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  1. I can wheelie down the entire 4500' runway at DVT. Full aft trim, land with just a touch of power and hold the yoke full aft. Little modulations of power and yoke and you can hang the nose in the air as long as you want. It's fun when the pattern is empty (almost never lol!). Otherwise they get sort of annoyed if you don't exit immediately
  2. Supposedly they used to recommend a .036 gap, but could not for certified planes, because that's so far out of "spec". I gapped mine to .025. I'm due for an oil change in about 20 hours (which will be before the end of this month - Yuma formation clinic will put a lot of hours on!). I'll pull them at oil change and see how they look
  3. Honestly, it probably would have been fine. When I said missing, it wasn't like shake the cowl off missing, it just wasn't quite right. You get to know your engine, and what it sounds and feels like. And it was a little off what it was like on a fresh magneto. Now it runs like a sewing machine!
  4. Advanced. I also saw some advice to leave the manifold pressure connection disconnected while timing. I originally did not. It's possible that made the difference
  5. Correct. And, success! Apparently that 2 degrees really matters. It runs like a champ now!
  6. I came back to the hangar. Just couldn't take it. I spent 30 minutes checking for TDC. I used a digital dial indicator to verify. It sure looks like it was off by 2 degrees. 2. I'm wondering if in the final torquing of the nuts, it slightly shifted? This time, I left battery timing power hooked up all through the process. The light never came on while torquing and no matter how many times I spin the prop, it goes out exactly at what I'm indicating is TDC. So... Here's hoping. Gotta put it back together and see. Oh, and I had to take the battery box out by myself. Not an easy proposition on an old C model. Bolts in the box, nuts in the cockpit. But, American ingenuity got it done.
  7. Yeah. I just have to wait to Monday. Booooo. I'll try swapping plugs see what happens
  8. Tempest massive urem37by. Less than 50 hours. Engine ran perfectly on the left mag before, mag was overhauled 12 hours ago
  9. Set timing exactly to TDC. Set dip switches correctly. Ran a manifold pressure line. Engine seems to start pretty good, at least as good as it used to. Runs good at idle, mag drop check is good at 1800 RPM. At full power, its missing a little when on only the surefly mag. I called them, they said check the timing. I triple checked. It's right. I pulled the plugs, checked gap, cleaned, etc. No change. Still just not quite right. They're closed now, so I thought I'd reach out here. Any ideas what the heck I'm doing wrong?
  10. In VFR conditions, tower has NO responsibility to keep you separated. You are required to maintain your own. Will they do everything they can? Yes. But sometimes they'll vector you right into another plane, and it's your responsibility to see and avoid
  11. It seems like it wouldn't matter. If the surefly is firing at 26 degrees and higher than TDC, the other mag will be firing well after the fuel has ignited. It should just be a wasted spark.
  12. I was surprised the manual didn't have them both on the avionics bus. When installing, I thought about that. I came to the conclusion that Garmin or the FAA decided that they were more akin to flight instruments than avionics, and should be powered like they were.