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  1. Mission accomplished. New tire installed. The floor jack on the picture was put there as a safety after removing the wheel and was not touching the axle. Thanks all. Yves
  2. I am based near Ottawa and fly to Toronto area from time to time. Which airport do you do your training at? I will let you know when I fly around. Yves
  3. Thanks folks. I will let you know how things went in about a week.... One last question: How many inches of jack play do you need to rise approximately for the wheel to rise up assuming pucks are in good shape? Yves
  4. I am about the build a jackstand to raise the wing enough to replace a tire. Anyone having the height of the tie down ring above ground? This will save me driving to the airport (40 minutes drive) and measure it. Yves
  5. Until about a year ago I was switching after every 30 minutes... but then I realized that if I did 30 minutes on the first then every hour instead, I would switch less often and in case I forget to switch could find eaily how much time I have left in either tank. I am like Bartman switching at gliding distance in cae something breaks while switching. Yves
  6. Two years ago, I think it took a full hour before being cleared for takeoff. That was long at idle. Don't do this if you have a weak battery and generator. I have generator but good battery. Yves
  7. Here is a CB club member perspective: I am amused by the whole thing, different opinions for or against the airline, for or against the passenger.... but as a passenger of "the cheapest airline fare I could find" the whole thing might force UAL to discount their tickets in the next few months to gain back market share this event makes them loose. I visit my son in L A every year and this time is coming soon. If UAL is the cheapest I will go with them. If they overbook my flight, now I know how much I should wait before I tell them to offer my seat to whatever VIP that needs it the most. $1350 time 2 and then converted to $CDN is worth lots of Mooney fuel hours! Yves
  8. 15,000 mile range?
  9. I own a C and occasionnally fly Ned's E. They are both 1965 so I can compare the two. The E is definitely faster particularly when you fly above 5K and can pull that knob that bypasses the air filter. I find the E is a bit nose heavy compared by the C but this could be an issue with me. One thing you cannot do with the C is fly lean of peak. This means that the E can be as efficient (perhaps even a bit more) than the C. I still prefer my airplane though... it fits me like a glove. What is your budget? There is a C (I think it is around year 1974 but not sure) that is in good shape for sale on my field. It will cost you less if you buy a Canadian registered aircraft instead of a US one. Yves
  10. So it looks like we are low hanging fruits loyalists... well said! I'd like better pricing for my low end model mr President in order to save enough money to buy a new model one year. Yves
  11. Bob, Diane and I wish a miracle for your grand son. Prayers for him and all your family. Yves
  12. I said it right at the beginning as soon as I have seen it... the M10 tail is too small! Yves
  13. Je continue en privé. Yves
  14. Piloto's aircraft relief tube is real. I have seen it in person. Yves