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  1. I’ve been reluctant to post due to the unprofessional and immature responses by a few MS’ers who let our community down, but thought I would share this. I am 100% certain that Mooney as we knew it is dead, but maybe this is a glimmer of hope for the good people of Kerrville. A new business could be coming to Kerrville, bringing roughly 200 new jobs with it. During the economic improvement corporation's meeting on Monday, Kerr Economic Development Corporation Chief Operating Officer Gil Salinas presented a plan named Sky Master, a project that involves an aeronautic and robotics business potentially coming to Kerrville.
  2. You have no idea what went on within those walls, so I suggest you listen, rather than talk. You obviously think you know, but don’t. Mooney is dead, the spares business is not sustainable. Let’s all move on.
  3. Unfortunately I hear the lights are out for good this time. The Chinese incinerated a lot of money and treated the employees like dumb Americans. There is a Mooney factory in China with a fake assembly line that has sat almost empty for years maybe they will start building there.
  4. I love the optimism for Mooney Airplanes but is it realistic that the company can be revived after so many owners-investors have failed over the last several decades to do this. Maybe b.o.t can elaborate but isn’t it the case that the M20 can not be sold at a profit. Also isn’t it the case that the market isn’t there either. Factory is open. Lights are on. Where’s the $ coming from to pay the bills and where’s the plan.
  5. Ive read several optimistic posts and articles in the (fake) news. But someone i met in CA yesterday said that after the late August layoff (which was not posted) and the early November furlough of the remaining 50+ employees not all returned and since the reopening several have quit. It’s unlikely the skills remain to produce aircraft service aircraft and maybe make certain parts. I hope they do find someone to buy into this facility but fear it won’t be to build or support Mooneys! Anyone heard anything?
  6. I heard a few employees went in (without pay!) to see if they could fulfill some spares orders from off the shelves. The $ taken will pay for their insurance to continue for a few weeks. No new parts are being made or bought so get them while you can. What a terrible thing to put these people through at this time of year after all they have done. And still no WARN or formal notice from the company owner or management.
  7. PS. I hope the business plan includes the M10 we worked so hard on that Kerrville didn’t want. Out of the 70+ people at Chino, only a few relocated to Kerrville and were never accepted there.
  8. I agree and feel bad for the employees who have been through this before and those going through it again, or for the first time. Out of the 50-60 people who were furloughed on 11/8 there were only a handful of mechanics who could support a service depot and not many would relocate. The rest were manufacturing and support staff. There was a lot of overhead there. I doubt it will reopen this year and if it ever does, they won’t be building new aircraft. There needs to be a realistic and profitable business plan.
  9. On Friday November 8 they furloughed everyone (not a sole to remain. I think there were only around 60 employees left anyway as there was also a large lay-off back in August that was not publicized). On Friday November 15 they issued a notice that the furlough will continue and do not return to the factory as you will be turned away by security. MElliot May know more?
  10. Back on task. A notice was issued last night that the company will remain closed and all employees are not to return on monday 18
  11. A notice was issued last night that the company will remain closed and all employees are not to return on monday 18