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  1. Off of his screen door...
  2. I would look at cabinet locks or similar. You should be able to get them at the same place you got your mailbox lock. They allow you to remove keys at either position. As to Medeco, yes, they seem to be great, but you will pay just as much for them as you will pay from aircraft spruce for a certified replacement.
  3. I'm curious on this, how do you lock it (get the key out) when you shut the door to take off?
  4. Don't forget, though, that the airplane may fall out of the sky due to unapproved locks...
  5. No, but the repair can be overseen by a repair station. I put more trust in someone who does these regularly than into an faa document any day.
  6. At this point in history, I wonder what would be local for airplane parts. I think we all have to ship them. Just part of the deal. But then, I'm in the boonies too.
  7. I hear that a standard cabinet lock from your local hardware store will fit the bill...
  8. Had my InterAV alternator fail on me a while back (just after getting the plane) and I found a replacement as well. I seriously thought about the plane power replacement, but I really didn't want to rearrange my cowl when a direct replacement was so simple. I had my original rebuilt by an auto electric man (these alternators were also used on tractors) and have it as a backup, as good as new.
  9. What are you looking for for the KX155, the KI209, and the Flightcom? (individually or together) Thanks! James
  10. BTW, to the poster looking for altitude hold, um...
  11. Couldn't you just set up a (If this then that) on Ebay to notify you of anything that fit the bill? It would take out a lot of the time for the daily vigilance... Just a thought.
  12. Also remember that the "demonstrated crosswind" is landing without rudder input. It is more of a judge of the strength of the landing gear than of the plane's actual crosswind handling. I have personally been in a short body when the pilot smoothly landed in direct crosswinds 30 gusting 50mph... This was during my transition training with an extremely experienced Mooney pilot. I flew down the runway and he was telling me that I was using too much rudder input! I can't imagine what the later, longer rudder would allow. As to the strength of the gear, I can attest to the fact that it is quite strong in side load. (Again, in my transition training) I had the plane skidding down the runway at quite an angle to the runway with no ill effects to the gear upon inspection.
  13. I just looked at @Dream to fly's original post... He's looking for 175kts, that can easily be achieved in a Mooney without turbine conversion. I think a 305 Rocket conversion or even possibly a 231 or 252 would fit his bill... Much easier on the pocketbook and much less of a fuel bill.
  14. That must be the price to buy it outright, 'cause plane and pilot say that the conversion is $400,000... Not really that much better, but slightly less than buying a king air outright...
  15. I've always thought a turbine conversion for the mooneys would be a great option... Honestly wondered why Mooney themselves haven't gone that direction, it has always been known that the Mooney fuselage responds well to extra horsepower... witness the 305 Rocket, etc. Might even challenge a 400 Comanche @M20Doc @Sabremech, think you could work on that for your next stc?