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  1. We got a request from a "Pilot" asking if they can send in their "significant other" voice so we can generate the binary file to be uploaded to the unit. We said sure! The received file contained the correct callout (in a frustrated manner) but at the end after “0”, there was: “You know you are a little bit off the centerline” message! We decline to disclose if the pilot was a male or female And before you guys start pointing fingers at someone here, this was last year with a twin-engine AirCam.
  2. Yes. Already available on experimental and we planned to talk to FAA about the firmware update early next year, but seems due to great feedback about this feature from many, we will initiate the firmware update approval now and check in with them to see their feedback or first reaction on idea. So far, we expect to have the customer decide on the alt, probably 70’ or 50’ or maybe both. Message needs to be short so the next height announcement is not missed. So probably “Check Landing Gear” or “Verify Gear Down”
  3. Thank you. The photo of the Mooney and Cessna we have on the site actually taken by customers themselves after installation and satisfactory first flight.
  4. . 1) Yes. International shipping option already available on the online store. Needs to be signed off by A&P or IA. 2) it’s been done before. And that was before getting the FAA NORSEE approval certificate. I am sure after the certificate it may help a little (or a lot). Currently, countries outside the US do not recognize NORSEE similar to STC just because it's still new. The few cases it was done, a special approval was granted just for that registration. 3) We are not sure about the long range tanks and I hope someone here can chime in. Also, if you don't hav
  5. We do in fact have a lot of professional airline pilots (airlines and charter jets) who order it for their personal airplane. They all share a similar comment: “I will take any aid I can get”. There are many (and some are saying the majority) of GA (personal, non-professional) pilots only doing an average of 30 hrs a year of flying. That's less than 3 hrs a month. Which will probably come to 2 or 3 landings a month at most. And those who did not fly for a while. The confidence level is low, only on the landing part. Not the takeoff, or straight & level. They are secr
  6. Philip, Since Aug 2019, all experimental units are shipped with approved certified components such as the control unit components, Wi-Fi, Audio subsystem and laser element. So same base firmware. Though slightly different. It's the same regarding the Audio system and callout. Installer needs to select using the Wi-Fi that this is for Certified System to comply with the installation instructions. Certified units can be installed and bought for experimental, though not the other way around, installer will not see that option in Wi-Fi, making the entire installation invalid.
  7. The LHS only announces the height through the audio/intercom system. Considering it kicks in 100ft AGL and below, you don't want to be looking inside at the panel that low.
  8. Thanks Glenn. The gang at KLOT are awesome.
  9. My bad. My reply to your original question was: No it does not compete. Yes you can keep it. Yes, you can install the LHS and it does not affect the P2audio or change any of its operation. Of course, each system should have its own audio channel.
  10. @Eduleo, I have to say it really depends on the airplane panel itself and type/model of the Audio Panel or intercom currently installed. For example, it took just less than two hours to get it installed on the Piper. With most of this time due to fabricating another aluminium inspection plate. Wiring through the wing to the back of the aircraft panel was less than 15 min as wires are prepared outside and pushed through. Hooking the audio to the Audio Panel ADF audio IN was also fast as the wire was already out to the old ADF unit tray. The customer with the Mooney was cha
  11. @ Eric, No it does not. Yes, you do need to keep your P2Audio as the LHS mentioned here is only for Landing Height and not related to the gear status. Note, the LHS needs to use its own audio channel. To clarify, I am going to edit my previous post which we talked about our other system (only for experimental airplanes at the moment). Regards Nidal
  12. @carusoam Definitely. Our Gear-Safety product is very popular in the Lancair/Glasair/Velocity market. I think the reason the older gear warning light & tone is not making us notice right away is due to the Glass and newer equipment. Almost all of these make tones and hearing a tone or buzzer in the cockpit without an actual audio message does not grab our attention at once anymore. I remember 25 years ago, If I heard any buzz or tone, it would get my attention immediately and I would start looking all over the panel to see what's the issue! Now with all the "high tech" parts,
  13. @Don, Any side. Any access panel. The spread of the laser beam is small, about 0.5 degree at the bottom base of the unit. And it increases gradually till it hit the ground. So it can be installed near the Landing Gear but care must be taken to make sure the beam is not seeing the landing gear itself or fairings. Normally 2" away is fine. The manual shows how to check the beam before even making holes by holding it by hand or tape using a 9V battery if in doubt.
  14. @John. The laser elements do not suffer from "signal lock" issues at all. The unit fire beams continuously. The 100' is slightly faster in acquisition and interrogation than the 70' due to its much higher range. Many pilots see the 100' as an extra advantage. We have a RENO racer who selected the 100ft "obviously". The unit calculates the range in just milliseconds and it only needs a few readings to build the profile. We have an 80%-20% market range between 70-100' units so far. But we are seeing more and more requests for 100'. This is mainly due to the fact that the 100' introduce
  15. @Don. Yes. We did not mention that to the FAA during the process and it is for sure on the list for middle of next year, and will be optional selection from the software for those with RG and wants to hear it. We also did not mention or submit our "Water" based sensor, we have the same exact unit that will work over water, it uses Ultrasonic as Laser does not work for water. We did not mention any of the "extra" features in mind because we did not want them to freak out at us! We do have "Check Landing Gear" audio message, not on height but based on speed and actual condition of the gea
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