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  1. I am relatively new to owning a Mooney and bough my 67 M20F last year. That said, I have put a few upgrades into the aircraft. There has been some great advice from people here on this Mooneyspace. @Marauder Has helped me make some decisions as well, though I have decided to go a different route than him, his set up is great, and I plan for my set up to be solid as well. Attached are a few pictures. The first is when I purchased my aircraft last year. L->R, Standard 6-pack, STEC 60-2 autopilot, Garmin 496, GNS 430W, JPI 830, and KT-76 transponder. My Vaccum system was decent but I wanted some safety measures. So I upgraded the ADS-b in/out adding the GTX 345 and upgrading the 496 to an Aera 660. This upgrade alone was about 7k installed. Traffic in and out (gtx 345), back up ADHRS (gtx 345), terrain warning (Aera 660) and back up/legal charts (Aera 660). I flew this for a few months and then the vacuum system started to go. So... my gyros started to go and I new I figured an EFIS would be helpful and wished it to be integrated into my current stack. At this time the old aspen was cheap (6-8k+ install) and the new aspen was coming out (10k+install) and there was the E5 (6.5k+install). The dual Garmin G5's were available (5.5k+install). The Dynon system was a thought but seemed too far in the future, without knowing it would be approved for the Mooney. Most importantly I wanted SAFETY. So integration of the EFIS and Autopilot were the most important for me. So I looked more into the system lines, 1. Dual G5's and GFC 500 ~ ($5.5k + $8k + install), 2. Aspen Pro and STEC 3100 ~ ($10k + $12k + install), or 3. Dynon HDX Touch with autopilot (unsure of cost but suspect 18-25k + install). Then I was thinking that we pilots are can screw up and safety is paramount. So integrative EFIS and Autopilot and ability to grow into those systems was the most important to me so.... The Garmin system is totally integrative, redundant and made to be integrated. The Aspen/STEC systems are independent systems and well integrated but expensive and nothing was STC'd or approved at that time, nor was the new Aspen shipping or STEC 3100 approved. The Dynon system IMO is the most integrative but the shipping/approval timeline unknown, and suspect the install would cost more. So... for an immediate/6month fix I came to the conclusion that my preference order was 1st Garmin, 2nd Aspen/STEC, then 3rd Dynon as it was on the distant horizon. And if time was no factor Garmin and Dynon would be neck and neck but would need pricing for Dynon. I also had a lot of Garmin electronics installed at this time with Aera 660, GNS 430W, and GTX 345. So...This is what I went with (Garmin) knowing that I could do two things. 1. Immediately have an solid certified EFIS with certified back up that integrates seamlessly with my current avionics. 2. Upgrade my Autopilot to the GFC 500 with a fully integrated A/P system, have Envelope protection, vertical controls, and TO/GA. So for 15k+ install, probably 25k total, I would have a State of the Art aircraft panel and control in a 50+ yearold airplane. And I could upgrade the navigator and audio panel and there would be NO integration problems. If I wanted the same thing with the Aspen/STEC 3100, it would cost the same or more. probably $25-30k in my estimation. AND it would take atleast 6-12 months longer to be approved and installed. Currently @marauder has a great example and he may upgrade to this Aspen/STEC update update. Both are great systems. So what does this all mean to you. 1. Know your mission (hard IMC vs day vmc). 2. Pick your budget. 3. Set your upgrade priorities (system integration, redundancy, etc) 4. Pick your timeline ( 1-2 months or 12 mos +). 5. Pick a system (STEC/Aspen vs Dynon vs Garmin). 6. Enjoy. If you want the "If I was you..."question answered... I would say Any of the 3 works, but the cost of a new GFC 500 $15k will be much cheaper than a new STEC 3100 install $20-$25k, and the Dynon is not yet determined. But if you can wait.... it might just be the best option for the best price. Good luck and have fun!

    GFC 500 and IFD 440/540

    Yes there are other options. Agreed it is a good argument that the STEC 3100 is of equal or better performance than the GFC500 and possibly on par with the GFC 600. HOWEVER, it does not yet have the proven system integration and redundancy of GFC 500. And neither are yet certified for the M20 series. Further in my humble opinion, most Mooney owners only want/need the capability/function of the GFC 500. The STEC 3100 is equitable or has more capability than what Mooney owners want/need. So the option is to out purchase their needs with a reasonable price by upgrading to the STEC 3100 with older Servos, OR purchase what they need/want with the GFC 500 new servos at a marginally lower price point but with proven systems integration. As of right now, I have two thoughts. 1. First to market in this arena will gain the Mooney market, and "Hose" the competition. And will ultimately prevail. 2. Best proof of systems integration with the competitor is a close second in driving the margin of win over the competition. (ie. if STEC shows that a Dual G5 system will integrate seamlessly with an STEC 3100 lateral/vertical/VNAV. With either an IFD 440 or GTN 650 navigator). So there are options. And honestly I am not sure which one I am going with for Autopilot. But if the STEC 3100 shows it can fully function in a Dual G5 world, I'd have a tough time saying no STEC. FWIW - Just a medical guy.

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    I have a call into sureflight. awaiting a quote. I'll call tomorrow.
  4. Devils Advocate here.. Anyone know if you have a Garmin G5 and IFD 440/540 if the Navigator will work with the GFC500?

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Maurader, I called the guy just outside Lancaster 3 times. Still haven't received a call back. I'm trying to get on the books.

    Selling Garmin GDL 51

    I'm interested. PM me.

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    @Barry LeBlancSpoke with you this morning. I have a call into two avionics shops for cost to install. So I guess I'm in the queue? Call and let me know if there is anything I need to do. @MarauderThanks for the chat yesterday. I also talked to Aspen today. Informed me that the E5 is a different Processor and screen than the original PFD 1000. The new screen and processor are certified without back up vacuum system or AI. Also told me upgrading the E5 to a pro will allow me to keep the Certified STC without need to add another certified AI or vacuum system. Right now I am leaning towards an Aspen E5 with upgrade to Pro with a G5 back up AI. Then upgrade the STEC 60-2 to a STEC 3100. Took a while but these two upgrades would MAKE my airplane.

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Fair Enough. my biggest fear is an unnoticed fuel leak on the spar making it weak/unairworthy. Thats where the thought process came from. \ @Bob_Belville, I looked at your panel and noticed your upgrades. How did you get the flush panel? Where did you get it completed?

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    Thanks for the input. I agree on much of what you say, but the real question is, "Is a 51 year old plane worth +8.5k ( dual G5's) or an +12k (Aspen) or more. And is it worth an upgrade to the STEC 3100. It looks really nice.. Also sent you a PM. Thanks for the input. E
  10. MICKEY

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    So I have a 67 M20F with an STEC 60-2. I have not decided on an EFIS yet (Dual G5's, Aspen, B/K AeroVue Touch). Anybody have any insight to upgrading the STEC 60-2 to a 3100 in my situation. Thanks for your input in advance.
  11. MICKEY

    Yoke upgrade

    Wow looks amazing. How often can I find the yokes? Can I find them from a dealer? How much for the re wire and finish?
  12. MICKEY

    Yoke upgrade

    Thank you guys. Very insightful and helpful. Where can I get these new Yokes? And what is the cost?
  13. MICKEY

    Yoke upgrade

    I have a M20F 67 with a jbar and an stec 60 A/p. I was thinking of upgrading my yoke as the Ptt is closer than electric trim on the left YOKE. Any recommendations? Prefer the newer yokes. With a change in electric trim placement, a/p disconnect, and ptt I assume it's a 337? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks MICKEY IMG951130.3gp