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  1. Sump for pitot static system, should be part of your pre-flight
  2. I,ll buy one to replace my #2 KX155 if: it will accept crossfill from my Gtn650. I want flight plan in 650 to go to this device right away using xfill option in 430/650 like boxes. Otherwise its standalone nav island.
  3. Mine is and I investigated about 18 months ago. Cant remember the exact cost, but it was some insane amount. I bagged it.
  4. Halo headsets are NOT TSO certified for 121 or 135 ops
  5. Some Trophy Shops can make metal peal and stick on labels. Design a layout actual size on computer with wording in font size and type you want. Then call around to trophy shops,. Also here is another option:
  6. I figured that out - went to web site, phones numbers dont go anywhere and went to a simulated order and system fails. Too bad, I dont know if there are any other certified separators that do not use vacuum system?
  7. Thats the one I was looking for - I had that one in my '83J. As jaylw314 suggested I may my pull it out entirely. Probelm solved thanks guys.
  8. Looking at removing vacuum system on my 1990 J model. It has an Airwolf Oil separator that uses the vacuum system to energize the system. Anyone know of an oil separator that does not use the vacuum system?
  9. Also isnt there a maintenance shop right behind the restaurant?
  10. See if the shop at KBVS will drive down, its not far.
  11. Yea, I,m good now too
  12. I am in the same boat, sent donation May 2 - still getting ad's?
  13. Garmins new gps/nav/transponder would be an interesting option, designed to work with the G3x
  14. Any idea what the spec’s are for the G5 interface, functions it will control?