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  1. Is there not a thermostat for the oil cooler circuit in this model? I'm pretty sure there is on mine (the vernatherm), and it bypasses the oil cooler until ~160 or so
  2. I set the Avidynes up for a 600fpm descent, and when it chimes then dial in 700fpm without touching the throttle - the increased speed more or less cancels out the difference. Still takes 20 odd minutes and ~100nm to get down from FL200! For mental planning without the GPS I use 200ft/nm, or 5nm per 1000'
  3. Why did Boeing put the bulge on the top of a 747? So the pilot can sit on his wallet
  4. Its just a Floscan transducer (on my Bravo anyway, and what comes with a JPI)- they come in a few flavours, but a 201 rings a bell. About 200USD
  5. Don't go anywhere near it with a magnetic screwdriver! (unless you want to swing it again) A small syringe or eye-dropper for getting the last bit of fluid in I repaired one in an earlier aircraft and it performed fine afterwards. IIRC it needs an A&P signoff
  6. I'm impressed - well done Andrew I know that four and a half months without my bird will drive me crackers! Good luck with the Wx tomorrow - looks like you'll have some headwind and low cloud to appreciate the interior!
  7. Do job, 15 minutes Do job, write up that you have done job in government speak = 1 hour Do job, write up that you have done job in government speak, take evidence before and after that you have done job = 2 hours Will you work for a dollar an hour?
  8. FIKI TKS, no A/C, tail cone vac pump and 13lb charlies (max is 19lbs btw) leaves me 991. Next diet (not this year, unlikely to be next year too!) will include getting rid of all the vacuum systems for about 20lbs, and then an MT prop for 10lbs off the nose
  9. From "Prince of Darkness" Lucas Industries...
  10. From one of the manuals, all pumps are 2000hrs TBO, filter every two years If the seals are currently good, leave them alone! If one starts leak you will soon see it Pipes are teflon, so on condition. I think just about all twins are noisy when the ice starts coming off the props - and I never like sitting in the prop arc line - icing conditions or not!
  11. I've got the TKS prop, and had just had an IRAN on it after 10 years and 700hours (previous O/H done by a previous owner). The boots were starting to look a little tired after that time, and were €125 each inc fitting with the IRAN (3 blader on a Bravo). I don't do anything special with them, but guess some ICEX (as used by the folks with de-ice boots) or similar might help stop them degrading
  12. Heading up - that way the map reflects what is out of the window
  13. m20m

    I've got TKS and no A/C, useful is about 960 after a good dung out, thorough interior clean of the whole airframe, and a re-weigh. I think most of the model specific points have been highlighted above, and if you can't get LOP, GAMIs are worth a try (they'll pay for themselves if they work, not so much to lose if they don't). I have them, and can run LOP (normally 13-14GPH at 30"/22000 for me), but appreciate that seems to be the minority.position. TKS panels are around 2k each, and probably similar for removal/replacement, so definitely worth a check. Some exhaust components are equally effective wallet-destroyers too! Heated stall switch is another one, and the Mooney problem of leaky tanks can also be a nuisance. TIT probe should be replaced frequently, and some sort of engine monitor is essential in my personal view - get all the functions you can in your preferred vendor (I would suggest at least EGT/CHT/TIT/FF/MP/IAT) Good luck!
  14. I try to avoid switching batteries when in flight or when there is significant load, but if the conditions demand it then I will do so (not happened yet) My SOP is to prepare to start (inc prime), swap the battery, start (followed by alternators, one on, both on, first off, both on - can check they are both working that way, and avoids larger voltage swings on the bus), and then maintain the same battery for the flight. If the previous sector was short (say less than 30 mins) and the same day then I'll skip the battery swap before start. Switching a high current will cause some arcing, and I don't see the point in wearing out the relays unnecessarily
  15. I'd never had thought this possible before if using 100LL, but last weekend after having been parked for a couple of hours in over 40C (and a large part of my tanks are painted black), I couldn't get a stable idle, and during taxi when I tried to open the throttle it stumbled badly unless I used the electric pump or opened the throttle much more than I wanted. To make it harder for the mechanical fuel pump, it was down to the last 10 gallons in he selected tank. The giveaway was the fuel pressure fluctuating down to barely readable. After refuelling with fuel from an underground tank, all back to normal!