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  1. The large tube is connected to the muffler shroud.
  2. Well, apparently some of us got a ram air option hahaha. it looks like mine is all wrong. The linkages are shot, hose goes to the wrong place, the push/pull cable is mounted to clamp on the air box. I’ve got a bunch of crappy wires connecting the whole thing. ill have to ask @Jim Peace who not to use lol
  3. So some jackwagon hooked the bypass valve to the generator cooling duct. Nice
  4. I didn't take one because I didn't realize it was different. The scat tube is routed to the screened hole in front of the cowl. So, yeah, I guess it's "ramming" unfiltered air into the bypass valve.
  5. I was doing some research on getting my air box rebuilt (carb heat linkages are beyond sloppy) and I came across this photo from @Sabremech The scat tube on mine is connected to a small screened hole on the front of the cowl. Is mine wrong?
  6. I pulled the cheek off and looked all over. I can't see a way you could mount it to the engine, short of a bracket off the oil screen plug. There just doesn't seem to be anything there. @M20Doc You are correct there is no nut. The throttle cable was replaced about a year or so ago, I looked at pictures from the original cable and there was no nut either. @N201MKTurbo You once mentioned changing out the ball and socket connection for something more substantial. Can you remind me? Might as well do that if the cable needs to be disconnected anyway
  7. My whole engine is made of aluminum. Same as basically my whole airplane. If an aluminum cable clamp is getting hot enough to melt on the firewall.... Well, it's a really bad day
  8. I agree. But the NTSB seems to have verified that 163 gallons of jet A was put in.
  9. Interesting. I believe it is secured to the engine mount. The cross bar that activates the cowl flaps I think. And @M20Doc I'll have a look at that too
  10. The reports I've seen from the fueler are either lies, or the pilot got complacent. It happens to the best of us. Fueler stated he added 163 gallons. Fuel capacity is 165 gallons. That's no where close to a 50/50 mix. Student pilot (who Dan was instructing) says he looked in the tanks, doesn't say whether he sumped or not. End of the day, if this happened to me, it's my fault. I'm the guy in charge. I know misfueling happens. If someone else fueled the plane, I always assume they did it incorrectly until I've B verified it for myself
  11. Minor update. On the post maintenance run-up, we discovered that with the engine in the correct position, the mixture would no longer go to ICO. The lever hit the sheath on the mixture cable (ran out of travel) about a 1/4" short. Seems counterintuitive that the bottom of the engine being farther forward would have this result, but it did!
  12. For reference if you don't know, this it what they look like new.
  13. When I bought my plane, I took it to a place with what I thought had a good reputation. I told them "leave no stone unturned". Basically gave them an open checkbook. I've detailed here before the shoddy work done (if it was done at all). Today, I found more. They logged in my books (and charged me for) shimming the engine up. I've noticed recently that it seemed to be sagging more. I looked through the logs and couldn't find that new engine mounts had been installed since overhaul in 1989. Sorta surprised they didn't change them when they had the engine off for what was basically an IRAN in 2012, but whatever. They did note it was shimmed when reinstalled. Since it was shimmed in 2012 and ostensibly again in September 2017, I figured it was time to go ahead and replace the mounts. Well, I seriously have my doubts that they were shimmed in 2017. Why? Well, first of all, there was only one 1/16" shim on each lower mount. Further they were full shims, only able to be installed by completely removing the engine mounts. If you've ever done the lower mounts on a Mooney C model, you know how much work it is. If 2 years ago they removed the mounts entirely, when they had an open checkbook, why would they reinstall mounts with a cure date of 5/1988..... 31 years old. And, in my estimation, there's not a chance in heck they looked fine then and look like this now....... Both lower mounts looked like that. At any rate, I'm really happy it's done, and my spinner lines up great now!
  14. The Comanche guy said they'd already negotiated airside access with Ed Faron.