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  1. Yes no luck. Supposedly more will be in stock mid February.
  2. If anyone else has an intake boot, I'm in need of one as well!
  3. I'm based at BJC and just went down to RYN for Thanksgiving. There are 3 basic ways to do it: 1) the northern route over the CO/WY border, 2) the direct route through the mountains (either over Rollins or Monarch most likely and then either through the Alamosa valley or west towards PGA), or 3) the southern route which is similar to what you've found. In the winter, the southern route you've described is going to be bumpy, I'd bet. The rotors coming off the rocks near ABQ and even on the east side near La Veta / Las Vegas are some of the worst I've seen in CO (consistently). The northern r
  4. Hey everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I just took a nice flight from Denver down to Colorado Springs and back and noticed something in my EGT data that I've not seen before. The Savvy file is here: https://apps.savvyaviation.com/flights/4599237/f87a4cd4-5142-4d16-9175-0c6a837759a9 According to what I've read, a failing exhaust value will exhibit "A slow, rhythmic EGT oscillation (often on the order of one cycle per minute) is the unique signature of a failing exhaust valve." The FEVA algorithm wasn't tripped on my flight but it still looks odd. The part of th
  5. Well done @hammdo. I agree - thread of the year! I’d love to find a way to get a high quality print some of these for my Super 21!
  6. This is so good, thanks for sharing! It’s what this brand stands for: speed, value, and efficiency. The new owners would do well to remember that. Interesting to me is the competitive bravado. I guess that’s Texas marketing for ya! notice how in the Super 21 ad they mention the Mooney Twin.
  7. it lets me long-click it on my pc and then edit; can't seem to do it on an iphone though.
  8. Sold! not sure how to change the title on mobile.
  9. I really hate to pile on, but, this is very amateurish. There are really simple errors that demonstrate a lack of attention to detail, is it "online" or "on-line", which do not bode well for conveying a leadership & credible position within a highly regulated industry such as aviation. But more to the point, I have no idea what the site is trying to do. It's really not obvious to me they're trying to support existing owners, they're not selling anything but shirts, and it really doesn't seem like they're trying to energize a secondary market. And I fully agree that any partner vs. buil
  10. I'm sorry you've gone through this, but it's not a certainty a pre-buy would have found all the stuff you've outlined. As mentioned, there is no hard spec for what constitutes a pre-buy and many of those items sound a bit subjective. Pre-buys tend to be given a lot of weight, and hopefully they do help you avoid dumpster fires, but some of this is learning to be an airplane owner. If you haven't read the Mike Busch books, do. He talks a lot about maximalist and minimalist A&Ps, on-time and on-condition, etc. It's good stuff to know as you learn how to own - a challenging and unique sk
  11. I've got one on the shelf you can have for a song. It would need to be rebuilt but it was working (weakly) when I replaced it.
  12. Removed for panel upgrade. Worked great for me. Make offer!
  13. Thanks so much @Bryan Kahl! I pointed the guy here from Facebook hoping you’d respond. @MikeOH I hope you’ll find this is abnormal. My experience, at least, has been these guys have the best service in aviation. I’m hoping there is just a miscommunication!
  14. Recently did a trip with quite cold OAT at 12.5k and my family in the back froze! There is a lot of cold air that comes up from the left rear seat gap between the seat and the airframe. The heat was on. I know about the valve at the pilots knee - I assumed closing it would send hot air backwards, opening it would send hot air to my feet. Moving the valve didn't seem to matter. This may just be a byproduct of an old airplane but was curious of anything I could check (that wouldn't require major surgery). Thanks!
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