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  1. I use my cell phone with Garmin Pilot to get the latest WX and TFRs on my way to the airport and in the hangar. With a tablet I can not do that since it connects via WI-FI. Once in the plane I Velcro my phone to the sun visor. It provides good internet signal reception for WX and excellent readability while on approach, no need to turn head. Although the display is not as big as a tablet, the proximity of the phone to your eyes provides a comparable size image to a tablet. If you had cataract multifocal lens replacement the phone image is in simultaneous focus as the runway end numbers. I use a 4" x 2" Velcro strips to hold the phone on the plane visor and on my car visor for road navigation. In the car the visor location is more beneficial to avoid momentary distractions by the GPS. The road maps shows slow traffic speed roads and traffic accidents. José
  2. I have used rubber ear plugs with very good results even on non ANR headsets. The only issue is that the radio volume needs to be raised. I recommend these ones. When I insert them all the way in I can hear my tinnitus tone even with the engine running on takeoff power.!!! Definitely works better than the $1000 solutions for just $4. http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/14-00157.php?clickkey=3008573 José
  3. Check for broken shield connection at the plug connector. When loosening the connector the lead nut should be kept from rotating to avoid breaking the shield connection. Also check that all the clamps holding the leads should have the plastic insert to keep the shield from making ground contact. Also check any leads for chafing. Confirm lead shield ground connection at the magneto case by disconnecting the lead from the plug and measuring continuity from the lead nut to the engine case. It should read 0 ohms. When doing this test verify the shield is not grounded by a clamp. Also check center conductor for infinite ohms reading. José
  4. Rmag when did you started experiencing this noise problem?. Was it after engine/magneto overhaul or it just show up? José
  5. Check the engine ground strap connection at the back of the engine. Without this strap the engine acts as antenna for the magnetos. José
  6. Your 97 M20J will not need the balls since the windshield tube is non magnetic. José
  7. Vertical Card Compass are standard equipment on Robinson helicopters. Many have no DG but the VC compass. Due to the constant vibration VC are the only ones that work reliably. José
  8. It is also rock stable in turbulence and you can tell which way to turn for any heading beyond 90 deg.
  9. An RA or Resolution Advisory is originated from the onboard TCAS II system. It tells the pilot to climb or descend to avoid conflicting traffic (collision avoidance). The RA for TCASII equipped traffic is coordinated between planes so one aircraft is told to descend and the other to climb. The voice announcement is simultaneous to a rate of climb/descend indication on the IVSI. RAs are also issue for non TCAS II equipped traffic on the assumption that the traffic will maintain its rate of climb/descend. False conflict warnings are most common on parallel runway approaches RA (turning base). TCASII systems are programmed with the aircraft climb performance so it will not issue a climb when plane is already at its ceiling. It will also not issue a descent when below RA 2000ft or on approach. Unlike ATC radar TCAS works over the oceanic routes and is used to maintain separation. José
  10. I have not tried the Bose on Mooneys but on the B58. For a fair comparison they need to be tested on the same plane. But for the price the D90ANR is pretty good. José
  11. Flight tested my Denali 90anr today. Pretty much same experience as TonyK. After 10 minutes the ear seals settle down providing good sealing. As Tony mention most of the ANR noise reduction is at the low frequency end which is were the engine is. Compared to my ANR Telex the D90ANR is better in all aspects. On approach to KFXE I could not hear the landing gear motor with the throttle back. This scared me and though something wrong with the gear. This the first time I could not hear the gear. Next time will disable the ANR function on final. Most comfortable headset I have ever used. José
  12. All CDI indicators interface are +150mv for lateral and vertical guidance. In addition some indicators have an internal converter that takes the NAV audio signal (90/150Hz) and convert it into a deviation indication. José
  13. I noticed the same with the ear seals at first. I have a big head and had to adjust it for big heads. Once adjusted it seals pretty well. One thing I like is that they are no clumsy like others. Easy to put on and comfortable, you can forget you are wearing them when exiting the plane. Thanks for the info. José
  14. Thinking about buying this headset, any comments. I have the passive version D30 and happy with it. http://www.flightcom.net/products/general-aviation-products/denali-headsets/denali-d90anr-headset/ José
  15. A 24V converter is the same thing as a 28V one. 24V is the battery voltage with engine off while 28V is the charging voltage when the engine is running