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    Imagine a French speaking guy from Quebec arriving there in a Mooney... I did a few years back. Landed in Long Beach though. Yves
  2. 9 Mooney Formation over VA

    It really looks like you wanted to patch a hole with duck tape! Very nice video thanks. Yves
  3. 9 Mooney Formation over VA

    Mike, what is that taped hole? Yves
  4. Survival Kit Discussion

    khedrei, I don’t want to spoil your motivation to build such a kit, however my opinion is that if you stay south of the mid 40 degrees parallel , the odds of needing you kit are very very... did I say very? low... For your flight to Maine from Toronto, you can stay with ATC all the way if you fly high enough if you do this VFR. If you have 121.5, there are a multitude of airlines going over your path and they all listen to guard. I have been doing a flight from Ottawa to Casey Quebec 1.5 hours a few times where I am at least 30 minutes without ATC contact and even there my wife keeps telling me she can see cottages all around lakes.... if I get an engine failure around there I would ditch in a lake near a cottage (mountaineous so no straight roads to land on) and possibly find human beings around. If you plan to go way north of Canada where there is no controlled airspace at all then it is a different story. Yves
  5. We finished the job today and really happy with the results. We used snaps as suggested by Byron. High five to SCS interiors: We managed last week-end to destroy one piece by cutting the fuel selector hole at the wrong place. After a phone call to SCS, they got a replacement piece to us in a few days for a reasonable price, squeezing our special order between normal runs. We highly recommend them. Yves
  6. M10 is on the move

    Been watching airplanes for over 50 years now. The M10 has the smallest vertical tail section I have seen for the gross weight it supports. Compare the surface with the one from a Cessna 150. I have doubts it would provide sufficient yaw stability and spin recovery margin. Yves
  7. M10 is on the move

    Tail is too small on the M10. I can bet they could not get it out of a spin in the required mandatory time. Yves
  8. Some told me this is what they use (for gear): https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=sc628p Yves
  9. Hurricane Irma

    There are lots of Canadian travellers that are "very" upset because it took some time from our government to get things arranged for retrieval. My opinion is that this is hurricane season: people took a risk which materialized. I would never plan a trip in the lower Antilles this time of the year unless I provide my own transportation and can control my destiny. Yves
  10. Hurricane Irma

    Hector are you flooded? I hope all is fine with you. Yves
  11. Solenoid Replacement

    I think this one is PMA approved: https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/eppages/sts-12m24m.php?clickkey=1836482 Go to "documents", then "Download the PMA Eligibility" and the M20C is included Yves
  12. Wonderful World of Flying #2

    This series is the reason I went back to flying in 1997, after doing a few hours in 1979. Yves
  13. Thanks a lot Byron. The carpets have been ordered and I found a local marine shop that has the snaps and tool. I ordered a dark carpet and now hesitate if I should keep the snaps as is with their metallic appearance or should I paint them with a matching color. Zinc plated snaps can be painted... stainless steel not so much I think. What color are yours? Yves
  14. Formation Flying Demo at the Mooney Summit

    Piehler is on MS: https://mooneyspace.com/profile/12811-dave-piehler/ Yves
  15. Thanks folks for the advise. The aircraft is not sitting in hot temperature except july and august but I had issues like this with Velcro. If the snaps are risk free I will go with that. Is the floor thick enough so that metal screws can be installed without Tinnermans on the other side? Do we have to be careful not to drill into something we don't want underneath the floor? Thanks. Yves