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  1. Toddlers grow up mighty quickly... I know that personally. Mine are growing up very quickly. I wish I had a long body for my family.
  2. A couple of things I note here. How many people on the weekend trips? If you are going to carry more than 2 and 2 double amputees, the smaller -C model is very tight (despite what @Marauder does with his girls...) As to IFR training, at least I would want to rearrange that instrument panel into a standard 6-pack configuration for that. If you look around, you may be able to get a better equipped C or E model or even an F or G in your price range. As to price range, you should also remember that after paying for the plane, there are almost always a number of things that we don't catch in pre-buy inspection that will require a number of dollars to keep the plane airworthy.
  3. A few things: Damage history can be a lot of things. A light gear-up can be repaired completely and can have some advantages. Things like a new prop and a one-piece belly. A bad gear up can twist the airframe and never be put right. Check for corrosion, especially on the wing spars or on the cockpit cage. Corrosion on those can be immensely expensive. 500 hours on airframe since 1966 is approximately 12 hours per year. That really concerns me. I would rather see an airplane that has been flown. That low of hours requires a great deal of explanation. On the other hand, 500 hours on the engine with a decent amount on the airframe would be a much more desirable situation. A 500 hour engine is in its prime. I would honestly be looking for another option. I would think that much better C models can be had for 45k if that is what you meant. Look for something that has better avionics, etc. As to the interior, that can be fixed fairly cheaply.
  4. Mooneyspace seems to like to do that.
  5. Honest opinion... It's upside down.
  6. Electroair ordered for M20C

    However, a magneto can't provide the level of spark that an E-Mag can provide nor can it adjust the timing nearly as accurately. I'd love electronic ignition... I'm curious on how the electroair works out.
  7. FAQS

    Having read Mooneyspace for over a year, I see certain topics coming up on a -VERY- regular basis. One of the other forums I have used (I believe it was the Taurus Car Club) have a FAQs section that link to posts which are on that topic, specifically noting ones that are most helpful. I think this would be helpful on this site.
  8. I did the throttle cable last year on my johnson bar C model. It was original and the sliding sheath broke between the mount and the carburetor. If yours are truly original, I can't urge you to replace them hard enough. I was quite thankful for the easily removed radio right above the cables. I worked through there and some from underneath. I didn't find it to be too difficult. Much less difficult than a number of other projects I've had to do on airplanes. I had more difficulty running the cable on the forward side of the firewall than I had behind the panel. Do it now while you have your engine out. Are you cleaning, inspecting and painting your motor mount? I'd suggest doing that as well while the engine is off. There are SO many things you have access to now that you won't have until the next time you remove your engine...which I hope is a VERY long time. I wish those things had been done on mine when the engine was off.
  9. M20F Yoke question

    How about this afternoon?
  10. M20F Yoke question

    You can do mine for practice...
  11. M20F Yoke question

    My understanding is that you will have to replace the control shafts as well... I believe they changed them for the J and later models.
  12. Garmin GNS530W dual voltage 8500.00

    Please, Sir, can my sad little Mooney have one?!
  13. Sorry... This is why I'd prefer to go experimental... If I don't like something, I could just change it, or try something new just for the sake of it. But no time at the moment. I've got to say, I love that intake, I looked at the Van's website and they don't have one for my 'c model, but hopefully sabremech will rectify that situation... 'course I've got the older 'c model, so that's another step of extending the mod...
  14. From what I've seen across the history of watching this site, etc. is that it works similar to a ram air for boost by getting rid of the corners, etc. that are involved in the original induction system. From what I've read in this thread is that they hope to have ~.25inhg lower manifold pressure than the ram air as it was originally working, yet not have the problems associated with the ram air system.