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  1. ragedracer1977

    lawsuit in Philly

    You should spend 5 minutes reading the details of the case rather than regurgitating what you've been told.
  2. ragedracer1977

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    Yup, that’s the whole enchilada
  3. ragedracer1977

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    Yup. Got a quote from a local shop. $1800. They’ll pull my 330, install a loaner 330, and I can take my plane with me. When the upgraded unit gets back from Garmin (quoted 2-3 weeks), I’ll head back down, and they’ll do the install with the new wire while I wait. Seems like a pretty fair deal to me.
  4. ragedracer1977

    Remove carpet glue?

    I actually have a can of that. I'll give it a try first!
  5. ragedracer1977

    Remove carpet glue?

    I've got all 3.
  6. ragedracer1977

    Remove carpet glue?

    It looks like that’s been done a couple times. I picked up some acetone and some MEK. Going to give them both a try tomorrow. On another note, is there a recommended glue to put it back on?
  7. ragedracer1977

    Remove carpet glue?

    No plastic. Mine is just bare (well covered in glue) aluminum
  8. ragedracer1977

    Remove carpet glue?

    I’m getting new carpets for my plane and I need to remove some glue. The carpets on the nose wheel bay are glued down. What can I use that’s safe to remove the old glue?
  9. ragedracer1977

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    Ok, I'm getting to be in the same boat, and since we're talking about the 330 this seems like a good place to ask. I have a 430w with the 330. It currently displays TIS traffic on the 430. If I just pull the 330 and have it upgraded to ES, is there anything else that needs done? I'm trying to do this economically because I'm trying to save my avionics dollars for an autopilot
  10. Where in row 9? I'm in 10-5
  11. Times must be getting longer. I was on for less than 3 months
  12. ragedracer1977

    Had a pretty awesome day yesterday

    I forgot to post this pic. He let me try on the emergency oxygen mask. It's unbelievably less comfortable than I imagined. Like wearing a vise.
  13. ragedracer1977

    Had a pretty awesome day yesterday

    I believe it. He was telling us it sounds really cool to fly to Moscow for a breakfast meeting then home the next morning, but it's not so cool as the pilot. You spend the whole time wherever you go recovering and trying to get ready for the next day. Not much time for sightseeing
  14. Took a couple friends up to KFLG to meet another friend. He flew in with a Gulfstream G550. He's the captain for a pretty large corporation. We spent the day climbing all over the thing learning all the systems. I spent a couple hours in the cockpit, he even let me start the APU and then fire up both engines. Man it was cool. The old C sure felt a lot smaller on the flight home. Also happy to say she performed quite well at 9100’ DA. We were at about 2400lbs gross and of by the 1000’ markers. Climbed out at 400fpm. Although the nice thing about KFLG is, if you're heading south, you only need to get about 10’ off the runway and the rest is downhill, haha.
  15. Don't know anything about it, just passing it along