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  1. This might help you. Anyone having the shims picture (figure 1) missing from this page? http://www.donmaxwell.com/publications/MAPA_TEXT/Alining Engine Using Shims/ALIGNING_YOUR_ENGINE.HTM Yves
  2. So whats too cold for the plane

    When I woke up this morning, the OAT was at -30 C. Too cold for flying. I put some wood in the fireplace, light it up and did nothing else than warm up all day! Yves
  3. There are at least 2 flights every winter for me where the step is iced up but the rest of the airplane is OK to fly. I have wing , tail covers, and canopy covers that protect from elements and when removed, there is rarely any need to thaw any part. When the step is iced up I am usually telling myself... it will not go all the way up... and go do my flight. If it would be electric I would want something very safe like what I get with vacuum. Yves
  4. So whats too cold for the plane

    The coldest I flew mine it was -30 C on the ground. The aircraft is parked outside. After ground pre-heat it started OK. On take-off one or two dials went berserk (do not remember which one(s) it was too long ago). It settled after a few minutes. The rest of the flight went well without any events. The kids sitting in the back seat were freezing though. Since then, I avoid going to the airport when it is anything cooler than -20 C. Yves
  5. The system I would want is something that would try the retraction a couple of times... and if too much current is senced, would just stop moving anything until the next flight, or some action from the pilot that would request trying again. Yves
  6. How would this behave if the step would have some ice mid point that would jam it in the middle. Is there any current limit protection? Having a fuse would protect however would need to be replaced quite often. This event is fairly common at our latitudes. The vacuum system does not suffer when it happens. Yves
  7. If someone realizes that heir CO detector shows around 100 PPM at altitude and they are on supplementary oxygen, is it as bad an emergency as if you were not on supp? Would you decent in a hurry in such situation or just keep cool since you get good stuff through the nostrils. Yves
  8. M20C to 18,000'

    I wish to take mine up there too at some point. Got an oxygen tank of my own now so will try next long trip. Yves
  9. ATC story today

    Are the military flying in the MOA normally monitor VHF guard? Yves
  10. handheld transcom recommendations

    The hanheld I wish to buy does not exists. It is a combo VHF aviation, VHF marine and 2M ham band. Yves
  11. Thanks for sharing this with us Jolie. Merry Christmas to both of you, formation partners. Olaf.
  12. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    Here is a suggestion Joe: Find another aircraft owner having a 430W or 530W. Park near him and compare the satellites received (I don’t remember which page it is. ) If there is a significant difference report it to the avionics guys. Yves
  13. A really stand up guy

    I’d like to recommend SCS interiors. After I managed to cut a hole in the wrong carpet piece, they short circuited their normal manufacturing cycle do make a replacement so I would get it in 48 hours. Yves
  14. Clock quit working

    Thanks Ned. I will make if necessary a bracket to fit this on my yoke. The price you asked for cannot be refused by any CB club honorary member! Yves
  15. Clock quit working

    I broke the rewinding spring on mine this past summer and went to a local clock shop. The guy wanted > $200 to get it fixed without even opening the box. Being an honorary CB club member, I cannot accept this so turned back. I am waiting for a “cheaper” option. Ned says he has one option for me that I will investigate... but my favorite one would be to have it fixed for same or less than the value of the thing. If some of you know of a cheap place to fix them let me know. Yves