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  1. ragedracer1977

    mooney mechanic in phoenix arizona

    I called Brad to inquire about an annual next month, he said he's booked through February. Called Jim Sorter. He said call him back in 2 weeks and he'll see what his schedule is like. Haven't heard back from Munsey. I really want to do an owner assist on this one. I'm hoping I can make it happen. It's not the money so much as it is I want to see everything about my plane so I know it better.
  2. ragedracer1977

    New work bench for the hangar

    This plywood is sealed. It's not bare. We'll see how it holds up!
  3. ragedracer1977

    New work bench for the hangar

    Couple pics with it mostly set up. Going to lower the middle shelf about 1/2". Oil bottles won't quite stand up. You can get them in, but it's too snug.
  4. ragedracer1977

    Quick Question about Carb Heat

    Well this is interesting. I have a carb temp sensor in my carb, but no gauge on the panel. Wonder where those wires go...
  5. Bought a 2x4 basics kit (the legs and shelf brackets) for about $70. Could have done it just fine with wood, but this is very quick to build and you're basically guaranteed it's square and level. I bought 1 sheet of plywood (3/4" finished - it's already sanded and sealed) and had home Depot rip it in 2 pieces, one 23" and one 25". Bottom shelf is 23, the top overhangs the front by 2". I like a lip on the top to clamp things to. Used 6 2x4's to build the bottom, 6 for the shelf. Used a piece of scrap I had to add a 2nd shelf. Added pegboard to the back wall. Also picked up a really neat LED under cabinet light. It has built in Bluetooth speakers! The whole project cost me around $225, with the lighting. It was too dark to take a good pic of it all set up, but I'd give a thumbs up to the 2x4 basics kit!
  6. ragedracer1977

    Engine out. 2X in 14 months...

    Never heard of having the passengers hold the doors open as speed brakes. Interesting concept. Do you think the Mooney I could have my wife hold the door open for a super slip?
  7. ragedracer1977

    430W losing satellites

    When I first started installing signs, I went all over the valley. You could get a Garmin for your car, but they were crazy expensive. So I had this huge book I carried around (Thomas, I think). You would flip to back and look for the street, then cross reference the address number, and it would give you a page and grid to look at. Then flip to that page, scour the grid till you found the street. Then figure our how to get there. I don't think my kids would have a clue how to use it if I gave it to them.
  8. ragedracer1977

    Trutrack Update

    At that price... I might just fly up to VGT instead of having Rich watch. @Jeev I currently have an ANCIENT Mooney autopilot. Basically a first gen Cessna Nav-O-Matic (ARC AF-512B). Single axis. Does your install price include removing the old unit?
  9. ragedracer1977

    Trutrack Update

    It comes down to affordability. An autopilot I can afford (read:justify to the household accountant) that won’t do the one thing I almost never do, vs the autopilot that costs the same as my complete aircraft that does only one extra thing that I’ll almost never use... the math is easy for me.
  10. ragedracer1977

    1988 AOPA Pilot

    Came across an old copy of my grandfather's. Couple pages I thought you guys might like. 252VV appears to still be flying, and the owner was a member here. Sorry for the rotation. I don't know how to fix it.
  11. ragedracer1977

    Trutrack Update

    January/February is just the right time to come hang out in my hangar and watch me work. Hahaha!
  12. ragedracer1977

    FYI sanity from the FAA

    This means I can tie down the tail when jacking up the plane again, right?
  13. ragedracer1977

    430W losing satellites

    Well... Hmm. On the return flight this morning, I could not reproduce. I wonder if it's also maybe heat related? It was about 80 OAT yesterday and 50 OAT this morning
  14. ragedracer1977

    430W losing satellites

    As it turns out... It looks like it's my Narco NCS-812 navcom. I was flying up to KSOW this afternoon. Everything was good. I switched to get the ATIS at KPAN (119.325). As I was listening, I noticed that my Stratus lost GPS. Then my 430. I thought, ok here we go again. But I started thinking. I turned the radio off. Instantly got GPS back. Then I started experimenting. I turned the radio back on. After a few seconds, I lost GPS. I flipped the frequency back to 126.5 (DVT ATIS), GPS instantly back. Kept playing and figured out that if the Narco is tuned to between 119.275 and 119.675, I lose GPS. Weird!
  15. ragedracer1977

    Landing a Mooney - Safety Culture

    I'll contribute. I landed at Catalina (AVX) a few weeks ago. It's not short (even though many pilots think it is), it's a little bumpy, but mainly it has a cliff right at the numbers. You can get some pretty good sink and/or buffeting there. So, I flew a steep approach, with a touch of power in. As I leveled off in ground effect, I added just a smidge more and held her off as long as I could. That's not how I usually land, at all. Like Yeti said, it is nice to have other methods in your bag of tricks. Flying 70mph on short final might be a bad idea if the winds are swirling, or short final is right over buildings or trees, or other causes of shifting air. Landing on the numbers every time is likewise not always the best. What if you're following a 787 and need to land past the 1000' markers? Do you know what your sight picture should look like to put the plane down 1500' down the runway (or more!)?