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  1. Mooney’s get around, see Don Kaye’s post. Very cool JFK nice looking family
  2. We are so fragile you never know what’s in store for us to handle, my thoughts and prayers are all I’ve got for the family, such a difficult situation, God bless..
  3. Looking at the storm scope along with ADSB or xm to give some more info along with what you eyes tell you generally keeps you safe, expect some bumps or worse depending on the size and surrounding wx condition. My wife and eye generally grab the center bar simultaneously, I guess we’ve been flying to long together. She’s my ice watcher especially when topping clouds in the summertime. Robert I assume and your wife are similar same as mike and carol, Bob and Nancy David and Deb me and Fran and so on, our copilots know us better than we know us
  4. Can the administration make this guy go away. Or watch as many others choose to leave.
  5. Don I know you have all new servos etc with the new a/p. When my J was new I had a KFC 150 I think, anyway I had pitch issues like you depicted, after numerous attempts to fix the issue including changing the computer a few times, my avionics shop changed the pitch servos and the issue resolved, I had similar issues with the Bravo Stec55X and it was also the servos. Hopefully the company in Olaithe with figure it out.
  6. I sure would, heat kills avionics. I’m not in love with the aforementioned shop, .
  7. IP it’s easy for the right frontside baffle to get bent down good chance you’ll have to replace that section. A msc put my cowling on and flying home I noticed an increase in my cht’s it stayed with a permanent crease once I changed it all was well again.
  8. Oh my god Mike that poor man, god bless...
  9. My normal temps 90* on ground, this around 6-8000
  10. Cool Mike where were your ear muffs.
  11. A few yrs ago I did Amarillo Tx to Wilmington De non stop 1300 miles Last year Longview Tx to Wilmington De non stop 1000 k miles Not bad the airlines can’t touch it door to door
  12. Mlm the 25,000 is a good estimate albeit on the low side, the maintenance estimate is based on who does the r/m and not putting off items. I only use MSC’s hopefully they keep my plane in top condition. I know many who cut corners or put off items until later I believe it’s a big mistake doing that in a Bravo
  13. Geez that looks like fun shame I’m to far away
  14. Good question Mark last year leaving double eagle with winds >25 at 3000 I had my hands full n my way to Henderson, it got so brutal I Cox my trip to Lake Tahoe due to wi do and turbulence, I learned what I don’t know and bailed out of my last couple stops, my wife couldn’t handle any more turbulence