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  1. Time for a new Mag

    Upon further reflection, I remember that the ship gauge pickup on the left mag did have a vent orifice, but it was covered by a fine wire mesh that over time had gotten clogged. The jpi uses a gasket style pickup that is secured under the plug. With the help of a couple of guys on this board, I was able to sort it out and replaced the original pickup with an slick orificed plug that has a little cap cover to keep out the grime. If you need the original pickup, suggest you soak it in solvent, blow it out.
  2. Time for a new Mag

    Yep, I’ve seen that before. Last spring I did my 500 hr mag. The right mag was fine, the left mag was very rusty. The difference was that the left mag’s rpm pickup didn’t have a vent hole in it. I guess it originally went to the ship’s rpm gauge. The gauge was removed do to the installation of the jpi 930, but the pickup was left. Make sure to change the in-line filter to the mags.
  3. 231 - AOG - Oil out the breather

    My guess, the breather tube disconnected from the air/oil separator, then ram air blew into the a/o separator blowing all residual oil out. I don’t think you have a problem.
  4. Engine out glide distance

    I don't have my POH handy right now, but I'm sure it came from the performance section, I'll check. Also, years ago when getting my pp, my instructor actually shutdown the engine in the 172. I'm not going to comment whether that was a good idea, but the difference in glide performance was noticeable.
  5. Engine out glide distance

    The winds & terrain turned on, the winds where honking from the SW. Thanks. The POH says I have a 10:1 glide. Seemed low to me.
  6. I've been using the 'glide' ring on my Garmin Pilot app. You plug in the glide ratio from the POH and a fudge factor( suggested 20%), it will give you a ring(cyan) showing how far you can glide. Anyway, I'm always surprised at how much less I can actually glide vs what I had previously thought I could. The photo is just south of JFK at 6k( usual transit altitude).
  7. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Probably not case pressure, the exit for blow by is on the left hand side. It very well be a turbo issue, but don't discount Peter's idea. A friends 231 had worn valve guides on one cylinder and oil was dripping down into the cylinder after shutdown. On startup the oil would blow out. No noticeable excess oil usage in cruise. A bore scope would tell.
  8. Follow up, I met the owner today. He's self made and an immigrant. He also flys a 182 on floats. Nice guy and very likable. The airplane is serial #3, and he took delivery about a month ago. He can paint his plane anyway he sees fit as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I think the Mets idea is a good one. If so, I'll bet the team transport also lacks a chute.
  10. Customer. I dunno, I think it looks cool.
  11. Resurrecting a J

    Don't forget new tire tubes.
  12. 252 Cruise Speed

    That is correct. Lop would be at 10.4gph for 65%.
  13. 252 Cruise Speed

    Hey Mark, i flew up to KRUT(Rutland, VT) on Wednesday to do some fall hiking. I wanted to check out 65% at 8,500. See photo below. If you figure an additional 2 kts per 1000 ft, you're at 160 at 10.5k. Any plane that can do 160 burning between 10 & 12 gph is nothing to sneeze at. My edm930 is accurate as far as %hp is concerned, the power numbers adjusted to oat do indeed come to 65%. Jack