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  1. Thanks guys. I suppose that's true. Here's photo. The extrusion is the inverted T of the most inboard rib. The bottom extrusion.
  2. I am going through annual hell. We (AME) found missing rivets at the wing root just ahead of the drain. There appears to be a small burn make there and my AME (very experienced) has seen this before. He thinks my airplane suffered a lightning ground strike. All else is well. I will jump ahead here, I have stripped the sealant from the tank. This is one of the must unpleasant tasks I have ever had to do. We have found corrosion to the T shaped extrusion of the rib. This would have never been visible had we not removed rivets allowing us to pull the skin down. I am fortunate to have a very experienced aviation sheet metal man. I'm assisting him. He feels this is repairable. Does anyone have a part number? Can I get this from Mooney?
  3. Thanks for the input. Once I get in there and really see the condition I can make the call. I have a feeling that I will decide to do a repair. Will keep you posted. Maybe some photo's later.
  4. This post comes to you from a 64 M20E owner in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Currently self quarantined. My tanks leak a little, not bad, but a little. I am considering doing tank resealing while in this holding pattern. I would appreciate advise in this regard. Especially from those whom have done it. I plan to do the work myself with supervision and sign-off by my AME. I know there are some whom will say "don't bother" but I am one of those owners that likes everything to work properly on my airplane. I would just feel better not having any leaks. Seems inevitable that it will require doing sometime. Why not now? I am seeking mentors. Especially those who may have iPhones making FaceTime calls possible.
  5. This is a problem dear to my heart. I struggled with this for two years. Here is what I did to finally solve the problem; 1. get rid of the S.O.S. and get the mag booster system. 2. don't follow the recommended procedure. I put boost pump on and leave it on until you have started. Set your throttle, go full rich two pumps, then from lean start crank and enrich until she starts. Not complex. The point is quite simple. The right spark and air/fuel ratio and its going to start. The mag booster give a really high voltage spark. The two pumps prime and advancing the mixture mean you will hit the right ratio. Leaving the boost on just makes sure you have fuel pressure. This is what works for me. Doing this completely changed my experience with my Mooney. Starts every time.
  6. I am 6'2" tall. No problem with the leg room. The back seat is really (super) cramped. Pretty much just for carrying all your stuff. The Super 21 is current from the standpoint of speed and fuel consumption. Pretty amazing. Don't shy away from earlier models with the manual J bar. I love that KISS principle landing gear. Same goes the manual flaps. All in all I a really happy with the old girl. The one thing you must put in is a magneto booster. It has completely changed the airplane for me. Hope this helps.
  7. Currently in PG. Flying home to Kelowna tomorrow. Two hours wheels up to wheels down.
  8. Yep. Fly Rocky Mountain House and then on from there! Good spot. (can't imagine what our American Cousins are thinking reading this)
  9. GLJA, I've got to ask where in Alberta do you live? Sounds like a great spot! I'm just trying to get retired so I can do more hunting etc. I'm even happy just hunting swamp donkey! Gosh, this one way back in O3.
  10. Thanks for the honesty on that. Nonetheless a great photo. There is nothing like sheep hunting. Well, maybe goat. But it's great. Need to get in condition to do that again. When I did it more than 15 years ago I had to put on 10 pounds for the hunt. I've got that part already covered!
  11. Nice Full Curl. And on a bow. I have nothing but respect for that! I've gone for Dall before in North Western B.C.. What a great weight loss program!!!!
  12. Thanks Carusoam. Yes my CHT is always below 380. Usually around 340.
  13. Okay, but I don't want to burn a valve. So even if the temp isn't exact where "about" should it be? Ive been flying with EGT of around 1440 F.