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  1. Bravoman

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    My cat would disagree
  2. This is why I absolutely insist on supervising fueling when I’m traveling. As a matter of fact, most of the time they let me do the fueling when the fuel truck pulls up. I always tip the linemen to let them know I appreciate them.
  3. Perhaps the fueler caused the nozzle tip to forcefully contact the inside of the tank at a seam and the sealant was compromised?
  4. Mine is slightly different, I keep the mixture at idle cut off or sometimes just give it a real quick shot of fuel and run the fuel pump for a minute or so. Have never had a problem doing that either. I think if your mags and timing are in good shape that’s most of the battle.
  5. Thanks Dave I’m gonna give it a try. Does this work as well when the engine is totally heat soaked like a quick turn around after refueling as it does when cranking 30-60 minutes after shutdown ?
  6. Bravoman

    FS: 1987 M20J 205

    All of my aircraft purchases and sales have been pleasant experiences. All have been with honorable people. What you would expect from fellow pilots. The guy I bought my mooney from is a CFI and former part 135 pilot and took a few days of his time to give me transition training at no charge and really at his urging. I bought him lunches and a few bottles of nice liquor, but he did not expect even that. Like a good landing, much of what you reap in a purchase and sale experience is in the approach.
  7. Bravoman

    Mooney Bravo M20M for sale

    Very nice. Looks like a screaming bargain to me. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Bravoman

    Acclaim Type S SOLD

    That’s the California mentality, so long as someone else is payin...
  9. Bravoman

    Cheap hangars in Florida?

    I do not even know if X 39 was there back in the day. I remember pilot country, a little north of that. When I had a plane at Vandenberg in the late 80s into the early 90s, there were drive-through shade hangars adjacent to 18/36 that I think cost about 40 or 50 bucks a month. That was well before they built 5/23. It was a great old timey general aviation airport with a lot of great characters that hung around. A real clubhouse. Not many of those left anymore.
  10. Bravoman

    Cheap hangars in Florida?

    I Lived in that area many years ago and learned how to fly at Vandenberg. I don’t know of anything specific but you might check there, although I doubt that you will find anything very cheap these days since it has gotten all fancy and been renamed Tampa Exec. Perhaps Plant City, Zephyrhills, or Lakeland. Clearwater airpark is another possibility.
  11. Bravoman

    lawsuit in Philly

    Like Forest Gump said, that’s all I got to say about that!
  12. Bravoman

    lawsuit in Philly

    I can tell you that carrying the burden of proof is much harder than defending a case. Much harder to build a house than it is to tear it down. If you think that anybody rolls over and plays dead, you are mistaken. Manufacturers and their insurers don’t settle cases on a nuisance basis, and the plaintiffs firms that handle these cases spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and more on each case. This money goes out the window if the case is lost. The cost of pursuit is the best safeguard against non-meritorious cases being advanced. Once again, and with due respect, you are not speaking from knowledge.
  13. Bravoman

    lawsuit in Philly

    I would not disagree that the jury award in that case might have been aberrationally high, but what a lot of people don’t know about that case is that the coffee was heated to the temperature of molten lava, I think north of 180°, which is unreasonable. The injuries were also fairly significant, as it caused second and 3rd° burns to someone’s genital area requiring a lot of medical treatment, including grafts. Once again, most people don’t know the facts. Our civil justice system is the best in the world. The cases you read about are very much the tip of the iceberg. The courts and the juries usually get to the right result. As a matter of fact, in this particular case the jury award was written down significantly by the court to a fraction of its original size. Can’t remember the exact number.
  14. Bravoman

    lawsuit in Philly

    I don’t agree. Keep in mind that companies are vigorously defended by excellent defense counsel, and there are dispassionate courts of appeal. It’s not as easy as you guys think anywhere, notwithstanding the venue.
  15. Bravoman

    lawsuit in Philly

    It never ceases to amaze me how the most raisin hearted anti civil justice folks do an about face when it is their wife, husband or child that is catastrophically injured or killed. I have seen it time and time again in 31 years representing both defendants and plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Rest assured there is usually more to the story than you think. Lawyers are not in business to go broke, and that is what happens if a so-called frivolous lawsuit is pursued , especially one too many times. There are both statutory and other barriers to a case even getting to a jury if the evidence does not warrant the case going to a jury, such as the Daubert standard which deals with scientific and other technical evidence.