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  1. I had a mag come apart at just a tick over 100 hours. It had been overhauled by aero accessories, which is highly recommended here. The other mag had a magnet that should have been removed from service 20 years ago. Also last overhauled by aero accessories. Stuff happens. I'd still send stuff there. In other words I wouldn't be too hard on your A&P.
  2. It says he's not taking anything new, if you have anything there, leave a message and he'll get it sent back. Call someone named Kevin if you need magneto service
  3. I called him. He's in the process of closing. Not taking any new stuff
  4. I have new lock washers and nuts, because why not. The right mag seemed a little loose at the bottom and was quit we with oil underneath. I had a leaky pushrod sleeve right in front of it, so I'm not sure if the oil was coming from the magneto gasket or blowing back from the pushrod. Either way, both well have new seals
  5. A friendly Mooneyspace A&P it's going to come help me install them correctly
  6. I bought a "cheap" overhauled mag for the Left (starting) mag. A TCM blue label for the right. I was sorta excited thinking "well I've sorta been wanting to upgrade to the surefly". Yeah. Guess who's backordered for at least 4-6 weeks. I put my name on the list and when it comes up, I'll sell the cheaper overhauled mag and get the surefly.
  7. I pulled my magnetos at annual. One was a Kelly overhaul and the other a QAA. The QAA has about 600 hours and the Kelly about 500. They were working fine, but I figured it was “time”. They’re both trash. The QAA is technically OK, but the shop felt that it was time to retire it. The magnet inside was from at least 1978, and subject to a service bulletin (issued in 1994 http://www.tcmlink.com/pdf2/MSB644.pdf) to replace the rotor. It was overhauled in September 2016. The kelly mag lost a spring clip that held a bearing race in position internally. It was spinning around in there for who knows how long and the shaft was all scored up. Not to mention if you pulled on the gear, it would move in and out of the case nearly 1/2 inch. Guess there’s a reason to check them now and again.
  8. If you look around, there's even a simulated train derailment
  9. Very happy with my GAD13. I used the Davtron C307PS as well. 1/4 the price and I can't tell the difference. As the poster above stated, it feeds data to the 430W. Pretty nice to have.
  10. I keep a truck at show low. We have a cabin up that way. 5 hour drive vs 45 minute flight. We go a lot more often! There isn’t Uber/lyft (well maybe there is now, but that historically hasn’t been the case). We started out renting a car. $150 a weekend. I pay $300 a year for parking, I paid about $1000 for the truck. We go up there 10 or 15 times a year, so I’m way ahead in the wallet department.
  11. Either they stamped it wrong, or that's a negative. I ordered both too
  12. IPC calls out 21323. That's clearly not correct. Unless maybe I forgot to order the gasket stretcher?? Anyone know the correct part number?
  13. I echo everyone else on Phoenix. I’ve never not gotten a bravo clearance. The north/south transition is easy, but I get cleared departing east all the time, even though it’s not really necessary. never been told to remain clear, except when doing the practice RNAV to 25L at DVT. The approach begins at 5600’ and the base is 6000, so they just remind you to remain clear.
  14. Features a quote from our own Mr. Hyatt