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  1. cctsurf

    1967 M20E parting out

    How much for 1?
  2. With regard to the front of the KI-209, I'm not absolutely certain, but it may just be that it is dirty (even on the inside). I have seen much more obscured gauges that when the face was cleaned, it was perfect. Might save a few $.
  3. cctsurf

    Need M20C Belly Skins
  4. cctsurf

    Nav light replacement bulb

    I wholeheartedly agree, however, if one FSDO will cite you for something another will sign off, I can understand why people are using them for stupid things like LED light. I understand that there may be interactions. I don't remember what they are, but they have something to do with the gear indicators not working if LEDs are installed somewhere. While I think these replacements should be the decision of the Owner, we also need to know that this sort of thing can happen if we are not careful.
  5. cctsurf

    Prop clearance

    Looking at your windows in another picture you have posted, you have an early 'c model. Mine also has cruddy prop clearance. One thing you might check is the motor mounts... How much is that engine sagging? looks somewhat significant from the picture above. I hear replacing the motor mounts is a speed mod...
  6. cctsurf

    Nav light replacement bulb

    I'm gonna need more popcorn. Who had the snacks for this verbal altercation ... I mean forum?
  7. cctsurf

    Tail light - buld replacement

    I agree with your analysis. I have one minor quibble. There is exposure for IAs and A&Ps. I get that. I would like to argue that I am the one with WAY more risk than any IA or A&P. I put my rear end in the seat and fly her. I have a much greater concern about the condition of my airplane than my A&P. Just sayin'. My IA and I joke about that fact every time we get together.
  8. cctsurf

    Fixed Gear M20D on eBay

    If you want one that has been converted, buy a 'c or a converted d. Don't convert one of the three remaining 'd's...
  9. cctsurf

    Nav light replacement bulb

    I'm curious on this statement. Can you provide the FAR that specifically says this, that the replacement must be listed in the IPC? I'd like to read it. Thanks
  10. cctsurf

    Nav light replacement bulb

    14 CFR Part 43 allows the owner to change light bulbs... The original light bulbs were not in any way TSOed... No STC, no A&P required.
  11. cctsurf

    Garwin Prop Governor?

    just a quick google search turned up:, which states "We have the capabilities to bench test, repair and overhaul ... Garwin ... prop governors in house and also make our experienced bench mechanic available for troubleshooting when needed." Apparently they're not that uncommon because most of the repair sites say that they can work on them.
  12. cctsurf

    Shoulder harnesses installed!

    It would seem that if you had the 4-points installed in that manner, you may not really have a position to speak from on whether a correctly installed 4-point system would be good or bad. I would think that installing the 4-point system with a inertial reel in the position mentioned above would be a GREAT option over the inertial reel being installed on the side of the cabin where it's in the way of entry and egress.
  13. It seems Shuster has backed down... Gotta keep an eye on these trouble makers!
  14. In case you hadn't seen this on other forms of media, I would suggest we all get on the phones and call our congress critters. Shuster has added a "manager's amendment" to HR 4 which makes the FAA run by a board under the DOT which is not answerable to the people. EAA has a way to contact your congressmen: or go to Here are links to EAA's article and AOPA's article.
  15. cctsurf

    Mooney M20F Versus M20F Exec 21

    I can't absolutely tell you which magazine it was in when I saw it, however, I was at college and they had an archive room full of old magazines. I saw "flying" or something else, and I think it was something else that struck my mind because the name of the magazine was familiar, but it had changed since the '60s, it might have been "Aviation Week & Space Technology," but I can't remember. Anyway, I'm guessing that if you can get to such an archive, any 1961 general aviation magazine will have the ad somewhere. I couldn't find it on a quick google search, but maybe I don't have the google foo you have, @Igor_U.