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  1. I have a nonin two cheapies from Walgreens and my Apple Watch also has a meter. The issue is keeping the batteries alive..
  2. Very nice clean job, you’ll love it. Nice TAS at 23/24, must be rigged nicely D
  3. You had gearups Skip or generally there to many D
  4. Would love a Honda Jet for trips and a super cub for beating the treetops
  5. I gotta stretch to get to 5’8” and had to remove the 3” extension that came with the Acclaim although I sit forward on a long flight I’ll put the seat back a couple notches get get more comfy and return to forward getting ready to descend. I think it’s a myth that the plane is just for short small people
  6. That’s what I was wondering last year I had a database mismatch and went back did them over, I plan a trip on Wednesday so I don’t want a surprise doing it on game day..I used to have Jeppesen which worked great, I’m kinda dumb not keeping it with the acclaim
  7. What is your procedure for the Acclaim my Bravo used three cards I use Garmin downloads and it apparently wants me to use two cards, it stops after two so I begin the process over to do the other card, one PFD,MFD and Nav card. D
  8. You’re most likely going to have a EGT spread similar to what you mentioned. I doubt you have any issues D
  9. Troy I didn’t actually answer your question but my point is there are a number of realistic settings depending on you mission that day. You like 16-23 LOP A good setting for 16000 I’d use on a trip would be 29/2400 16-17 GPH LOP depending how far you’d want to go determines your speed and FF. A lot depends on whether I’m on a 900+ trip or less than 500 on how I’d fly so I wouldn’t have to land for fuel. As mentioned the acclaim yields a lot of realistic options. Mine always runs cool so CHT isn’t an issue. Today’s outside temperature was in the low 90’s and my CHTS were all around 300. Good luck with your new plane you mentioned you’ve got numerous settings from different Mooneys you’ll figure it out it took almost a year for me to get over my Bravo which IMO is the best.
  10. Just pussing around today my normal cruise at 27.5/2400RPM hottest CHT around 313, TIT 1600, FF 14.5 was just 5000’ and TAS was around 178 knots. My Acclaim can be flown in a number of settings and altitudes allowing 201 type numbers up to TN numbers. I have the ability to just cruise as low as 150 at under 12 GPH up to 225 and 20 GPH which I don’t do. Most my trips are around 15 GPH with great low temps if that’s a good thing at 190 or so depending on altitude.
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