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  1. @carusoamOh yes. I’m following. I found that log entry and other posts with tips on flight physics and reasons not to violate POH limitations interesting reads. But my question was really simple and I believe too much was read into it. I just wanted to know if any one had tried it. That logbook entry proves someone did almost 30 years ago. My 20J is closer to 40 yrs old. I had/have no intent to fly my plane in acrobatics. Not a newbie to my plane, I just don’t post often, I’m flying instead. And yes I have received acro instruction for all who recommended the same. Falling off
  2. Have any readers attempted basic acro maneuvers in a M20J. (Aileron roll, barrel roll, split-s) and what was the experience? Please, no flaming. This is not a discussion regarding the POH warning that acrobatics are not allowed. Fully aware. I am curious if anyone tried it anyway despite the well known limitation. And what happened. First hand knowledge only please (proves you survived). I am not advocating anyone try it. I am not phishing for the authorities.
  3. 1982 M20J: Are the air intake vents (scoops) supposed to have screens in them to keep dirt and bugs out of the cockpit? This aircraft's vents are completely open to the environment. Thanks in advance.
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