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  1. I haven't yet, but I was planning to tomorrow. I'm sure they will suggest some shops, but I prefer personal recommendations. It's a functional monitor, and I'm not ready to ditch it until I'm after I get an autopilot. After that, it's new panel time with an EDM.
  2. I’m having multiple issues with my UBG. Several probes not reading at all or incorrectly. Fuel flow is all over the place. With as many issues, I’m guessing it’s more related to the unit than the probes. Any recommendation in southwest AZ for a shop that knows what they’re looking at instead of parts swappers?
  3. It sounded to me like the guy was using an air powered cut off wheel or something. Hit some steel or the pavement and poof
  4. Fins are clear, but it looks old. The pressure thing is what has me thinking gauge. The pressure is 75, pretty much all the time. Also, the gauge is “bouncy” lately, used to be pretty stable.
  5. 8500. Normally I'd be higher, but the winds were even worse up at 10,500. I usually run 80-100 ROP.
  6. Oil temps have been running near redline lately, even at 10,000 ft. All other indications are completely normal. No oil burn, CHT/EGT where they always are, oil pressure rock steady. The oil temp probe on my UBG16 died and is scheduled for replacement at the next oil change, but I’m thinking while the oil is out anyway, what else should I be looking at? It might be just a misreading gauge (original Garwin cluster) but I don’t want to “normalize” the deviance, even if it’s just the gauge. i don’t have logs in front of me, so I’m not sure when the oil cooler was last replaced or repaired. Is that something that should be done?
  7. I flew PEQ-DVT today. Winds were awful. Just short of 4 hours in the air. 48 gallon tanks. I landed with 14 gallons. I know I average about 8.5gph in cruise. I plan for 9.5. 566 miles
  8. I have a short body C. We were climbing out in IMC. Everything normal. As we reached an intermediate altitude and levelled off, the speed started to increase and I heard a slapping sound. Turned out the sleeve of my wife's sweater was hanging out the door. Great. Since we were IMC, we just left it. I knew the tops were pretty low, so I told her when we got cleared higher, once we broke out, I would pitch up pretty good, slow it down, open the storm window, then the door, pull the sweater inside, and see if we could close the door. If not, there was an airport 20 miles away that was sky clear, and we would just divert. Turned out no big deal. Door closed easy peasy!
  9. For some reason, only that 30 minute time period is not archived out of the last 24 hours
  10. I'm concerned that it was someone who didn't need it. But I'm afraid to ask if it's who I think it is
  11. He was never at DVT. Was departing SDL and apparently tried to land at DVT for some unknown emergency
  12. It almost looks like they went under the power lines. Either way, it didn't go they way they intended, I'm sure.
  13. https://www.azfamily.com/news/small-plane-crashes-in-north-phoenix-neighborhood-two-injured/article_6a31c81a-8c96-11e9-923b-83ecfd0c9a6f.html
  14. Looks like they tried to land on a road. Hit objects and burned. Current word is both occupants survived, but severity of burns not known.