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  1. I've got an old Chinese knock off of a Moisin Nagant. It was literally in a 55 gallon drum with about 30 other rifles, filled to the brim with cosmoline. I spent a LONG time cleaning it. Still, 15 years later, if I leave it in the sun, more cosmoline leaks out of the wood.
  2. Just FYI, I’m pretty sure that is a mandatory reportable event. If you haven’t already, you need to. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/49/830.5
  3. That worked on my C model. @Eric J weighed mine. Nose tire flat, a couple ~3/4" boards under the mains, and it was level.
  4. At least they didn't hook up your generator cooling port to your carb heat discharge like someone did on mine.
  5. My plane doesn’t have a key. For the door locks, yes. But the ignition is pushbutton
  6. This is an ongoing concern with finewires. Seems they just can't get it right.
  7. And it's only supposed to top out at 25c next Sunday! Talk about a swing!
  8. My wife and I plan on being there. We were just there yesterday. Thought we'd get out of the Phoenix heat. We were mostly wrong. . It was 100 there. Not as bad as 115 but pretty warm by Catalina standards. The runway is much improved, though still awful bumpy. Be aware, you will be parking in dirt/gravel. Bring your tow bar, you'll want to shut down on the pavement and then push back into the dirt, reverse when you leave. You don't want to start up in the dirt. The bees were out of control on the whole island. It's 2020. Everything is worse. They are "friend
  9. It's not that difficult. I did it every annual on my C. It just takes effort.
  10. We were taking it apart and kept looking at things. Couldn't see anything amiss. In fact, it looked basically perfect. Split the case and looked at the bearings, cam, lifters,etc. All really really nice. Lifted out the crank. Checked all it's surfaces. Perfect. Looked at that bearing half and "aha!". Might I add it was ridiculously hot at 2pm flying back across PHX. I told Rich I was considering heading east out of chandler just to climb to 15k for some cool air.
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