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  1. The 430/650 setup with the aera660 is amazing. I looked at a 750, but with these two it really is a great NAV/MFD set up. With the hardwiring it’s all the same data set, fly plan etc. and with the gtx345 it’s all Adsb in and out, and altitude and terrain call outs, best upgrade out there. Initially came with a 496, but the 660 is a game changer, especially for the price.
  2. I am in on this thread! I will agree to write the letter to Garmin and reach out to them. If you are an M20F owner with a Garmin G5 or considering Dual G5's and planning on a GFC 500 installation, please either post here or via PM your N-number, Serial Number, Current G5 status (1/2 or none), and plan for A/P. I will draft an email for all of us to approve of and get the ball rolling on this STC. You sign up and I'll do the work!
  3. I have a 67F with an STEC 60-2. @Marauder also has a similar set up with an stec 60-2. As I reviewed the stc info from genesys, the 20/30/40/50/60/65 and 55x series are approved. It’s a costly install. Between 20-35k. I would consider waiting 1-2 years for the stc from trutrak or garmin gfc 500. It’s likely a cheaper cost and cheaper install with better technical capabilities. I have the 60-2 autopilot, it’s solid, but I’d rather have a gfc500 if I was picking either from nothing. STC list https://genesys-aerosystems.com/sites/default/files/files/GenesysAerosystems_STC_List.pdf Current Price list - equipment only... install 30-50hrs min https://genesys-aerosystems.com/sites/default/files/Genesys Autopilot ListPriceSheet 2019.pdf
  4. I had the same question when my AI was going wonky. I decided to go Dual G5's its about 9-10k for the dual G5 install and about 6.5 just for the HSI solo install. They have to mount the GMU-11 and if there is an autopilot the GAD 29B interface. You don't have to worry about a vacuum failure or overhaul on hours. Definitely worth it and retains its value on the market.
  5. I just saw this. And I had the exact same issue with the 430W and I changed as per @Jesse Saint. He was right on the money, and fixed it immediately. Now I owe him a case of diet coke. Great MS work!
  6. I have a STEC 60-2 with GPSS and I have an 430W. Its the same output protocol. What is your AI and DG/HSI set up? Any changes there? I have a M20F and am more than happy to help, or fly with you if I have the time. I'm based in Eastern PA. ~Mickey
  7. I am looking at replacing my battery. I am showing about 13.6-13.7 V during flight. I have no other issues. The Aircraft starts just fine and have never had any other electrical issues. Seems like the alternator is doing its job. Thoughts? If a battery.. Which specific battery to get? Eric
  8. just an fyi the data on the aera 660 is user defined. so i put them in. I know 150 mph is about 130 Knots so thats what I put in. Its rough figures right. so I get about 150kts at 8.8gph.
  9. Good Catch. And yes, per STC the G5 speed tape is required to be in the same unit of measure as that the POH. Which for my airplane is MPH. as for the Left lower GS box I have this in KTS, because everything else in the aviation world is in knots.
  10. I agree it will be tough to get those numbers on a stock F. But here is the proof. I have the J windshield, cowling mod (guppy) and some others. I’m lightly loaded relatively 2350lbs and rearward cg. Also per POH, every hundred less gross is worth 1.1mph. So I’m light 400 lbs. My point is.. it matters that you know your airplane, and you tweak it like you want it. The cost in time and money is great. IMO The change to a different aircraft must exceed this value, otherwise you’re losing money and a sense of safety on the deal.
  11. I regularly get 147-150 KTAS 8.8gph 15 deg LOP at 65% power WOT+Ram Air and 2500rpm at 9000 ft. I can get 155+ at same altitude WOT+ RAm Air 2500rpm and 150deg ROP @ 11gph. These are real numbers.
  12. I'll chime in here. I was deciding between a C182 an Mooney and decided on the mooney because of efficiency and the age of my family, wife and one toddler. In retrospect, I would take a 135kt 182 right now because of ease of entrance and Taller cabin, but I love my mooney and its finally squawk free. That said, I bought a really nice equipped M20F with a thorough pre-buy. I still had many squawks and things to learn about Mooney's and my mooney and it cost me a pretty penny. ~10 AMU to ball park it. And the Useful load is the same. There is NO value you can place on a known quantity. IE you know the aircraft you're flying. Further, if you look into it, you'll pay more for insurance ( Retract), and you definitely will pay something being new to Mooney's on a 300nm trip. Even if there are 35 kt headwinds, you're flight time difference is minimal (3 hr in the 182) and (2.5hr in the M20F). 30 min is the difference in show time to the airplane. 12 gal/hr x3 hr = 36 gal. 10.5 gal/hr x 2.5 hr= 26.25 gal. So 10 gal or $55 bucks difference for the same flight. you'd have to fly trip 180 times to get that money back. Or even if its a 2 AMU to get the airplane squawk free... its 36 trips to get even (in bad winds). Otherwise its a 15 min difference and 3 gal /($20) difference in fuel . All just food for thought. If this is a transition to your FINAL airplane, game on. If you're buying for a transition to another airplane later on, I'd wait. I love my mooney but I'm a realist. At this time your engine on the 182 is considered TBO for sale purposes. So its free flying for the next 500+ hours.
  13. If you have foreflight, you can use their new document binder and your drop box and place it in Foreflight. Thats what I do. I have a hard copy and an easy electronic copy. How do you like the 67?
  14. Do you have a Flight stream 210? Or new PMA like a 450a or B?