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  1. Agreed. My 'intersection' take off is 6,000 feet long...
  2. This is the Garmin temp probe/G5 extension. GAD 13 / GDP 59 If anyone here has installed one of these, could you please provide a pirep? Pics would be nice too! TIA.
  3. Thanks for the additional information. "Mooney Aircraft (M20 (S/N 3185C and on) M20E (S/N 832E and on M20F (S/N 670001F and on M20G, M20J, M20K, M20L, M20M, M20R)" Here, they are called out by serial number, implying not all. Furthermore, adding to my confusion is the format. Is 3185 a C model serial number? My serial number would fall in the range for an F, but is a C... At least I can now see the source of the doublespeak: the feds. So there it is. Clear as mud. Again, thanks to all.
  4. Alan, that comes off as a bit smart alecky. No need for that. I'm just asking--with almost all other models specified--why is the C (or D for that matter) not listed? If it fits all, why not just say: M20 ALL Less confusion that way, agreed? In other words, if they fit all, why bother listing any specific models? (Rhetorical question as I know you didn't produce them. Hopefully you can see why I was confused)
  5. Why is the C not identified on the stamp?
  6. "It is unclear from the available information whether the Celera 500L uses one or two A03 engines. "
  7. How many knots is that worth? I have a birthday coming up...
  8. A NEW single engine airplane without a chute? Could it be? Oh, the horror...
  9. And in the south, it's all 'coke'
  10. Have no idea how much this would cost, but it looks pricey...
  11. Post pics of newly painted plane!