPS I use 200ft/nm, or 5nm per 1000'
  9. Why did Boeing put the bulge on the top of a 747? So the pilot can sit on his wallet
  10. Its just a Floscan transducer (on my Bravo anyway, and what comes with a JPI)- they come in a few flavours, but a 201 rings a bell. About 200USD
  11. Don't go anywhere near it with a magnetic screwdriver! (unless you want to swing it again) A small syringe or eye-dropper for getting the last bit of fluid in I repaired one in an earlier aircraft and it performed fine afterwards. IIRC it needs an A&P signoff
  12. I'm impressed - well done Andrew I know that four and a half months without my bird will drive me crackers! Good luck with the Wx tomorrow - looks like you'll have some headwind and low cloud to appreciate the interior!
  13. Do job, 15 minutes Do job, write up that you have done job in government speak = 1 hour Do job, write up that you have done job in government speak, take evidence before and after that you have done job = 2 hours Will you work for a dollar an hour?
  14. FIKI TKS, no A/C, tail cone vac pump and 13lb charlies (max is 19lbs btw) leaves me 991. Next diet (not this year, unlikely to be next year too!) will include getting rid of all the vacuum systems for about 20lbs, and then an MT prop for 10lbs off the nose
  15. From "Prince of Darkness" Lucas Industries...