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    Funny I see similar speeds closer to 160KTS at cruise! Hows your new 252?

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    @Barry LeBlancSpoke with you this morning. I have a call into two avionics shops for cost to install. So I guess I'm in the queue? Call and let me know if there is anything I need to do. @MarauderThanks for the chat yesterday. I also talked to Aspen today. Informed me that the E5 is a different Processor and screen than the original PFD 1000. The new screen and processor are certified without back up vacuum system or AI. Also told me upgrading the E5 to a pro will allow me to keep the Certified STC without need to add another certified AI or vacuum system. Right now I am leaning towards an Aspen E5 with upgrade to Pro with a G5 back up AI. Then upgrade the STEC 60-2 to a STEC 3100. Took a while but these two upgrades would MAKE my airplane.

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Fair Enough. my biggest fear is an unnoticed fuel leak on the spar making it weak/unairworthy. Thats where the thought process came from. \ @Bob_Belville, I looked at your panel and noticed your upgrades. How did you get the flush panel? Where did you get it completed?

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Thanks for the input. I agree on much of what you say, but the real question is, "Is a 51 year old plane worth +8.5k ( dual G5's) or an +12k (Aspen) or more. And is it worth an upgrade to the STEC 3100. It looks really nice.. Also sent you a PM. Thanks for the input. E

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    So I have a 67 M20F with an STEC 60-2. I have not decided on an EFIS yet (Dual G5's, Aspen, B/K AeroVue Touch). Anybody have any insight to upgrading the STEC 60-2 to a 3100 in my situation. Thanks for your input in advance.

    Yoke upgrade

    Wow looks amazing. How often can I find the yokes? Can I find them from a dealer? How much for the re wire and finish?

    Yoke upgrade

    Thank you guys. Very insightful and helpful. Where can I get these new Yokes? And what is the cost?

    Yoke upgrade

    I have a M20F 67 with a jbar and an stec 60 A/p. I was thinking of upgrading my yoke as the Ptt is closer than electric trim on the left YOKE. Any recommendations? Prefer the newer yokes. With a change in electric trim placement, a/p disconnect, and ptt I assume it's a 337? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks MICKEY IMG951130.3gp