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  1. I owned a Rotec Rally ultralight in the 1980s. The best advice I was given is that until you understand the flight characteristics, don't fly higher than you want to fall. The high thrust line meant that if the engine quits (which it did a lot) you must aggressively push forward on the stick to avoid a stall. Wear a helmet! That spinning prop is a few feet behind your head. I agree with the recommendation to get a tailwheel Citabria (or Cub) rather than an ultralight.
  2. One thing to be aware of is a tendency for some controllers to blindly accept whatever clearance their computer spits out. Computers make mistakes too. I was once departing Martha's Vineyard and was given a clearance that had me fly to a fix, make a 180 and fly back to the airport, and then make another 180 to get established on course. I read the clearance back as given and was told "readback correct". After looking at the course on the Foreflight map page I called ATC again, and told them that I wanted to confirm that they wanted me to make a series of 180 degree turns before getting established on course. The controller that gave me the clearance said "that is correct". Moments later, another controller called me, cancelled the first clearance, and gave me a completely different clearance that made sense. The old saying "trust but verify" applies to ATC.
  3. How about the alternator coupling on the TCM TSIO360? It seems to fail after about 300 to 400 hours, and my mechanic recommends overhauling the alternator at the same time. I think it was about 1.8 AMU last time.
  4. I just had the engine overhauled in my 231. I have the Merlyn UDC, GAMIs and it is intercooled. I have noticed that it is difficult to set a desired MP compared to pre-overhaul performance. I don't have a vernier throttle, but feel that it is almost essential now to be able to set a desired MP without significant overshoot and undershoot. What could the engine overhaul shop and/or installer have changed to cause such a change in throttle response?
  5. I didn't attend OSH, but reading the comments of those who went to the Mooney exhibit is distressing. Mooney seems to be acting as if they are happy to sell a few new aircraft every year, and if you meet their requirements, they will take your money???!!! Can Mooney really be profitable with so few sales? If the company management is satisfied with that approach, then I don't see how Mooney can survive. If management does want to increase sales and keep the company viable, then a drastic overhaul is needed in the marketing department.
  6. +1 on GATTS. I used them for my Instrument Rating and Commercial ticket. It was the best training I ever had.
  7. Suppose you are TruTrak, you have this great product, and there is tremendous demand, that you may not be able to keep up with. Along comes Honeywell BendixKing and says "We think you have a great product. As a large enterprise, we can solve your capitalization/production problems if you let us acquire your company. In addition to the pile of cash we will push to your side of the table, you can rest assured that your autopilot will be manufactured and marketed in ways you would not be able to, and everyone who wants one will be able to get one in a timely manner". That is an appealing sales pitch, and TruTrak may have decided to be acquired with the best intentions in mind. I agree that, at a minimum, the STC timeline is likely to go out the window, as will production schedules. The cynic in me can't help but think back to when Garmin acquired the UPSAT CNX80 navigator. The UPSAT box was WAAS at a time when Garmin did not have one, and was, in the opinion of many, a much better navigator than the 430/530 series . Garmin effectively eliminated the competition by acquiring the CNX80. Unfortunately Garmin dropped the CNX80 (renamed GNS480) from production after they had WAAS upgrades for the 430/530 boxes and had the current batch of WAAS navigators in design. I hope that elimination of the competition is not the reason BK acquired TruTrak, and we will soon have AeroCruz 100 autopilots in our panels. Like many of the people posting here, I have been hand-flying for over a year waiting for a cost-effective digital autopilot.
  8. Andrew Barker of TruTrak working for Bendix King makes about as much sense as Steve Jobs working for Microsoft. Let's hope Andrew survives the contractually mandated transition period with his sanity intact.
  9. No surprise since the BK AeroCruz 100 is a just a private branded TruTrak.
  10. My membership in the Stupid Pilot Tricks Society involved putting a full size bicycle into a 1964 straight tail C-150. I found that it would work as long as the passenger window was left open and the handlebar would partially stick out into the 100 knot breeze. Of course when I went home after several days at the beach, I forgot about the need for the open window, and slammed the passenger door closed, destroying the plexiglass window. As an early adopter of the CB concept I decided I didn't need no stinkin' Cessna parts, and made my own window from a piece of sheet plexiglass. Sadly, the IA who did the next annual didn't share this opinion and yanked my homemade window out.
  11. We will continue to keep Mark and his family in our prayers.
  12. My experience with a multiple close-call situation involved a taildragger doing pattern work. I called downwind, base and base to final, and never heard anything from the taildragger that cut me off on final. I went around. The taildragger then managed to cut me off again when I was re-established on downwind. I turned to avoid her and extended the downwind and eventually landed. While taxiing in I made a call "to the taildragger who cut off the Mooney two times, a little situational awareness would be greatly appreciated". Crickets. I later found out from a local at the airport that she was flying a NORDO Aeronca and had a history of cutting people off in the pattern. A NORDO aircraft and poor SA is a recipe for disaster. I suspect that the people who are flying NORDO aircraft won't do ADS-B out, and we still won't know where they are.
  13. One of the causes of gear-up landings is distractions in the traffic pattern. I would hate to have a gear-up landing because someone else was telling me (unsolicited) to raise the gear after I had it down, and then both of us forget that the gear is up. It turns a nothingburger landing into a $40,000 IRAN.
  14. I agree with Paul. The guys in Ada, OK had a good question: If shock cooling exists, why doesn't shock heating occur when we take off? If we had to raise MP by 1 inch per minute on takeoff, we better start building runways that are 10 miles long.