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  1. Don't forget to post pictures! Yves
  2. I concur with Paul just above that departure from USA eAPIS time is not critical. One of the first times I did this I had to change my departure and crossing time and the lady CBP USA gave me plenty of shit telling me to call Canadian customs instead. I even had an event once where I wrongly entered my departure date by one day off. (Sometimes when you are on vacations, you loose track of the dates) I entered the next day and was quite oblivious when I would not get the clearing email as the departure time passed. I did not have access to a phone, only wifi so I just took off and went home. I received after several hours the clearing email (for the next day) and never heard anything ever. I think they should just get rid of that requirement to get clearing on departure from USA... just a waste of time and money.... my opinion. Yves
  3. Andrew, my iPAD mini did shut down because of the cold about a month ago when I was going around the airplane, removing the snow, do this, do that. It was in my winter coat side pocket. It was around -10 C then. I posted the question on avcanada which is a Canadian pilots forum. A fellow answered that he did not get any issues with the JPI unit as he flew as cold as -15 C. It is not quite as cold as what I sometimes do but it means there is hope it can work most of the time.. Yves
  4. Thanks Anthony. If they do not have this spec, that probably means they have not tested it. That type of installation would typically be done on travelling machines like Beech or Mooney who typically have airplanes sleeping in hangars right? There is a good chance no-one has really tried it with a cold soaked aircraft coming out of a snow bank. I would be very surprised if this would behave at minus 20 C. Even my iPAD shuts down at that temperature. Yves
  5. Paul, we had a guy from South Africa 2 years ago with the Mooney Caravan. Do you remember? He did travel with Lacee if I recall right. Yves
  6. Congrats Jolie and Dan. Cannot wait to see you again between Madison and Oshkosh! Yves
  7. Can anyone owning an EDM900 check in their specs documents what is the temperature operating range of the unit? Cannot find this info on their web site. I am wondering if they would survive our Canadian winters here where we often fly at minus 20 C.... Yves
  8. John, did you manage to take off and/or land in formation at long Beach? About 3 years ago the tower did not allow us to do it with another Mooney. Looking forward to meet you in KMSN. Yves
  9. The article text fonts don't show up on my iPAD, I only get thick grey lines. Still not working this morning. If nobody can copy paste e text... I'll have no choice but fire the big computer.
  10. Bob, the article does not come out properly on my iPAD. Could you copy and paste the text here please? Thanks. Yves
  11. Don't hold your breath. Have been looking for one for over 2 years now and still no chance. My wing leveler is performing very well and I have the electronic box. Yves
  12. If he sells the unit on ebay, the father in law will probably want the money! I would... Yves
  13. I did change my landing light switch last year. Anthony is right about the bus bar. The trick is to remove the hex nut facing the pilot on all the switches that share the same length of bus bar (from memory I think they were 4), push the assembly of switches behind the panel, replace the bad switch, pull all switches back in their respective holes and reinstall the hex nuts. My mechanic gladly signed it off in the log book after he inspected my work. Yves PS This is the one I used: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/search/search.php?s=7270-5-20
  14. My landing light switch was replaced a year ago. Came from Aircraft Spruce. Was around $300 if I recall right. Yves