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  1. You can get them for $24.95. Check: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/booster.php?clickkey=6766 Or: https://www.contourliving.com/kabooti-ice-hemorrhoid-relief-donut-cushion/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Issue - Hemorrhoid&utm_term=hemorrhoid seat cushion&utm_content=Kabooti - Hemorrhoids Cushion - Opportunity They are the best. José
  2. When I had the Aera 560 in my plane I located the XM weather antenna underneath the plastic glare shield with a home made bracket. It works very well in any heading. For weather now I have the Garmin Pilot WX and NOAA Aviation WX thru the internet on my Samsung S7 cell phone. José
  3. Eric Do a thorough inspection of the engine mount and inside the firewall where it attaches. Check for engine mount attaching bolts and tube members weld cracks. Check the windshield center post tube. The engine is held by the cabin tubular structure. José
  4. When oil drips out of the plugs it is time for overhaul or new cylinders.
  5. Oil on the bottom plugs is due to worn piston rings or intake valves bushings. There is nothing else you can do. José
  6. I got the shades from Walmart at the store for about $10. I did not use the suction cups. I attached the brackets using the existing screws that holds the window panel. I also change the perforated vinyl cloth for solid vinyl cloth. They work very well. You can adjust them for the desired shade. They roll back at the push of a button. José
  7. As far as colors consider one that will make it easy to spot your plane on the ground if you crash or ditch. Or simply to be spotted in the air before a collision occurs. José
  8. The most I can afford these days is a spray can and some masking tape. But I don't feel bad. My M20J has a relief tube and rolling window shades for comfort. None are on the new $700K Mooneys. José
  9. Two Delta pilots younger than Indy? And not action against the pilots taken? Indy you are free to fly again.
  10. At the Sun n' Fun event I am always told to land at the taxiway. No big deal and it expedite traffic flow. If Ford would have landed on the runway the B737 would have to wait for Ford to clear the runway. Well done Indy. José
  11. Speed and power can change the ball centering. Try flying at 140kts IAS, it should be center. Above 140kts the ball will drift to the left. José
  12. I think the normal tire pressure on the ground is the most reasonable. After all you want to know the fuel amount exactly before going on that long trip. Keep in mind that during climb and descent the plane is not at level angle. José
  13. After all he is Indiana Jones. This is nothing compared to all he has gone thru. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=indiana+jones+and+the+last+crusade&qpvt=indiana+jones+and+the+last+crusade&view=detail&mid=4E87E2882A4C59C174E84E87E2882A4C59C174E8&FORM=VRDGAR https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Indiana+Jones+and+the+Last+Crusade+No+Ticket&&view=detail&mid=B81173CE1AC3D941CEF0B81173CE1AC3D941CEF0&FORM=VRDGAR He never lost the hat. I enjoyed very much his movies. José
  14. Soldering temperature depends on the type of solder used. For applications requiring high temp and vibration tolerance such as electronic ignition, engine control modules and flight critical components high temperature solder is used. Unlike a cell phone a PCB under vibration at high temp is prone to shake out SMT components if soldered with low temp solder. http://www.indium.com/solder-paste-and-powders/low-high-temperature/ José
  15. Ford may need new glasses or cataract lenses. Runway markings are pretty clear. In a slow plane you have time assess the runway markings. José