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  1. M20FanJesse

    M10 is on the move

    I did reach out to them shortly after, but I must have reached out to the wrong person because I never heard back. I might try again, but WingSwap is keeping me pretty busy lately. Almost task saturated, with my full time job as well.
  2. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I think I know who you're talking about! And I was just messaged today saying this was being picked up by the owner this weekend! (attached) He is very stoked. Listings are now free! Id be happy to feature you on the site banner and instagram if you decide to put her out there.
  3. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Haha. As much as it may appear that way, its not very profitable yet as I'm still spending a lot each month on facebook ads and other ways of advertising. But I think of all this as just start up costs, laying a foundation and such. Sure is fun though. Thanks!
  4. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I'd love to see that article! Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to update you guys on more milestones in the future!
  5. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    UPDATE: Sorry I've been inactive on here the last few months! I still do check up every now and then to read through the latest posts but WingSwap has been keeping me very busy! Managing the social media accounts (main traffic funnel), getting new users, working with the developer, talking with advertisers, etc... Last I update you guys we had about 90k pageviews a month, and now we are up to 250k pageviews a month! It has been hard getting people to list their planes with the Premium and Featured listings, even though they were just $10 and $20 respectively. SO what I've done is changed things up a bit. Going forward, listing will be free, with 10 pictures and 1000 characters allotted, and your listing will be live for 60 days. I've found higher traffic and advertising revenue is far more worthwhile than $10 dollars here and there, and most people being frustrated when listers just had one picture up in their free listings. So I'm giving the people what they want. All the pictures and information you could want, for free. You can still purchase a featured spot on the website or our instagram (over 12k pilot followers now btw) but now going forward both listers, and browsers should be totally happy. And btw a sweet mooney M20E with 201 speed mods and a crazy Garmin panel and recently overhauled engine was listed an hour ago I thought you all might like. $77k asking. (seller approved me sharing here) So yeah thats where things are currently with WingSwap! The busy-ness just doesn't end! But thats good right? Must mean I'm doing something right! I've heard some great stories from owners who found their plane on wingswap which really makes me feel good when they send pictures of them and their new plane! Jesse
  6. M20FanJesse

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    Thats a solution. I'll bring this up after we finish a current project. Sorry I've been inactive on here lately. I guess its a good thing but I've been inundated with emails, messages, texts, voice mails, smoke signals... You get the gist! Over 1k visitors a day now!
  7. M20FanJesse

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    Thanks for the suggestion! Its a double edged sword. Requiring users to fill out every detail about the specs of their aircraft means a much much more complicated and expensive search and querying system, making it less user friendly on mobile devices. Also many users express how they love not being required to fill out a long form, and can put what they want in the ad. I'm trying to figure out a good compromise between the two. Also its a matter of prioritizing funds. Spending $2k for a new ad format, or $2k on marketing, which could lead to more listing purchases, and later fund a new ad format.
  8. M20FanJesse

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    The left elevator for sure. Looks like the counterweight dug in and pulled it from the hinges and is left hanging by the elevator jointer
  9. M20FanJesse

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    From IG user "carboncubadventures" "So I witnessed a fatal plane crash today. Trouble on departure. Pilot made a low level steep turn at about 200 feet. Watched it stall spin, saw a chunk of airframe fly 100+ feet in the air. My wife and I (she's a nurse practitioner) were the first on the scene. We tried to help. Pilot was pinned in place, slumped over, not breathing, no pulse. Front passenger bleeding from the head but conscious. Back passenger fine - on her phone. EMS showed up, we helped at first then gave statements and left. Absolutely crazy. Fly safe guys." Warning: Could be considered graphic https://www.instagram.com/p/BnUSVD0ABpF/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_loading_state_control I'm amazed two survived at all from a stall spin
  10. This super deal popped up on wingswap.com. With the owners permission, I thought I'd share with you this 20F with a low time engine, great looking panel and nice leather seats that was just listed for $52,000. And yes it does have auto pilot! As well as some garmin goodies. More here: https://www.wingswap.com/listing/10399
  11. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Sneak peak of the goodies you'll get if you go to the Triple Tree Fly in coming up in SC!
  12. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    If you are going to the east coast Triple Tree Fly in at the beginning of September, make sure to check your pilots gift bag for some WingSwap gifts! http://www.tripletreeaerodrome.com/triple-tree-fly-in.php
  13. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Thank you! Yes I kind of realize that now, I'm trying to capitalize on it! I tried to reach out to Matt several times but he is unresponsive. Would love to sponsor his videos as well, but youtube shout outs are pretty pricey! And thank you for wearing the shirt! haha I'm glad you like it
  14. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Okay guys I'm too excited not to share this! Trent Palmer if you don't follow him is a soon to be famous you tube pilot, and I am in the works with sponsoring his videos. Yesterday he released his recent video and it gave my site a nearly inconceivable 1000% increase in traffic! And my traffic was a pretty good to begin with!! Here's the videos!