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  1. You are just getting older. Take Omega III. José
  2. The 530W also shows the frequency listing for the airport you are currently in. You see them on the last page of the NAV mode. Click on the frequency and it is loaded in the COM. José
  3. Check memory battery. José
  4. I think my chances of going kaput are much greater on the road or on the toilet. BTW it is a $1M insurance enrollment, no questions ask. José
  5. For my 65 birthday my wife gave me a life insurance enrollment. José
  6. Wonder what type of ELT was onboard. Since the CAP was involved in the search they would have heard the 121.5 MHz signal from the ELT. The ELT could have made the difference if he survived the impact. I never heard on the news a plane found by the ELT but by visual search. José
  7. Aluminum cowlings provide an electric shield to anything in the engine area. But composite cowling provides no protection against electrically charged atmosphere. José
  8. Stay away from lightning. A fellow Mooney owner got a prop lightning strike and the electronic ignition when kaput. He went back to the old trusty magneto. José
  9. The code is assigned when you are under flight plan either VFR or IFR. Maintaining 1200 indicates that you are not on a flight plan or ATC control. José
  10. I think you are referring to relative ground tracks. But although the trend vectors is nice to watch is useless when you start a turn to avoid traffic. You could actually get into a collision path because there is no guidance on the turn radius. This is one of the issues were TCAS III concept failed http://www.ll.mit.edu/mission/aviation/publications/publication-files/atc-reports/Burgess_1995_ATC-231_WW-15318.pdf . That is why altitude deviation is used to avoid a collision (TCAS II). Even if you do not have the trend vector you can still see the traffic approximation like for an observation balloon. José
  11. As per this picture: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/11tre9 the GNS 530W supports traffic trend vertically and horizontal. But traffic data has to be input via the RS-232 interface. The GNS 530W does not compute the trends it merely display the vertical trend and heading data of the traffic provided by the source. José
  12. The GTX 345 does not indicate Mode C or Mode S traffic directly from the traffic. To receive this traffic it needs a ground ADS-B UAT that would provide position information to this traffic. It can only show ADS-B out traffic directly from the plane. Outside the US it will not provide traffic info for Mode C/S traffic at all. José
  13. Looks to me like that the leak may be coming from the crankshaft seal. Leaks from the bolts stay around the bolts since there is no pressure. But pressure leaks like from the crankshaft seal spray out over a large area. You can see a crankshaft seal leak by setting the engine to 2,000 rpm and then pulling on the prop control to about 1500 rpm to force oil pressure into the seal. You may notice also small droplets on the windshield. Seal leaks are sometimes momentary due to a small particle in the seal that get dislodge later on. Cut open the oil filter to check for particles. José
  14. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-38633526 From the flight path it appears it overshoot the runway, maybe too fast on the approach. Landing in early morning fog is very risky. In many instances you can not see the wing tips. UCFM has CAT II ILS approach facilities but the weather conditions were more appropiate for a CAT III approach A/P coupled. José
  15. It looks to me that any liquid you spray on (including TKS) will not last too long under a 150kts wind. What is really needed is an anti-ice surface. I found that many ice cube trays are made of silicon to keep the ice from sticking on. Wonder if a silicon adhesive tape 3 inch wide adhered to the leading edge will do the trick. Has anyone here tried this? José