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  1. Bravoman

    Out-of-State Purchase Transaction

    I would use an attorney to have the funds escrowed. Once title is transferred, the attorney disperses the funds.
  2. Bravoman

    Corrosion or not ?

    The landing gear stuff looks exactly what Anthony says above. Probably just needs to be cleaned up and re-painted. Likely no big deal.
  3. Bravoman

    EI Engine monitors?

    In my experience JPI’s customer service is poor to fair to midland. But I do think they have a really good product.
  4. Bravoman

    N9153Z 1996 Loaded TLS Bravo

    I am assuming that the FIKI was installed by CAV ice protection systems? That is about a $60,000 job today. Beautiful plane. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Bravoman

    Interesting Garmin Web Page

    I wonder what the install cost will be with the servos and all.
  6. I have heard that instructors are not soloing students until very late these days, like 25-30 hrs. Why is that? Back in the day when I got my ticket in the late 80s I believe typical was 14-15, and sometimes much less.
  7. Bravoman

    Meet Our New Bravo (almost)!

    Very nice. You’ll love the Bravo. They didn’t call it the personal airliner for nothing!
  8. Bravoman

    SE Tn recomendation for PPI

    +1 on Cole in Dalton.
  9. Bravoman

    New Orleans recommendations?

    I’ll be there again next week. Flying into KNEW and driving down to the Bayou to Buras, which is not far from Venice, about an hour and a half or so, to fish. Have done this before and it is amazing that there are no airports closer to the destination.
  10. It is also good IMO to have a different shop then the one you regularly use do an annual every few years. I did that this year with my Mooney and was happy to learn from another Mooney expert that my regular shop has been doing a very good job.
  11. Bravoman

    New Orleans recommendations?

    Flightline First at KNEW has been my go to for years. Great FBO
  12. Bravoman

    wow one after another, whats next?

    Generally speaking, life insurance policies will cover a suicide if the death occurs beyond what is known as the contestability period, usually two years.
  13. Bravoman

    wow one after another, whats next?

    That is purely retrospective thinking. Given the risk to a potentially large number of innocent people and the uncertainty involved and the window of opportunity to abate the risk over an unpopulated area it was a poor decision. If it ended differently the government would have drawn a lot of flak( no pun intended).
  14. Bravoman

    wow one after another, whats next?

    I’m still very surprised that the fighter jets did not flame that commuter plane in Washington. To me that was a lapse of judgment. They had no idea what he was going to do. Had plenty of opportunity to do it over Puget Sound.
  15. Bravoman

    Empty Nest....Not Empty Hangar

    My youngest is just starting Ga. Tech on the Hope scholarship and my oldest transferred to UGA from Auburn a couple years back because he also qualifies for the Hope. In addition to being very proud of them I am greatful to them for not going to expensive private universities which would have seriously dinged my aviation budget. And as far as the kids being grown and out of the house, I love it. I have a couple of friends who are about my age who are on second marriages with much younger wifes who have just had babies after getting a first set of children grown and gone. My hat is off to them because I can’t imagine going through all of that again.