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  1. ragedracer1977

    Chris Dupin

    I had several interactions with him on another forum. Truly we lost a great voice for GA.
  2. ragedracer1977

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    There’s a really nice J on the ramp at DVT. Got a cover on it and everything. Been sitting there for 3+ years. Tires starting to go flat. I’m watching it rot before my eyes. Owned by some corporation out of Florida that seems to have gone belly up. I half wonder what would happen if I dragged it over to my hangar, got an annual done, and started flying it, lol.
  3. ragedracer1977

    Successful annual!!

    Very true. I took every inspection panel, the entire cowl, etc down to my shop and scrubbed them inside and out. Not something I would pay someone to do, but needs to be done now and again.
  4. ragedracer1977

    Successful annual!!

    That's what I used
  5. ragedracer1977

    Successful annual!!

    Yeah, my shop is 10 minutes from the field. The working part of the annual took me about a week after work and a Saturday. After it was all apart and the servicing done, the IA came by yesterday and spent about 6 hours inspecting everything and helping me put it back together. And paper work. He took the logs with him a couple days ago and went through all the ADs. I was down 2 weeks all together, but mostly due to me not being in a hurry. If you don't count all the tires tubes, grease, disposables, etc- the annual cost me $405.97, and that includes what I paid the IA.
  6. ragedracer1977

    Successful annual!!

    That's the nice thing about being the boss. I'm still making money even when I'm not there.
  7. ragedracer1977

    Successful annual!!

    I replaced all 3 tires and tubes, because they were worn out. Other than that, the only part we replaced was gascolator gaskets. My last annual was $7,000. I did all the labor on this one, the IA just followed up and inspected my work. I spent under $1500 total for the whole shebang. And, stuff actually got done. The folks who did my $7,000 annual did not do about half of the things they were supposed to.
  8. ragedracer1977

    GFC 500 discount postcard for $500 off

    You don’t have to install it, just schedule it
  9. ragedracer1977

    High nickel in oil?

    Blackstone Labs. And yes, in that spread sheet. There's also a short commentary explaining what they see.
  10. ragedracer1977

    High nickel in oil?

    I have nickel cylinders as well, but my nickel numbers are quite a bit lower than yours. My cylinders have a similar time in service to your engine.
  11. ragedracer1977

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    Just the antenna wouldn't help. I have to create a network that's fed by the free wifi
  12. ragedracer1977

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    It does require a password, of sorts. You connect to it, then you get a prompt from a webpage to login. Once it’s done, though, you don’t have to do it again.
  13. ragedracer1977

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    So, I obviously won’t have any access to the settings of the network I’m latching on to. Would that matter?
  14. ragedracer1977

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    There’s something like 42 hotspots close according to the map. I see 3 networks on my phone that are “provided” by cox. Whats a WiFi repeater?
  15. ragedracer1977

    Getting WiFi in the hangar..

    Close, but not. The chrome cast device requires WiFi. So I have to make my phone a mobile hotspot. The chrome cast connects to my phones wifi, which then uses my mobile data to stream the content.