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  1. Hope all is well with you Nancy
  2. Danb

    Ownership costs

    Like many above stated I don’t keep close track of my costs nor do I keep a fund for long term expected maintenance items such as new engine etc. being an accountant I’ve become anti-numerical outside of work, if I can keep making the expenses I’ll keep flying if not I’ll sit in the corner and wither away. Having a pristine Bravo at least mechanically which is expensive to maintain I’d rather not keep track. Some years I’d guess on the low side of $30000+ on the high side like last year $60,000+ many of us are on our final plane just hoping for another year of flying. My wife mentioned yesterday to start planning for our flying season, last year was the best flying year we’ve had flying over 120 hours of long cross country ie vacationing...was awesome. Onward to 2019. Have fun keep flying in you can, the years fly by.
  3. Have fun B.B. expected to see you in New Hampshire last yr
  4. Danb

    Yoke sticky , hanging up

    Gosh G-man, I finally had success once we changed the frozen eyeball, obviously if you changed yours and the issue is still there hmmm? I’d assume you need to try all the items recommended above once fixed let us know the result, good luck I know it’s a safety issue.
  5. Danb

    ForeFlight Stratus or XM on G1000?

    David I couldn’t agree more, this summer I was on a long cross country avoiding thunderstorms, while comparing Sirius XM with Adsb with Stormscope and visual, taking photos to compare later the Sirius IMO was better than Adsb while the Stormscope allowed for more tactical avoidance. This is my opinion only it seems as though XM is getting faster response than before.
  6. Danb

    New brakes I think I need

    Thanks this just started, seems when you have n annual or something done other things seem to occur
  7. Danb

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    Hey Paul I’m thinking of finally getting a go pro, is a hero7 a good purchase.
  8. Landed there eons ago in my J, wouldn’t try it in my Bravo
  9. Danb

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Clarence preventative maintenance is money well spent.
  10. Ok I know I need brakes maybe, it’s been about 5-6 years, just put on new tires and the brakes need quite a bit of pressure to stop the rascal and the parking brake doesn’t hold on runup, since new tires were installed( not really bad but preventative) could something be messed up since the tires were just changed or a coincidence?
  11. Danb

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Stuck between ILS and LNAV
  12. My Marine day’s are long gone, but if you want it done call in the USMC, go Corp.
  13. Danb

    O2 altitudes with little kids

    Ross just fly 8000 and below, shouldn't have any issues there
  14. I’ve had major issues with my door ie 5-6 doors seals, numerous adjustments, I just ha DMax replace the hinge and realign, my second door hinge. It’s now about 90% ok looks ok, only minor door noise after completely pumped up, I’ll add a little foam then live with it, BTW door rebuild is 3-5 G’s depending on who does it. The only major issue with my Bravo in it’s 13 yr life