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  1. jackn

    Angel flight accident

    It’s very unsettling when it happens to someone close to you. We have to think on it as a learning opportunity.
  2. jackn

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    If anyone has a good recommendation in the NE, I’d be appreciative.
  3. jackn

    Lost a Friend

    I understand what you’re saying and I happen to agree. Just sucks when the good people are taken away. Benny Krupinski & his wife Bonnie where members of the good people group and also great friends to our airport. They will be missed.
  4. Need to vent. Yesterday, my good friend Jon Dollard, along with three passengers died in a plane crash. Jon was a very experienced pilot for East Hampton Airlines. EHA is a charter company. Yesterday, He was flying the owner, the owners wife and their grandchild in the Navajo when it crashed into the Atlantic just offshore. Judging from where the wreckage was found, it looks as though they were on the final approach for the RNAV28 approach into HTO. My wife & I were in the backyard under a blue sky, it was very warm and humid with haze and scud. We heard a series of thunderclaps, Is that Thunder?? When I looked at my weather app, you could see a lot of large thunderstorms developing all around us. It was happening fast. Jon & I flew many time together. In my Mooney, as well as the company Bonanza, the Navajo, and the Falcon 900. I posted here on MS a video of landing the Falcon, Jon is the copilot on that flight. Jon took his profession seriously, he loved to recite the FARs, the more obscure, the better. He believed in checklists(checklist, checklist, checklist). He had a wonderful sense of humor, he would tell a joke to a rock, Andrea & I enjoyed having him and his wife Ana over for dinner. The conversation never slowed. After the accident, Andrea reminded me that I told her many times that I could never do what Jon did for a living. He wasn't the kind of guy to take chances, but if you never flew on anything but 'perfect' days, you couldn't be a charter pilot out here. We have a lot of low visibility, low ceilings and fog days. I have to go now, but I wanted to get this out. Ill finish this later.
  5. jackn

    Asymmetric Ailerons

    The ailerons are indeed referenced to the wingtips.
  6. jackn

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    The airspeed switch is attached to the back of the airspeed indicator. There is a procedure in the maintenance manual to check it. Essentially, you put a piece of surgical tubing on the pitot tube and roll it closed until the switch opens. I think it opens when The asi gets to about 65kts.
  7. jackn

    Gear Up Alarm fail at annual

    I drew a simplified schematic of this circuit just to understand what is going on. It’s at my hanger right now though. As I remember, there are 2 switches that control the buzzer. One is the throttle micro-switch, the other is from the airspeed switch. Maybe I misread, but you have the plane up on jacks with the gear up. The buzzer will sound because the airspeed switch is closed. This is regardless of the throttle position.
  8. jackn

    Asymmetric Ailerons

    I thought that might be the case, but both flaps are symmetrical and it doesn’t show up on the ground. I agree about not screwing with it, but was just curious.
  9. My right aileron seems to lift slightly in flight. The left one stays flush. I can’t reproduce this on the ground. I thought I might have a worn rod-end, but all pushrods and bearings seem tight. The interesting thing is that the plane flys hands/feet off just fine. Just checking to see if anyone has experienced this.
  10. HPN, Westchester is the easiest airport to get to. Lots of trains on the metro north line stop there. There are buses & cabs, and some fbo will send a car. Don’t know the hanger situation though. I’m sure that’s a tall order.
  11. jackn

    Holy Yikes!

    Dr. Bollt, I want to add my congratulations on a job well done. Also, I want to thank you for a thoughtful, in depth write up as well. I’ve been reading & thinking. I know a turbo failure can happen, I just wasn’t sure how it would manifest itself or how I could recognize it if it did happen. Your story will stay with me. I’ve been thinking of a way an engine instrument could alert you to the fact that the turbo failed, thus giving the pilot the opportunity to lean out and restart. I was also wondering if the turbo were to fail, would the intake part of the turbo block the ambient air from getting to the intake manifold. I guess it would all depend. Oh, as an aside, there never seems to be a boring moment with you. I hope Mrs Bollt is not getting too crazy.
  12. All good advice. One thing though. Unless you’re dealing with a wind from the north over 10 kts, request rwy15. Rwy33 is downhill, you have a much higher groundspeed to begin with and I’ve heard of a number of pilots bouncing on 33, with eventual prop strike.
  13. I have the same engine. $475 from Avial. It is what it is.
  14. jackn

    Long Mooney trip to South America

    I’ve been enjoying reading about you Adventure. You and Mrs Terbang are really amazing! I wonder if you could tell us what power settings & fuel burn you use, especially for the long overwater legs. Thanks.