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  1. New to airplane ownership, so take it for what it's worth. But I'm not 100% sure that the hourly rate is really the driver. Of course competence and all that, but more importantly to me, philosophy and willingness to work me in and spend time with me. Mike Busch talks about Maximalist vs. Minimalist. To me, it's more about creative problem solving and being owner-friendly. My guy is $80/hr (maybe $85) but I never feel ripped off.
  2. Thanks a lot. I just flew my M20E from CO and GA this weekend and have had a few opportunities to practice this. It's good advice. One thing I'll add is that I'm still trying to get the feel of when to release the key from the Start position. That seems to be a very important part of this timing - hold it over too long, no start. Let it go when the engine starts to cough, much better. I'm supposing it has to do with the shower of sparks system but I'm not certain of that. I do know that, unlike other planes I've flown, there is no click if you pull the prop through by hand. That was always an old trick I used with other planes to confirm the mag was functional (maybe not a good trick!) but on the Mooney you don't get it. I'm guessing that's because of the shower of sparks. Thanks again everybody!
  3. Thanks for the help everyone. Today I did an in-flight mag check at about 25 LOP, or, about 8.5GPH. It's the typical BOTH-R-BOTH-L check. I was a little surprised to see the uniformity, but there it is! Not too much roughness during the check - slightly perceptible but not enough to frighten you.
  4. Yup, that’s my “how to”; I just need the “when to”.
  5. Sorry to dig up a seven year old thread, but, what is the answer to this question? The reason I ask is this:1966 M20e, newly OH fuel pump. Cold crank this morning (Denver, 40 degrees) was fine. Ten minutes of taxi, shut down, check fuel pump for leak out of the tattle tale. 3-5 minutes of shutdown. Go to restart and decide to use hot start, no luck. Then decide to use flooded. No luck. Tried 4 or 5 times I think with the flooded start procedure. But I did manage to flood it! I only know that because I got out to check the sniffle and saw a pile of avgas on the ground. How would I have known from in the cockpit? Would it be because the hot start wouldn’t get a cough? Fuel pressure above zero? Any clues to help me know which starting technique to use would be greatly appreciated!
  6. So @carusoam, I think I got a little bit of good data this AM, on purpose even! Unfortunately I had to fly shorter than I wanted because I inadvertently flooded my engine. I think it was partially due to my new fuel pump (thanks Aeromotors!) providing a little more fuel than I am used to and I need to tweak my technique. Anyways, I took your advice and prolonged my run-up mag check. In Savvy, using the mag check view, it *seems* to look ok to me. The original issue I was looking for (the odd EGT on one cylinder) seems to be gone and I'm chalking that up to a fouled plug. I'm trying to lean more aggressively on the ground now. Anyways, here is what my mag check looked this today. Cheers!
  7. Happy to email you mine if you want to send me your email. I have a 1966 M20E model and am based in Denver (KBJC). I regularly fly in/out of high DA airports and over +12K mountain passes - not a problem at all in the Mooney - you don't even have to do anything right like you do in a lower-powered plane! Let me know if you need it.
  8. Point taken! I'll give it a good 20-30 seconds or so next time. That's what Mike Busch recommends for the inflight mag check based on my data rate.
  9. Thanks. I understand absolute values of EGT don't matter. My concern is about deviation from typical. I've not seen the EGT 3 separate like that from the other cylinders in any other flight, during taxi operations. It always runs a little lower in cruise, which if that was my only issue I wouldn't have raised it. The CHT is in-line with expectations, the primary anomaly I was concerned about was the low power deviation from normal (to a hotter EGT). But now you've got me wondering about my mag check...
  10. So @carusoam, I think you're pointing to my 2000 RPM Prop Cycle. I * think * the mag check is just before that, as seen in the mag check view on Savvy.
  11. Thanks for that. It's interesting you say that about not see L R Both. I actually do it twice, meaning B-R-L-B-R-L-B, pasted below. I have the data sampling set at 2 but maybe I didn't leave it on each mag long enough. Or, maybe I did and there is another problem? Regarding the taxi, this is what I'm wondering about: Then during cruise, Regarding what I * think * was my mag check:
  12. Hey guys, I flew from KCPR back to KBJC today on a great flight. I flew a bit LOP at 8.5GPH. I just downloaded the data and noticed something peculiar I figured I'd ask you guys about. You can see my JPI EDM 700 data here: The taxi portion of the flight was about 7 minutes in to 11 minutes in. During that low power portion of the flight you can see that EGT is running a bit higher than the other cylinders. During the run-up (11 to 13 minutes approx), things stabilized. Then during cruise, EGT 3 ran a little lower than the rest. Of note, during my flight yesterday up to KCPR from KBJC while running 100 ROP at about 10.5GPH, EGT 3 ran a little cooler in cruise but didn't show the same taxi behavior, seen here: What do you guys make of this? Is this an early indication of something I should be concerned about? Thanks!
  13. This is consistent with what I was seeing as well. It seems like there are two schools of thought on this: 1) the Mike Busch pull it 'til it's rough, and 2) the target EGT method (ie, 20LOP or whatever). Do you do it one of those two ways? My early bias is the latter but then I read stuff about spending any time in the peak EGT zone is abusive so folks do the Big Mixture Pull and all that. Still trying to separate rational from irrational risk!