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  1. jackn

    M20K 252 Propeller Won't Cycle

    A while ago, I was helping a mechanic pull a prop off a ‘K’. ( not mine). When the prop was removed, there was a lot of what looked like lead paste inside the flange. I guess from centrifugal action. I’m guessing that it could get into the workings of the prop and gum things up. Id pull the prop and take a look before I’d do anything else.
  2. jackn

    N187CT - Building Our Dream 201

    Just amazing what you guys are doing to these wonderful airplanes! A real collectors prize.
  3. jackn

    Propeller Vortelator

    Saw these the other day. Looks like a few kts to me.
  4. jackn

    Fallstreak Clouds

    Flew under one a few months ago. Clouds are cool!
  5. jackn

    DTOPS/CBP Sticker

    I spoke with Customs yesterday at FXE. They told me to either enter my 2018 DTOPS # or “Pending” in that field of eApis. Bring your receipt for the DTOPS sticker.
  6. The problem with going by the book, is that the book has your mechanic adjusting high/low fuel pressure while doing ground static run ups. I had a fuel pressure transducer connected to the unmetered fuel pressure line, displayed on the JPI. Then test flew while noting the actual pressures. It took a few iterations to get it dialed in but I’ve never had an issue since.
  7. First things first. Idle should be set to 700 rpm. As was previously mentioned, on roll-out with the wnd pushing the prop, you are probably below your static idle rpm. Simple adjustment to idle, and see if that fixes it before doing a full fuel setup.
  8. jackn


    ken, just a joke. I really like the v-tail Bonanza, it’s a fast, super sexy plane!
  9. jackn

    M10 is on the move

    I follow Elliot Seguin on Instagram. He’s a test pilot for Mooney. He just posted a short video of landing the M10 in Chino. I guess it’s still in the works.
  10. A regular routing is down V1 to MYR(Mytle Beach). Good 1/2 way point. Then CHS to STARY then ORM. From there, they’ll give you V3 down the coast. You get to fly past Kennedy Space Center.
  11. jackn

    Is this bad?

    Sierra cement.
  12. jackn

    What's this called ?

    FWIW, on mine, if you rotate the air filter counter clockwise before tightening the hose clamp to the turbo, it won’t rub. The rubber boot will still fit nicely to the NACA inlet.
  13. jackn

    What's this called ?

    Air filter housing. If the rubber boot is ripped, that can be purchased & replAced.
  14. jackn

    231 electrical question

    Like Anthony said. My guess is that the alternator is located very close to oil filter. Somebody may have knocked off(or broke) one of the alternator wires. The alternator is attached to the back of the engine just behind the oil filter.
  15. jackn

    Boroscope Exhaust Valve Images

    Please switch to fine wires. I was skeptical at first, as they cost significantly more. My engine runs much smoother & cooler, the fine wire plugs last much longer than the massive. Also, when taking a borescope, try to get a wider view, it helps to see the big picture.