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  1. Me too. I would love to know the settlement details. Alas...
  2. Thanks. Looked at Lasar a couple of days ago and they showed out of stock. I was wondering if the OP ever found anything...
  3. Ok, I'm looking for the same thing for my C model. BTW, this was one of the things I deferred during last years annual. Does anyone have a source for these?
  4. Mena. Also a supporter of our Mooneys.
  5. Would like to help, but I'm not the best one to answer that question.
  6. That might be an understatement. The SB is mandatory.
  7. From A Christmas Story: "Tell him to take it off! TAKE IT OFF!"
  8. Has anyone applied the update yet? Planning on doing this first thing in the morning... From uAvionix: " Service Bulletin 1.4.0 is now available for skyBeacon TSO and EXP units. The new software release represents the culmination of our team's effort to better support thousands of aircraft configurations. uAvionix strongly recommends all skyBeacon systems be updated to software 1.4.0, as it may have a noticeable impact on your reported performance. The 1.4.0 software brings increased intelligence and discrimination to the handling of Mode A (squawk) and Flight ID. In addition, performance in unusually high interrogation radar environments, and compatibility with certain legacy equipment, is also greatly improved. No additional configuration or installation changes are required after the application of the update. " https://uavionix.com/skybeacon-software-upgrade-to-ads-b-1-4-0/
  9. A few microfiber cloths and a can of lemon pledge to clean the windscreen.
  10. Just got a note that they are good to go.