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  1. How do you know? Give it a try on a VFR day... Report back.
  2. Had the same behavior with mine. Turns out the wiring to the pressure transducer was faulty. Check that as well as the transducer itself.
  3. I used Aerospace Reports for the title search. Money ($75) well spent.
  4. I'm old school: Lemon Pledge. Use only microfiber towels that are used for for windshields ONLY. Did I mention only used on windshields?!
  5. Yeah, that's a problem. There is no (obvious/easy) way to add it. I have the original yokes.
  6. Looking to do the same thing. @Lionudakis Got a pic or two?
  7. Mine are original from 67, so I'm over due also. Months ago I offered to test and pirep, but got no response.
  8. Thanks. The timer is counting down. Everybody that even *thinks* they may need these in the future should jump on this today!
  9. Can someone be so kind as to provide the hardware kit ordering information? My Google-fu skills stink!
  10. Irrelevant. We can't install it in our Mooneys. Like others have said, I doubt you can anytime soon either. Want something now, or in the near future? Look elsewhere. WRT requisites (Ex.: G5 for G500), they are just a part of life. Nothing new. This same approach is used everywhere. Wanna get a Spectrum phone? Gotta have Spectrum internet. And Prepay. You see this all the time in automobiles. Want convenience feature {X}? Gotta purchase the leather package(!) Sometimes features or technology take a building-block approach: Wanna run Foreflight? Gotta get an Apple; won't work on
  11. Intriguing... This raises soo many questions. Must research...
  12. Well done with good documentation. It occurs to me that you are in a good position to duplicate the test using just a couple of old blankets thrown over the cowling and compare the results for us...
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