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  1. ragedracer1977

    Dead Garwin CHT gauge?

    I think the first order of business is to replace the wiring. We poked around everything and didn't find any breaks or shorts. Traced both leads all the way back to the Garwin cluster. Everything looks ok (but old and the jacket is cracking in places) right up to the connections at the probe. It's a combination of plastic tubing, tie string, electrical tape, knife connector and spade connectors. It might be something that mess that causes the intermittent issues or it could be the probe or gauge itself. We'll try rewiring first. That's cheap and easy.
  2. Hypothetically speaking, What kind of spirits delivered to you would it take to get a guy to the top of the list?
  3. ragedracer1977

    Dead Garwin CHT gauge?

    It is required, unfortunately. Fortunately it's currently working, but something is going wrong as occasionally it isn't. I guess I need to trace the wire first, check connections on the back, and then the probe. See what I can see
  4. ragedracer1977

    Dead Garwin CHT gauge?

    So. .. any suggestions?
  5. ragedracer1977

    Dead Garwin CHT gauge?

    Mine looks like this
  6. Thoughts on how to troubleshoot this? Most of the time, the gauge works fine, but now and then (and becoming more frequent) the gauge just reads nothing. I've checked connections behind the panel but everything looks ok. Could the probe itself be failing? Trying to get a grasp on what might be wrong before I hand it over to the AP
  7. ragedracer1977

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    When I heard a 414 went down in Socal last week, I was sure it was gonna be this guy
  8. ragedracer1977

    Flightstream 210 800.00

    Left you a message this morning.
  9. ragedracer1977

    Flightstream 210 800.00

    I'll take one. Alan, I'll call you in the morning or if you want, shoot me a message here with your pay pal, or venmo or any electronic payment method and I'll take care of it tonight
  10. ragedracer1977

    Mooney Caravan XXII Registration Now Open

    Cool! Registered for the caravan and the formation clinic! This will be my first time at Oshkosh. I'm excited!
  11. ragedracer1977

    Mooney Caravan XXII Registration Now Open

    There’s a B2OSH clinic at DVT in 2 weeks! I hope they’ll take me and my correctly installed tail!
  12. All as removed for a dual G5 install. Sigma Tek attitude gyro: $250 shipped. Mooney ARC AF-512B autopilot complete - it worked, but it definitely needs some sort of service - it wandered alot. The DG was overhauled in March of last year. $500 for the whole thing, wiring, connectors, trays, etc - or make me an offer for pieces?
  13. ragedracer1977


    I bought a very well maintained C model. The nicest one I’d seen on the market. I’ve still spent in the neighborhood of $30k on it (excluding fuel) in the 2 years and 400 hours I’ve been flying it. Granted, a hefty portion of that was upgrades I chose to do (upgraded leather front seats, yokes, avionics, etc) but even a good example sucks up money.
  14. ragedracer1977

    1973 M20E Just listed

    Someone bought that super duper 21. I think it was $165k+ last time I saw it. Maybe this guy figured he could ride the wave.
  15. Yeah, no it isn’t.