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  1. M20FanJesse

    Cut two mooneys in half...

    And its a big reason why I think I might try and make it to oshkosh this year https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/eaa-airventure-news-and-multimedia/eaa-airventure-news/eaa-airventure-oshkosh/05-23-2018-rare-legendary-xp-82-twin-mustang-aims-to-make-debut-appearance-at-airventure-2018 Now that I think about it, it must be really strange flying from that far off the center, with the Yak.
  2. M20FanJesse

    1982 Mooney M20J for sale

    Agh! That is exactly what I want. Give me like one or two more years. Awesome looking 20J. GLWS
  3. I thought you guys might find this cool. I fly r/c discus launch gliders. My friend Spencer is an avid aerospace engineer and r/c enthusiast, and he recently broke the record for fastest R/C aircraft with his glider! He clocked 545mph in the mountains above Tehachapi at around 6000ft, where the winds were 60-80mph. He achieved this speed by using the soaring principle called Dynamic Soaring. Here is a video of him making the record flight. To put it simply, dynamic soaring is where you fly in a diagonal circular path on the leeward side of a windy hill, and use the changing gradients of high wind, and no wind(blocked by the hill) to propel the model faster and faster. Unlike my discus launch gliders, these things need a lot of weight to keep momentum and stability, so they weigh almost 30lbs.He built the glider himself and has been developing new airfoils and structures for his gliders, pushing the boundaries for whats possible. At mach .8, this is well within the transonic region, which is a difficult region to get past, with the increased drag and all. They had previously put G meteres inside. He said they recorded a max of 125g+ which is the highest the sensors could go.
  4. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    That button is for Ultra Premium Platinum Plus members, and best friends.
  5. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Woo!! Exciting. Lets see what comes of it! Some really awesome planes being listed.
  6. M20FanJesse


    Feel free to post a partnership ad on WingSwap! I'll let the mooney pilots know on my social media following.
  7. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I am not using shared hosting, I did pay extra for my own, and I'm using a service, Mailgun, to send emails through the website, to get a better inbox hit rate until the credibility of the site's IP is established. Seems to be working as I haven't had a non deliverable email in a week now!
  8. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I'm trying to justify going to Oshkosh to give out a bunch of free t shirts and promote/meet people. But I need peoples opinion. I figure it'll cost me roughly $1k to get airline tickets/airventure tickets, t shirts, etc..to make the trip. OR I could spend that money on an emailer from AOPA pilot magazine where it will be read by approx 20k pilots, where they could simply click right to my site. Is there another reason why I should come to oshkosh instead of spending it on online marketing I'm not thinking of that would benefit WingSwap more? Ideally I'd like to do both, but budget and all that. I will be in an email from Flying mag in a few days, so I will see how that works out, and that will play into my decision. What do you think?
  9. M20FanJesse

    1977 Mooney 201J - $79.5k

    This gorgeous mooney was just posted for sale on wingswap.com. Thought you guys might like it! https://www.wingswap.com/listing/10046
  10. M20FanJesse

    Anyone from MooneySpace?

    Aside from WingSwap HQ? Hmmm. It's its a 10 minute drive/uber to the coast at point mugu, and there's the largest outdoor shopping mall a 2 minute drive from the airport. Other than that, Camarillo doesn't have that much in the way of things to do off airport nearby. As most know though, the Waypoint Cafe on the airport is the best diner in the country. The downside is everyone knows that, and so the wait is usually an hour.
  11. M20FanJesse

    Anyone from MooneySpace?

    That's kind of sad haha. Do not many transient visitors come by your airport?
  12. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I'm worried adding mandatory bits of info like that will take away from a lot of the appeal that makes the website so easy to use, both for the browser, and the seller. I could make it like controller, where you have this gigantic page detailing every aspect of the thing youre trying to sell, but to me at least, that dissuades me from making the listing. Leaving a big description area leaves room for the seller to include what they want, which is who I am trying to attract the most. What I can do is include a placeholder text in the description box that reminds the seller to include the useful load, before they start typing.
  13. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    I'll only make a post about this once. I made a facebook business page for WingSwap, if any of you do that, please give it a like! www.facebook.com/wingswap
  14. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    Okay, sorry for the delay, the "year" is now optional, for items that might not need a year in front of it. Also the phone number is now optional, however my dev informs me that like Barnstormers, the exposed phone number is a fairly low risk of being picked up by phone scammer lists. Lots of new posts up!
  15. M20FanJesse

    I've started a Business! Its called WingSwap

    The phone number is optional, you don't have to fill that out. Let me talk to my dev and get back to you!