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  1. This is another interesting site. It gives a bunch of measurements taken by the aircraft along its route. http://aircraft.myfoxhurricane.com/recon/ Yves
  2. Just to let everyone know that the sponsors have all cleared their due so I just remitted the $276 USD to Mooneyspace as described in my previous message. Yves
  3. yvesg

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    No problem for the time when you decide to come. Best time here weatherwise is always the fall (no moskitoes, less thermals etc.) Winter is so cold we even have a fly-in on ice at the end of February. Spring and Summer are also fun ... Ned and I always wanted to setup a clinic here... maybe we could do this with your help (and if you want to) when the time comes. Have a nice week-end. Say hi from both of us to « Glamorous Glennie » Yves & Diane
  4. yvesg

    2018 Mooney Caravan

    Whenever you decide to come, we have a room for you. We are flying to the Casey fly-in on labor day week-end and have a wedding the next Saturday... the rest is fairly open. Yves and Diane
  5. I had the same idea after Marauder’s request. Thanks Seth. Yves
  6. I was so busy so I did not take any. Did anyone did? There are over 100 witnesses anyway.... Yves
  7. Sorry for the delay but I was hosting a corn/pig roast at home this weekend and had my hands full. Here is the financial results for the social: Financial report for MooneySpace Social held on Monday July 23rd, 2018 in Oshkosh, WI Income: Donations: $1096 Sponsor #1: $ 250 Payment received by Mooney Caravan Sponsor #2: $ 250 Invoiced by Mooney Caravan, expecting payment soon (pending) Total: $1596 Expenses: Pizza: $ 696 Nametags: $ 28 Drinks + ice:$ 320 (Paid by Mooney Caravan) Total: $1044 Results: Income: $1596 Expenses: $1044 Net (over): $ 532 $532 / 2 = $276 (It was understood that any remaining amount from donations would be split evenly between Mooney Caravan and MooneySpace) Mooney Caravan received $250 + $250 (pending) - $320 + $96 (cash, taken from donations) = $276 MooneySpace will receive $276 via Paypall by Yves Grenier as soon as the pending sponsor #2 Payment is received by Mooney Caravan. If the payment does not get received within 30 days of invoicing, a new statement will be produced to re-balance things between Mooney Caravan and MooneySpace. Cash amount were counted and verified by MooneySpace Members Ned Gravel and Alan Millet. Accounting was verified by Robert Davis, CPA, Mooney Caravan accountant. I would like to thanks the following persons / sponsors who allowed this event to happen: David and Cindy Staffeldt from GDS aero Barry Leblanc from Genesys Aerosystems Ned Gravel (volunteer) Alan Millet (volunteer) Ute Gravel (volunteer) Brenda Millet (volunteer) Dolores Davis (volunteer) Diane Barbeau (volunteer) Robert Davis (accounting) Debbie Shopperly (access to vehicle to carry stuff around) All Mooney Caravan Safety foundation executive for providing access to the tent for the event and publicizing the event on their web site. Thanks to all attendees who were quite generous with their donations. Yves "Olaf" Grenier
  8. What happens in Oshkosh, stays in Oshkosh! Yves
  9. We had a very good crowd. Thanks all that attended. Thanks for the help of Ned, Ute, Alan, Brenda, Dolores, Barry and a few others that help setup. Special thanks to GDS Aero and Genesys Aero Systems for their monetary help. We will post a financial report within a week. MooneySpace and MooneyCaravan are both getting a donation, similar to last year. Yves
  10. Oh and by the way. If some can carry with them their camp chair...this will ensure you will be able to sit... the tent has tables and chairs but with the high number, might run out of room. Yves
  11. Mooney Caravan tent is row 526. South of runway 27/09 Welcome all. Yves
  12. Planned arrival time for the Mooney Caravan (over 60 aircraft) is 17:30 local today. Yves
  13. Please let me know whoever has to cancel so we are not stuck with too much pizza. Thanks PeytonM. Yves
  14. Update: The Mooney Caravan group is still in Madison due to weather. We expect to be able to go to Oshkosh today. Monday night social still in the plans. Yves
  15. List of signed at 00:00 Hrs Zulu: yvesg + Diane Junkman + Glennie Bob_Belville + Nancy gsxrpilot Danb + Fran DanM20C FlyChickie + @autopatch + 3 BDPeterson M20F-1968 John Breda steingar jasona900 Dan at Ful L Trotter, S Trotter, R Trotter Tom Sullivan, Cheryle Sullivan, Steve Phillips Bryan Brannon, Lee Brannon StevenL757 + 1 Amillet + Brenda? ElkoRandy20J DualRatedFlyer + 2 Sabremech Ned + Ute Marcopolo, Mini Marcopolo, Boss Marcopolo Lotsofgadgets, Austin mike_elliott FoxMike + 4 skydvrboy + 2 Lancecasper N9201A (Larry) Simon + wife Seth Don Kaye + Shirley McLaren kpaul + 1 Rich & Kim Hill PeytonM M20FanJesse + Grandpa Keith20EH + 2 1967 427 + wife RocketAviator + Billie + Grandson ExM20K Tony__L RocketMan Rudest Buddhist + Ms Stephen Skinner kellym N9405V (Wade Shoop) JeffMirs M20JFlyer John B + Debbie CraigV Dr. Dubin Bayern Speed + son Dspeterson + Ben + Sam Brad Podd + Olivia cliffy + Carol N9453V + 1 FlyingAg14 ThorFlight + Eli Current count: 103. We have also about 20 more guests that are part of the Caravan but not MooneySpace members... so a total of about 123 people. Those 20 contacted me via email to let me know they will be there. DEADLINE: Deadline is past. I will only make additions if you signaled your attendance before the deadline and I missed it. (Has to be done no later than Monday) Please review the above list. Not being on this list only mean that the pilot will not have a name tag with "printed" MooneySpace handle. We will have spare ones allowing writing handle with a Sharpie pen and people (like Bob) who want people to write their full name :-) Tags expectations: With the large number of people, we will only have tags for pilots. Yves