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  1. Since when? You only need to be rated in category and class. A brand new PPL without even a complex endorsement can log PIC as a Safety pilot in a brand new acclaim.
  2. Shhhh. Don't give away my secrets! We were only at 10.5, but I find for myself a little oxygen definitely helps me feel better at the end of a long flight.
  3. Well. I'm flying it like my Mooney. Owned it 6 months next week. A little over 100 hours logged so far. Let me tell you, it's a traveling machine. Last week, I flew San Antonio to Oceanside, California then back to Phoenix. All in about 6.5 hours. 1 fuel stop. Then a couple days later, back to San Antonio, picked up the family and flew home to Phoenix. 5 people. 2 dogs A ton of bags. And enough fuel to do it without stopping on the way home. We literally had so much stuff I had to make 2 trips to the airport. One with all the baggage and one with
  4. Gateway has a precision approach too.
  5. On my C, you just moved the micro switch on the throttle. Not sure how your J works. By the way, I’ll be at the hangar working on the 310 tomorrow for most of the day. 31-1, if you want to stop by and check it out
  6. I have one out of my C model (it's for 52 gallon tanks) removed when I installed my JPI. The CHT was flaky, but I never figured out if it was the probe or the gauge. Every thing else worked fine. If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can work out a deal.
  7. I did tell them. The dummy employee who acts like a broker didn't do her job.
  8. Oh... My AOPA/assured partners experience has been nothing but bad. I sold my C model and bought a twin. I bought the twin beginning of July. Same day my insurance expired on the Mooney. I tried for 3 weeks to get a quote for changing aircraft from AOPA/AP. My "broker" with them was completely unresponsive, so I went with another broker. AOPA finally called me back the day the before the policy expired. I told the "broker" I didn't have time to deal with an unresponsive company, I had gone with someone else, and they needed to not renew my policy. 2 months later I start getting
  9. What I heard was, with the right chop saw and screwdriver, I can go 200kts in a C model.
  10. New owner ran into a situation. Figured I'd let you guys know first. If you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll pass on contact info. No idea what he's asking for it. Dual G5s, EDM 900. 430W, Nice interior, nice paint. I took really good care of it, he bought it in July, so I can't imagine he's beat it up much. Its actually still in my hangar at deer valley airport.
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