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  1. Got this on a Quebec pilot forum: http://m.wimp.com/pilot-lands-plane-in-some-intense-wind/ Yves
  2. Try Janet Denton. I think she works at Elite: http://iflyelite.com/ Yves
  3. The fee in Canada for small aircrafts is around and fixed at $70 and sent by mail every year to every aircraft registered owner (some types are freed of this... but I forgot which ones), regardless of usage. Several larger airports have landing fees but this is not related to ATC. Yves PS. Found the link with detail: http://www.navcanada.ca/EN/media/Publications/Customer-Guide-Charges-EN.pdf There is a $10 fee at major airports
  4. Be warned. There is an old Arab proverb that says: If you let a camel enter his head inside the tent, the whole body will follow. Before we had privatization of ATC in Canada, we had axise tax on aircraft fuel. When they started to charge for ATC, the tax remained! Yves
  5. Two words: Dog hair! Everywhere...We took the two Beagles several years ago... no more! Yves
  6. What is a waiver of subrogation? Yves
  7. Tom, are you around there during Christmas time? I often look for places to fly to in Florida around that time. I was around last December and had a nice lunch with Hector. Yves
  8. Jim, chances are you own insurance company would cover you. Yves
  9. Not quite in my area... just a few thousand miles away. This continent is huge. Thanks. Yves
  10. Do you have the airport ID for the fishing lodge? Perhaps you overflew my house on your way there. Yves
  11. Welcome to Mooney ownership Tony. I am familiar a bit with your airport as I had to divert there 4-5 years ago due to weather. There is 5-6 Mooney owners within 1.5 hour flight distance in the area that are on this forum. Yves
  12. Don't forget to post pictures! Yves
  13. I concur with Paul just above that departure from USA eAPIS time is not critical. One of the first times I did this I had to change my departure and crossing time and the lady CBP USA gave me plenty of shit telling me to call Canadian customs instead. I even had an event once where I wrongly entered my departure date by one day off. (Sometimes when you are on vacations, you loose track of the dates) I entered the next day and was quite oblivious when I would not get the clearing email as the departure time passed. I did not have access to a phone, only wifi so I just took off and went home. I received after several hours the clearing email (for the next day) and never heard anything ever. I think they should just get rid of that requirement to get clearing on departure from USA... just a waste of time and money.... my opinion. Yves
  14. Andrew, my iPAD mini did shut down because of the cold about a month ago when I was going around the airplane, removing the snow, do this, do that. It was in my winter coat side pocket. It was around -10 C then. I posted the question on avcanada which is a Canadian pilots forum. A fellow answered that he did not get any issues with the JPI unit as he flew as cold as -15 C. It is not quite as cold as what I sometimes do but it means there is hope it can work most of the time.. Yves
  15. Thanks Anthony. If they do not have this spec, that probably means they have not tested it. That type of installation would typically be done on travelling machines like Beech or Mooney who typically have airplanes sleeping in hangars right? There is a good chance no-one has really tried it with a cold soaked aircraft coming out of a snow bank. I would be very surprised if this would behave at minus 20 C. Even my iPAD shuts down at that temperature. Yves