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  1. Any of Y'all think that it is a total overreach that she had her license revoked, not because she flew under the bridge, but because she couldn't prove that the ADS-b was a failure, not purposefully disabled? She was assumed guilty until proven innocent. Count Ads-b compliance off of my to-save-for list.
  2. I'd suggest using a combination of the 1977 M20F and 1977 M20C POHs for assistance here. I'm working without having compared them, but I would expect that one could apply the Carb things from the M20C and perhaps some of the speeds, while at the same time learning things about the long body from the 'F model POH. It would be a good exercise, at least. I'd love a G model with manual gear... maybe some 201 mods...
  3. BEAUTIFUL G model! I believe the 'G was only produced in 67 and 68, so I doubt there would be a POH from 1977... Maybe I'm wrong on the years, but wouldn't the newest POH be from the last year it was produced?
  4. It doesn't look like that lower (inner) door would handle a flat tire too well, either. I certainly wouldn't want to land on a grass field with it.
  5. After Garmin sued UAvionix to stop them from competing, I won't have a Garmin in my cockpit. (Actually, this is just one instance of Garmin's anti-competitive tactics.) Some may argue that we have to be thankful that companies throw us in small aviation a bone... I think we have to be careful not to grab that bone and find ourselves in a trap. I would argue that Garmin is such a trap. As stated above, I would prefer Avidyne to Garmin any day, just based on their business tactics.
  6. I can't absolutely speak to the necessity of removing the tail, but on Mooneys as far as I understand, removing it is not as big a deal as one might assume. A search of Mooneyspace may get you some ideas. Here's a thread to get you going:
  7. Have you had it on a float charger or just sitting? How often do you fly? I've found that float chargers extend battery life significantly.
  8. For the early models with 48 gal tanks. Amp meter didn't work when removed for upgrade to an EDM-900. All other gauges were functional. Includes almost all wires, plugs, oil, and cht sensor and amp shunt. Asking $100 plus actual shipping.
  9. P/n 10-87988-1 Worked when removed for the installation of a surefly sim. Asking $100 plus actual shipping.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't. I have only seen the plane once since the incident and didn't have the thought to take pictures. I know there is creasing near the wingtip, I'm not sure on the inboard dent.
  11. My father suddenly passed away in January and I have inherited his 67 M20C. A few months before he passed away, when we didn't know that he was having health issues, he had a landing incident which left a dent on the inner wing (the skin that also covers the fuel tank) and one near the opposite wingtip (2nd skin from the end). I hate to see a mooney die for these, but they are significant. I don't believe the internal structure of the wing is compromised. Does anyone have experience re-skinning a mooney wing? Would I be better looking for a replacement wing? The IAs I have asked abou
  12. I'm sure you remember that if we get 40 uplocks, I'll take 2 instead of 1... Come On guys! I doubt you will get a cheaper opportunity!
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