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  1. I actually agree with you. It wasn't my call, I'm a newbie, and I'm not in charge of anything. I think it should have been discussed openly so we could all learn from it.
  2. I was there. Most of us who were know what happened. Just wait for the report to play out. It's not our place to say as we weren't directly involved.
  3. You also have to include in your calculations the fact that the 500 or so mass arrival aircraft, if not on a mass arrival, would be part of the the fisk arrival. How long does it take fisk to land 500 planes vs how long do the mass arrivals combined cause fisk to hold?
  4. Not that I have a choice, but I’ll keep waiting, with my name on Jeev’s list. In the meantime, I’ll continue to handfly. I’ve crossed the country more than once, near 600 hours in my C in the last 2 years. It’s really not a chore. It keeps me awake. It keeps me sharp. But someday, fingers crossed, I’ll get an autopilot.
  5. I believe our total time on the runway at OSH was 11 minutes. 62 aircraft in 11 minutes. There's not a chance in hell that closed Fisk for an hour and a half. Not to mention, there's a whole other runway for people to use
  6. In the caravan, you're never with more than 2 other planes. Yes, there's 60+, but there's lots of room between each element
  7. I had to leave, you can have my spot right next to the caravan tent. Just act like you know where you're going lol
  8. 64 E model. Nice job getting it down
  9. The AD excludes switches with a date code or a white dot. I can't imagine mooney installed a switch with an active AD. Bendix ignition switches listed in the table below except switches identified by four digit date code (new) adjacent to the model number or a white dot (modified) on the support plate adjacent to the Bendix logo.
  10. If you have an M, it's very likely it doesn't apply
  11. I test mine after nearly every flight. Quick turn to off, engine quitting? Yes. I log it when we do the gear and control lube AD
  12. If you'd ever dealt with Yelp as a business, you'd never use their services as a consumer. What you see on Yelp is so far from reality, it's almost comical.
  13. I'll call you tomorrow. I'm sure that isn't free, and I need to work out with the seller how he'd like to handle that.