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  1. On ground can easily be determined by the GPS ground speed been less than 60kts. Why Garmin wouldn't use this instead of a on ground switch. José
  2. I just can't imagine when FEDEX and UPS start delivering using drones. The kids in the neighborhood armed with slingshots will have a heck of a time getting them down. I just can't wait for the news. José
  3. The onboard data is in a USB memory stick. Why bother with reverse engineering when you can get all type of drones on Amazon.com.
  4. If you are already tracking a drone that you are attacking you maybe better off with the 40mm jammer instead of the GPS spoofer. In combat it has been found that the 40mm is more effective than the spoofer. 40mm in action https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Anti-Aircraft+Gun+in+Action&&view=detail&mid=CA94B00E33DC49776DCCCA94B00E33DC49776DCC&&FORM=VDRVRV José
  5. A Syrian drone old fashion GPS jammer in action create holes in the GPS receiver. Very effective. Forget about GPS jammers go the old fashion way. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Anti-Aircraft+Gun+in+Action&&view=detail&mid=CA94B00E33DC49776DCCCA94B00E33DC49776DCC&&FORM=VDRVRV José
  6. Yes GPS receivers uses one non-directional antenna. But as the aircraft change heading (velocity vector) the relative timing changes of the satellite in view of the constellation change accordingly. This new relative timing is reflected as a new track on the GPS display. But when spoofing is used how the spoofer is going to know that the aircraft has changed heading so he can modify the spoofer timing. You may be able to spoof a walking person with a GPS but not an aircraft in flight. What you read about diverting drones to a specific locations was done through the command link. Furthermore how the Iranians would know the onset point of the GPS military PRN code. The best the Iranian could have done is jamming the GPS signal but not spoofing it. José
  7. What you are describing is a constellation simulator that are used to test GPS navigators. The problem is that the GPS navigator you are trying to spoof is in constant motion and the spoofed timing signals will not correlate with the GPS onboard or even the compass. As an example the spoofed signal may show a east track of 90 deg. when the plane is actually flying a northern compass heading of 010 deg. At first the pilot may think he is getting a strong crosswind condition, but after a heading change there is no change on the spoofed track so he assume something wrong with the GPS and turn it off. One limitation of trying to spoof is that the source is a single point in space vs multiple points for the constellation so actual aircraft motion will not correlate with the spoofed signal. José
  8. Reading both article there is no substance for the claim of spoofing. GPS airborne antennas mask signals 5 deg above the horizon so a spoofing signal from the ground would be weak and unstable. A GPS navigator can receive 12 satellite signals simultaneously if one or two are spoofed they will not converge at the position solution (lateral and vertical) of the majority so they are out of the solution. Keep in mind that this a dynamic scenario. José
  9. You can spoof the GPS signal with a portable GPS constellation generator and a signal amplifier. But a GPS navigator correlates previous ephemerides parameters and baro altitude to validate a position solution. What would happen in most cases the navigator will end up with an inconclusive solution and indicate NO GPS POSITION. In the ADS-B domain all traffic would appear in the same position so ATC would resort to Mode C. Jamming GPS signal is not big deal for the airlines since they have FMS/INS systems (Honeywell FMZ 2000) that automatically switches to DME-DME and DME/VOR to update the INS position. Just like the days before GPS. José
  10. The moving map will simply not work since it requires aircraft position. You will need to rely on your VOR/OBS/DME, ADF and terrain if visible at night. If your GPS navigator is SBAS (GPS/GLONASS) capable it will be immune to certain type of interference. Unlike GPS that uses one channel for all SVs GLONASS uses multiple frequencies so it is harder to jam. SBAS ARCHITECTURE José
  11. https://www.faasafety.gov/files/notices/2017/Jun/GAFC_17-05_GPS_Flight_Advisory.pdf Besides taking down navigation it will take down ADS-B so you will be unable to detect ADS-B traffic. Conventional TCAS systems are not affected. Keep your ADF and VOR in working order. José
  12. My only concern flying above 12,000ft with no O2 is falling asleep. But then I fall asleep at noon just watching the news. Maybe is the recliner. José
  13. For best performance on the oil separator plug any side holes on the breather tube. José
  14. Try a single grade oil like W100. Crankcase pressure is due to hot air leakage through the piston rings during the power stroke. High oil temperature compounds the problem by making the oil thinner (more leakage) and higher oil vapor formation. Oil separators are a good solution that besides keeping the belly clean it keeps from losing oil. I have an M20 oil separator and very happy with it. Check oil temperature during climb. Most of the oil is lost during a prolonged climb so try to keep a low CHT. BTW icing of the breather tube is very rare since the oil vapor temp is at least 140F. José