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  1. Thanks for the overwhelming support. We have 95 people (47 airplanes) registered. A few things: I guess my instructions could have been a bit clearer (sorry French mother tongue): Please provide the handle you want on your tag, and the number of guests. As for last year, we will only provide printed tags for PIC (Pilot In Command). If we don't limit the tags work, this is all I will do until Oshkosh: managing name tags. We will bring some blank tags that can be filled with a Sharpie to allow late comers or anyone who absolutely want a name tag and not on the list. Here is the list of who registered here and on the MooneyCaravan email group: http://www.reseaumenage.com/qkm/MooneySpace_2019.pdf Please send corrections (for PIC tags only) to my email: yvesg@semo.ca and put in the description: "Mooneyspace Social Correction" (without the quotes) Don't forget the RSVP deadline of July 15th. Yves "Olaf"
  2. Just to let everybody know that we have 71 people already who confirmed attendance. I will post a list within a few days.... just have some emergency fixing on the house to do first. Yves
  3. So for all these years you guys have used this free while us Canadian hosted this thing on our land. Perhaps Trudeau should ask Trump for payback? Yves
  4. Clarence has pledged to be our second co-sponsor. So we are good! Thanks a lot Carence! Yves
  5. Only cash accepted. I updated the original post. Thanks Bryan!
  6. Hi folks, Since this has been very popular last year (again), we will hold the MooneySpace Social event in Oshkosh on Monday, July 22nd at the Mooney Caravan tent. To our knowledge this is the most attended Mooney pilots Pizza gathering "in the world". Same as last year, we will have pizza, beer and soft drinks for all people attending. As for the previous similar events, we will provide name tags (the sticky ones this time) for those who sign-up before the deadline while responding to this thread. This is the best opportunity to meet with other MooneySpace forum members face-to-face. We had a very good turnout last year. More info: • When: July 22rd, 6:30 PM (This is the Monday) • Location: At the Mooney Caravan tent which is usually on the west side of North 40. • All Mooney interested people are invited In order to help pay for the beer, pops, pizza and name tags we will accept CASH donations (no minimum, CBs are welcome). Any remaining amount will be split evenly between the Mooney Caravan Safety Foundation and the MooneySpace web site. One of our two sponsors from last year is returning with us: Thanks to Barry Leblanc of Genesys Aerosystem who will sponsor us again. We are actively looking for a second sponsor. People can contact me about this in private or email here: yvesg@semo.ca In order to get a name tag, please respond to this thread no later than July 15th and indicate the number of people in your party with the wanted names (usually MooneySpace handle) on the tag. Having headcount will help making sure we have enough pizza and drinks. I will periodically post the list of signed-ups here. See ya! Yves
  7. I am not sure the non-WAAS can be installed legally in an M20C. The WAAS version is OK though. Check first with an avionics shop. I did discuss this many years ago and that is what my memory tells me. Yves
  8. Here is before and after pictures:
  9. Rust went through a tube at one location only and they had to open a fairly small section under the belly in order to have room to weld. They did not need to replace any skin... just spread some sheet to have access all around the culprit tube. Maybe a dozen of rivets from memory? I will try to find the repair picture and post it here. Yves
  10. Mine is inspected every annual. Two years ago they found some corrosion on the pilot side. It was properly and legally fixed by an authorized reputable aviation welding shop. I think having SB 208 done every annual allows finding corrosion starts early that otherwise would eventually require major repair work. Yves
  11. This started recently: I would ask the app to download the maps and for all of them, the download starts but at some point looks like it cancelled and the "Waiting to download" appears again. The Map count does not decrement anymore and it looks like it is spinning its wheels for nothing. My WIFI is slow (about 2MB per seconds) but this was working fine before. Is anyone aware of any changes to their download algorithm or timeouts that would have happened recently that would cause this? Thanks. Yves
  12. I gave it a quick stab: I can import the schema in Excel and fill the fields however several ones have arbitrary codes that I am not aware of like the "doccode" these could be values or strings.... getting an XML with regular data from someone would help resolve this and other similar ones. Yves
  13. I checked at work with some folks and they say with Microsoft Excel it is possible to generate an XML that is validated against a schema when using a template. I will investigate this a bit more and let you know. eAPIS allows uploading XML however if you are not (very) computer litterate I would not attempt this! These outfits that charge money only do this reading info from a database they created to store your info. Yves
  14. Cyril is right about pattern entries differences. There are no 45 degrees entry here. About flight plan and itenerary,this text sums it up pretty well: https://www.flyingstart.ca/FlightTraining/PSTAR/9As.htm Yves
  15. Here is a very interesting article that gives some technical details including politics of the events that led to the certification of the aircraft: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/failed-certification-faa-missed-safety-issues-in-the-737-max-system-implicated-in-the-lion-air-crash/ Yves