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  1. Finally got time to install the Maggie Surefly Harness. What a difference! She ran like a Swiss Watch! Run away from the ACS harnesses! I would suggest that they were even shorter than that. 1/4" or more! Useless.
  2. I tried to make a fuel stick when I was installing (and calibrating) my JPI. I failed miserably. I was trying to use a paint stir stick as suggested above, but the fuel soaked up all over the stick and I could never tell what level I was supposed to be marking. Oh well, the JPI is way more accurate than my old Garwin gauges... I Probably should have installed the digital senders that are available...
  3. How much for the air cleaner surround? And possibly the toe brake cylinders?
  4. Only if QRC_M20E wants to fly in rule airspace. I personally don't have $2,000-$6,000 to spend on replacing my transponder right now, so I am opting to remain outside of that rule airspace until I can get that money together. (the only real complaint I have is staying below 10,000ft. I don't have any charlie or bravo airports I frequent).
  5. Well... I finally got the half harness from Maggie harnesses and carved out some time to work on the bird. If you look at the harnesses, the further away one is the one that has been on the plane. It's springs are rusty. I put my phone behind the surefly and took the other picture. You can see the rust on the plastic around the connectors... I'm sure that makes great contact... Now to install the Maggie Harness and see if I can get it to work correctly. Gotta check/clean the contacts before installing.
  6. I was considering the AI and the VSI, but checked out UPS shipping, it's over $300... Oof. Hope you can find a buyer closer to home.
  7. The world is dependent on the electrical system... It's not a big deal as long as the alternator/generator works. I've had too many failures of electrical systems to be comfortable (one on my long cross country during primary training). When I installed my JPI, I retained the Tach and the Manifold pressure gauge. If you've ever had a failure of one of those (I have), having a backup is a great thing. I have quite a bit into this install now, I hoped I would not have to use the replacement gear, but alas I did. I'm waiting for my second ignition harness (If this harness works, I'm go
  8. Well, the Maggie harnesses with elbows is going to take at least 'till next week to ship... More down time. Is this worth it?
  9. Yes, the "unchecked" screen remains with an oil filter adapter. I believe the "unchecked" screen that is being spoken of is behind #7 on the picture. As Carusoam said, it looks easy to get at in the picture...not so much in the aircraft. You have a remote mounted oil filter, that goes in place of the oil filter on the picture. Mine had a screen in the location of the oil filter, but that is replaced by the filter.
  10. Need to mount an o-360 on it so that the future A&Ps can learn how tight it gets inside of a mooney cowl...
  11. Admittedly, there were some major updates that needed to happen on my plane, and therefore it may not be the best test case of how bad surefly is. On the other hand, I am beginning to wonder if I am throwing good money after bad and what is really causing my surefly problems. I hope a better set of wires will help. This is my last effort before looking to get a refund. The Maggie wires are using 5mm diameter silicone insulator containing a 7-strand stainless steel core wire. The ACS harness states that it is 5mm diameter silicone insulator containing a 16-strand braided copper wire.
  12. Well... I rewired the electrical and ran the surefly power wire directly to the battery... Still the same problem. The Surefly rep believes it to be the cheap ACS spark plug wires. I still wanted to verify that the old voltage regulator wasn't giving me too much voltage variation (it's an old Motorola, and I am told that they are prone to failure), so I ran it up this morning with an oscilloscope attached to the electrical bus and to the battery where the surefly now gets its power. I found that my voltage varies by ~0.05v... even away from the battery. Not bad. (I have a couple more lo
  13. It's a 3 phase signal, not just ac. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-phase_electric_power This eliminates the need for a set of brushes on the motor inside the turn coordinator. I'm guessing that the 4th wire is ground.
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