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  1. Made it home on Thursday having left Osh on Saturday -overnights in Potsdam (thanks Erik), Goose Bay, Reykjavik, England (one in the borders, one near London) To get home, 28 hours of flying, 428 gallons of gas, and a massive grin!
  2. The previous owner of my aircraft installed Tempest fine wires at around 1300 hours, and I ran the same ones until I did the engine exchange at around 2200 hours. The factory re-man came with Champion massives - after 100 hours the wear was obvious to the naked eye, and my A&P thought I *might* get as much as 300 hours out of them. I changed them to Tempest fine wires before coming to Osh
  3. Indeed, many thanks to all, who were there or supported, and to the Bonanza group too. Great to put some faces to names too
  4. The grass is a bit squishy but good enough to taxi on, although it needs 1500-2000 rpm to keep moving over. After the midday deluge there's been the odd shower but the base seems to be soaking it up faster than it is coming down. We didn't bring parking boards, but they might be a wise idea if you have them
  5. Well, we made it! Northern 40 row 523 if anyone wants to come and say hello
  6. Well, we're on the way! Saturday got me from Switzerland to France and then to the UK to pick up Iceman and the blobby suits, and then onto Orkney for the night. Yesterday was a very boring flight on top or an overcast to Reykjavík when we got Visual at 2000' Today is expected to be a long day - Narsarsuaq next and then Goose for the night
  7. I think you are missing a piece of baffle there - mine looks like this:
  8. I guess there's a few things you can check before getting into an overhaul of the injection unit, and I suspect someone more experienced than me can give you a more comprehensive list, but if it were me I'd start with: All fuel strainers, screens and filters Fuel pump pressures Flexible and solid lines for kinks, bends, dents etc Before getting into serious work, I think I'd also get the TIT probe and gauge checked to be sure I was looking at a real problem rather than an indication error! If everything so far checked out, my next step would be to the distribution spider and the fuel metering unit. Other than the idle settings I don't know what other adjustments are possible on the aircraft, the RSA "Operation and Service Manual" 15-338e suggests those are the only ones, but then it also states that lengthening the mixture screw enrichens the mixture, and certainly on mine it leans it. The fault finding section has the rather vague "Replace Injector" and "Clean flow divider valves" for the "Low take off fuel flow" problem FWIW, I've just checked a few recent flights and I'm getting (an indicated/logged) max of 28.9 GPH on take off, so you're not that down on fuel flow. My k-factor for the fuel flow has been adjusted to make the overall accuracy good, but I don't know the linearity of the error in the flow meter
  9. When you say "Full Power climbs" are these with all three controls fully in? For me that is only something I do for take off or obstacle clearance, but if memory serves, get a TIT of 1300-1400 and certainly no alarms (I have my JPI set to alarm at 1700 for TIT) After gear and flap retraction, I come back to 34"/2400 and ~22-24GPH for a 1450 TIT and hold that until top of climb
  10. On my bravo, to remove the compass there are just two vertical screws (brass on mine), one either side it, to remove. Take those fully out, carefully withdraw the moulding with the mounted compass, then disconnect the instrument lighting wire at the small connector. You need to do this first when removing the glareshield. The IPC shows two installations - one up to an including s/n 184 (as posted by Lance above), and one for subsequent where the attaching screws are labelled 16A I've never tried to remove the compass from the moulding, but guess if you look in the back of it then it will be fairly obvious
  11. No, it's the "Mark - Iceman" from Surrey UK!
  12. Very much hoping to be with you - planned arrival is Saturday, but it all depends on the winds in the previous few days. Assuming we make it, three of us: Ben - Awful Charlie Mark - Iceman Jean-Jacques
  13. I expect the red stuff was PR1005 "sloshing sealant"
  14. Working out your tank capacity is one of those things probably best done on each individual aircraft by the owner, but this I agree is going to be difficult on a pre-buy. Even after adding the LRT, once a year I still try to drain one tank dry and then refill if from a known pump, and then tabulate the results. Before adding them I could regularly get 96USG, and afterwards 132, but there is no guarantee you'll get the same, although I would expect the figures not to be substantially different. For the resultant range, if you search the forum for "" you should find a spreadsheet I put together with the book figures which you can tweak as required - I seem to get pretty close to book in the cruise (maybe even slightly better) but then I use 30" 2200 LOP, and I get a bit worse than book in the climb - this is probably due to me being more conservative about CHTs. I do have another spreadsheet I keep on my knee board with some figures on it, but I don't have it available at the moment - it is mainly extracts from the PoH and conversions but I'll dig you a copy out later Good luck with the pre-buy! Ben
  15. Thanks for that. I've now realised my listening or my French wasn't up to scratch, and that the pax comes into O'Hare, and expects to come by road from there to meet us. Thanks also for the hint on filing IFR in the US - is that "US" as in "the continent including Canada"?