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  1. The dates and hours are the same. I have tried to mask which aircraft these are, so it doesn't effect their values. But yes, if there was incongruent hours and years, I agree. E
  2. Looking at two long body Mooneys. Planning on possibly buying one. All in great shape with similar upgrades. First one with a Gear up 10 years ago, and logs show professional and reputable repair. And 10 years and 1000 hrs since incident. The second with minor hail on ailerons and back of fuselage otherwise normal. Is there a reason I should stay away from either of them?
  3. Not a turbo guy, but looking into getting one. I had an F and was very specific with that engine. Here is what I saw. I looked at your data from 03/08/2020. 1 thing I noticed was that there is EGT/CHT/TIT. There is no MAP (manifold pressure) noted on the graph. Regarding your Peak/LOP/ROP operations. At 19:12 you were leaning at cruise at 7500ft, and noted while leaning to have EGT peak at 10.1gph. Spread was 0.2 gph. You leaned at that time about 20:14 to 8.4gph which is about 50-60 deg LOP. And 55% power with a 13.7 hp/(gph) factor = 54.8% power. <- This is LOP ops. You went to 13.2 gph at 25:52 and EGT was minimally increased to 20 deg increase from peak and stabilized to 12.7gph. There was no appreciable change in EGT/CHT as far as I could see. Which is difficult see. I can't comment on this short setting, except that it likely was ROP, though MAP is not available in the data. You then went down to ~55% for the duration of your flight. Eric
  4. Thanks, much appreciated. Sent a PM as well. Stay safe. Mickey
  5. 1. why? 2. What’s the cost? I’m below 12k most of the time.
  6. Sold my F about 2 months ago. Lots of sellers remorse, but it seems like a great time to get back in and buy a faster plane with longer legs. 550 TT, PP/ IR, High altitude, High performance. Have a good insurance quote on both so that isn't an issue. 400nm every 2-4 weeks, and 900nm missions every 3-4 months. Formation flying when able. Looking for input from those who own a Missile. Thoughts on the 550A and the J airframe. The one I'm looking at has the 100gal conversion. And for the K looking for a 231 w/ 252 FWF or 252. Any guidance would be appreciated. Mickey.
  7. Is this airplane still available?
  8. I agree. I don't think it is "Rumor", more... statistically speaking it would increased drag, due to more surface area. Just Food for thought. I don't think Id change the number prop blades based on single engine out performance.
  9. Rumor has it, it also crushes your glide ratio in an engine out. This adds up to 200fpm decent. Cruising at 8k AGL and Vg of, it can make you lose 2.5 Minutes of air time or 4 SM miles of Distance at 104mph.
  10. Its a great MFD. I have it panel mounted, and worth every penny. ADS-B Traffic, weather, back up AI via the AHRS int eh GTX 345, and its a Legal EFB flight bag when updated. Only G3x beats it. IMG_0033.mp4 IMG_0200.mp4
  11. I had this installed. Connected to the Roatating beacon. Its slow but solid. I did this after I got rid of the vaccum system removed after Dual G5 installation. IT was expensive to install $400 for the kit, and 6 hours of work at $100/hr. So 1 AMU for the install but I never worry about it.
  12. The 430/650 setup with the aera660 is amazing. I looked at a 750, but with these two it really is a great NAV/MFD set up. With the hardwiring it’s all the same data set, fly plan etc. and with the gtx345 it’s all Adsb in and out, and altitude and terrain call outs, best upgrade out there. Initially came with a 496, but the 660 is a game changer, especially for the price.
  13. I am in on this thread! I will agree to write the letter to Garmin and reach out to them. If you are an M20F owner with a Garmin G5 or considering Dual G5's and planning on a GFC 500 installation, please either post here or via PM your N-number, Serial Number, Current G5 status (1/2 or none), and plan for A/P. I will draft an email for all of us to approve of and get the ball rolling on this STC. You sign up and I'll do the work!
  14. I have a 67F with an STEC 60-2. @Marauder also has a similar set up with an stec 60-2. As I reviewed the stc info from genesys, the 20/30/40/50/60/65 and 55x series are approved. It’s a costly install. Between 20-35k. I would consider waiting 1-2 years for the stc from trutrak or garmin gfc 500. It’s likely a cheaper cost and cheaper install with better technical capabilities. I have the 60-2 autopilot, it’s solid, but I’d rather have a gfc500 if I was picking either from nothing. STC list https://genesys-aerosystems.com/sites/default/files/files/GenesysAerosystems_STC_List.pdf Current Price list - equipment only... install 30-50hrs min https://genesys-aerosystems.com/sites/default/files/Genesys Autopilot ListPriceSheet 2019.pdf
  15. I had the same question when my AI was going wonky. I decided to go Dual G5's its about 9-10k for the dual G5 install and about 6.5 just for the HSI solo install. They have to mount the GMU-11 and if there is an autopilot the GAD 29B interface. You don't have to worry about a vacuum failure or overhaul on hours. Definitely worth it and retains its value on the market.