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  1. I put my disconnected wire strewn airplane on a diet recently and removed wires galore... and gained 0.2 lbs of useful load. But at least I know that the wires that exist are in use.
  2. I'm curious how the GDL-82 is less intrusive than the tailbeacon? The tailbeacon replaces a light, the GDL requires being wired in-line with the transponder antenna, and the installation of a gps antenna... Am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I definitely am not in the market for the gnx 375... Looks beautiful, but I don't have 1/4 of the value of the plane to spend right now. I like the integrated fact of the gtx 335w...but that involves adding a gps antenna to the fuselage. I can see that the 327 (or honestly, any modern, used transponder--seems to have to be mode-c, not mode-s) with a sky/tailbeacon would minimize installation work... I really need to find an avionics shop that will work with me on installation. I could do all of this under oversight with NO problem... (I'm an electrical engineer with a lot of experience as a technician).
  4. I guess that's what I was trying to say. I was thinking to do it once and be done with it. That is why I was hoping for the tailbeaconx: A fairly minimially invasive install and no need to place a gps antenna on the top of the airframe (and figure out how to rearrange the current antenna farm). I was essentially looking for suggestions of possible integrated systems. There used to be a L3 or Lynx solution I was interested in, but I don't see that for sale any more. I didn't really consider the used market. Perhaps there are more skybeacons or tailbeacons than I imagined, which I could use as a temporary solution. Thanks!
  5. My old Narco AT150 is giving me issues. I really don't want to throw good money after old avionics. But as with everything in aviation, maybe the best solution isn't as simple as replacement. I have really no desire to upgrade to ADS-B. I usually don't need to fly in rule airspace (though the 10,000 foot ceiling is a bit irksome). I had been hoping to wait for the tailbeaconX when they become available, but they don't seem to be forthcoming. Any ideas when those will be available? I haven't been comfortable with the add-on systems like the Uavionix Tailbeacon or Skybeacon or the Garmin GDL-82, relying on my VERY questionable transponder, even if fixed. What about other solutions? I like the idea of something stand-alone. I don't have any installed WAAS sources...I don't fly IFR so I don't need an elaborate in-panel solution. Call me a CB, but I just want to be able to fly.
  6. Agreed that there are seals (and I should think about getting a set from you), however, I don't think these are what is being discussed. As far as I can tell, the original poster was talking about the seal around the front edge of the doghouse, where it meets the cowl. Part # 11 in the attached image. It was fairly hard rubber and mine was rotten from its 60 years on the plane. Non-fiberglass seal doesn't seem to cut it. As @cliffy said above, I appreciate your work and assistance for the Mooney Community, @GEE-BEE AEROPRODUCTS. I highly suggest that we in the Mooneyspace community realize the work that you have done for the community and purchase your products. At the same time, it can hurt your reputation to get into a argument because there was a misunderstanding of the part in question. Do you have a solution for that part? Is there a better solution than 1/8" fiberglass reinforced baffle seal? Thanks!
  7. Is that the tach sender (that attaches to the rpm cable mount on the back of the engine) on which the tach and manifold pressure gauges are propped up? Is that what you are calling "Manifold Pressure and Tach components"? I'd give you $225 for the tach, wire, and sender, if you have them. And, it is a beautiful panel you have built!
  8. Having had both tach and map gauges fail on me before, and alternator issues as well, I like having a backup... I don't need all the other gauges to fly and especially land, but when I didn't have a working tach or map gauge I was pretty uncomfortable. I honestly hadn't thought of splitting them and using a different cylinder for the original map gauge... Duh. Used a different one for the SureFly ignition I installed at the same time. I feel like I'm running out of cylinders to tap for MAP, I'll only have one cylinder left... I don't have any plans for that one...yet.
  9. So, Now my dilemma... I have installed an edm-900, but I have also retained my original manifold pressure gauge. The manifold pressure on the edm is jumping around and would apparently appreciate a snubber, but I also feel like I should have provided a weep hole for the mechanical gauge...
  10. For those interested in the weep hole size and other information related, Mooney SBM20-103 (https://www.mooney.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/SBM20-103.pdf) references a .023 dia hole and also has a lot more information on the proper manifold pressure line.
  11. This has been referenced a few times, I would really love more information on how to build this. Slightly more research produces an answer: https://www.kitplanes.com/no-restrictions/
  12. Gear horn and stall warning have their own buzzers. I suppose that could be different on newer models, but I think those would be newer than this thread addresses... (pre-J models). Check the schematic in your owners manual/poh.
  13. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/pages/av/antenna_gps/CI2480200.php for example.
  14. Seeing as we are majorly necroposting, I have pre-positive control yokes with no provision for a switch of any kind on the thumb... Anyone overcome this challenge? I don't love the velcro option, but have been using it for years. As I write this, I'm thinking of molding something to the yoke end with something like sugaru (www.sugru.com) and building a ptt switch platform... Then I could wrap the whole thing with leather and hide the cords under it... Hmmmm.... In all of my spare time.
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