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  1. Clarence, I went back to Marsh Canada. I was with them 4-5 years ago and had to switch to c-plan for sometime. I am saving near $300. The underwriter is XL Specialty Insurance Company. I think they are based in Toronto. Yves
  2. We met Bob and Nancy at the Mooney Caravan some years ago. We are very sorry about Bob’s passing. We offer Nancy and all Bob’s family our sincerest condoleances. The Mooney Caravan not be the same without Bob. We will miss him a lot. Yves and Diane (Olaf and Matrix)
  3. This is why I always have my annual Feb 1st regardless of the date the previous annual expires. Happy flying! Yves
  4. Hi Rob. Hope all is well. Is your bird out of annual yet? Yves
  5. I decided to contact the broker I was with 4 years ago. The quote came back the same day at about $300 less than my current one. No higher deductible for hail and storm. I will switch back. Lesson learned: shop around. Yves
  6. Hey Rob, welcome to MooneySpace. Please fill your credentials so all know you are Canadian. You sounded like an american :-) Yves
  7. Thanks Parker. The new clause (they want to add on my policy) about increased deductible on hail and windstorm (this is new up here) is it common in USA? I will shop to find out if other providers have a better deal. My increase is 14% and they add this. We do have some thunderstorms and the very rare tornado here but the odds they would hit my airplane are very low. Still would like the deductible to be the same as before. Yves
  8. Parker, we are getting somewhere now. I am about 70% closer to understanding now. A few questions: What is the « Aviation book »? What is meant by « managing the aviation book »? Is Allianz part of USAIG? Why do they call the entities taking the risk « the paper »? Thanks. Yves
  9. Parker, I have no clue what all this insurance jargon means. Can you educate me please? The quote I got is actually from Allianz. Yves
  10. I got my renewal quote today The premium went up however what I do not like is that they changed the deductible for hail and windstorm damage to be 10% of the hull value $60000 / 10 in my case. Do anyone else got this change? It use to be $500. Yves
  11. You think you got close to the Snowbirds? I think I beat you... by far... i can state (proof in hand) that I was no further than 20 feet.... Picture in next post...
  12. Good work on the new web site Paul et al. Yves
  13. How about setting transponder code to 7600? This might awaken twr and perhaps have them check their gear? Yves