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  1. About your difficulty to start.... since you are in NH, you probably have temperature similar to what we get here. I own a C and I always pre-heat as soon as the temp is below 5 Celcius. I went to florida around New Year's and when departing from St.-Augustine I had difficulty to start the engine... it was around 2-3 Celcius and I did not pre-heat. Yves
  2. I had mice in the cockpit once while in flight, Paul have you had to fight a snake? Yves
  3. Don't know if you have to pay tax, shipping on top of this but if you do, this will amount to almost what I have paid for my M20C four years ago. Yves
  4. In Canada these are considered aerodromes... here is the definition: An aerodrome is any area of land, water (including a frozen surface) or other supporting surface used for aircraft landings or take-offs (legal definition). Transport Canada: Only certifies and inspects an aerodrome if it meets certification criteria, such as having scheduled air services. Considers only certified aerodromes as airports.
  5. Mine will be gone the same dates as yours for annual. The first week of March I'll be working on my tan in Cayo Largo, Cuba. As soon as I have a chance when I am back... I'll come over the border to see you and your freshly painted bird. Yves
  6. Erik, when is it going for the paint job? Yves
  7. This is me landing on ice. Be careful not hitting the brakes too hard....
  8. Hope to go see you soon Erik. You came to Gatineau, my turn to go to your airport. BTW the ice fly-in is cancelled this year. The organizer needs heart surgery. Yves
  9. I also had an event with an American carrier: Took off from Chicago in a regional jet and went right into a thunder storm after takeoff. Got hit by lightning. Almost All my family was with me. Since then, some of my daugthers are scared of flying. Yves
  10. It is true that Fort Lauderdale is full of Canadians... this time of the year at least. I was there too last week... José can confirm it. Yves
  11. I am trying to brain wash myself into the following action if the engine would ever quit on me: Check the fuel pressure gauge. If it shows low, turn on fuel pump and switch tanks right away. In the case of the OP, there was not much time to do this due to his altitude. Before my recent trip to Florida I decided to review my fuel management procedure to ensure I am doing the right thing. For all the stops I did that long trip I always landed with at least 1 hour reserve and some flights were over 4 hours long. Yves
  12. Steve, I am not sure who you are talking to in your message above? Looks like it is adressed to Clarence but my name is at the top. Please re-phrase and put destinary. Yves
  13. Got the answer this morning from the TC delegated examiner: Hi Yves, Happy New Year! The short answer is no. You need a night rating to fly at night period. The transition to landing would be at night so as per CAR 401;
  14. I am returning from a week going to Florida and after we I put the aircraft back in a snow bank I asked my buddy who was with me all this trip: "Did you at any time for the trip feel unsafe?" His answer was "no". This is how I evaluate the trip. We had some bad weather conditions that could have made this trip bad but always acted the right way. Yves
  15. Was nice seeing you again. We almost stopped at Herlong on the way back but ended up in St. Augustine. Thanks again. Hope to see you again in Oshkosh. Yves