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  1. I just got word from my avionics shop that Century is returning the computer on my C31 autopilot un-repaired, due to a failed altitude sensor that is no longer available as a replacement part. I fly a lot of hard IFR and Altitude Hold / VS Select will be missed. Does anyone have suggestions for a replacement autopilot for a C31? I would put a G500 in (or TruTrak or Trio) as soon as the STC becomes available, but who knows when that will be.
  2. M20k 231 engine

    It is possible that baffles and / or fuel flows were the problem, but in my pre-Mooneyspace days I was following the POH, and operating at 40 inches and 2700 RPM on climb out. In retrospect, that is asking for an overheating problem with the stock -GB engine.
  3. Problems with new headset

    If you have had any recent work done at the factory on a Garmin 430, 530 or 480, they may have reset the audio Gain setting to a point that your transmissions are too weak to be heard by ATC. The problem may be in the radio instead of the headset. This can be a problem with Bose headsets in particular, according to my avionics shop.
  4. Off-yoke support for iPad mini?

    Thanks teejayevans and Mim20c! I am happy with the iPad yoke mount and wasn't looking forward to changing it.
  5. I bought the Stratus 2S so I could get the CB version of AHRS Backup Attitude feature and Synthetic Vision. I have always used a yoke-mount for the iPad Mini with my old Stratus 1, and that is not going to work for the AHRS feature. Does anyone have any suggestions for stationary mounting of the Mini without blocking the view of panel-mount instruments?
  6. We

    It's the Royal We, as in "We are not amused"
  7. M20k 231 engine

    I had a GB engine in my first 231. It did not have a Merlyn or intercooler. The biggest problem was the climb during summer months. At times 200 FPM was the most I could do without pushing CHTs above 400 F. The 231 I am flying now has an LB with a Merlyn, intercooler and GAMIs, and maintaining cool CHTs (below 380 F) in the climb is no problem, even in summer.
  8. Has anyone sent a Century 31 autopilot to Autopilots Central for repair? My avionics shop sent mine back to Century to correct a runaway pitch trim problem. It worked for a few hours, but now will not hold altitude. I want to keep it alive until a Trio or TruTrak STC arrives and I can get rid of it, but I am losing confidence in the Century factory for repairs.
  9. Full Fuel Tanks

    Does anyone have a suggestion for telling line personnel how to fill the tanks completely on a K model with Monroy auxiliary tanks? I have told them to top off all 4 tanks, and routinely find that the level in the auxiliary tanks is about 3 or 4 inches below the cap. This is a real annoyance when I am trying to plan a long flight without an intermediate stop for fuel.
  10. Cleaning the glass in our planes

    +1 for Plexus and microfiber
  11. When as-filed is not as-filed -- a cautionary tale

    I file through CSRA DUATS, and always select the option to have them email me confirmation, plus any changes from my filed route. This worked well in the past, but lately I have been given major changes to the route by Clearance Delivery, with no email to this effect from CSRA DUATS. The reroute could be a problem if it results in significant headwinds on a flight when I am trying to limit fuel on board because of passenger weight.
  12. ATC Privatization Bill

    "My Guess/Estimate: Say half the FAA budget goes to ATO, $7.5B. (It may be more than half) Multiply 55,000 flights x 365 days. Guess average flight is 3 hours (probably too high) Divide through: That's $124 per flight hour. That's a rough estimate based on what we're paying now via fees & taxes of various types." The argument against user fees has always been that General Aviation pays its way through taxes on fuel. The current tax on avgas is 19.4 cents per gallon. Even at 20 GPH, that is less than $4.00 per flight hour. I would be happy to pay $4 per hour as an ATC user fee if they cut the federal taxes on avgas. Trouble is that, as Tommy says, ATC Inc. could charge whatever they want.
  13. Moonbat, I had my NSD-360A HSI repaired IRAN for 0.4 AMU (I opted to not have a full overhaul done due to the 4 AMU+ cost estimate), but the next thing that goes wrong with it, it gets replaced with an Aspen. What I am really waiting for is a Mooney STC for a TruTrak autopilot to replace the C31. The Aspen and TruTrak should nicely deplete my bank account.
  14. #1 cylinder hot during take off?

    I have a similar problem, but it is the #2 cylinder running about 20 degrees hotter than all the rest. How can I tell if the baffle seals are in the correct position?
  15. Oil change by owner

    Thanks to all for the excellent advice. I will watch the A&P do it and maybe record it with my phone as long as he is ok with that.