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  1. cctsurf

    help please

    A wood wing mooney, while it may be cheap is really an item for a collector or someone who has good knowledge of what they are getting into. The wood wings are a masterpiece, the planes are faster for a given horsepower and fly smoother, but working on them is a speciality. There is an 'A model about 60 miles from me, and I considered it briefly, but finding someone to work on it would be almost impossible. If you are really serious, I agree with someone above who said, get a mechanic who knows the construction to look over the "delamination"... That is a word at which I would run. You could very well be talking about a MAJOR outlay of funds to rebuild the wing. There are a few wood wing mooney experts out there, today. Search one out. Or perhaps a Bellanaa Viking expert.
  2. cctsurf

    "SabreCowl" Update (part tres) Look down the page and you will see that they have an STC for it, so there must be one or two out there that have done it. I prefer the 'C model, looked at 'G models when I was considering. Cheaper overhauls. Not that much difference in speed. My 'C has the powerflow exhaust and someone who has flown both 'C and 'E models says that it flies like an 'E model without the conversion expense. (But that's another rat hole to drop down, there are many who would say that there is no difference with the change of exhaust).
  3. cctsurf

    A new failure mode

    I nearly grew up in a johnson bar mooney... It was a checklist item that nothing was between the seats on takeoff and landing. Every once in a while something would fall down there on takeoff roll and there would be great angst. Every once in a while the gear went back down and whatever was causing the problem was removed and then the gear was retracted. I don't recall ever having a problem on landing...
  4. cctsurf

    Rat socks

    Reminds me of an old joke: The game warden caught a poacher who was eating a spotted owl. The game warden, after writing the ticket, said, "you know, I really have to ask, what does it taste like?" The poacher responds, "kind of like bald eagle."
  5. cctsurf

    Avionics cover sealant

    I would suggest that there might be a few sitting around, with the number of people installing the 201 windshield mod, all it would require is a repaint.
  6. cctsurf

    Avionics cover sealant

    I'm hesitant on the RTV, because I want to be able easily to open the bays in the future... Things like checking the hydraulic fluid, etc. THANKS! I had seen it, but I couldn't remember what it was. I'm still open to other options if they are out there, but at least I have a direction to go. I love the MS community!
  7. I'm looking for suggestions for sealant for things like the avionics bay covers. In a search I noted plumbers' putty and some nondescript silicone putty as suggestions. Anything definite? Are there brands and places to get the silicone putty? I was thinking about Gardner Bender duct sealing compound ( The major issue I have with plumbers' putty is that I'd like to use it other places we have drafts in our cabins and I'm afraid it would dry out and cause issues down the road. Thanks in Advance!
  8. Check your wiring and your vacuum hoses before sending in the TC for overhaul. I replaced mine a while back assuming that it was the TC because I knew what M201MKTurbo said, that if you have one of the power sources, it would still work and mine didn't. When we removed it, we found that the old hoses were shot. We reinstalled the replacement TC100, replaced the hoses and wired up the power supply... I still assumed that I had moved forward because...obviously, the electrical on the old one was shot...except upon test flight, the electrical flag didn't move... hmmm. That's odd, it worked perfectly when bench tested. Sure Enough. The old one was just fine, the electrical source in the plane was faulty. Just my experience, check everything first before overhauling or replacing.
  9. cctsurf

    Vintage Mooney Cowling Mod

    I've heard great things about a little RTV silicone used to fill holes lowering temps. I need to see about that sometime myself.
  10. My IA pointed me to to get rid of some old overspray on my windshield. It certainly did an excellent job with the corner he used it on. I haven't gotten around to it, but I'm also thinking about using some novus 2 on it and see if it will take it off (It's actually designated for plexiglass).
  11. cctsurf

    1967 M20E parting out

    How much for 1?
  12. With regard to the front of the KI-209, I'm not absolutely certain, but it may just be that it is dirty (even on the inside). I have seen much more obscured gauges that when the face was cleaned, it was perfect. Might save a few $.
  13. cctsurf

    Need M20C Belly Skins
  14. cctsurf

    Nav light replacement bulb

    I wholeheartedly agree, however, if one FSDO will cite you for something another will sign off, I can understand why people are using them for stupid things like LED light. I understand that there may be interactions. I don't remember what they are, but they have something to do with the gear indicators not working if LEDs are installed somewhere. While I think these replacements should be the decision of the Owner, we also need to know that this sort of thing can happen if we are not careful.
  15. cctsurf

    Prop clearance

    Looking at your windows in another picture you have posted, you have an early 'c model. Mine also has cruddy prop clearance. One thing you might check is the motor mounts... How much is that engine sagging? looks somewhat significant from the picture above. I hear replacing the motor mounts is a speed mod...