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  1. G5 without external GPS antenna

    Another option for GPS antenna location is underneath the glareshield. When I was subscribed to XM/WX I had the XM antenna installed as shown on the picture. I works very well. José
  2. Mooney Bladder Install

    It will work but you may have to sharpen the blade on a sander for easy entry. José
  3. Mooney Bladder Install

    You can pressure test with just air from your mouth. To easily remove the tank access panels: 1. Remove all the screws 2. Insert a thin bladed knife with rounded tip between the skin edge and the cover groove. 3. Jig saw the knife while moving across the perimeter to cut the sealant. 4. The access panel will just fall out after cutting the sealant. José
  4. Mooney Crash, Flagler in FL all out ok

    Looks like the fire started when the left wing hit the barrier. Glad everyone survived. José
  5. Mooney Bladder Install

    I would pressure test for leaks before installing them. Just apply air pressure (5psi) and check for bubbles while spraying water around. José
  6. Well, not good reading.

    For $850K I can get a nice big house with a hangar, private runway and marina. And save half hour trips to the airport. José Airpark_FL59.mp4
  7. I figured the tail movement was the reason for the belly mounted antenna. But 30 years ago after using trailing wires I decided for the vertical fin antenna. I use Home Depot door springs with a soldered inner braid wire to overcome the inductance. The springs provide very good wire tension while allowing the tail to move the full travel with no resistance.
  8. In Amelia's days there were no ELTs or SPOTs to call for help if you crash landed. The only thing available was the HF radio and a good pair of healthy batteries or crank generator to keep the filaments going on. José KP4DAC
  9. Silicone fuel cap seals

    I just ordered four sets from Aircraft Spruce. http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/fuelcaporings.php?clickkey=4448667 José
  10. It is a well known fact that top mounted antennas (VHF/HF) outperform belly mounted antennas when plane is on the ground or on the water (amphibians BE 200). This performance is a must for planes that operate in remote areas where VHF coverage is marginal or where HF is required for clearance on the ground. Belly mounted antennas are unable to operate when the plane has crash landed and the antenna is just buried in the mud. This would inhibit the survivors calling for help. José
  11. Used GNS-530W

    This is the 14/28V model. The 530AW is the 28V only due to higher powered transmitter (16+ watts). José
  12. Wind direction can change in a short distance or by altitude when in the vicinity of weather phenomena. If within gliding distance my preference would be for longest runway and FBO facilities, specially at night. José
  13. And where was the CFI for the Wright brothers for the first powered flight. Or for Neil Armstrong first touch and go on the Moon. José
  14. My very first plane was an American Yankee AA1A. After some 200hrs on it I bought an M20C. At the time there was no CFI familiar with in PR. So I Just started the engine myself and flew it. I don't remember any unusual characteristic except for the manual gear operation. It was very much like transitioning from a VW to Ford Fairlane 500. José