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  1. Is it too brash to ask the AP/IA if they stand behind their work enough to join you for a test flight after they’ve “returned the aircraft to service?”
  2. I’m not familiar with aircraft insurance in Ireland, but you may want to check for any prohibitions against landing on non paved or “unimproved” surfaces by your policy, if applicable.
  3. Can you tell if the pulsing is in sync with the transponder “reply” pulse?
  4. Heck, some of us out here, even prior to getting the IFR rating, made sure our aircraft are maintained in good IFR inspection status! Also, I even upgraded my panel mounts to WAAS prior to getting my IFR! I guess it never hurts to be prepared and to set goals to pursue and meet for ourselves and our aircraft!
  5. I realize you mentioned that the last time you touched the brakes was just prior to takeoff. Is it possible that you still touched the brakes just prior to retracting the gear and that brake application somehow set the parking brakes?
  6. I’m glad you were paying attention and took corrective action to save your hide! Your story reminds me to ask if anyone is seeing a variance in altitude reporting from TIS A, B traffic and ADS-B trafffic? I regularly see a 400-500 feet difference on the same traffic. It makes me stop and question which is more accurate when you share a story about only a 200 feet separating being the difference between a near miss and a mid air?
  7. This is not addressing your question, but is there anyway you could rotate your ap disconnect switch (I believe that’s what it is) on the upper left hand side of your yoke? I realize in sudden stop the entire panel becomes a possible impact point for your head, but that switch mount would be like a dagger.
  8. With an small mirror and a flashlight you should be able to check each row of the breakers and confirm nothing foreign (like screws or panel spacers) are resting where they don’t belong. With my incident I mentioned earlier, it took several hours and some light turbulence to work the spacer loose for it to drop in on the gear breaker and cause the issue.
  9. Any panel work done lately? I say this because after having some avionics work done, I had a similar experience. One of the panel spacers that belongs with a screw through it instead was just sandwiched between the panel and frame. Needless to say, it worked loose only to fall right on top of the gear breaker and created a direct short—not the best situation.
  10. I’m still amazed that one of the only times pilots are in a rush to land is if they think they can win a race to the airport! It must be an innate behavior we all have (and I include myself in “we”).
  11. If you feel comfortable to find your own aircraft and transporting it home, then maybe ask the broker if he’s willing to perform the other tasks such as the prepurchase....Maybe he’ll negotiate. There’s an old saying: “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, then hire an amateur.” Not knowing the broker you’re mentioning, I’m sure his fee includes pricing the value of his experience which should hopefully help your purchase go a little smoother. Good luck on your upcoming purchase! You’re already a step ahead of the rest by searching for a Mooney!
  12. I was simply pointing out what the Garmin site stated the 430w has. I generally realize TAWS is quite an upgrade and a nice add-on if you can get it.
  13. From Garmin’s site: Enhance Situational Awareness GNS 430W seamlessly integrates built-in terrain and navigation databases, providing a clear, concise picture of where you are and where you’re heading...
  14. Could it be that it has an issue with a spring on the aileron-rudder interconnect?
  15. This issue makes me wonder if there’s a lag in the altitude compensating fuel pump’s metering process when returning to lower altitudes while at lower power settings resulting in too lean of mixture?