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  1. But it can also keep you flying. I am in need of another car... the 2008 Toyota I drive is falling apart and has 248000 km. Due to change. I could have went for a new $25K car.... of the year. Shopping around I found a similar toyota... much younger, no rust, half the millage at $6K. Sold! The savings will allow me to keep the Mooney. It is all a matter of choice. Yves
  2. Good luck guys. I will fly either today or tomorrow but only locally. Yves
  3. Salut Serge. Je suis basé à Gatineau et pourrais te faire essayer ça ici ou à partir de Lachute. Juste à me contacter en privé. Yves
  4. Congrat John to you and the great sister. Yves
  5. Ned, which FBO did you use? I have read somewhere that one is less expensive than the other. Yves
  6. Sorry for the delay posting this. My iPAD was under repair and it did hold numbers and related info. First, thanks to all attendees, thanks to our two co-sponsors: Genesys Aerosystems (Barry Leblanc) and Tri-City Aero (Clarence, M20Doc) for their contributions. Thanks to all who voluntarily provided a cash donation. We had ordered 50 Pizzas and next year we'll have to order more. The attendance was near 200 people (approx.) who donated $1325 in cash. The following pictures show the place was packed! We managed to have a surplus which allowed us to donate the following amounts: $390 accepted by Robert Davis on behalf of the Mooney Caravan Safety Foundation $390 forwarded to MooneySpace.com (Craig). Performed by Alan Millet The donated money was counted in presence of 3 people: Yves Grenier, Ned Gravel, Brenda Millet The accounting was checked and confirmed by the above 3 plus CPA Robert Davis. Special thanks to the following volunteers: Ute and Ned Gravel Brenda and Alan Millet Anthony (carusoam) Carmelina (hope I got this right) Hope to see you all again next year. Here are some pictures:
  7. That is fine Tom, put twice next year loll. We are well in the green. I will post the financials in the next week or so. Yves
  8. Thanks to all that that attended. When back home we will post some pictures that my friend Patrick took. Thanks again to Barry and Clarence for making this possible! Yves
  9. We should still have pizza left, come see us! Yves
  10. Don’t forget: 6:30 PM tonight Just to let everyone know that the pizza has been ordered. We also have purchased drinks: - miscellaneous beers and draft - red and white wine - coolers (such as mike’s hard) - pops (coke, sprite, orange, grape, cream soda) - Juice boxes for kids - water
  11. Andrew, feel free to come. Mooney Caravan arrived to OSH this morning and the tent is being setup near row 549 (Near Friar Tuck) Let me know those who need to cancel their attendance to pizza because of the weather or other. Yves
  12. We have the final list. Check the date/time in the header to ensure you are reading the most recent file (sometimes, the Internet browser you use could cache an old one). A few notes: As mentioned before, only Pilot in Command (PIC) will have tags made... Thanks again to Barry from Genesys Aerosystems and Clarence (M20Doc) from Tri-City aero for their contribution to the event. Also thanks to Mooney International. It would not be possible without them. We have reached 197potential attendees, with 99 PICs. Link: http://www.reseaumenage.com/qkm/MooneySpace_2019.pdf Registration deadline has been reached. The list cannot be changed anymore because... I am travelling to Oshkosh in the next few days! Cheap (Paper) Name tags (for PIC) have been prepared. As previously, we are asking patrons to provide voluntary donations to help pay for the expenses. Any remaining money will be spread equally between Mooney Caravan Safety Foundation and MooneySpace web site. No minimums. CBs are welcome. Yves (Olaf)