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  1. What engine are we talking about?
  2. jackn

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    If you’re the kind of person who ‘act first, think later’, then no. If you’re the person who likes to read, think about what’s happening, and think about what you’re doing, you’ll do ok. Provided the plane is in good shape and you get a competent CFI.
  3. So, for us non structural engineering types. Are you saying the rod end was in too far, therefore the wheel was being stopped by the top of the wheel well. That maybe the tire was providing a little give, but eventually the rod end failed?
  4. jackn

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Strongly disagree. There are ‘stuff happens, there are ‘Brain farts’. I feel This was gross negligence caused by the mechanic being too lazy to check everything was in order before lifting the gear handle.
  5. That would account for the paint rubbed off on the bottom of the tube.
  6. Looks like it’s ‘just’ a rod end sheared. That is an easy fix. My guess is the down & locked relay failed and the motor kept going till the breaker finally popped( check it out). Fortunately for you, the landing gear was down and locked by the over center. I wouldn’t try to move the plane though.
  7. Made me want to go to my hanger and shake the prop up & down.
  8. jackn

    Today's flight for 2018

    Cloud dancing this morning
  9. jackn

    Looking for a 252

    How's the Encore conversion going??
  10. It would be nice if Garmin would upgrade the GTN training app on my iPad. Clearly would like to practice before updating the 750.
  11. jackn

    Corrosion or not ?

    Bottom picture is paint bubbling from the turbo. May need new heat shielding on the inside cowl. Cowl is fiberglass, paint shop can fix.
  12. jackn

    M20K Power Settings..?

    If you increase the MP on my engine the fuel flow will indeed increase. Then you adjust the red knob to get the tit or engine roughness in line.
  13. jackn

    M20K Power Settings..?

    Just ‘thinking out loud’. I’ve heard about the inefficiencies introduced by the inter cooler before, but was unable to quantify it. What I was inarticulately try to say is there are trade offs on everything. When I’m running ROP at a given MP and pull the mixture back to LOP, I’ll get better fuel efficiency, but I’ll slow down. If I want to get that speed back, I’ll increase MP. Therefore my turbo will run harder. From what I read, the harder the tubo works, the more inefficiencies are introduced because of the inter cooling system, therefore, making the turbo work even harder. I run ROP & LOP depending on the situation. I just like to know the trade offs I’m making.
  14. jackn

    M20K Power Settings..?

    To put a little more flesh on the bones, say you are flying ROP at 26” or 30” LOP to get the same power (speed), the turbo must boost some amount over an additional 4” MP?