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  1. I have the same tug, the electric nose dragger dragger. Previous owner of my plane through it in with the deal. I find it pretty underpowered, even with a new battery. Wonder if I could pep it up somehow. I have the gas version at my hangar in Fla, has a 8hp Briggs engine and that is powerful.
  2. No experience personally, but I am an armchair physician after reading medical records for the last 32 years!
  3. Actually a CVA(cerebrovascular accident) pp thought only, not a doctor!
  4. I have a 650, does it have a built-in fan? Or does the cooling fan warning mean that it is overheating for some reason?
  5. Some people say lemon Pledge works good on the windows too. But I like Plexus.
  6. Probably took off out of Dobbins ARB north of ATL and just south of KRYY.
  7. I would bet it will be a total loss at least from an insurance perspective. Not saying it couldn’t be repaired (that question above my pay grade) but probably an economic total loss.
  8. In one of his articles on engine management Mike Busch recommends not going full rich for landing and I am beginning to adopt the practice. I understand why but because it is contrary to everything I was taught and what was standard procedure for so long I find that it is hard to do.
  9. Do you land with mixture at cruise setting?
  10. I call BS on that, I know you are killing it down there Rob!
  11. You guys should splurge for Mooneys with dual alternators!
  12. International avionics, 972-247-7498. They are the OEM and do the repairs Regards, Frank
  13. A couple of annuals ago I had my Annunciator panel sent out to the OEM for overhaul. They still are in business and their work was relatively reasonably priced. If you need the info on the company let me know and I’ll look it up for you
  14. I know it is not the point of this thread, but I am not so sure 150K buys you a nice bravo. I know that you can get a bravo for that, but I would not think one that did not require some work or had deferred maintenance.
  15. If the aircraft does not have an auto pilot, which seems unusual, that does change the calculus somewhat. In that case, for the $150,000 figure you mentioned, you could undoubtedly get a best-of-breed 90s model J if it were available with all of the things that you list. If you could find such an animal for that price with a low time frequently flown engine I would go that route versus what you are looking at since it diminishes the number of question marks well as the potential significant down time associated with a new engine, avionics upgrades, etc. Even at 150K for this hypothetical J, you would be better off by far in my opinion then buying what you are looking at for 40 or $50,000 less.