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  1. Here is a very interesting article that gives some technical details including politics of the events that led to the certification of the aircraft: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/failed-certification-faa-missed-safety-issues-in-the-737-max-system-implicated-in-the-lion-air-crash/ Yves
  2. The graphs are scary. This looks like icing encounter. Edited Yves
  3. Cyril, I have a set of yellow ones for sale. They are used (were used for a bit more than a year). They are in perfect order. Contact me in private if interested. I will ship to your place. Yves
  4. I always listen to my wife! Good you did too! Yves
  5. The coldest ground temperature I flew at was -30 C. Thorough pre-heat (35000 BTU propane) of the engine of course. I did not pre-heat the interior so on take off some dials were erratic but cannot remember which (that was around 20 years ago). They settled after 3- 5 minutes. The cabin heater was OK for the front pilot and co pilot but it was cold for the kids sitting in the back. I flew Saturday when it was -20 C approx. and no issues. Yves
  6. COPA (our northern AOPA) has requested exemptions for non commercial operators: https://copanational.org/en/2018/04/20/prop-exemption-followup/ Perhaps things will align! Yves
  7. I have been using a 35000 BTU propane heater for years. When I built this, only 120V AC fans were available on these so I replaced the device motor by a 12 V and a portable battery pack made the trick. As a backup, I can use the car battery because I made the 12 V wires long enough. The coldest I used this was around -30 C. It then took about 30 minutes to warm up the engine. If I would start over I would use an integrated battery one but would still need the high BTUs. Yves P.S. I hate winters!
  8. I have landed on the frozen river a few times. I did not make it every year because this event happens to fall usually when the Mooney is at annual. I purposely bring it in the 1st of February since this is the worst time of the year weatherwise. I might take it to my mechanic a bit earlier this year since I am planning to be going south near the same date. Let’s get back in touch middle of February... I will know better if I can fly there or not this year. How long would it take you to drive to the Brockville airport? I could pick you up there and take you to the ice fly in in my aircraft. There could be other opportunities later near the spring when it is not as much a chore to get the airplane in the air. With temps around -20C often during winter... it takes me an hour to prepare and 45 minutes to settle all (wing covers and everything... cannot affort having it sleep inside). Yves
  9. Hi folks. Don’t want to hijack the thread...however here is my situation: Came back yesterday from KLAX with Air Canada. Did not have enough days off to do the trip in the Mooney and wife would not want to take the 16-18 hours to get there. Don’t have the border sticker yet for 2019, need to order. One good opportunity to meet would be the ice fly in https://copanational.org/en/2018/01/11/places-to-fly-mos-fly-in/ at the end of february. 3000+ feet runway. If wind is alligned with runway, no problem even for a rocket. About pre-heat: I always pre-heat when 5C or below. Using W100 all year long. 38000 BTU propane heater has never let me down. Yves
  10. With my wife it is this that works: Knock it off!
  11. Here is some propless, jetless modern propulsion technology: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Lazar Yves
  12. What is a frickin flame tube? Picture? Yves
  13. This one requires 12V for the fan. I replaced the 120V AC by a car heater fan motor. I usually carry an emergency battery power pack which has cig lighter outlet. I made the cable long enough that I could reach the one in my car. However they do sell such devices with integrated batteries like this one: http://www.mrheater.com/35-000-btu-hero-heater.html Yves