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  1. You can’t see the forest for the trees.
  2. AC 20-24E. Add paragraph Z: G100UL is recognized to meet the requirements of TCDS requiring grade 100 and 100LL aviation gasoline. Done.
  3. The question is “does it even require an STC? And if so, why?” The TCDS for every plane and engine I looked at includes 100 octane aviation gasoline. What is G100UL if not 100 octane aviation gasoline?
  4. Question. Is an STC even necessary at this point? The FAA said It’s approved fleet wide. This makes it a de facto aviation gasoline that is grade 100. every TCDS I’ve perused, both airframe and engine, are certified to use grade 100 and 100LL aviation gasoline. So?
  5. Sims are fun. You get to do stuff you can’t go in your airplane. here’s me spinning (VMC roll) a 310. Not a maneuver I hope to ever try in my actual airplane.
  6. I think you have to be a paying member to sell stuff
  7. Same. Just interesting. I, right now, have airline captains arguing with me that it’s a departure planning requirement and not an in flight requirement.
  8. Right. I just had no idea it was actually illegal. I was taught it was like VFR flight planning. As long as you planned to have that much when you departed, it was A-OK to land with 5 minutes of fuel.
  9. I thought I did. I want to know if I’m an outlier or not. I was taught that, on an instrument plan, you have to plan to depart with enough fuel to fly to your destination, then your alternate, and then for 45 more minutes. Like VFR, as long as you planned it, but flight conditions were different than forecast, you were legal. I learned that is not true. If you plan for 45 minutes reserve, but the winds are worse than forecast or you’re giving holding instructions, a reroute, etc that cut into that 45 minutes, it’s illegal to continue to your intended destination if the conditions are 2000/3 or worse. Did you know that?
  10. Well, this kinda stuff doesn't bode well for reducing/removing TEL and increasing aromatics.... https://www.casa.gov.au/file/203356/download?token=5kUK1-c3 https://austhia.com/PDfs/AHIA-piston-engine-durability-report.pdf
  11. Eyewitness account matches the video perfectly. I'm not sure why people think the wings folded between frames one and 2. They were already folded. For them to fold between frame one and 2 is a physical impossibility.
  12. You're fooling yourself. Somehow the camera distorted ONLY the wings? The fuselage isn't distorted at all, even though it was moving in the same direction, but it somehow stretched the wings to exactly the length and shape they would be if they folded up? Listen to yourself.
  13. I changed that on YouTube to 1/4 speed. I'm even more convinced the wings were folded. Both of them. You can see them both tilt forward in the next frame.
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