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  1. Is the electric trim system still available on this airplane?
  2. Garmin GNS530 for sale. Unit is in pristine condition with only 250 hours in use. Updated to the latest software. Comes with tray. Part # 011-00550-19 Comes with NAVDATA card. $4750 OBO. Shipping included. Located In MD
  3. With a fresh top and flying regularly with being on a SOAP. No worries. Your loss.
  4. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20J+201&listing_id=2396284&s-type=aircraft
  5. Welcome to Delmarva. I am based in CGE (fly in to Kays restaurant right in the terminal building for good food). I was born and raised in the area and have 80 hours+- in a 201J that I purchased last year. There is a thread on here called "Resurrecting a J" that you might want to check out? I am signed up with the NJ Mooney email and its a great source for fly-ins and local events. FYI, I hear there is a party at the west T's in ILG on the 20th of this month. Can someone confirm? I am in ILG alot due to work in a Lear45 based there. If you need a Flight review or IPC sign off, I can help you out. @N6758N is at ILG and a good guy and flies a beechjet. Good guy to know for mechanical questions. I have met @Marauder in person and is very knowledgeable about electronics and Mooney. Airmods is a short hop away in N87 and the best MSC around. There is a good group of guys nearby. You shouldn't have any issues. I haven't met @Danb or @MICKEY yet. Who else is in ILG on here? I see Mooneys in and out often.
  6. I had looked at this exact airplane previously! I am based just south of KESN in KCGE. Awesome job on the restoration
  7. I have flown my mooney to an avionics shop and a maintenance shop with requests to look into my autopilot. Neither place would touch it or attempt to troubleshoot it
  8. 3 weeks later now..... it didn't happen
  9. I realize this is my old thread and I got the supplement data needed at this time. However, I was mistaken and stated I have the P3B. I actually have the P3A system installed in my aircraft and have never seen the altitude hold work yet! When I turn on the "Master" switch, The trim window points "trim down" immediately. No sound coming from the aft compartment either of any motor running. After getting the airplane into the air, in straight and level trimmed flight, I turn the "Altitude hold" switch on. I get the steady green light. (I read the flashing green light meant it would need trimming) But there is no action and the aircraft will deviate from its altitude. Any clues to what is going on? Id like to salvage this system if I can.
  10. I actually plan on keeping this airplane for a while. I cannot find a faster machine for the cost anywhere. I will not throw money into the pit either. Just want to make this a good IFR platform for myself. I have these few items such as WAAS upgrade to the 530 that I need to get to achieve my mission's capabilities. If I need to spend 6-8K between WAAS, software update, ADS-B etc. I wanted to see how far off I am if to just spend another 4-5k and get the big 750 that takes care of pretty much everything. Now the Lynx is super awesome but wouldn't the GTN750 give me traffic as well as ADS-B &WAAS? I don't see why I would get something that nice if I can already get traffic. I saw a few posts directing me to the EDM-900. Yes that is a sweet monitor. Yes my instruments are 40 years old. However, Now I would have to be out more $$ for someone to redesign my entire panel and gut pretty much everything. Plus I already have a blank spot for the 830 to fit into. I really do appreciate everyone 's input. I had no clue the GTN750 could be voice commanded. AWESOME!
  11. Awesome feedback. This is exactly what I am looking for. I have not been able to play with the 750 so that is new territory to me. Hence why I’m asking here. That will be about 15-20k once everything is sold and/or traded up.
  12. So 2018 has been fun but burned my wallet thin. With the initial purchase of the aircraft and getting her back to airworthy status, my 2018 budget is GONE! 2019 is fast approaching. So here is what I'm up against for the J. I want/need: ADS-B (GDL82) for my GTX327, WAAS upgrade for my G530, and engine monitoring system ( looking at the JPI 830). Sarasota Avionics has a sweet trade up program currently ongoing. http://sarasotaavionics.com/gtn-upgrade-promotion So my question, is it better to upgrade current GPS to WAAS, buy and install JPI 830, and go with the in line ADS-B out. Or to upgrade to the GTN750 and have everything remotely installed. price and practicability wise im sort of up in the air on this thought as it seems the 750 will still be considerably more. Sidenote: I may have to upgrade the Autopilot as well. Have my eye on Trutrak
  13. My disks say ‘76 on them. Gear tolerances check within limits. We still going flying.
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