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  1. Blackroc

    Richard's Training Journey

    Congrats Richard, job well done.
  2. Blackroc

    Richard's Training Journey

    Hopefully it went well and he is celebrating a bit.
  3. Blackroc

    Anyone USA to London Bound?

    It is much better to ship things to Canada by the USPS or Fedex. The USPS has a flat brokerage fee of 5 dollars usually. Fedex is a bit higher for brokerage but UPS charges whatever they think the traffic will bear. I have ordered many things from the US and whenever possible I get them shipped USPS.
  4. Blackroc

    What should i get?

    I was reading this thread yesterday and then saw this one on today. A fellow on there is doing his initial training on a G58 and the board seems to be ok with that overall.
  5. Blackroc

    Finding and owning a Mooney

    Here is one on Barnstormers in that price range.!.html
  6. Nice work on the panel. I am into flight sims as well and look forward to your progress with this.
  7. Blackroc

    Windows 8.1

    Microsoft could make millions of pc users happy if they put the "start" button back in Windows 8.1.