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  1. Try Mike Dupont at American Aero Services at KTAN, he serviced my Mooney for 20 years and and is very knowledgeable.
  2. Hi Alex, nice avatar, I'm on Pelican also and replied to your get together. Good luck with the new bird.
  3. If I am correct, the plane has been sold and relocated to New Hampshire.
  4. I do it all the time, no problem at all.
  5. It would fit, just real loose in the windshield area.
  6. I am offering up my Bruce's canopy cover for a M20C model with the sloped 201 windshield. Only use a few times, my plane was hangered and never left outside. Perfect condition, new is $550.00, will let go for $250.00. Color is white.
  7. My rings had rotted out due to water. I removed the rings and had two of them made from stainless by a friend of mine on a CNC machine, charged me $50 for materials and setup, came out perfect, should have had a few more made seeing the price of the factory ones.
  8. For the record, when I made the turn to attempt the airport, whether the taxiway or the closed runway, seeing that the ramp was quite full with jets and other aircraft, I still had reduced power, all I needed was about 10 seconds more of 2000 rpms or 300 feet of altitude and I would have made it, we all know that didn't happen. Still waiting on the results from the NTSB and Lycoming on the engine teardown, very curious to what failed. I wasn't trying to turn back to my departure runway, smarter than that. If you look on Google earth, clearly there is no open fields anywhere around the airport, where are the those damn farms when you need them. And yes I have been shopping for a new bird, still looking though, in the mean time I have plenty friends that let me use theirs whenever I want.
  9. The answer to cujet1's question, I did not stall and spin in, knowing that I would not make the airport or any other alternative safe landing area, when I was at treetop levels just above stall I did not want to go into the trees nose first, I put the nose up sharply to lose all possible speed and put the plane as flat as possible when entering the trees, call it luck or skill, or a little of both, all worked out well.
  10. Quote: flight2000 Nothing that I'm aware of. TSA came through my home drome in Kansas about a week before I got there and didn't ask to see my paperwork from the CFI I use for recurrent training. I believe your interpretation is correct based on my experience. Some CFI's may not understand it fully and just ask for everyone's to cover their butt... could be the other way around with the TSA bubba as well. Brian
  11. Thank you Bill for all the help, you are a true everyday hero, the way it should be. Steve and Kim
  12. Yes I am saying that, this guy is a lunatic, had to get police involved with this Craig guy. He called Kim's mother to tell her how he rescued her and now feels a life connection with her and has to come to MA. to be with her. Had to have hospital security involved with him, had to notify our local police, he has too many stories. Thanks to everyone involved, but come on now. And now for the photos.
  13. We are still in the hospital. Stoney Brook, nice people. even gave me a laptop to use. We are pretty banged up, I mostly from carrying my bride through the woods. For the record, nobody got us out of the plane, I unbelted my bride, removed her from the the plane as it was burning and carried her through the woods until a safe distance. If I had waited for the "hero from the web\news" we would be f#ckin toast. Im no hero, just doing my job, wanting to live another day.
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