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  1. Parts are ordered and the repair will soon be underway. Thabk you everyone for the help
  2. OMG you have no idea how much of a relief that is to hear. I was sick to my stomach thinking about the alternative.
  3. So my AP found a crack where the flap arm mounts in the belly of the plane. I’m super worried this means the airframe is done for. Anyone with experience take a look at the pics and give any suggestions? Is this fixable or is the plane destined for the scrap heap?
  4. I live in the Saratoga area, although I am up your way for work quite a bit. I do some fly fishing as well, mostly out on the lakes in the boat though.
  5. I'd like to get into saltwater fishing, I do a few tips a year but always charters to the coast. I don't need to be too close to DC just within a few hours drive, I would prefer to not live in a city. Just need to travel in for $$$ and get out. I'll also be covering the rest of the state of VA and MD, so plenty of driving with my job. I'd prefer to be outside the SFRA zone and just avoid it altogether to make life easier. I am thinking someplace along the Chesapeake south of DC but I am not familiar with the area to know where a good mix of distance from the city but still a populous enough a
  6. I do medical sales and I have a job opportunity covering Maryland, Virginia, and DC. I can basically live anywhere although a large part of my business will come out DC and the suburbiban areas to the south of DC. i am not familiar with the area and will be coming from upstate New York. I like to fish and fly so I would like to be near the water and a good reasonably priced GA airport. Anyone local to those areas with suggestions of where to look? I’m 36 and single so I wouldn’t hate an area with a good supply of attractive women either, haha. Thabk you for your help Mik
  7. My plane did the exact same thing and those few drops slowley increased to more and more drips. It was exactly as piloto explained. Mechanical fuel pump diaphragm had cracked and the pump needed to be replaced. Verified by not being able to hold fuel pressure.
  8. I’ve got an at50 that will slide in if you are interested. Worked fine when it was removed. Let me know.
  9. You are more than welcome to come take a ride in my C if you’d like to see how it fits you.
  10. I have an M20C based out of Saratoga. There are a handful of Mooney owners between Albany and Schenectady, with a couple more with me at Saratoga. I have not had any major service issues in my short ownership but have nothing but good things to say about the service guys at North American at Saratoga. Brian and his team are good guys. Hildt aviation has a great reputation but I believe they moved their aircraft maintainence to Bennington from Albany. Richmore does the service at Schenectady and is busy with their flight school planes and jet work. I have not heard much bad or good
  11. I have this system in my plane and couldn’t be happier. It makes avionics changes simple swap outs and has worked flawlessly. It will save money in the long run in installlation costs for sure.
  12. My error. I misread your original post I thought you said Stowe. I should be around Saturday and if the weather works out willing to fly to meet you. Keen for lunch possibly?
  13. If the weather is good this weekend I'l fly up to Stowe so you can check it out.
  14. I don’t know how about $100 bucks plus whatever shipping is?
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