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  1. You may want to try Digi-Key https://www.digikey.com/catalog/en/search?searchText=Knobs Hundreds of different type of knobs José
  2. Piloto

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    I think the poll should have ask which planes were in hangar. Either cars or planes are subject to more corrosion and wearing when left outside. Take a couple of nails and leave some outside and others inside the hangar. In a month you will see how the ones left outside corrode vs the ones in the hangar. Engine cylinders fins will corrode quicker when on the ramp vs the ones inside the hangar. If the planes is left outside it should be flown at least once a week to keep engine oil on the cam, specially in hot weather when oil thins quicker and drip down to the oil sump. When shopping for a used plane look at the engine bolts and cylinders for signs of corrosion. If there is minimal corrosion on the outside there will be some or none inside the engine. Like on boats corrosion always happens first on the outside. José
  3. Piloto

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    I had a friend of mine having problems with his new IFD540 installation. We swapped my GNS 530W for his IFD540 on my M20J. Right way we found that it works perfectly interfacing with the autopilot and the ATD-300 TCAS. The IFD540 is 100% compatible with GNS 530W mounting tray. Operating it was intuitive without reading the instructions. José
  4. Piloto

    Flap problem on my Ovation

    When the flaps are lowered in-flight there is greater current draw due to the extra force imposed by the wind on the flaps and motor. This looks to me like a faulty CB. Try pulling and pushing on the CB ten times to clean the internal contacts. Mild corrosion on the CB contacts create resistance that heat the CB trip element. José
  5. Does your plane has long range tanks? José
  6. Next time have the line girls do the fill up.
  7. Piloto

    Retirement location

    I would recommend Spruce Creek in north Florida http://www.7fl6.com/ Besides all the features you want there is cemetery nearby for that last trip. José
  8. Piloto

    Basic med problem

    Cataracts One way to asses if you are healthy for flying is your driving performance. Driving under high traffic conditions on I-95 really test your reflexes and visual acuity, specially at night. 4 years ago I was having problems reading street signs at night and sometimes during daytime, but never reading taxiways signs at night. New glasses prescription didn't fix the problem. My ophthalmologist diagnosed as cataracts condition on both eyes. He replaced my original cataract lenses with $4,000 high tech lenses in a half hour procedure with me awake. I was able to see the whole surgery. After three days with an eye patch on my right eye he removed it and I was shock. It was like going from the old TV picture quality to HDTV. As I was driving home the color of the trees and the sky was very vivid. I noticed that I needed sunglasses because of the super transparency of the new lenses. I could see very clear the street signs at night without any eyeglasses. My left lens is multifocal for nearby and far reading, my right lens is for far reading but good enough to read a computer monitor. Very happy with my new lenses.
  9. Piloto

    Oil and fuel drip after landing

    It is normal. Even the new ones does it. José
  10. Piloto

    Garmin GMA 340 buttons

    Never had a problem with my 36 years old KMA24 audio panel. José
  11. Piloto

    Back to #MooneyZoom for this girl

    Lovely picture, beautiful smiles (you and your companion). Post more. José
  12. Piloto

    Avidyne or Garmin 530

    You are one of the few that read instructions, what's wrong with you? José
  13. I have Garmin Pilot on my cell phone (Samsung S7) and while driving to the airport I check the weather and TFRs on it. After takeoff I Velcro my cell phone on the visor for continuous weather info and navigation. While in cruise I text my friend on the ground with my ETA for airport pick up. If flying into an unfamiliar place I use the same cell phone for road navigation. With the Garmin Pilot on the cell phone I always get the latest chart updates automatically. No need to find a WiFi spot.
  14. Piloto

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    I agree with Jeev. I have a 1982 M20J and never had turbo problems or expenses. An important consideration when traveling with family. José
  15. Good tip Dave, makes sense. When you set mixture and throttle forward you are relieving fuel pressure build and releasing a small amount of fuel into the cylinders. Check your fuel pressure before opening mixture. Will try it at my next refueling. Thanks José