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  1. Recognition light replacement with LED bulb, direct replace to existing socket would be a killer.
  2. Pricey , have you seen this one RC Allen 2610
  3. These guys can fix you up, easier to replace with new.
  4. What glue did you use to mate the foam?
  5. Instrument shop can repaint it. They might want to OH it though. Call around and see what they say.
  6. Its 33mb, could not email via comcast, had to send a link. Has schematics for most models, you have to select the schematic based on your serial number.
  7. I emailed you electrical section of maintenance manual.
  8. Pull the turn coordinator circuit breaker and see if the noise starts to away.
  9. How many of you are aware that the FAA is considering eliminating many ILS in favor of LPV. Reference latest Aviation Consumer or IFR magazine, cant remember which and dont have access to them now. Part of Nextgen cost cutting, just like VORs a number of ILS are on the chopping block.
  10. Try this. Find lowest price at a non airport location. Take uber or lyft to go get it. See how that affects your total sl cost. Major airports have tons of surcharges.
  11. Quoted $3000 for this mod at a MSC 18 months ago.
  12. Any update on using G5 as backup for a single Aspen Pro Max PFD? E5 yes , Pro Max depends on Avionic Shop, Best to call Aspen directly and ask question. Last time I checked Pacific Coast Avionics in Oregon wouldn't do it.
  13. Look at the install requirements and STC for the G5, there is some guidance there as to how it can be used.
  14. I dont, but it eliminates another variable.
  15. Dont know if you have tried it, but try an approach with YD off?