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  1. That’s a really nice set up! The GI275 seems to provide all of the information a pilot needs and does it a concise non distracting way.
  2. Nick, It was ironic my Eagle2 was in the background in that particular video because I was about to depart KGDJ on an Angel Flight to KSGR as well. Josh Flowers does an excellent job on his aviation videos and truly did an awesome job spot lighting using our aircraft to serve others. Thanks for pointing out N132MA. I know she was doing her best to represent the breed well!
  3. What an inspirational aviator and to top it off, he’s flying a Mooney!
  4. Maybe you could sell an interest in your C back to the partner you’ll have in the Bravo. That way both of you will have access to a plane during the downtime on the Bravo and you can use the equity to pay toward the Bravo work....
  5. Reading/viewing the posts on this topic leaves me wondering if panel upgrades are becoming a new aviation therapy session for some! I know my panel envy is starting to flare up!
  6. I’d vote for Mark Johnson or his Dad Jerry for your transitional training. These gentlemen are the best!
  7. For most of the flights I’ve flown, such as these, it seems much easier for the person to get in and out of the right rear seat, thus, the pilot has access to disembark ahead of the passenger to assist...otherwise I agree there’s not a lot room to squeeze around someone that on the wing walk ahead of you to assist...
  8. The first thing to try is to fully lower the flaps. This should help prevent damage by not appearing as a place to step. A sturdy step stool might help, but it would be very easy for someone to miss their step by confusing whether they should step on the stool or step on the plane’s step. IMO, a better way would be to just assist the person by providing a steady hand to hold onto as they egress.
  9. This is just a thought, but is it possible that an adjustment has been in a joint somewhere upstream in the rod linkage that unnecessarily reduced the overall length?
  10. I often remember the saying, “If you travel far enough, things will change.” This was told to me years ago to remind me to have a plan but always have an exit plan as well. This was back when we printed out our flight plans and weather forecasts and a moving map was one that was free to move about the cockpit in turbulence!) Maybe the “Vacation Experiences” subtopic could be broadened to just be titled “Travel by Mooney.” This topic, then, might be a great place to share experiences of “flying in the system” (IFR) which inevitably would include sharing experiences while in IMC. Even thou
  11. I believe a long body has had a tail separation due to a tail trim pitch assembly failure on an M20TN, but that’s the only one I’ve ever heard of. I believe it was determined that there was a mishap in assembly versus design failure. This resulted in an AD for certain serial numbers...to inspect for proper assembly.
  12. As this has been said already in several ways, if I were to experience walking up on someone working on my aircraft I would simply start a discussion of “how are you guys doing today?” Followed by “can ask what are you working on?” Followed by “I hope I haven’t forgotten, but who authorized this work?” Followed by “Oh, I thought that work had already been done...”. Followed by “Guys let’s stop what your doing for a moment and all get on the same page.” Followed by either “I’m asking to leave now OR carry on.” Many people shy away from confrontation, but fail to realize a gentle confronta
  13. Roger that! Nail them to the wall! Great pick on your TBM. That is one nice craft!
  14. I wonder what responsibility we have as owners/pilots to follow the POH where it states power tows are not recommended. Should we simply instruct the FBO upon egressing the airplane that power towing is not permitted by the POH, so we’re totaling willing to park wherever...just not where the plane needs to be moved later? It seems like most of us are unwilling to be emphatic, want to the nice and just gingerly point out the turning/towing limits to the lineman. I believe if we took the stance that power tows are not recommended and clearly announced this to the FBO, then we would a solid s
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