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  1. Thoughts on purchasing AC with Damage History

    When my C was but a young plane, it was flown underneath a set of power lines. It led to the replacement of the entire vertical stab and rudder. 50 years later, I don't see it effecting the value.
  2. I finally flew a Cirrus for the first time....

    The cirrus cabin IS about 4" wider, but in my Mooney my CFI and I don't sit next to each other. He sits farther forward than I do. In the Cirrus we we're even, which gave a sense of less room. I don't prefer the upright chair like seating in the Cirrus. I'm more comfortable with my butt close to the floor and my legs stretched out. Nothing wrong with either and it's certainly personal preference. I just find my Mooney more comfortable
  3. I finally flew a Cirrus for the first time....

    I flew left seat in an SR20 a while back. My cfi needed to shoot some approaches for currency and we decided to check me out in the Cirrus at the same time, just cause we could. I personally found the Cirrus more cramped and less comfortable than my C. My head was bumping into the ceiling, we were rubbing shoulders more than I would like. Couldn't stretch out my legs, and I really didn't like the control feel. I'll fly it again, but I really do prefer my Mooney.
  4. 200HP Intake Boot

    I just ordered a new intake boot for my 180hp from lasar. My last oil analysis showed a little aluminum. Not a lot, and they noted it wasn't concerning at this time, but keep an eye on it. I had the cowl off for a landing light replacement and noticed that the folks that did my annual didn't install the dog house correctly and it was rubbing A LOT. there was powdered aluminum in the bottom of the cowl. I was wiping it out and noticed my intake boot has holes all over it. It is in terrible condition. I'm hoping the raised aluminum in the oil analysis is a result of that situation.
  5. Cessna Forums

    I spent a lot of time on cessna172club.com when I was training for my private. Seemed like good guys
  6. Instrument rated!

    Believe it or not, yesterday was a perfect IFR day. DVT was 3.1 vis, 2100’ ceilings. I very nearly couldn’t even fly from DVT to SDL to meet the examiner. We had to fly a very different check ride than he’s used too because the ceilings were so low we couldn’t shoot any of the approaches he wanted to use without us actually filing.
  7. Instrument rated!

    Standard 6 pack and 430w
  8. Instrument rated!

    Get a good examiner. That's the best tip I can give, lol. Don't fly too high or too low. Know your weather. That was my weakest part. Acceptable, but weak
  9. Instrument rated!

    Logged my 250th flight hour and passed my IR checkride. Woohoo!
  10. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    I know a month is too long. When my throttle cable broke, we rescheduled my checkride and didn’t really get any IR practice in for about that long. It showed on the next flight. also, I just realized.... today is the 1 year anniversary of earning my PPL!
  11. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Checkride is next Sunday. I’ve been flying the wheels off the airplane. Did 2.4 tonight. Honestly, this was the first flight where I felt like i knew what I was doing lol. I didn’t finish up with my shirt soaked through with sweat. I did 2 perfect DME arcs, flew a VOR approach to kcgz for the first time (we’ve always done the ILS) and looked up on short final perfectly aligned. Flew a great ILS into KIWA, a VOR-C into SDL and a RNAV 25L into DVT. My altitudes were perfect, needles perfectly centered, I got my holds right. A few more flights to go before the ride. I’m feeling pretty good!
  12. Abandoned Mooneys

  13. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Skip and I checked out his foreflight W&B yesterday. He still needs to adjust it to his specific plane, but we got the bulk of the problem figured out. Foreflight had everything in feet, but his entries were all in inches.
  14. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Shoot me a text. 623-313- five six nine six
  15. ForeFlight Weight and Balance

    Are you SURE of your setup? Similar weights in my C would put me roughly 50lbs over gross. The plane will fly, and relatively normally, as long as you’re within the limits. It won’t climb as fast, might need more or less back pressure to lift off and may flare considerably differently. And you’d be really surprised that that 15lb handbag in the baggage compartment makes a much bigger difference than you might expect. as others have said, you really need to talk to a CFI (especially if you’re actually considering trying to fly past the limits to make your friends happy...)and run through the numbers with them. You only get to make so many mistakes....