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  1. This is the one that happened near me. My wife (and another pilot’s wife) was actually only a mile or two away at the while it happened. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/pilot-makes-emergency-landing-on-highway-5-near-chelsea-1.3897330 Yves
  2. yvesg

    Nav light replacement bulb

    I won a few years ago Sextant nav lights at the Mooney Caravan. They are so bright! No need to turn the switch on and get out of the pksne at sunset to see if they work. Yves
  3. yvesg

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    Anyone knows how much is that kit? Yves
  4. Where are you located? I am in eastern Canada. If I see something in my area, I will contact you. Yves
  5. yvesg

    Mooney spar design

    At Oshkosh last summer, during a presentation, a Mooney’s company staff mentioned that sometime in the past, they tested the wing with 20000 pounds on the wing and it would still hold. Yves
  6. yvesg

    Taking the plunge

    Attaboy Ned. Welcome to the RNAV world. Hope it does not break the bank. How much is the total cost? Yves
  7. yvesg

    New Carpet

    This is what I used in the fall to replace my carpets. SCS is very dependable. Good CB option. We installed with snaps like what is suggested by Byron. Yves
  8. yvesg

    Moving again

    Oscar, I hope this is for better for you. Hope to see you again in Oshkosh if you can. Yves
  9. yvesg

    Marina airport crash / fatality

    I had the pilot side rails replaced last annual. From memory it was $276 USD each. After my mechanic’s markup, transport and currency exchange it ended up around $500 each CDN. Yves
  10. Urs, I am an electronic technologist and if you want to send me the box, I will fix it and build something (and/or create a procedure) to facilitate the testing of the box. I will send you a private message. Yves
  11. OK folks, I checked and my Mooney is the same as all the others... it has 2 cams per seat. David, mines are not in that bad a shape that I would need new ones at this point. Thanks a lot for the offer. Yves
  12. I should be able to check how it is set up later tonight... going to the airport. Yves
  13. If you go with the real definition of what VHF is, the length of a quarter wave can be anything from 1/4 of a meter to 2.5 meters approx. depending of the exact frequency. This is from 8 to 80 inches in US measurement. Yves
  14. Alan is right. There was enough beer and pizza for everyone summer 2017. Thanks to Van Allen airmotive our event sponsor. I do not recall Clarence showing-up for this one. Yves
  15. No delivery that far.... going to get cold ... however the Mooney Caravan tent shall be closer to the action this year since we are launching on the Saturday instead of the Sunday. Yves