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  1. Over on BeechTalk Garmin announced a new release of Garmin Pilot v10.4 It makes some improvements to viewing Notams and makes a major change to the Briefing Output. For the briefing output what they apparently did was change it to display the Leidos briefing output format. So I setup and planned a simple trip of about 100 miles. The output I got was sixty pages, all in long translated format for metars, tafs and a lot of other graphics stuff that takes a lot of pages to display. Compared to the old format its going to take a lot more time to read and assimilate the information. I do
  2. Talk to spencers at Kplu,they did a guys J with 2 g5,s and a 4 servo gfc500, he was quite happy
  3. From Flightaware FAQ's: What is a position-only flight? SHARE | BACK TO TOP A position-only flight is a flight for which FlightAware has not received a filed flight plan (for example an airline flight that doesn't report its flight schedule to FlightAware or a VFR flight). In those cases, if we receive position reports via ADS-B or another source, the flight can be trackable as a position-only flight. Note that position-only flights do not have a filed origin, destination, or route, and the aircraft may enter and leave areas of coverage throughout the flight. Are you ADSB
  4. +1 for Jake in daytona, he did my J
  5. 3) Ditch the switch and use the new lighted button (seen above) I'd vote for number 3 - I do believe STC call for a light of some kind somewhere to indicate on or off. They are tested to be OK if only one is deployed. (Just read previous post - they must have changed the lighting requirement - my '90 J just had one light center panel above yoke). check your install instructions on your new yokes and see what it says.
  6. Do you use the flaps on approach? If so try it without them. Flap motor could be going bad and emitting emf or voltage spike.
  7. Lookingat it again, it looks to me like it had an engine compartment fire with soot streaking back past wings
  8. What do you think this does to resale value?
  9. Tough to see, on one pic you are adjusting the prop control and there is something that looks like what you were seeing. I see that the sun is coming in from the right (?) side of the aircraft. The sparks (?) seem to move in relation to your wrist as you adjust the prop control. I wonder if this is some kind of visible issue caused by the sun coming thru the plexi-glass window, older windows can cause weird stuff. Since you can record this I would try it again with the sun not coming in directly into the cockpit. Could be static build up on aircraft - but from the flight conditions in
  10. I'll bet these folks can help you out: Aircraft Landing Gear Motor Overhaul | Aircraft Accessories of OK
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