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  1. Was this the mod? http://mooneyspace.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=34072
  2. You’ve got foldable seats in your E? That’s awesome!
  3. Mine is in that bag up at the top. Was about $30 on Amazon and works well.
  4. I think all it's all about your pain threshold! For me, changing the position of the bars or the seat is something I don't want to mess with so I'm optimizing for ease-of-transport. Getting this in there is really quite easy. I grabbed a basic bike bag off Amazon and just lay it across the backseat. I'd strap it in for actual flight. Next time I'll probably drop the wheelset in the luggage area instead of this.
  5. If anyone is curious, it works! I didn’t disassemble the seat post or aerobars. Just removed the wheels. Not a lot of room for passengers but you can at least get to the race with your gear!
  6. Does anyone know of an individual who can service the altitude hold components of the Brittain APs? Kevin doesn't work on this and I'd like to get some work done on mine. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, it’s sold! I just can’t change the title on my phone still...
  8. Call Greg at Mountain Air. He works on a lot of Mooneys (mine included) and could possibly help you out.
  9. The ACK 406 because I want to travel to Mexico.
  10. Transmits on 121.5 and 243.0. No external antenna. No remote switch. Was installed directly behind the pilot seat in my plane. Works well. Battery good through 6/2022. $100
  11. Any chance there is a 600115-005 intake boot in that?
  12. Anyone got first-hand experience with Heart of the West in Buffalo, WY? I found some 5+ year old threads here and on Beechtalk but nothing more recent. Curious if anyone has any experiences they'd be willing to share. Thanks!
  13. I forgot your wife was a big photographer! I just bought the new iPad Mini with the 8mp camera. It's certainly better than my iPhone camera. Do you know about the ND filters for the iPads? Do they work pretty well?
  14. I'm looking for a new camera to shoot when I'm flying, primarily terrain shots. I want something that will work well from the plane (through the windows, filtering the prop, etc) as well as on the ground shooting sports, vacations, kids, etc. Ideally something pretty small and maybe $1000 or less. I've been looking at the Panasonic LX100 and Sony DSC-RX100 IV. Anyone got any tips?
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