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  1. Lets hope not, if the tooling goes off shore if might be the end of a parts source. Not sure how much cross over tooling exists.
  2. Yes I have the same issue also - bought a new Ipad air with IOS 13 and it sucks accessing these forums - I get the same crap you are experiencing. Using my older IPad I never see these isues, I can demo them side by side. They really hosed up the user interface. I am going to get an appointment at the Apple store in SDL where I bought and see if they can adjust it or maybe its a defective screen who knows. It does work really well with Garmin Pilot though. It seems like they change a lot of stuff with these new releases simply to justify more coding. Notice how the email app has been slightly tweaked to change the way emails are Deleted. So much for muscle memory when transitioning to a new release. Touch interface on IOS 13 is crap!
  3. Nice, were the older round dial instruments required for backup, or was it your personal decision?
  4. Upgrade it to the ES and hook up to your 480, then you are all set.
  5. Investigate to see if prop is weeping oil, small amount could be carried by moisture. Check where blades enter the hub, should be pretty much oil free in that area.
  6. Yea, I said no thanks and had mine repaired, new circuit board, for $650.
  7. Mine were missing and my mechanic made a set.
  8. Sump for pitot static system, should be part of your pre-flight
  9. I,ll buy one to replace my #2 KX155 if: it will accept crossfill from my Gtn650. I want flight plan in 650 to go to this device right away using xfill option in 430/650 like boxes. Otherwise its standalone nav island.
  10. Mine is and I investigated about 18 months ago. Cant remember the exact cost, but it was some insane amount. I bagged it.
  11. Halo headsets are NOT TSO certified for 121 or 135 ops
  12. Some Trophy Shops can make metal peal and stick on labels. Design a layout actual size on computer with wording in font size and type you want. Then call around to trophy shops,. Also here is another option: