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  1. How about a cutaway VW engine. it's not our lycoming, but the concepts are the same https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3002649
  2. The STL can't be downloaded. is there another source?
  3. You don't.... I had to pose the prop to show off the cowl plugs.
  4. sometimes it isn't worth it to DIY. the PO of my mooney stuffed two dogbone car wash sponges into the cowl. The sponge didn't stay for long and a family of starlings moved in. (they have since been evicted...) I looked around for over a year and came across GotPlugz. They were about half the cost of the big name vendors. I think I paid about $80 with my N number embroidered on them.
  5. Do you have the millanese loop band on your watch. That has a magnet in it.
  6. $160....Ouch. Mine broke in the same place, the rubber is fine, just the metal adel clamp was broken. I was able to order 5 of them for $8 on eBay. I have 4 left if you need one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Qty-5-Umpco-Adel-Type-3-Metal-Loop-Clamp-MS21333-27/110731447222?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  7. I have a Century 21 in my 82 M20J and it doesn't have a disconnect on the yoke either. The owners manual does state "The autopilot may be disengaged by pressing the momentary ON-OFF rocker switch on the programmer, by pressing the AP DISC switch on the control wheel, if installed, or by interrupting power at the Aircraft Master switch. It looks like the disconnect switches were not part of the factory install when our airplanes came out of Kerville. You should be able to add one if you are willing to run the additional cables thru the yoke and connect them to the head unit and mount a switch in the yoke. Talk you your avionics shop, or A&P.
  8. As you might have heard, the McRib is back at McD's. Unfortunately someone in Minnesota must have upset the folks at Mickey D's Corporate because they are absent from every store in Minnesota, except Worthington, MN. So I just got back from a 1 hr flight from Minneapolis to Worthington in SW Minnesota just to have a McRib. I guess its another version of the $100 hamburger. What crazy excuses have the rest of you come up with to go flying.
  9. With the leaves are falling as fast as the temperature we are getting into cabin heat season again. AOPA has published an interview with fellow MooneySpace user Dan Bass @DanM20C where he recounts how he survived the crash of his M20C after becoming incapacitated by Carbon Monoxide. Now is a great time remind everyone to invest in a CO detector, your life could depend on it. https://www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/online-learning/real-pilot-stories/dan-bass-accident-photos
  10. I located a secondhand dimmer assembly and swapped it. Everything works now. I like the idea of the MaxDim, but I couldn't justify $280+ per dimmer. Maybe by the time these rheostats go south there will be a more cost effective alternative.
  11. Kitplanes magazine ran an article last year reviewing an inexpensive Harbor Freight charger. To quote the author "But when a $40 product1 from Harbor Freight saves me a $300 battery, it is worth writing about". I have used the same charger on my Concorde and on golf cart/rv batteries with good success https://www.kitplanes.com/aero-lectrics-66/
  12. Now that it is getting dark earlier i find myself using the panel lights more often. On my last flight I went to turn on the panel lights which also dims the Avidyne displays. No Click on the right hand knob , the panel lights don't turn on and the screens stay bright. The glareshield lights work normally. I am assuming the rheostat in the dimmer box broke. Does anyone have a source for replacement Rheostats, or do I have to look for a used dimmer?
  13. My tach cable wore out on a return flight from sun-n-fun last year. the cable rounded off inside the tach drive. I chose to replace the entire tach with a Horizon P-1000 digital tach since it connects to the mags to determine RPM. After seeing how much of a challenge it would be to fish a new drive cable, and the improved accuracy of the digital instrument it was an easy decision. you might also want to consider the EI digital tach, theirs doesn't start recording engine time until you are above 1300 RPM, the Horizon kicks in at 800. No credit on the horizon tach for taxiing and warmup.
  14. I'll be there with the whole family. Dennis - Lotsofgadgets Dory Austin Abby
  15. Does the instrument normally show all 4 bar graphs? If so, I would suspect an issue with the wiring harness since it isn't reading 3 of the probes. This is one of the reasons I went with the Insight G1 and now G2 in my J. The newer G series have a probe diagnostic screen that will tell you if a probe is not connected or has high resistance. That makes it easier to determine if it's a gauge issue or an engine problem. The great thing about Insight is you can upgrade from your 601 to a G1-G4 and use the same harness for CHT/EGT. The higher up you go in the product line adds more features. I am currently flying a G2 which gives me EGT/CHT, Fuel Flow, OAT and bus volt, plus logs the data to the SD card for post flight review. Might be worth considering.