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  1. Also isnt there a maintenance shop right behind the restaurant?
  2. See if the shop at KBVS will drive down, its not far.
  3. Yea, I,m good now too
  4. I am in the same boat, sent donation May 2 - still getting ad's?
  5. Garmins new gps/nav/transponder would be an interesting option, designed to work with the G3x
  6. Any idea what the spec’s are for the G5 interface, functions it will control?
  7. Greg is your shop located on the KMFR airport? Where do you perform the work?
  8. I just got off the phone with ASPEN. 1) Standalone Pro MAX PFD 1000 - requires backup AI, Altimeter and Airspeed 2) Pro MAX PFD with Pro MAX MFD - no backup instruments required
  9. gsxrpilot said: The PFD Max will not require a standby AI, Turn Coordinator, or DG Mlm20c said: The max pfd still requires a backup AI, ASI, and altimeter. So who is right, does the PFD Max require a backup Attitude Indicator, or not?
  10. $$$$$$ now, call fbo’s and get pricing
  11. Your idea about going farther south and then cutting over is a good one. I,d avoid the high Rockies and all the negative things the winter brings to the area. ice, wind, turbulence.
  12. What I want to see is the interface functional specs for Aspen unit and TruTrac/trio. I,d like to see how the Aspen would improve the button pushing.
  13. Looks more like your P46T, what J or Ovatiion can true 171kt @ 23K?