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  1. Lemme know if you need a ride back to Denver
  2. What kind of CHT, EGT's and Cruise speeds do yall get up at elevation? What RPM setting do you use? Mooney Zoom's with a tail wind and LOP - 8.6GPH SAD HEADWIND ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. A B52 Low Level pass.... now you have my attention!
  4. My pops caught dozing off on the short hop from GPM to 00R (Livingston, TX) **edit -- photo in Livingston just prior to my left main going flat while taxiing onto runway after run up (at the furthest point from the ramp possible)
  5. yeah but does it slow you down ?!
  6. I wear my Lederhosen every year for Oktoberfest (and of course Halloween too - makes for a perfect costume every year)
  7. Ughhhhhh anyone I’m Dfw area driving to RBD? tomorrow is great weather
  8. Those dates are when I am required to attend Oktoberfest in Munich!!!
  9. Dhahran ?!?! How is it flying over to Bahrain?!
  10. Flew down to Houston for a wedding Friday. Flew from SGR to NEW Saturday to say hello to a friend. Over Galleria in Houston / Transco Tower Crossing over Lake Pontchartrain It was so cool landing over the water Nice Sunset Reflection Sunday was a bit more chaotic. Got lunch with my sister who was in NOLA for a wedding. Had to non rev her back to DC so she wouldnt be considered AWOL from her Military leave. Well all flights to DCA were packed. Flew NEW-CSG (was going to drop her off in RDU and suffer through to night back to GPM.) Landed in CSG and looked at flights from HSV to DCA. It was open again, we turned North West to HSV from CSG. Got her on the ground with 40 minutes to go. She got her ticket, and walked on board! This was leaving HSV to TXK Texarkana for a fuel stop before continuing to GPM. 51kt cross wind from the south before turning to final at GPM. LONG flight back from HSV to GPM. Total for the weekend: 12.6 Hours Total on Sunday alone: 8.6 Hours
  11. are you needing an AC to use because I am being forced to go out to HNL that weekend.
  12. Marked it on my calendar
  13. This thread interests me