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  1. What kind of prop was on it before? I have a Hartzell from my M20E that got attacked by the ground and nicked that can be serviceable relatively cheap (sub 1K) and would happily part ways with it
  2. My address change I submitted (in january) got kicked back to me asking that I draw a single line through what ever I had put down and instead write in “member”. I’ll probably find out if it was successful in November knowing the pace of the FAA
  3. What is your TT? Because I want that rate!
  4. I do have an oil change that needs to be done and a compression check! Do the Cylinder Temps differences raise any concerns? #3 does not seem excessively high by any means. I am still using Straight 100 Oil.
  5. My JPI830 finally decided to start allowing me to download data and now I feel a little more comfortable that my engine is broken in so I tried the whole lean of peak thing yesterday. First flight with a date of 31-March shows erratic temperatures - I was dealing with my dad, turbulence, and just playing around with the mixture. 2nd flight with a date of 31-March I tried to set it and forget it. Looking more at the second flight for insights. My #3 cylinder is always the hottest but never goes red. For LOP / ROP flight - one wants to look at the EGT and then see a drop correct? Not looking to be roasted, just some helpful pointers *** disregard any way off RPM readings, I think I have a ground issue. Typical RPM setting - 2600ish and around 23MP as I have been trying to run the engine hard during break in.
  6. DFW Airspace is easy peezy~! Controllers are all super friendly.
  7. Took my dad flying for the first time ever. Lets just say he was "puckered up pretty tight" for a good bit (I'd say after landing in Springdale from Grand Prairie). It was not Lufthansa or United Business or First class that he had become accustomed too/ First photo is from Friday though. Took my dad up Sunday. I had to stay in the crew lounge at KASG and finish watching the Auburn / Kentucky game (War Eagle!) First photo from Friday and 3rd Photo with Springdale FBO in the background show that some of my polishing efforts throughout last week seemed to have paid off.
  8. Just slow down a wee bit, push it forward (if trying to retract ) and then you have pretty much the full range of motion again to throw it back to the floor of the AC thus retracting the gear. Think of it like a pendulum. If you miss it at first putting the gear down on approach, pull the johnson bar back down towards the floor so you can easily fling it back up and into the locked and latched position. I also wear a glove 75% of the time when operating the johnson bar just to make sure I don't pinch my skin on anything, although I have started using it less and less now. The glove is a tight fitting one that I use while doing pre flight and oil quantity on a hot engine. They hug the hands very well and feel almost like you have nothing on. It prevents grease getting all over my hands too. Johnson Bar is Easy easy easy. Sit in a chair, put your arm out straight in front of you, make a fist with the arm out in front like you are holding a beer stein, start to move your from straight out in front of you, to where it is now perpendicular to your thigh ( parallel with your quad). Now during that time you are moving your arm from out in front to below your hip, tilt your wrist forward like you are pouring the beer stein out. You could also just take a baseball bat, have it standing up straight while you are seated in a chair, slightly in front and to the right of your right leg and practice laying it down on the floor
  9. After my first attempt at using the Johnson Bar it became very easy. The key is a fluid motion which makes it easy to use. You just have to make a mental note you are doing one sweeping motion from start to finish, if you release it, pause, then continue it might become difficult. When you release it from it's hold it springs out of place, as it is springing out of the locked position you simply continue to either the gear down or up position utilizing the initial momentum. My hangar has rail guides for the door that I must push the wheels over to get it in and out. It is far easier to get the mooney over the hump if I have some momentum built up before the humps. Trying to push the mooney over the bump as the wheels are against the rails isn't really possible by me (although I try from time to time and count it as leg day at the gym). The Johnson Bar is super easy.
  10. I have an M20E. I chose to fly it 215 miles instead of flying on a legacy carrier (which I do not have to pay flights for). Per the standard IRS mileage - I broke even when factoring in fuel and cost per hour (engine wear and tear + insurance etc). I was burning 16-17 miles per gallon going at 160kts. (yes I used miles per gallon) I was able to get back home without going through TSA and I was able to sleep in knowing I did not have to park at the airline airport. I landed, parked at the FBO, and was taken to our office across the field at the destination airport. I landed 15 minutes before the meeting. It was an absolute awesome feeling. I chose the times I wanted to depart rather than have the airline dictate when I had to travel. I also have a johnson Bar gear. Other than the fact I have ZERO storage between seats, I would take the johnson bar every day over an electric gear.
  11. Send him an email saying you missed the sale and if he could make you a pair
  12. I’d consider myself still relatively young and somewhat fresh out of college (less than 8 years) full time college and do charter flights on weekend if at all possible. School like Auburn where he can CFi at all times and get reduced tuition / maybe free MBA for being a school employee. Airlines want the ATPL and that is 23 years old.
  13. What Costco did you fly to that is located on an airport?! I need some more paper towels.
  14. I will tell my friend to not be so dramatic. I kind of like them sitting on the neck but like the cord on the left side of near the comm plugs. *they kind of like
  15. Is anyone else able to keep them from falling off without wearing a hat or glasses? asking for a friend.