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  1. When I was a teenager my dad borrowed a still and got a recipe from and old guy that used to be in the business. We made some moonshine in our farm shop as an experiment to see if we could get it to run an engine. My dad tasted it and said it was awful. He gave some to an old fellow that used to help on the farm and he said it was just right. He said if it was any better you wouldn't have give it to me and if it was any worser I couldn't drink it.
  2. This was our last two dogs Prissy and Bailey. We had Prissy for 19 years and Bailey for 11. Bailey enjoyed driving the boat but never cared for flying the plane. Probably because he couldn't feel the wind in his face. They both rode in the plane a fair amount and were never a problem.
  3. I patched my C with my a&p's supervision a couple of years ago using Maxwell's method. I also took the time to strip the old sealant from anywhere close to where the leaks were before applying the new sealant as I did not want to just put good sealant on top of bad. I have been flying for two years from a grass strip with no leaks since. When my tanks do need a total strip and reseal I will take it to one of the professionals as the patch job was enough work for me. Its hard to beat a man at his own game.
  4. Just got him today. My daughter nemed him Mooney which seems to fit. He is an Australian Sheppard and is supposed to be smart, quick, hopefully efficient and he has a different tail.
  5. I have a C model that I keep at 58J which is only about an hour car ride or 20 min plane ride from Columbia. I would be glad to show it to you and probably take you for a ride. I have had it about 6 years now and the first Mooney I flew in I owned. I did a lot of research and in my opinion the C model is the best bang for the buck. I love simplicity and efficiency and the C model is inexpensive to purchase and maintain, relatively fast 140-145 kts, burning about 9gph, has a good useful load 1000lbs, and can fly over 4 hrs with reserves. I have had 4 people and some baggage in my plane a few times for 1.5 hr or less flights. I have had 3 people and a lot of baggage for a 4 hr flight. You can cover a lot of ground in 4 hrs in a Mooney. PM me if you would like to come check it out and really get hooked.
  6. I would recommend that he try to find someone to patch it first. I patched mine using Maxwells method two years ago and it is still leak free flying from a grass strip. I did remove the old sealant from the leaking area prior to patching. You should be able to find somebody that could patch it at least.
  7. Nice looking C. Mine is a '67 as well.
  8. My landing gear motor gets inspected daily and I can tell if there are any issues with it before I get to the airport. Its my right arm.
  9. What's a towbar? The hanger that I lucked into has remote control fold up doors on both sides so you can taxi in and out.
  10. Looks way cool. Did the rear blade antenna get knocked off in the shoot?
  11. I replaced my side windows using solar grey on the front ones and dark tint on the rear and was suprised how much cooler the plane was and how much cooler and more modern it looked. My old ones were badly crazed which made taxiing at night difficult. +2 for solar grey
  12. My 67C has been based on a grass strip for the past 6 years that I have owned it with no problems. I think the grass is more forgiving than asphalt. The only issue is that the tires will probably dry rot before you wear them out on grass.
  13. Sorry you are having problems but I guess you were lucky it didn't break on landing or takeoff for that matter. Is this the part that can be damaged by turning the nose wheel too far? Was there any damage to the prop? How do you know or who determines if the engine has to be torn down? I will be cleaning and inspecting mine closer now. Thanks
  14. That's me in the 4th pic and 1st video taking off. Thanks for the video, that is the first time I have seen my takeoff from outside the plane.
  15. I was there today and had a great time. Beautiful place