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  1. Wonder how many knots we would all gain if we reskinned our Mooney's in Rearden Metal
  2. I lost my apple pencil for my iPad Pro 11 for 3 weeks. Last Thursday I was flying up to Sherman, TX for my HP endorsement and (just so happened managed to do an IPC too ) , while pre flighting I saw the pencil down in the hole for the johnson bar hidden way in a corner. Took quite some time to fish it out. I was so baffled on how my Mooney ate the pencil. Luckily there was nothing else down in there. I have caught the charging cable before too.
  3. I am looking at a picture from end of June / beginning July where I was at 9600 with WOT and 2600 RPM. My MP was 20.7 on the JPI but right at 20 on the steam gauge.
  4. Ah, my fathers color - Baby Shit Yellow! Baby Shit Green being his second favorite color
  5. I have a GNS430W, an Aspen 1000 and an old Narco AT 150. I am trying to figure out what exactly I need to install a GTX 345. I believe I already have an encoder, I in theory should be able to use the GNS430W as a WAAS GPS source (essentially using the antenna already installed and not need a new GPS Antenna) and also be able to utilize the antenna that the Narco uses. This means all I really have to do is run power to the GTX 345, have it connect to the 430W and some how run it over to the Aspen for the ADSB in correct? Or would the Aspen be able to pull the ADSB info from the 430W that is already connected to the Aspen?
  6. Regarding Chutes in a plane - I find them to potentially cause someone to have a false sense of security and perhaps push the boundaries on their own personal minimums, aircraft limitations, and weather. I liken them to 4Wheel drive in a vehicle. When I use to live in Chicago - the vehicles on the side of the freeway during an ice/snow storm always seemed to be ones with 4WD or AWD. Why? Because people would turn it on and have a false sense of security in the weather conditions and drive like there was no hazardous weather. If the people had no idea that they had 4WD or AWD - they would be driving very slow and carefully in the hazardous weather with the added benefits of the AWD/4x4 but would not be pressing the safety envelope thinking "this puppy got power to all the wheels, I can do whatever I want"! Parachute is the same way, in the back of peoples minds they might think "well if shit hits the fan I can always just pull the chute" The parachute is designed for when you have a stroke in flight or somehow a wasp stings you in the eye. It is the key to getting down safely. It is not to be pulled because you were an idiot and fly into crap weather which made you piss your pants in fear (but you can still pull the chute and hope the storm doesn't rip it to shreds" As long as you are flying and not thinking about how your parachute is your get out of jail free card, they are just fine. As to the event in OSH - we are all naturally curious as to what happened especially since it involves our aircraft type. It is wonderful everyone walked away and damage appears to be minor. It is understandable that people want more info - 1. Helps them become more aware overall as a pilot 2. Our aircraft type 3. try and use the information to better prepare themselves and not be added to the list. 4. - some folks probably want to hear the details so they can say how they would never allow such an event to occur to them. <<#4 crowd sucks btw In time we will all become aware as to what happened. Ideally the FAA won''t be too overly reactive and instead be proactive for future events. This can be used as a wonderful learning experience for everyone especially if very little action from the FAA occurs. Those of you that have never had an insurance claim, declared an emergency an emergency or had a flight outside of the normal realms of TakeOff/Landing may not be able to understand the emotions going through the pilots minds right after the event as well as the days/months after the event. After a bit of time and especially once you get your aircraft back, you have a whole new appreciation for flying, you pay more attention to details, and (unless you are a POS) you understand that it can happen to anyone (including myself). Advise for the day from me - Don't forget to monitor your fuel quantities, if you engine drops RPM but doesn't shut off - be sure to check the fuel selector, and fly the aircraft to the ground. *** also - no one knows how their mind will react during an emergency situation - only after are you able to see how you did in a true emergency. It is also hard to say more training is needed when you don't know that such a circumstance could arise. This is often why new training comes out after events - because a gap in a process is identified that was not known about prior. It is impossible to be able to think of every single scenario of things that could go wrong. A split second can cause an incident or accident. Being able to systemically put together the prior chain of events that lead up to the incident/accident is what makes the GA pilot community safer. It also helps in weeding out worthless regulation issues. You feel your contact falling out and you try to catch it while still being in your eye and not falling to the ground... doesn't necessarily require everyone and their mother to have to go take some kind of recurrent training. - Colgan crash in buffalo is a perfect example - "OMG regional pilots don't get paid, omg regional pilots being hired on a 250 hours. we must raise the hours for a regional to 1500 hours"! ... somehow that came out of the Colgan crash investigation where the captain had over 4000 hours and the FO over 1500 hours. Pay is much better now, FAR117 helped reduce hours worked in a day and month - which is good - but 1500 hours had absolutely nothing to do with that crash.,
  7. I’ll happily allow my M20E be used with a donated STEC to ensure Genesys can get older M20 models on an STC. I’d fly around promoting how great the system was on all types of social media. That’s free advertising! Plus it’d be a nice upgrade from my 1 Axis Brittan GPSS equipped AP.
  8. I have a Milwaukee rechargeable LED headlamp that will blind you. It doesn’t have red lamp but it is perfect for pre and post flight or to hold out the window as a wide beam taxi light
  9. If weather holds up I will try and be there!
  10. Lemme know if you need a ride back to Denver
  11. What kind of CHT, EGT's and Cruise speeds do yall get up at elevation? What RPM setting do you use? Mooney Zoom's with a tail wind and LOP - 8.6GPH SAD HEADWIND ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. A B52 Low Level pass.... now you have my attention!
  14. My pops caught dozing off on the short hop from GPM to 00R (Livingston, TX) **edit -- photo in Livingston just prior to my left main going flat while taxiing onto runway after run up (at the furthest point from the ramp possible)