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  1. We are in the progress of installing those winglets to our EASA-reg J. It took nearly a year to get the paperwork accomplished (EASA minor change). I believe it should be a formality to transfer it into an FAA STC, albeit I have no clue what the time line would be. I have only contacts to Aveo in Germany/EU. PM me if you want his details, he might be able to point out a contact in the US. You really want the winglets to be painted after installation. Keeping them in the white, gel coat look will leave you with a greenish, horizontal scar from the production process.
  2. You should have an email. [emoji3] Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. Well, foremost we want to have a real world example to verify our optical tools and/or UV analysis methods and compare a really used and/or broken one to ours. We also want to understand, what kind of steel and processing has been used here. (We are kind of in the business...) Thanks Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
  4. Thanks. I figure, after a thorough inspection of our existing one I'll keep it on stock - just in case. Just to clarify: I am just looking for a spring to borrow.
  5. Any news on the supply/price of this spring? Any vendors other than Mooney directly? For the European Mooney drivers: Do you have an old/broken one spare? See here:
  6. Good morning, you experienced Mooney drivers probably already heard of the very expensive and infamous no back clutch spring as part of the electric gear assembly. According to M20-282A, it shall be replaced every 1000hrs. I am wondering, if anybody of you has such a used, old or even broken spring of which I could get a hold of for analysis?! Of course I'd cover shipping + any expenses, come by, ... For reference see the picture attached (found at in the "spring thread") and here: PS: Sorry, this topic has been x-posted at the EMPOA-Forums.