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  1. gacoon

    Garmin G5 VS aspen E5

    I just got off the phone with ASPEN. 1) Standalone Pro MAX PFD 1000 - requires backup AI, Altimeter and Airspeed 2) Pro MAX PFD with Pro MAX MFD - no backup instruments required
  2. gacoon

    Garmin G5 VS aspen E5

    gsxrpilot said: The PFD Max will not require a standby AI, Turn Coordinator, or DG Mlm20c said: The max pfd still requires a backup AI, ASI, and altimeter. So who is right, does the PFD Max require a backup Attitude Indicator, or not?
  3. gacoon

    Chicago to Phoenix

    $$$$$$ now, call fbo’s and get pricing
  4. gacoon

    Chicago to Phoenix

    Your idea about going farther south and then cutting over is a good one. I,d avoid the high Rockies and all the negative things the winter brings to the area. ice, wind, turbulence.
  5. gacoon

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    What I want to see is the interface functional specs for Aspen unit and TruTrac/trio. I,d like to see how the Aspen would improve the button pushing.
  6. Looks more like your P46T, what J or Ovatiion can true 171kt @ 23K?
  7. gacoon

    Leaking exhaust

    Long time ago, they did a good job and I would use them again. Totally rebuilt a muffler.
  8. This is good information and the first part about Aspen backup requirement and list matches my research also. Based on DXB's findings it seems that if you install the G5 the 337 should be worded quite carefully and mention how all the Aspen requirements are met. For example, independent of Pitot Static system, backup battery meets requirements (there is a FAR for this),etc. DXB if you go ahead with this would be wonderful if you could share your install 337.
  9. gacoon

    Paint recommendations

    Go on Scheme Designers web site and see his recimmended paint shops.
  10. Thats a tough one to answer. How long ago were they resealed and who did it. Most of the good tank guys guarantee their work for 7 years. Talk to the owner and see if the guys that did it will fix it. If they aren,t mainstream tank fixers I would walk or get a big concesion on purchase price, a strip and reseal is $8,000 from a mainstream shop. I know, just had it done in Wilmar for my J. Also see logbook entry for reseal job, are there subsequent entries for fixing leaks, in other words is there any pattern since it was fixed.
  11. Removing vacuum system on J model. What is best way to disable vacuum warning in annuciator light panel?
  12. Trying to keep the costs out of the stratosphere - everything mentioned is really nice but double or triple the cost. Given I'm putting in an engine its not the time to go hog wild on avionics. I'm also considering the RC Allen RC2610 with backup battery, that is about $3,000 but the install is super easy. The G5 has more function and I would like that, would likely cost about the same as the RC Allen installed. Like to see some examples of 337;'s with G5 approval, or names of shops that do it.
  13. The plane (M20J) is in for an engine swap - old engine making metal so its getting a IO-360A3B6 upgrade. Now seems like a great time to eliminate the vacuum system. I am considering the Garmin G5 as replacement for the vacuum Attitude Indicator - question is will it pass installation limitations for IFR operations. They are: 2.1 Installation Limitation It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the installation will meet the requirements in this manual prior to modification of the aircraft. The installation of the G5 requires the retention of the mechanical airspeed indicator, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator. · If the G5 is installed as the primary attitude indicator, the existing rate of turn indicator must be retained. · If the G5 is installed as the rate of turn indicator, the existing primary attitude indicator must be retained. It would appear that I would need at VSI as the mechanical VSI was removed when the ASPEN was installed. The Aspen has a turn indicator and the wording "existing" would allow that. Anybody with an ASPEN been down this road successfully and how was it signed off?
  14. gacoon

    GTX 335 alt encoder woes

    I would, its a neat little guy that mounts on the back of the xpndr tray.