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  1. Piloto


    Cell phone coverage in the US https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/Guides/Coverage#heading-3
  2. Piloto


    Yes, very popular on fringe areas. One limitation on cell phone TX power is the 0.5 watt limitation and an antenna enclosed by your hand and the airframe. Your typical VHF Com is 20 watts TX power with an external antenna. José
  3. Piloto


    You can try a signal booster https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/att-cell-phone-signal-boosters?msclkid=e93916b465121e3d61d84d1462120278&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NB%3A USA Mobile Carriers&utm_term=cellular %2Bbooster %2Batt&utm_content=AT%26T 4G Amplifier# They are common on planes flying over the Amazons and South America. Make sure the external antenna is on the belly of the plane. José
  4. Piloto


    Try attaching your cell phone to your visor. The cell phone antenna needs to be in view of the horizon for better coverage. José
  5. Piloto


    One of the problems with VLF lightning detection like the Stormscope is the uncertainty of wether you are close to one or there is simply a big one ahead past your destination. This causes to maneuver around needlessly. Satellite lightning X-ray detection gives you pinpoint accuracy of the event so you do not have to make unnecessary turns to avoid the event. That is why I like the Garmin Pilot on my cellphone. José
  6. Piloto


    The weather data is coming thru the cell phone network. Lately I noticed the data refresh has improved to no more than 5 minutes delay. I can easily crosscheck the lightning on the ground by listening to the thunder nearby and found to be pretty accurate. Unlike Stormscope range is pretty accurate, so you know if lightning beyond or before your destination. To improve on cell phone reception I Velcro the cell phone to the visor. José
  7. Piloto


    A low cost option for lightning depiction is the Garmin Pilot. I have it on my Samsung S7 cell phone and it works pretty well anywhere in the world. José
  8. The F-391-53S works well on a new clean Mooneys. But as the tanks ages sealant and fuel debris end up clogging the drain adapter holes. Proper cleaning of these drain holes requires opening the tanks at every annual and carefully removing the debris. Not to mention the possibility of fuel stains after doing this. BTW the Monroy Long Range tanks and all Cessnas uses the F-391-72 and are FAA STC approved. José
  9. I had the same engine out experience on take off on my 1982 M20J. It was caused by undrained water due to a clogged bottom drain holes on the fuel drain adapter plate. As the plane accelerates the undrained water is displaced toward the back fuel pick up location causing the engine to ingest water. The only way to drain all the water is to remove the drain valve. No matter how much run up testing you will not experience the symptoms until the plane accelerates. I replaced the drain valves for the F-391-72 which has the drain holes directly exposed to the tank and are not subject to debris clogging. No problem since. José
  10. Make sure all tires are fully inflated and no more than half full tanks. Keep the elevator up when taxing on grass. José
  11. Piloto

    Lube the Step

    WD-40 is used extensively on boats and planes it is not for toys, it can be harmful to children. WD-40 uses https://www.wd40.com/ José
  12. Piloto

    Lube the Step

    Read about WD-40. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WD-40 José
  13. Piloto

    Lube the Step

    WD-40 will do fine. José
  14. Piloto

    M20C Cabin Water Leak

    Long time ago when I had an M20C and no hangar found that the wet carpet leaks are due to rain leakage through the front access panels in front of the windshield. Sealed this panels with silicon seal and problem solved. José
  15. Piloto

    Corrosion or not ?

    The brown stains next to the gear attachment bolts are just excess grease coming out of the bolt, perfectly normal. Just wipe clean José