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  1. Mine failed the preinstall check in the tail because of the autopilot equipment.
  2. Wait. You have G5s and bought the st901? What did I miss?
  3. Ok, what changed between these flights? I too have the Narco 150. I adjusted the skybeacon threshold to 30 (based on reading other reports) and passed on the first attempt.
  4. I have been told by CFI's for years: ALT mode all the time. Even on the ground.
  5. Installed the skybeacon last month, but couldn't fly until today. Flew for 40 minutes in class c, and passed with 'flying colors' . Extended the life of my narco! Rebate check is in the mail.
  6. Still no ideas? OK, where did this come from? This is what I am looking for. The panel was rebuilt about 15 years ago.
  7. Yeah, I asked. My shop; not so much, and I am missing three... :-/
  8. Can someone help me identify what the missing piece is called, or better yet: where do I order one to 'fill in'? Thanks!
  9. Check out Seahawk Aviation @ ILM. Boggs avionics at the same location. A short flight from Raleigh.
  10. Amen. I enjoyed every minute of it. if you are ever down here close to ILM. Drop me a note.
  11. Shipping included. Never used. Went a different direction with the GPS.
  12. Jeppesen Skybound that works great for those that are keeping their GX series GPS'es. (Garmin faked me into replacing mine) Comes with two cards that are known good. $100 plus FedEx shipping.