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  1. Very good description. Did you take some pictures?
  2. Not to derail, but is this Bill in my 67C book?
  3. Let me see: Use a Samsung phone? Check! Use iFlyGPS? Check! Have a HUD? Coming soon: HUD for the Air Force
  4. The article states available now. Where? My Google 'skillz' need help!
  5. Not that the above is the case, but I understood that 155's and 165's displays could no longer be repaired for lack of parts. Can one of the shops listed here repair them?
  6. But just the G1000 equipped models, right?
  7. WOW. I've flown into there myself. Of course I was a pax in the back of the Shorts 330... lol Impressive.
  8. Not to mention uber-cool operating it with a toggle switch!