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  1. That is one of the beautiful things about the stock market today as far as I am concerned. Particularly since the great recession, when the Dow Jones industrial average got to as low as 6500, the mentality has been that when there is a dip it is nothing to be particularly concerned about but rather a buying opportunity. There has been no greater money making opportunity than the stock market since 2008.
  2. I am turning 57, and as a trial lawyer I am trying far fewer cases, but really can’t imagine not practicing law or giving up my office. I am blessed to have invested early and wisely, and don’t have to worry at all about keeping the lights on, but have always enjoyed what I do and plan on continuing to do it till at least my mid 60s. I do take far more vacations where I used to take none, and plenty of long weekends. As long as I can do that, I’m happy. I have been self-employed for almost 30 years, so that probably contributes to my ability to be happy while continuing to work.
  3. Repaint Cost

    + 1 for hawk. 18k for a paint job on any Mooney sounds like seriously diminishing returns to me.
  4. Looking to Buy an Eagle or Early Ovation?

    Even living here on the East Coast, once you get used to turbo capability it is hard going back!
  5. I am legal again :)

    Just remember illegal is just a sick bird!
  6. Recommend me a new insurance broker

    I switched to falcon because of the Usaa connection. That is saving me a few buck, probably will cover 5 or 6 cases of a good import beer.
  7. Insurance

    Just out of curiosity, are you being quoted on $1 million smooth liability policies or policies with liability sub limits?
  8. Looking to Buy Mooney M20F or J

    That’s an unbelievable number. I would have never thought that many were produced by 68. Be interesting to know what percentage are still in service.
  9. Insurance valuation

    Rob, you have added a unique provenance to your bird. I would say that since you have owned her she has increased in value at least three fold!
  10. Insurance valuation

    Also, one must factor in on the question of how much to insure for the relative risk of a loss during any given policy period. Without accepting some acceptable degree of risk ourselves, we can all insure ourselves into the poorhouse. I for one accept more risk on hull coverage than liability because I view the down side exposure much greater on that side of the equation.
  11. Mid continent lifesaver AI

    I ordered it from Spruce, which I think has the best price. The price for the unit is $3975, and I ordered the optional slip indicator kit for $295. Once this is installed, I will be able to pull out my vacuum systems. Regard, Frank
  12. Mid continent lifesaver AI

    Thanks very much!
  13. I am in the process of ordering a mid continent lifesaver attitude indicator with battery back up for the bravo. The company asks to specify panel tilt when ordering (it can range from 0 to 20 deg.)and I called midcontinent and spoke to a fellow there who seemed not to know too much. Does this refer to the angle of the instrument panel itself or the angle of the nose to the ground? Does anybody know what the proper panel tilt is for the M20M ( or if there is any variance as between any of the M20 line)? I assume panel tilt refers to the instrument panel itself and the correct angle for the Mooney is 0 deg but I wanted to check to be sure. thanks in advance for your help, Frank
  14. Need recommendations for east coast trip

    We have a place in st Augustine. Ksgj is a great airport and if you spend some time in st auggie you may never leave! I know cause it happened to me!
  15. Annunciatior panel not working

    No separate breaker for the annunciator panel so far as I can tell. However, I am thinking that something became disconnected during the recent avionics work. I am still stumped as to why the one light (gear down) is working while all the others in the annunciator panel don’t. Frank