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  1. @DougTallef Care to comment?
  2. Which, if I understand it correctly, would be covered by the extended warranty provided you signed up for the prerelease program. So no charge for that...
  3. I passed on the numbers for my 67c several months ago... I guess they still haven't incorporated them.
  4. According to flightaware, it flew from Florida in Dec 2008...
  5. @Frank B. that was pretty fast. What did you find?
  6. Looks like a screw used in securing computer daughter boards to the case... I'm guessing a freebie from the local Best Buy?
  7. Mine failed the preinstall check in the tail because of the autopilot equipment.
  8. Wait. You have G5s and bought the st901? What did I miss?
  9. Ok, what changed between these flights? I too have the Narco 150. I adjusted the skybeacon threshold to 30 (based on reading other reports) and passed on the first attempt.
  10. I have been told by CFI's for years: ALT mode all the time. Even on the ground.