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  1. Insurance

    Just out of curiosity, are you being quoted on $1 million smooth liability policies or policies with liability sub limits?
  2. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    That’s an unbelievable number. I would have never thought that many were produced by 68. Be interesting to know what percentage are still in service.
  3. Insurance valuation

    Rob, you have added a unique provenance to your bird. I would say that since you have owned her she has increased in value at least three fold!
  4. Insurance valuation

    Also, one must factor in on the question of how much to insure for the relative risk of a loss during any given policy period. Without accepting some acceptable degree of risk ourselves, we can all insure ourselves into the poorhouse. I for one accept more risk on hull coverage than liability because I view the down side exposure much greater on that side of the equation.
  5. Mid continent lifesaver AI

    I ordered it from Spruce, which I think has the best price. The price for the unit is $3975, and I ordered the optional slip indicator kit for $295. Once this is installed, I will be able to pull out my vacuum systems. Regard, Frank
  6. Mid continent lifesaver AI

    Thanks very much!
  7. I am in the process of ordering a mid continent lifesaver attitude indicator with battery back up for the bravo. The company asks to specify panel tilt when ordering (it can range from 0 to 20 deg.)and I called midcontinent and spoke to a fellow there who seemed not to know too much. Does this refer to the angle of the instrument panel itself or the angle of the nose to the ground? Does anybody know what the proper panel tilt is for the M20M ( or if there is any variance as between any of the M20 line)? I assume panel tilt refers to the instrument panel itself and the correct angle for the Mooney is 0 deg but I wanted to check to be sure. thanks in advance for your help, Frank
  8. Need recommendations for east coast trip

    We have a place in st Augustine. Ksgj is a great airport and if you spend some time in st auggie you may never leave! I know cause it happened to me!
  9. Annunciatior panel not working

    No separate breaker for the annunciator panel so far as I can tell. However, I am thinking that something became disconnected during the recent avionics work. I am still stumped as to why the one light (gear down) is working while all the others in the annunciator panel don’t. Frank
  10. Annunciatior panel not working

    Thanks for the replies. In fact, I did have avionics work done recently, I had the AHRS replaced for the Aspen when the KFC 150 stopped working. I will start with that, but all of your suggestions are really appreciated and I’m sure will help lead to resolving the problem. Frank
  11. Recently, I noticed that my annunciator panel lights are not illuminating when I hit the press to test button.The only light on the panel that seems to work is the gear down light, but even this light does not come on when I mash the press to test button(in flight, with gear up) . Gear transition, and everything else seems to be dead. All the other lights on the annunciator panel, aside from gear down, do not work at all in any phase of flight or operation. My breakers all seem to be normal. I am going to have my MSC look at this next time I’m there. Any ideas? Thanks, Frank
  12. Monroy tanks

    I would agree with all that. It’s a wonderful machine. When people say you don’t need turbocharging on the east coast I respectfully disagree. You may not need it but it’s easy to get used to. It is a game changer when you can climb above the clouds and wx and cruise in the clear cool sky at high speed.
  13. Abandoned Mooneys

    That’s why they call it the people’s republic. There is inverse proportionality between the level of socialism in a particular place and the freedoms enjoyed by the inhabitants.
  14. Monroy tanks

    About the only downside to the long-range tanks is I really feel that I cannot have a lineman top me off because it takes time for the fuel to settle in properly so that the tanks are full. Linemen will rarely get that right. Just another reason why I will always fuel my own aircraft or supervise fueling with my own eyes.
  15. I would say Go Gators if we had an offense and a head coach