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  1. In my line of work in the airlines ... a bolt at Boeing is $9.00 the new one way forward bolt from Boeing is $85.00 for essentially the same thing Airbus sells planes for a lesser cost so they can make money on the parts supply after the sale
  2. Not sure why it double quoted. also Walmart - Rotisserie chickens are actually quite good.
  3. let me know if you want a co pilot to ride with you. Can meet you half way, or get out half way. Have the benefits of having free commercial flights.
  4. From recent experience, Mena did quality work. It took quite some time but it was near Thanksgiving and an employee decided to go work elsewhere so it put them down a head. the outcome was a very nice product and very nice looking one
  5. Mena Aircraft Engines - Mena Arkansas
  6. I am instrument rated but my plane hasn’t had an IfR CERT in the last year partially due to the Aspen also partially due to when I did pre buy they said if the altimeter check continued it would be out of limits. yet the transponder shows up just fine to ATC this is what makes it so difficult for me to determine which ADSB to get if my old narco 150 keeps chugging along and passes a cert then TailBeacon is a no brainer. I also have a second Narco in my hangar id like to test out to see if it’d pass but I’m a CB and don’t want to pay for a failing test ... would happily pay for it though if it passed I want to check connectors on current narco installed and clean the antennas and see if it’d pass but $300 a pop for a test makes that cost prohibitive I had spoken with a gentleman based in the Dallas whom does the IFR pitot static and altimeter check and he mentioned aspens going out of “calibration” which made me ask the question (I just forgot to relay that late last night when I made the post)!
  7. Thank you for the answer I was afraid of! thank you everyone for the responses too and ensuring no hangar elves dare attempt to look at the issue!
  8. And just for clarification... I am asking if there is an easy fix for the Aspen that can legally be performed/ Any known issues where the altimeter wanders
  9. It seems an Aspen In a plane I know displays the altitude about 100-150 lower compared to the stand by altimeter. standby altimeter shows correct elevation when setting altimeter to the airport barometric pressure setting at a sea level airport (0 feet for example) where as the Aspen would should -100ish trying to dig up any literature on the topic on the google machine turns up little assistance and the cost of an avionics shop seems like it could be expensive.
  10. GPM - MEZ to pick up my plane from the paint shop. Finally got wing skin painted (don't ask). Was flown up in a Cherokee 235. Then flew MEZ-NEW, picked up a friend, flew back NEW-GPM. Saturday we watched Auburn beat the Oregon Ducks. Sunday > GPM - > GTU Picked up a friend at GTU who was needing a ride to Houston to attend a wedding. did GTU-SGR. Dropped him off then flew SGR-NEW. Spent sunday night back in New Orleans. Finally flying back to GPM Monday. 15.5 hours from Friday-Monday noon. Great weekend. There were a billion Mooney's on the ground at GTU <3 and at NEW. Dodged the surprise storms that hit Dallas around noon on Friday and saw an awesome lightning show down south of Lufkin and North of Shreveport.
  11. Wonder how many knots we would all gain if we reskinned our Mooney's in Rearden Metal
  12. I lost my apple pencil for my iPad Pro 11 for 3 weeks. Last Thursday I was flying up to Sherman, TX for my HP endorsement and (just so happened managed to do an IPC too ) , while pre flighting I saw the pencil down in the hole for the johnson bar hidden way in a corner. Took quite some time to fish it out. I was so baffled on how my Mooney ate the pencil. Luckily there was nothing else down in there. I have caught the charging cable before too.
  13. I am looking at a picture from end of June / beginning July where I was at 9600 with WOT and 2600 RPM. My MP was 20.7 on the JPI but right at 20 on the steam gauge.