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  1. Mike, are you part of the caravan thus year? Yves
  2. CNV9 (Neuville) is also an option for Quebec city. I have not used it yet... it is been years since I flew to Quebec city. Last time was 5-6 years ago to see a Madonna's show. That is when I realized that standing-up for hours in a crowd not fitting (squeezed like sardines) is not something I like at my age. Yves
  3. Cyril, where was that in Quebec, was it the city of Quebec? Yves
  4. Ned, his call sign is Pinky. He flew with the Caravan two or three years ago. I recall him well. Yves
  5. https://youtu.be/MPMmC0UAnj0
  6. Just went to Facebook and he had to get unplanned extra fuel and it took most of the day to get it. He did a 2 hour flight after that. Yves
  7. I think I found the answer. His final destination today (Yangoon) has bad weather. There are many CBs all along. Yves
  8. OK guys, you are getting me going again: Trivia: If four (4) city workers take 60 minutes to dig 2 holes, how long would take a worker (one worker) to dig half a hole? Answer coming... Yves