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  1. Not that I've ever made a mistake or the radio... Keep up the good work and keep posting
  2. Donated on Saturday. Just signed out/back in. Still getting ads. Problem?
  3. I make a contribution to "keep the lights on" and so I don't have to look at ads. Is there a way to determine when my next donation is due prior to it's expiration? Sorry if it was covered elsewhere, but a search didn't turn up anything... TIA
  4. Waiting on his "official" word, but he recently wrote me stating that his web site is open for business... https://avunlimited.co/
  5. And I thought he was going to reference the cost of the fuel...
  6. How do you know? Give it a try on a VFR day... Report back.
  7. Had the same behavior with mine. Turns out the wiring to the pressure transducer was faulty. Check that as well as the transducer itself.
  8. I used Aerospace Reports for the title search. Money ($75) well spent.
  9. I'm old school: Lemon Pledge. Use only microfiber towels that are used for for windshields ONLY. Did I mention only used on windshields?!
  10. Yeah, that's a problem. There is no (obvious/easy) way to add it. I have the original yokes.
  11. Looking to do the same thing. @Lionudakis Got a pic or two?
  12. Mine are original from 67, so I'm over due also. Months ago I offered to test and pirep, but got no response.
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