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  1. Count me as another who had to replace the drive gear to get the Surefly timed to TDC. I picked up the Superior equivalent gear p/n SL68C19622 when I purchased the SIM, hoping I wouldn't have to use it. When I went to install it, I installed the old gear with the hopes of sending back the new one. I fiddled around and reinserted the SIM 3x before giving up. I replaced the gear, clocked to the alternate position (according to the surefly materials) with the key pointing between the teeth and the SIM inserted almost perfectly in the center of adjustment travel. I'm sure my gear was
  2. looking at their website, and at mcmaster-carr, they show a 2.125, might that be what you purchased? Just curious, I'd like to have some on hand if my thermos caps ever die.
  3. I had a couple of really stripped screws. I asked my mechanic how to remove them. After cleaning them out and releasing them from the paint encasement, he used a chisel and lightly tapped on the edge of the screw to turn it. Worked a charm.
  4. This is much more helpful to me than just stating that it is illegal out of hand. I know how gyros work, I have had the opportunity to take failed ones apart. I like doing that sort of thing. I have searched the advisory circulars and cannot find one pertaining to this, but that does not mean there isn't one. To find the documentation on the installation of my gyros, I would have to look pretty deep into the annals of history, they are quite old. I am having difficulty finding a gyro manual that says that they need to be isolated, but again, that doesn't mean much. I agree
  5. I'm curious based on what do you say that it is not legal? Perhaps it is not wise, and that is what I'm trying to ascertain. I'm really not here to argue the legality. I haven't seen it in the regs that an instrument panel needs to be isolated. I could list numerous times on this web site where people have suggested removing shock mounts, I wonder how it worked out for them. Here's a few: Sadly, nobody who has done it is going to post at this point because you have made your opinion abundantly clear.
  6. That would be my understanding, however, I have seen a lot of people who seem to have eliminated the bottom ones. I am wondering how that worked out for them. If they have had gyro problems or not.
  7. For those of you who have upgraded shotgun panels, making them vertical by removing the lower shock mounts, I'm wondering whether you have had problems with gyros. It is my understanding that removing those shock mounts can lead to gyro problems, so I am wondering if we can get a real-world sample. It may be a small sample size, but I would appreciate a comment if you have had gyros fail and how often. I know many people are moving toward electronic gyros, etc. today, but I am years behind and would just like to move into the 6-pack world...so any information would be much appreciat
  8. Was just perusing the topic and saw these and thought they were hubcaps... Need those on hubcaps...
  9. I have Milleniums on my 62C with ~600 hours on them. I can't speak to to difference in temperatures because they were put on before I got the plane. I have had some warm temperatures, but I blame that on baffling and the installation thereof, not on the cylinders. I need to go over installation specs on the baffling and make sure mine is installed correctly. I just borescoped them and the crosshatching is still clearly visible in the walls. They have always had very high compressions at annual. In my opinion, the Millenium cylinders are the best ones available at this time.
  10. I appreciate that, David, at the same time, I think we all know you are the real deal. You headed up the gear lock blocks and we've seen your work on the cowl both in pictures and at the air shows and they looks GREAT. I'd go for a few more updates, like, "Hey, we had a setback." Maybe you posted it, but I didn't see it and I've been watching pretty closely. It is sometimes difficult to watch what you are doing amidst the excitement when you post from other users. It'd almost be nice if on these forums people like you who are progressively doing something to have a post to which you alone
  11. I was really hoping that I could accomplish 2 goals with @Sabremech's new cowling. New baffling and better aerodynamics... Haven't heard much recently. My doghouse is in pretty bad shape. I plugged a number of holes recently and things cooled down significantly.
  12. I've never heard of an stc for installing the rear shoulder harnesses... My understanding is that the cage is not located correctly for that install... I hope I'm wrong, because I would love to have rear shoulder harnesses. I'd love to know how you accomplished it. (especially getting the bracket around the tube once the aluminum box was cut) I've heard that the cage is so close to the skin and window that people have had to remove windows or slide the bracket down from the top to install... That seems impossible with the aluminum box. I looked at that myself and wondered what to
  13. I know this is an old post, but is there another source of these, other than salvage?
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