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  1. Thanks kevinw. My avionics guy is telling me the same thing, apparently because the components are packed together so tightly that it is almost impossible to work on it. The labor charge is extremely high to punish us for making the tech work on the thing. I am also keeping the Aspen option open, as opposed to trying to keep a 35 year-old instrument alive by disgruntled techs and no factory support. FWIW, the HSI is being sent to Porter-Strait in Tulsa for evaluation/quote.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with getting a Century NSD360A slaved HSI overhauled? I am trying to make the decision whether to do an overhaul on the HSI (it has problems) or replace it with an Aspen Evolution 1000 Pro, and I want to find a shop that can give me a quote for the overhaul.
  3. This mode of operation is in agreement with recommendations from Mike Busch and also Tornado Alley Turbos. They both say that maximum engine life is achieved by keeping peak cylinder internal pressures as low as possible, and CHT not to exceed 380 degrees F at any time. LOP is the only way these goals can be achieved. My 231 has GAMI injectors, so LOP should work. Thanks for the info.
  4. It is a TurboPlus. Thanks for the info, I will look for that power chart
  5. I will be picking up my new-to-me 231 in a week or two. It has an -LB engine with a Merlyn Upper Deck Controller and an intercooler. I have been reading an article from the MAPA site, and it indicated that the power settings in the 231 POH should not be used if you have a Merlyn and intercooler due to the risk of overloading the engine. MAPA recommends the following settings: Takeoff and climb: 2700 RPM, 36 inches MP, 1400 degrees TIT Cruise: 2500 RPM, 28 inches MP, 50 degrees Rich of Peak TIT I was wondering if other MS owners of a 231 with a Merlyn and intercooler are using these settings or something else.
  6. You are so right about flying IFR in various kinds of airspace. I fly near, around and through the DC SFRA a lot, and I wouldn't dream of doing it VFR.
  7. Thanks OR75
  8. In reading your post I thought that perhaps FSDO got involved because there was a loss of separation during your emergency descent, but when they moved on to investigate the repair facility, it seemed more like the inspector was looking for someone to blame for something. Great job getting the plane on the ground with no injuries or damage!
  9. Professional pilots can screw up anywhere. My closest call as a passenger was in a regional turboprop in the USA, where the PIC made about a 60 degree bank on the base to final turn when he realized he was blowing through the extended centerline. Several of my family members were on that flight (we were all going to a wedding), and as soon as we got off the plane they asked me me if that last turn was "normal". I assured them it was not. I have never flown with that carrier since.
  10. Marylanders have a high Old Bay seasoning percentage in their bloodstreams at all times.
  11. I have been looking for a manual for a Century AK-1081 GPSS roll steering module. The Century web site doesn't seem to list one. Any ideas for a source for this?
  12. I just sold my "Brand C" (don't ask - it was my wife's idea to get it) and I will be picking up my K model in January. Can't wait to start flying an airplane that is really fun to fly!
  13. I had the same thing happen in my C model. It was easy to find once it got to the point where I could feel fuel on my fingers when switching tanks.
  14. Another consideration is repairs to the airframe. A friend of mine has a Cirrus SR-22 that on several occasions needed repairs to the composite airframe. In each case the repair work was delayed while factory engineers at Cirrus made an engineering analysis of the proposed repair to determine if the aircraft would be airworthy. There is apparently no simple repair to a composite airframe. I'll take good old aluminum and steel like we have in our Mooneys.
  15. I have owned a Turbo 182RG and 3 different Mooneys over the years. The 182 was certainly a safe, reliable airplane and a good IFR platform, but I always felt that I was flying a sofa with wings. Finding a ladder when you are self-fueling is also a PIA. FWIW, I will take a Mooney any day over a 182. It is way more fun to fly and will always beat the 182 on fuel flow at the same speed.