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  1. TLS Engine Conversion

    I’m no expert but probably theoretically possible but would never be legal.
  2. A bad day for my prop

    No guns in Canada except in Sunnyvale!
  3. Was this 231 flown enough?

    I think I saw the J with the corrosion from the mouse urine while it was in the prebuy. Did it take place in N. Ga?
  4. TN550 with TKS?

    Move to Florida and that will solve your problem. We all end up there anyway so this will just expedite the process for you
  5. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    I keep mine folded down all the time. Really allows for great baggage room as mentioned above.
  6. Need a hangar in South Georgia.

    I would call the folks at Cairo Ga. I believe but am not sure that they have availability there.
  7. My good friend OWES me...

    Just for laughs I did my biannual in a 150 a couple years back. It was like flying an ultra light!
  8. The statistical odds of holding on to that trifecta for that long in this day and age is similarly to hitting a powerball lottery!
  9. Ok who did this?

    I know the airport manager at Winchester. I fly in and out of there a good bit. There were some pretty serious injuries.
  10. That is one of the beautiful things about the stock market today as far as I am concerned. Particularly since the great recession, when the Dow Jones industrial average got to as low as 6500, the mentality has been that when there is a dip it is nothing to be particularly concerned about but rather a buying opportunity. There has been no greater money making opportunity than the stock market since 2008.
  11. I am turning 57, and as a trial lawyer I am trying far fewer cases, but really can’t imagine not practicing law or giving up my office. I am blessed to have invested early and wisely, and don’t have to worry at all about keeping the lights on, but have always enjoyed what I do and plan on continuing to do it till at least my mid 60s. I do take far more vacations where I used to take none, and plenty of long weekends. As long as I can do that, I’m happy. I have been self-employed for almost 30 years, so that probably contributes to my ability to be happy while continuing to work.
  12. Repaint Cost

    + 1 for hawk. 18k for a paint job on any Mooney sounds like seriously diminishing returns to me.
  13. Looking to Buy an Eagle or Early Ovation?

    Even living here on the East Coast, once you get used to turbo capability it is hard going back!
  14. I am legal again :)

    Just remember illegal is just a sick bird!