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  1. Thanks. I’ll find another one eventually. And I have a nice Sundowner to fly in the meantime, already found and fixed all the nasty surprises. It’s slow and comfortable so lots of time for sightseeing.
  2. Plane is under contract. Someone beat me to it. I wish them luck.
  3. I guess I don’t absolutely need turbo. The J in my flying club has done KTRK on a hot day with two full size adults in it, no turbo. I’m not concerned about the N number except that it may make the plane a target for vandalism. How difficult and costly is it to change an N number?
  4. Looks like the ram air is removed. Is the original purpose to give a bit extra MP up high in order to get a higher service ceiling? How much does adding a Rayjay normalizer cost? Thanks everyone for answering my questions.
  5. I’m asking if there are any red flags I should look for in the logs or on the airframe, and if it seems priced fair? I did not see any mention of recent tank reseal. Also if TopGun and Lasar have been doing maintenance on it maybe I should have a prebuy inspection done elsewhere, are there any more Mooney service centers in N California? It would be my first Mooney, I have a nice Beech Sundowner, just want something faster and better for travel. So the Beech would be going up for sale if and when I find the right plane.
  6. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/195494097/1982-mooney-m20j-201 Any thoughts? Anyone here familiar with this particular plane? Thanks, Seth
  7. An M20F I’ve been considering has oil stains on the engine block around cylinder bases and rod guide tube ends. The AI who did a prebuy and was nice enough to let me read the report noted it but did not consider it to be a huge issue. He put it in the non airworthiness items squawk list with items such as a missing hubcap etc... It got my attention because I’ve not seen this on other engines. This engine was overhauled in 2003 and has about 700 hours on it.
  8. Very sorry for this man and his family. Death is a thief. Bad weather, night, mountains, high performance plane, and a solo student pilot. How can a CFI put the fear of god in their students when it comes to IMC with out scaring them out of flying altogether? Look up “178 Seconds to Live” on YouTube. That did it for me. Decided to get my Instrument Rating partly because of that video.
  9. Pre 69 the top of the green arc was 150 mph then after 69 it was 175 mph. What changed were made to allow this? I’m still hunting for my first plane and I am considering an E. I’d imagine lots of time in cruise and descent is in the yellow arc.
  10. Is there a Lycoming document that describes how to preserve the engine? I think I found one after googling once but can’t seem to now.
  11. Can you elaborate a about the sticker? What am I looking for? Thanks
  12. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts gsxrpilot. What do you think of something like this M20E on controller? https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/29502323/1966-mooney-m20e-super-21?dlr=1&pcid=17527&crmid=614667&if=1 If this M20E wasn’t half way across the country from me I’d be getting more excited.
  13. A friend of my father is selling his 66 M20C after 38 years of owning it. Here’s the specs. 1966 TURBO MOONEY M20C, Rajay, Manual wastegate, 2484 TT, 1346 SMOH, 280 SPOH, 41 STOH including all new Millennium Piston/Cylinder Assys, Slick Mags. King KX 155 Navcom with KI 209 Glideslope, King KX 170B Navcom with KI 201 VOR, King KT 76A Mode C Transponder with ACK A-30 Encoder, King KMA 12B Audio Panel with Marker Beacon, Flightcom 403mc Intercom, 4 Probe EGT, Recent 1 Piece ¼" Windshield & Windows, Sky-Tec starter, SST Cleveland brakes, All Logs since new, All manuals, Well cared for by
  14. Shadrach that polishes spinner belongs on there, thats pretty. I’m already glad I joined this forum, maybe this F can be a great plane but my eyes are open to the risk I’m taking and the need to really spend some time getting to know a plane before I commit.
  15. I wonder if doing an oil sample analysis would be helpful for detecting cam spalling or any other engine issues. Is an oil analysis common for a prebuy? Maybe I should do one first before proceeding further on which ever plane I end up focusing on.
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