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  1. You're in good company. On my long cross country solo in a 152 I got to 12,500 and stayed there for 15-20 minutes or so. It was a HOT day and as I recall, that was about as high as I could get it! Good times...
  2. And, (hopefully with the originators ok): what was the purpose?
  3. My C dosen't have them either... Should I install them?
  4. What a blast from the past. I had one of these in my 94 twin turbo RX7!
  5. Then this doesn't count. Nothing counts until they get to the short bodies...
  6. IIRC, Pia flies a Mooney, and Martha/John used to... Congrats Mooneygirl!
  7. Gotta go WASS. Ditto NotarPilot's comments. BTW, where in AR?
  8. Wow! BTW, were these replaced for an expired lifespan? If so, what is the lifespan of the cartridges?
  9. True. I called them about it last week.