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  1. Aspen Evolution 5?

    I saw that. I hope they keep the same size, maybe faster processor & graphics.
  2. No. The overboost (valve/ regulator) is the can on the top of the engine on the right. It is attached to the induction system. On your engine it will open at 37". This could explain why you initially got full power, but it opened and failed to reseat. It's possible that once you shut down and let it sit, the valve reseated, but it is clearly still faulty.
  3. Just a thought, the overboost regulator, the big can on the engine’s right side may be defective, thereby opening at 26”.
  4. This sounds about right. SID97 also states that you can set fuel flow 5% higher than the max FF in order to do partial power climbs. This is what I do. If I’m not in a hurry, I’ll reduce my MP to 32” 2600 rpm at 18.5 gph. I’ll lose about 200 f/min but FF drops from 25 to 18.5. A side benefit of setting the FF higher is that on a hot/ humid day, I’ll still get plenty of fuel flow t keep everything cool. On a cold day, just use the red knob.
  5. "Specialty" shops

    If you take your Mooney to a non Mooney mx, expect to get charged 4 hrs to do a 2 hr job. 2 hrs for the work & 2 hrs head scratching & cursing on how to get at ‘that’ nut.
  6. G-OBAL refit

    My current thinking is to wait until Garmin starts shipping the g500 TXi. At that point I feel there will be a lot of Used Aspens hitting the market. Aspen is a fine unit and clearly suits my needs. Just a thought.
  7. Reading Apollo 8 now. Anyone who enjoys engineering, aviation, and finds fun & humor in figuring out difficult problems will like this book.
  8. New Member Introduction

    +2 on Kerry. He knows 252s like the back of his hand. I’ve called him a few times when I couldn’t figure something out. He was always very helpful.
  9. Clouds

    Well, if you feel like you need a hand.
  10. The whitewater analogy is a good one. The worst turbulence I’ve encountered was on a bluebird day with light winds aloft. Leadville Awos was 11G17, that should be fine, but where were the gusts coming from? Think of the valleys as large lakes, with the passes where that water will flow over & down. When you check the barometer setting from one valley to the next you’ll see what I mean. This will happen usually late morning until early afternoon. That & convective activity is why most mountain flying is done early in the day.
  11. Both of those bulbs, as well as the sonalert are on the gear warning circuit. There is a micro-switch on the throttle that is also on this circuit. I’d be curious if by pushing in the throttle would allow the lights to come on. Anyway, it’s probably the sonalert. It’s taking its time to energize at which point the voltage comes up high enough to light the bulbs.
  12. I responded over on BT. Basically, I had to grind a wrench to get it on the hold down nut. Removal of the #2 alternator also helps.
  13. Advice on turbo Mooney

    The difference between the 252 and the Encore, other than the higher UL is 10 extra hp in essentially the same engine. In cruise this doesn’t really buy you anything. Same power settings, fuel burn will get you the same performance. You do see a difference in the climb performance however. I can’t quantify, but it is quite noticeable. The turbo management is really simple. I have done over 5 hr flights and have found this plane to be very comfortable. Also, when flying in the mountains, I have hit some heavy turbulence, I was glad to be in a Mooney, although I wish it came with 4 point seat belts.
  14. Realistic TAS for Mooney Ovation

    not sure if you’ve seen this.