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  1. There was an excellent documentary that told how, in the late 1960s, Boeing essentially "bet the company" on the success of the 747.
  2. If all else fails you could go to your local welding shop and buy a portable oxyacetylene welding kit from them. Set up an account with them. You are now in the system and can do an O2 cylinder swap with no issues. You also have a gas welding and cutting torch tool that really comes in handy at times.
  3. Wait a minute....I've been flying for 42 years without inert gas in the head space of my fuel tanks (that are partially filled with 100LL GASOLINE and not Jet-A). Am I doomed to die in a lightning related explosion?
  4. I flew through it today from SAV to VDF. I filed IFR at 10,000. Even though all of the airports along the route were reporting VFR, I would not want to fly through it as a VFR-only pilot. ATC was saturated, and was declining requests for VFR flight following.
  5. One advantage of the iPad is that with your subscription you can authorize 2 devices. If my iPad dies in flight I can pull my iPhone out and get back all of the chart, approach and weather information needed to complete the flight.
  6. The 787 is ok, but what it really needs is a Johnson Bar landing gear!
  7. +1 on using Dremel to trim. Knots2U also sells drill bits with "zero rake" that will allow you to drill the holes without cracking the acrylic.
  8. I don't know if they are still doing it, but when I was living up north and flew into KMRB, a joint civilian and ANG facility, the tower controller would always call "Mooney 6091Q check wheels down, cleared to land". Although it is not ATC's job to keep us from screwing up, it was always appreciated.
  9. You guys are killing me. My doc told me no caffeine of any kind until my Sudden Hearing Loss in one ear gets resolved (no, I don't see the connection, but he has M.D. after his name, not me).
  10. Nice stabilized approach with almost constant 500 FPM descent rate
  11. OTOH Leesburg VA (KJYO) has had a remote tower in the spring and summer months. Because it is so close to KIAD, getting an IFR clearance out of KJYO on a VFR day is a guaranteed wait of 20 minutes while Clearance Delivery assures you they are still waiting for a release from Potomac Approach. KJYO Tower.tiff
  12. My first Mooney was an E-model. Great airplane, fun and easy to fly. When I got the IR it made sense to look at a different plane, based on the minimalist avionics in the E-model (and of course we all want to go faster). I transitioned to a GB engine 231. I really wish there had been a forum for turbo Mooneys back then, because some of the detailed information you need to cost-effectively operate these aircraft is not in the POH.
  13. I went flying yesterday, mainly to keep the engine from going too long without operating. KSAV was down to one guy working everything; Clearance Delivery, Ground and Tower. I am guessing they couldn't comply with social distancing, and told the rest of the crew to stay home. It took 15 minutes to get a VFR clearance out of the Class C. There is a fair amount of airline and military traffic at this airport, in addition to GA. I don't think the controllers are going to be too happy with this.
  14. It may have been Mike Busch or someone from GAMI that said essentially the same thing about the cost of fuel, and if you are going to fly ROP, by all means fly at 150 degrees ROP and keep your cylinders cool.