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  1. And like a ghost from the shadows he appears; So a few things: 1. take the Db reading from inside your plane; I used a ipad app called Decibel X; I found up front the readings were around 100; The back seat was about mid 90s; the back seat directly behind the front seat was low 90s and on the floor (yes sometimes they would find their way to the floor) it was in the low 80s; Here is a short breakdown of noise level and exposure risk before damage. 100dba: 2 hours 95Dba: 4 hours 90 Dba: 8 Hours Anything below 90 is considered 'safe'; Sudden loud nois
  2. Thanks, Im shocked people still remember me!
  3. Im still here; Actually the cirrus is up for sale; need to scale back on expenses and the dogs are getting to old to fly That and covid really puts a damper on things. in 5 years i might circle back and look at Mooney again; Maybe down size a little bit to save on costs. Its a shame they dont make the M22 anymore; if they had a more modern version of that i would be all over it because of the pressurization. Hmm. thought i posted this hours ago, dont know why it didnt
  4. I will be in vegas and AZ in oct; I plan on flying to vegas to do the chute then drive down to AZ while they work on it; If not then, then xmas would probably be the next time before spring training. On the plane, Yea, it was a lot of stuff, but i knew it was due; you cant avoid taxes or insurance. There is hope for next year that the annual will be about $3500, but who knows; mx always seem to find something. Seeing that 35k of it is either 1 time or every 10 yrs, its not so bad. The next time the chute has to be redone it will be $5000 instead of $16k; the extra cost is because of a fa
  5. Yea, so tons happeand this summer and nothing to do with flying I put my house up for sale in feb to cash in on the bay area market craze; didnt sell; Put it up again in May with the agreement that my dogs would not be around (the agent paid of staging, cleaning etc) so ended up flying them down to AZ to live with the rents for a while; Got to use my IFR for the first time to get through the marine layer (had to leave early because weather in phx was est to be 109F by 11am ) tower was closed so had to call ATC on the phone.. nice lady answered and had no idea what she was doing. Supervi
  6. @bradp My pager was broken Not sure what to say that my famous thread doesnt say already; I trained in a SR20, so going to the 22 wasnt much of a change other than the additional HP, but since i was already familiar with the planes characteristics it didn't feel much different except with when to start descending and making sure you arnt approaching the pattern at 180knts; oh and the massive amount of right rudder you need on take off. Having the power is nice for go arounds and short runways (mines a TN) having the turbos on a hot day makes a big difference. Going from a
  7. Thanks. Not yet, still working on the IFR. I might try this summer if the cubs do well enough to warrent a visit IFR training right now has been very productive because we have been able to go up in IMC; Wed we went out to the mountains and ended having to climb to fl18 to get out of the clouds. While in the clouds we started to pick up some trace icing and got to test my TKS system... which i am sad to say is only working on 1 wing I have been staying out of oil because its back to that 'this doesnt make sense' category. We set a new all time high in storage and yet oil is going u
  8. Spins are a madder of poor training; Its hard to stall a cirrus. I can see how it 'can' happen on take off; you are climbing start a turn an think oh i should put up the flaps; Well, if you are just doing the normal 85knt climb enter into a 30* turn then flip the switch, then you can stall; I also see a lot of people not paying attention to the slip indicator, especially on climb which would then lead to the spin. Thats what happened in the texas crash. But the chute works at 500agl and as low as 400 (though you might hurt your self by then); You can recover a Cirrus from a Sp
  9. As a SR22 owner i should probably say something. Something.....
  10. i was thinking foam or cotton ear plugs, a ace bandage combined with a inflatable dog collar (http://www.petsmart.com/dog/supplies-and-training/collars-harnesses-and-leashes/collars/21st-century-inflatable-protective-pet-collar-5176459.html) this way they cant paw the bandage off. Granted this would be for long trips; The things we do for our animals
  11. tried that, didnt work They ended up shaking them out; Remember Huskeys have pointy ears, so its not hard for them to shake it out. I also tried the miffs with cotton hoping the miffs would at least hold the cotton in, that didnt work. Then I was trying to come up with a way of taping them in there or something, but decided to just let them be. Thats why i was thinking of the foam plugs and then maybe something slightly sticky to hold it in.
  12. I could have sworn it was in Michigan, but you are right it was probably Kentucky..... Honestly, i wasn't really paying attention to him because at the time i wasnt doing so well financially and all he wanted to do was brag about his car. I just assumed it was Michigan.... Either way, he and his dad went down for the week and watched the car built. He has a picture of him with it rolling off the assembly line.
  13. man people are making too much of that comment But to answer your question, they used to code it in the VIN. Overall it takes about 1-2 days to build a car. My friend a long time ago (early 2000's) bought a corvette something something... They sent him a invention to see his car 'born' and he went to the factory in Michigan and watched it being built. You dont get to see everything, but you see a good majority of the process. Planes on the other hand, take weeks and are much more hands on. Though they are just putting it together; Someone makes the motor, someone makes the avi
  14. I think its like any other complex machine out there; There will be good ones and bad ones; Which is why you never buy a car made on a monday or a friday
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