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  1. Who is Antoine? Yves
  2. Can you wax on top of vinyl? Or is vinyl shiny enough you don't ever need to wax? Yves
  3. It was a great day for Brianna: Airplane ride, car ride, lawn tractor ride. Yves
  4. Link please. My base is CYND Yves
  5. John, in my case, this has become a MUST every summer since I started. Wife and I are now planning our summer (which does not last long here) around Oshkosh and the Mooney Caravan. We'll see you there! Yves
  6. I had one such event a few months ago while flying formation with Ned. Same model, same year... Since then I pay more attention to the way I latch it after take off and it has not happened since. I believe it was not properly latched by inattention. Maybe lubbing this will help ease the mechanism in place? Yves
  7. Best bet is Oshkosh Wisconsin during AirVenture. We had a get together that included over 30 Mooneyspacers if I recall right. Yves
  8. You Googled the Accutrak? I am having trouble reading your text Hank... too much beer? No I got it... the autocorrect again!
  9. When I borrow my friend's oxygen tank on a long multi-day trip (in case I need to fly high altitude), I would systematically use it 8K and above. I found out that it PREVENTS becoming tired when I fly long that high. (3 - 4 hour legs) I do not know if using it after will get rid of the tireness but I doubt it. Yves
  10. Mission accomplished. New tire installed. The floor jack on the picture was put there as a safety after removing the wheel and was not touching the axle. Thanks all. Yves
  11. I am based near Ottawa and fly to Toronto area from time to time. Which airport do you do your training at? I will let you know when I fly around. Yves
  12. Thanks folks. I will let you know how things went in about a week.... One last question: How many inches of jack play do you need to rise approximately for the wheel to rise up assuming pucks are in good shape? Yves
  13. Have a short body.