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  1. I also need a new autopilot (Century 31 is unrepairable) and the combination of the Aspen E5 and TruTrak Vizion brings the panel into the digital age at about 10 AMU less than I was expecting to pay for older, less capable autopilot technology. The only potential fly in the ointment is whether my CNX80 GPS navigator (which is a WAAS GPS) will play well with the new boxes.
  2. A bad day for my prop

    The vertical displacement of the fracture surface at the left and right sides of the fracture are an indication of an impact that plastically deformed the blade before the upper section of the fracture separated from the body of the blade. I agree with ShuRugal - this was some FOD that was small in size, but had substantial mass.
  3. Also, keep in mind where the wind is coming from. Don't let the wind blow you into the terrain as you make your turn, as it did to Cory Lidle (building).
  4. Is this a good thing or bad?

    What is his experience in leadership positions? With the current political environment in this country, we need someone who is capable of working with highly politicized competing interests and hopefully find consensus that will protect the interests of the GA world and maintain the amazing safety record of aviation in the US. This is not an easy job under any circumstances, and is even more difficult in the current political environment. The ideal candidate is someone who is an effective leader and has a strong background in aviation, from GA to Part 121. The last thing we want to see is a situation like the poor fellow who was nominated for a position as a Federal judge, but was unable to explain basic legal information, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, during his confirmation hearing.
  5. Anyone have info on PIC aviation services

    If you do go with PIC make sure that you are prepared to give the program your undivided attention. I took the course about 20 years ago with an instructor that came to my home, but I was trying to run a business part time while training full time. It didn't work out for me. I ended up going to an excellent 10 day IFR training school in Kansas (GATTS) that forced me to stop thinking about the business and pay attention to the training. It was the best flight training I ever had.
  6. Would anyone be interested?

    Researchers at the University of Michigan have been working on a durable and inexpensive sprayed-on permanent ice-repellent coating. A painted coating solution to airframe icing would be a tremendous advance in safety and utility for those of us that would like to fly year-round in colder climates and at turbo altitudes.
  7. Dynon Certified thread

    Garmin says: "With the optional GAD™ 29 nav data adapter, GFC 500 will interface with the GTN™ 650 and GTN 750 and legacy GNS™ 430 and GNS 530 (WAAS and non-WAAS) series navigators to fly a wide range of precision, nonprecision and GPS-guided approaches as well as holds, procedure turns, missed approaches and more." Has anyone heard whether the CNX480 / GNS480 WAAS navigators will interface with the GFC500?
  8. Hanger Door Frozen

    Consider using propylene glycol, the orange-colored antifreeze that boat and RV owners put in their potable water tanks to prevent freezing when the boat / RV is not in use. It is non-toxic to animals and humans and can be bought pre-mixed. When I lived up north I kept a spray bottle of the stuff in the truck, and put it on the floor under the heater duct outlet for the drive to the airport. By the time I got to the airport it was warm and ready for ice melting. As others have stated, DO NOT use ethylene glycol, the green-colored automotive antifreeze.
  9. Autopilots Central for Century 31?

    José, I tried the test function and the panel shock mount suggestions. No joy - still no ALT hold. My next move is to take the computer out and see if I can get the part number off the transducer. There has to be another one of these out there somewhere. I had a C41 autopilot in a K model I owned about 15 years ago. I never had any problems with it and it was super accurate. The C31 has had nonstop problems since I bought my current K model about a year ago.
  10. Autopilots Central for Century 31?

    The problem is that when I push the ALT button, nothing happens at all, and the computer doesn't display ALT on the panel. Pitch remains whatever it was prior to pushing ALT. It seems that the altitude hold circuit does not even attempt to operate with the faulty transducer.
  11. Autopilots Central for Century 31?

    I sent the C31 back to Century. They told me that the altitude transducer was defective, and the part is no longer manufactured. They sent the C31 back tagged INOP. Since then I have been looking for another C31 that I can use as a parts source.
  12. Get the rating.

    I took my IFR training at a school in Kansas (GATTS) where ALL of the flying is done with the attitude indicator covered. You get comfortable using the TC for roll info and the altimeter for pitch info. Over the years I have had failures of attitude indicators in IMC conditions, and the initial emphasis on partial panel training was a real help.
  13. Thoughts on this M20C?

    You are correct about the cam inspection. I had it done as part of my PPI (which I converted to an annual) because a cylinder was being replaced due to compression below TCM limits. It would not have been done if the cylinder wasn't being pulled.
  14. Thoughts on this M20C?

    Let's hope that the Buyer, whomever they may be, has the engine cylinders borescopes and the cam lobes checked as part of the PPI. A plane sitting in Georgia for a year without having been flown is a candidate for engine corrosion.
  15. Offloading fuel

    You should also check your hangar lease and liability insurance to see if there are any prohibitions against storing fuel in containers. In the unlikely event that something bad happens you don't want your insurance coverage declined.