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  1. vorlon1

    Annual Winter Haven Fly-in

    Apologies if this was covered previously, but is there an alternate location available?
  2. vorlon1

    Fuel bladder values

    With regards to the current thread on the values of our planes, I am curious as to what the perceived value of fuel bladders is (are?). I am trying to make a quick decision: patch or replace with bladders? What are they worth to you? What should they be worth?
  3. Mechanics Lein? ..know that is a stretch...
  4. vorlon1

    Tach time as hobbs etc.

    Good question for me as well. Purchased a C model earlier this year that didn't have a Hobbs meter. I'm so used to having that to assist in recording log time... Never thought I'd miss a Hobbs meter!
  5. vorlon1

    uAvionix tailBeacon fitment

    Simply because the wing lights would no longer match each other, and it would limit my choices with regard to upgrading (matching) to LED in the future. No other reasons really.
  6. vorlon1

    uAvionix tailBeacon fitment

    Was able to get to the plane today and (using the mounting template) confirmed that this will fit my otherwise stock C model, so I pre-ordered it. According to the web site as of today, it will begin shipping on 11/15. I recall the company similarly announced the certification of the wing-mounted version on the very day they said it would ship..
  7. The web site for the (upcoming) tailBeacon gives install dimensions. Has anyone checked to see if they fit our planes? I have a C model if it matters... I can't get to the plane just now. Thanks all!
  8. Looks to me that pictures 42-45 show gear retraction.
  9. Good news for step retractor parts!
  10. Whatever became of this effort? I'm very interested...
  11. Uavionix wing mount is certified now. Tail mount expected later this year.
  12. Yeah, I already have one. Looking for a backup. Thanks for the info!
  13. GX 50, 55, 60 or 65 should be the same. TIA
  14. vorlon1