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  1. The only time I throttle back my 20J is on descent. José
  2. Piloto

    Electronic Ignition

    Unlike a car hood which are made out of metal a Mooney cowlings on later models are made of fiberglass so a spark can go thru into the spark plug cable or P lead and damage the electronic ignition. José
  3. Piloto

    HUD epicoptix

    I think I will still keep my windshield. Unlike the HUD it is very reliable and low maintenance cost. I Velcro my cell phone with Garmin Pilot to the visor to get moving map and weather right on approach. Velcro is $3.95 at Walmart. José
  4. Piloto

    Electronic Ignition

    My only concern with electronic ignitions is it vulnerability to lightning strikes. Unlike traditional magneto ignitions electronic ignitions employ semiconductors. Semiconductors operate at very low voltages and are more subject to damage than contacts on a traditional ignition. You can get hit by lightning without being inside the cloud. José
  5. Piloto

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    One of the hardest turbulence to cope with is CAT (Clear Air Turbulence). It typically occurs above 30,000 ft on the boundary of the jet stream with no prior indication but a sudden jolt. During the 1990s I worked at AlliedSignal trying to find a detection mean. Thermal imaging and Doppler shift were the options. Each one had limitations and no 100% detection. José
  6. Piloto


    Try the Connaught Aero Club. http://www.connaughtaeroclub.ie/index.html José
  7. Piloto

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    Do you get the same symptoms with the plane still on the run up area at full power? Try switching fuel tanks to see if the problem goes away. José
  8. Piloto

    Turbulence + V = chicken

    Turbulence not only affect the airframe but also items attached to it. Under high turbulence the wings may not fell off but maybe your rusty engine mount, floor attachment, avionics, batteries and other components. José
  9. Piloto

    Missing Fuel Cap M20F

    Because these caps are hard to get sometime they get lost on the ramp. José
  10. Piloto

    Ammeter always showing +15

    The factory AMP meter is like a compass. Try relocating brackets, bolts and nuts next to the meter. José
  11. Piloto

    Autopilot roll oscillations

    Roll oscillation is also caused by a loose clutch on the roll servo. On the ground engage the autopilot and rotate the heading bug to center the yoke. Try to rotate the yoke by hand. You should feel substantial resistance against rotating the yoke. If there is no substantial resistance the clutch on the roll servo needs to be readjusted or cleaned with contact cleaner. On most servos the clutch is exposed and subject to be contaminated with lubricant. José
  12. Piloto

    Happy Mother's Day

    Lovely picture, lucky kid. Happy Mothers Day.
  13. Most autopilot don't care about the GPS blue light since there was no GPS in the past. The autopilot validate the deviation signal using the flag signal voltage, which is also switched for NAV source. And if the HSI is also switched you also have the synchro 6 wires to be switched. José
  14. On the M20C the battery is next to the firewall so is only a matter of running a wire through one of the wire bundles. To avoid a possible fire, install a 1 amp inline fuse next to the battery side. For accurate time set the clock to https://time.gov/ on your cell phone. José
  15. My M20J had the NAV1/NAV2 switch for the autopilot. After I installed the G530 I removed the switch/relay because of previous problems found. When you are switching from NAV sources you switching eight wires through a multipole relay that is controlled by the NAV switch. In addition you have added connectors. Because of the very low voltage used (less than 0.150 Volts) any contact resistance will create deviation changes on the GS and LOC signals. José