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  1. If I’m reading the drawing correctly the hot air dump valve is closed when the carb heat is on. Then it’s open when carb heat is off. Why is a dump valve needed?
  2. Removed two old unused antenna plus the cables going to them but have holes there now. How would you patch them?
  3. The interior in my C is pretty rough I wonder if this could fit.
  4. My policy is about the same. Ifr rated as well but only 27 hours in a complex aircraft. $2399/year.
  5. As if I didn’t have enough work to do caring for a vintage Mooney. I was presented with an opportunity/bargain to good to pass up on an essentially untouched RV-14 tail kit plus what seems like almost all the tools in Cleaveland’s catalog and a couple months prepaid for the hangar/workshop it’s in. A guy at my field decided building was not for him and would rather spend his resources flying. Wife said go for it. I hope to fly the Mooney while I spend the next several years (5 to 10 I think) building the RV. Feels like I may have jumped in the ocean with no swimming lessons. Anyone here done something like this?
  6. I must have removed about 5 or 10 pounds worth. Took maybe half hour, idk why avionics shops would be so lazy considering how expensive they are. I wonder how much useful load I’ll gain by switching the generator to alternator then eventually removing the vacuum system some day.
  7. Thanks. The guys at Lasar said it could work but would be a huge PITA. I think I can make my original one work if the welder can fix the 2 cracks and Then we’ll use the rebuild kit 600063-900
  8. Ordered the rebuild kit through Lasar. It’s not cheap. Aircraft Parts Store has two carb air boxes “as removed” I asked for pictures. My current box has a hairline crack. Maybe a good welder can help.
  9. I think this part from Lasar might work if I’m reading the page correctly. I’m confused why it has a 20 where it says “compatible M20c SN 20-0001 and up” my serial is a 4 digit number. also the carb heat mechanism looks much different
  10. The box has some cracking that maybe can be welded. I think I should definitely replace my valve assembly and plate bearing that rivet onto the sides of the box. I’ve not gotten a response from lasar. I sent an email to Mooney earlier today. what have others here done when dealing with this part?
  11. I just heard back from Power Flow. They said the SAL12-70 is compatible with their exhaust system.
  12. Has anyone here installed this on their C? Or know if it works with the Powerflow exhaust? I plan on ordering the Powerflow during their Oshkosh sale. So I gotta get rid of my generator.
  13. I got the parmetheus plus from spruce. I wish I saw your post sooner. Now I wanna return it and get the pro.
  14. I’m going to replace any tie wraps firewall forward w adel. Anyone know off the top of their head the diameter of engine mount tubing? Do you use the hi temp variety? I’m getting a long shopping list for spruce going
  15. I’ve been told to send it to a shop to have it chromed. I’ve also been told to just strip the paint off and polish it. What is better?
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