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  1. Sure enough. I must have been searching the wrong term. Secondary question. The EI UBG16 pulled oil temp from the sump. The factory gauge from near the filter. Is one place better than the other? Looks like the EDM probe would fit in either location
  2. Installing the EDM900. Is it necessary to cover the hole where the mechanical tach cable was installed in the engine?
  3. I was thinking of leaving some in for post install testing. I know I have to drain it all for calibration, I was just trying to plan ahead a little. I need to drain it all eventually, I'm also going to be weighing the plane. Just trying not to drain it 3 times lol I'm installing an EDM900 and cleaning all the crap I can out of the plane. I've already pulled 6lbs of old wiring for antennas and what not.
  4. I'm upgrading to the Cies senders and had a quick question. How much fuel can be in the tank when swapping them? I burned one tank dry, and have a little over 6 gallons in the other. Is that low enough to remove a sender?
  5. This is an interesting chart from the CDC. Have we already passed the peak??
  6. They're back open on limited staffing. I received an email today with a tracking number for my EDM900. It actually shipped yesterday.
  7. Let's not forget that, per Italian doctors, all deaths are being coded as Coronavirus. It doesn't matter what killed you, if you tested positive, you died of Coronavirus. Freak motorcycle accident, but you had asymptomatic Corona? You're in the stats....
  8. Who cares. we need to sacrifice the United States in its entirety, condemn 100,000,000 to starvation and poverty. We have to recreate the Great Depression if we want to save lives. /sarcasm off
  9. This is what's making this so difficult. Conflicting opinions flying everywhere from literal experts.
  10. I saw they reissued the statement and said "oops, we didn't mean business are supposed to close." They being orange county
  11. I just talked to them yesterday, hopefully mine made it out. They said it was shipping yesterday, today at the latest
  12. Man, I can't tell you how bad I want to do one of those dogfight deals. But I hear the safety record isn't great.
  13. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.05.20031773v2.full.pdf+html
  14. Compared to diagnosed cases, that’s true. But we don’t know the denominator of actual cases. We’re not testing. The best data out there is from the diamond princess. It’s no where near that bad. We’re (and should be) working this containment thing because we don’t know.