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  1. yvesg

    Muffler crack

    What is a frickin flame tube? Picture? Yves
  2. yvesg

    My Engine Heater

    This one requires 12V for the fan. I replaced the 120V AC by a car heater fan motor. I usually carry an emergency battery power pack which has cig lighter outlet. I made the cable long enough that I could reach the one in my car. However they do sell such devices with integrated batteries like this one: http://www.mrheater.com/35-000-btu-hero-heater.html Yves
  3. yvesg

    L-39 or other fighter jet rides?

    There is these guys.... https://acmadventures.com/membership-information/ They are in Canada north of Toronto. There is another one in Carp I think, near Ottawa. I will post if I find. $CDN is trading at you advantage... might be a good opportunity. Yves
  4. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    What iPAD or iPhone do you use? Yves
  5. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    Tried reconnecting with account to no avail. Got the following response from FF... this is really a bug. Hello Yves, Emily here. Thanks for your email. This is a known issue that we are working to address. We have an internal engineering case to look into this issue further and fix as able. While we don’t have a timeframe for when a fix may be put in place, please know we are working on correcting this.
  6. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    Cyril, which password? Yves
  7. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    I just sent FF an email. Yves
  8. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    What version of Foreflight do you have? Yves
  9. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    Did they change that recently? Yves
  10. yvesg

    Foreflight flight category

    It is been like this for at least a week. Do you have the same issue Cyril? Yves
  11. On Foreflight, when opening the map with flight category (colored dot stating if VFR, IFR etc.) I use to have all airports painted with this. Recently, (perhaps after I upgraded) I cannot see that... it paints just a few airports such as the ones I use for my route. Do you have the same? Do they have a setting about this like showing all or only route weather dots? If my explanation is not clear enough let me know... I’ll post pictures. Yves
  12. yvesg

    Line up and wait

    Getting this everywhere in USA. Listen to towers on atc.net... you’ll see. Yves
  13. yvesg

    NW Training

    Congrats Alan. Salutations to you and Brenda from us. Yves and Diane
  14. yvesg

    Oil Change Tool

    I do not have the metal bracket. The rest is the same. Sorry but I do not remember if I did this after seeing any post about this. Do you know the dates you posted it? I will check my logs. Yves
  15. yvesg

    Engine Troubles???

    Could this be partial blockage of the pitot tube? Bugs got in there? Yves