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  1. Bravoman

    The Greatest Generation

    That’s funny, I too am half Russian, paternal grandparents came as young children before the revolution when the Czar still ruled. That grandfather served with the U.S. Army in World War I as a machine gunner and survived to come back to die in the great flu epidemic of 1917 -1918.
  2. Bravoman

    The Greatest Generation

    A friend of mine’s father was like that until he was about 103 years old. He passed at 104. Also a World War II vet, a Navy commander. The stories he used to tell were amazing. Still drove and volunteered at the Red Cross until he was 103. Never drank or smoked, and was a little wiry guy which I have noticed that most of the people who make it to that kind of age are, but I am convinced that there is a genetic component that is essential to living that long.
  3. Bravoman

    Boroscope Exhaust Valve Images

    No Alex if you knew my mechanical ineptness you would be surprised that I could even be taught to fly! I ordered it directly from the company and had my MSC install it. The owner of Gee Bee is on this forum and is a super helpful and knowledgeable guy.
  4. Bravoman

    Boroscope Exhaust Valve Images

    I do not have the expertise to interpret what is depicted on the photos. But I’ll chime in on the fine wires. Very much a noticeable difference on smoothness and cooling. Never had a fouling issue with the Bravo so can’t say any difference there due to the plugs. The Gee Bee baffling also helped significantly with cylinder cooling. As I recall I installed both the baffling and fine wire plugs around the same time. No problem keeping CHTs below 400 deg even in extended climb when hot outside.
  5. Bravoman

    Ownership costs

    I purposely don’t keep track. Quite the contrary its one of those things I try to have amnesia about.
  6. Bravoman

    Failed AI indicator......and repair nonsense

    I don’t think it’s inop. Just working OVER time
  7. At the better part of a million bucks apiece with planes that new the company should just say bring it on in to Kerrville or your nearest service center and we’ll get her squared away for you. If they don’t they don’t deserve to be in business.
  8. Bravoman

    Rant: FBO introduced delays

    I use sheltair at PIE when we go there and they are a good FBO. Always Jonny on the spot
  9. It is surprising to me that with all the money the company has spent on updating the manufacturing process that Mooney would outsource the painting of the final product. I would never have guessed that the planes weren’t painted at the factory. If it was Piper with a problem on aircraft this new I believe they would step up to the plate
  10. Just the kind of thing that makes folks want to rush out and buy a new Mooney.
  11. Bravoman

    Rant: FBO introduced delays

    One of my home bases is SGJ as we have a home there. I think the problem is temporary and due to construction being done to Atlantic’s ramp. The problem doesn’t affect me since I’m hangared on the other side of the field and utilize the city self serve which is currently 3.99 gal.
  12. Bravoman

    which model is the best F,J,K or M

    That’s very well said. I certainly learned that after I paid $170,000 for a very well maintained low time example(930 hrs when I bought it) and then had the unforeseen cost of a factory reman which I needed a couple years into ownership to the tune of about 75k. It’s not for kids as they say.
  13. Bravoman

    100 low lead prices

    Likely not enforceable due to vagueness. But they certainly can choose not to renew the lease.
  14. Bravoman

    100 low lead prices

    In my neck of the woods avgas has dropped about 20 cents in the last couple of months where I normally buy fuel.
  15. I have a 98 which is the year before the Moritz gauges. Were all the long bodies and/or Mooney’s generally 98 and earlier equipped with Sigma tek?