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  1. Thanks for sharing. The Bravo is tough to beat. And your description of landing the Aerostar sounds much like the bravo.
  2. Costco has a 22-year-old single malt for $80 a bottle under their Kirkland name. Pretty darn good for the money.
  3. IMO the last thing that you want to do in Florida and particularly south Florida is keep an aircraft outside.
  4. Glad that it was caught and most importantly that you are safe. I Don’t pretend to be a mechanic so I will go ahead and ask: is there any way that installing the nut upside down can be characterized as an “honest” mistake? Was that done by an MSC?
  5. You could get into a group hangar at Kryy. I have a T hanger there. They are very limited on the T hangars there. I don’t believe there would be much hope of getting one of those, but I am fairly certain the group hangar space is available. I believe they charge between 5- $600 for that. But that is full service with your aircraft being pulled in and out for you upon request.
  6. Mooneys have terrible shock absorption. The oleo system is way better. I guess there is a design reason it wasn’t used in the Mooneys.
  7. Alex, why didn’t you have your number 2 NAV set up for the ILS as well? In my mooney , I have a 650 connected to the Aspen as number one, and a 430 with a standard GI 106 as number two. When flying an ILS , I always make sure that the approach is set up and activated on both for redundancy.
  8. I’m not sure even if the new Mooneys were 250k less it would have made a significant difference or caused very many Cirrus buyers to go Mooney. Very different buyer, and I know a few guys who buy new Cirri every few years. Money is not an object to them.
  9. Pretty cool, I’d give a couple hundred for sure.
  10. If you work on an aircraft and the work is subsequently the proximate cause or a contributing cause of a failure that leads to injury or worse you can be held liable just like anyone else. It doesn’t matter who you are or whether you hold an A&P certificate. When you work on the aircraft unfortunately you assume certain duties under the law that you don’t otherwise assume if you are simply a pilot owner who doesn’t work on the plane. The assumption of duty under the law is a strange thing. If I don’t have a relationship or duty to you I can watch you drown in the lake with no legal repercussions. However once I undertake an effort to save you I also undertake the duty to carry out the mission in a non negligent fashion. This is why Good Samaritan statutes have been enacted in many jurisdictions to protect physicians who provide emergency care to a person in extremis on the sidewalk from tort liability. I have also been involved as counsel in a few aviation related cases over the years. Don't shoot the messenger
  11. Assuming a hold harmless would be effective as against the purchaser if injured as a result of allegedly defective maintenance, which is questionable and very fact and state law dependent, it would not protect against the claims of third parties or strangers to the agreement.
  12. Can’t have a positive impact especially if unlike the previous shutdowns parts production goes away.
  13. I think what he was referring to was the accident with the C (being the one and only accident).