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  1. David which acclaim did you buy, I also bought one this year, good luck have fun and hold on D
  2. I received, my Maggie harness overnight they are quite responsive
  3. This by no means is an official answer, you must have the plane under your ownership looks like you merely have a contract must be income producing placed in service in the year looks like it not placed in service in 2023 producing income in 2023 the bonus depreciation phases to 60% in 2024, so all isn’t lost, or take delivery of it in 2023 all above is merely a guess not professional advice, unless of course you’d like to hire us I can send an engagement contract, poor attempt at humor D
  4. Your size dimensions aren’t that big, I’d try to fly in another Mooney for a longer stretch of time and adjust the seats to try and get comfy. When looking at planes last year I looked at the Cirrus and also for whatever reason didn’t like them. Other than the long body moonies I’d look at the Malibu’s or move up to a twin Baron or C310. Your giving up to much speed with th Commander Comanche or the like. Not many planes will give 155-160 knots on 9-10 gph.
  5. I’d try to fly one with the extensions on. My Acclaim had 3” extensions which I feel were hazardous I had real difficulty not riding the brakes. I’m not tall 5’8” and don’t need them the first thing I did when I got the plane home was have the MSC remove them.
  6. Although he’s going 290 mph at 17,000
  7. Regarding the phone issues at the company it doesn’t really matter. I’ve owned Mooneys since 1986 4 in total two new including my current acclaim which wasn’t new, the next call to the Mooney company will be my first. I rely on the Mooney Service Centers for my work, parts and knowledge. I’m not surprised you didn’t get a return callback good luck in you purchase adventure. I’d consider finding some owners at your airfield and see if you could get a ride in one, being a 172 driver you’d see a huge difference in or between both. I wouldn’t give up on the brand based on a Mooney blog rather as mentioned try to hitch a ride, D
  8. Nice video, interesting that little rascal started it all, morphing into a blistering Acclaim
  9. Sounds like another plane for Ray…
  10. After reading the lycoming svc bulletin PJ referred to likely it’s normal or near normal. This stuff is scary
  11. Not sure I’ll check with a magnet in morning. Can’t really see them in photo, to small.
  12. Recently did first oil change using regular oil after top overhaul, 60-70 hours. There are a few extremely small flecks of shiny metal in filter. Could this still be rings breaking in or another worrisome issue.
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