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  1. The Pilot's Side door is now part of the type certificated installations, it's just a 337 away...
  2. Different alternators require different rotation rates. Different size pulleys are part of that. When you are changing from one alternator to another, you are going to have to modify the baffling a little bit. I'd point it out to the IA, but I sincerely doubt there is a problem.
  3. Mine is still connected, but needs help moving... I'd love to know how to do this as well... I've looked at the diagrams, but I haven't dug into it. Bigger fish to fry.
  4. Just thinking, anyone done an install on a A, B, C or G (carburetor) model? I'd like some pictures of the Fuel Flow transducer installation. THANKS!
  5. BTW, Dream to fly, I'm not that far from you. I'm just across the border in South Dakota, close to Mobridge.
  6. That's why mooneyspace is here. We're glad to help. Sounds like you do need one replacement mag. You should be able to replace it with a rebuilt/overhauled mag, still should be cheaper than new. As far as I understand, unless the housing is shot like that, they can easily be IRANed (even if that goes all the way to an overhaul) for virtually anything else wrong with a mag, quite simply and quite economically. Mike Busch has a great webinar on Mags:
  7. What are "modern" mags? As far as I understand, mags produced today are essentially the same as the mags on our old birds. I sincerely doubt you would gain anything by replacing them with new ones, they would be new of the exact same magneto. I would say that at this point, you should be looking at the price of rebuild vs. replacement. Do whichever is cheaper. An overhauled mag is just as good as a new one, probably an IRAN mag is just as good, too. There is at least one electronic ignition available for our planes, I believe. That would be a step up, but at quite a significant price.
  8. Thanks SO much for the pictures! It'll be a little different in my 'C, but that helps immensely!
  9. I appreciate the thought, but I'm the one doing the install under supervision of my IA with whom I've worked for years. Even if I could find someone who has installed the EDM, they may not have installed it on a Mooney. It is my understanding that Byron (is that Jetdriven?) has installed an EDM-900 on a mooney and posted info on Mooneyspace about the installation of the Fuel Flow and I was hoping for a link to where that is, I've searched a lot on here and I can't find it. Thanks
  10. Can someone point me to this information? I've been searching mooneyspace for it as I prep for my EDM-900 install Thanks!
  11. I'm ready to buy a 900, do you know if JPI will be having a sale/rebates for Sun-n-Fun?
  12. I'm curious and concerned about the effect of the magnetic mount on things like your magnetic compass, I've always been a little worried about anything regarding magnets and airplanes for that reason.
  13. I find it interesting that a number of you are saying that the parking brake is not solid. Mine is amazingly so. I can run up to full power and not move... I wonder what the difference is.
  14. I wonder if your engine oil is really getting hot enough in your flights... 1.2 hours should be enough, but if the oil temp doesn't get above about 180 (preferably higher, like 220), it won't evaporate off the moisture and it WILL contribute to corrosion. Do you have an oil-air separator on the engine? One of the downfalls to these is that they don't distinguish between fluids. They will not easily allow the moisture to exit but instead return it to the engine. Mike Busch advises against them... I just try to make certain that I get the temp high enough to boil off the moisture. I usually don't have the cool problem on my Mooney, it's usually too hot... I do have this problem on my Cherokee.
  15. If there's lots of blowing sand, I don't think it is that great of an idea. There's a big hole there where the step retracts. I wouldn't want to have sand in my empenage. I think a better idea would be just to leave the step up unless someone you are flying needs it (or perhaps you do). The Mooney wing is so low that it really doesn't need a step. I know a number on here have removed fixed steps for the speed increase. As to getting a replacement step, I'm thinking it should fall under a minor mod if your A&P will sign it off. The variation is within the type certificate of the same model. My concern would be that you have to have structure to which to attach the replacement step. My expectation is that structure right now is a hole... Gonna have to fill that.