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  1. Yes I did. It tests ok. Got a portable vacuum pump to step-up the investigation! Yves
  2. Anthony, annual was done a few months ago.
  3. If this can help: I recall when it was working better, I had to turn the yoke roll trim valve adjustment to the 3 o’clock position in order to keep the wings levelled. I checked the operation of the roll trim valve as well and it is ok. I am setting up to have the appropriate equipment to troubleshoot this further. So do all agree if it rolls left, the leak is on the left side (red)? This info can help narrow the search area. Yves
  4. Hi Tom. I checked all 4 rubber boots and they seem to be OK. The aileron ones got replaced by new ones in 2008. Yves
  5. Here is the schematic of my wing leveler. Does anyone knows how the 11900-25 (remote gyro) works? What is meant by “Sequenced Vacuum” and “Primary Vacuum”? The wing leveler was working fine until few months ago and now it pulls to the left side. Knowing how this works will help finding where the problem is. Thanks Yves
  6. Thanks David. By the way, if there is an Oshkosh Airventure this year we’ll be happy to see you again! Pizza is on me!
  7. Out of curiosity, how much would these part cost if ordered from a Mooney MSC? Yves
  8. We do not have any radio licenses in Canada tied to our airplanes. Not sure why visitors would need one? Yves
  9. You mistyped my account name I guess. Should be yvesg not ycesg. Thanks. Yves G.
  10. I would like to get a complete set please (1x down and 1x uplock) Please sign me in. How much was it last time? Yves
  11. Actually, in France, my opinion is that the most well know gendarme is Cruchot, role held by Louis de Funes. https://soirmag.lesoir.be/313081/article/2020-07-15/louis-de-funes-gendarme-et-commissaire https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Gendarme_(série_de_films) He held this role in several (6) movies that are really funny... Yves
  12. Are all modern turbofan blades hollow like this? Yves
  13. By trying to make airplanes lighter they use materials that have some weaknesses that can lead to this kind of failures. Yves
  14. Congratulation Mike for the baby. Will try to attend. Yves
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