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  1. I'm kinda also wondering about at what angle they should be installed, I can see the idea of angling them upward as you have, but I was also thinking of angling them back or even down. I think down would be more difficult to plug in, but they might also be more out of the way... Just trying to make this work the best I can. Sure wish I could afford a new interior with arm rests, etc. that would make this easier. THANKS!
  2. I'm doing a JPI install on my short body (M20C) and will have a number of the interior side panels off. My hangar elf left a note taped to my garwin cluster asking me that while I do that installation that I run some wires to the back seat for an intercom. I responded with a note saying, "I don't know where the jacks should be put. I'll check with the other hangar elf enabled Mooney owners on Mooneyspace." I was thinking of leaving a set of these on the bench next to the intercom: I've heard of redoing the ashtrays, I've heard of putting them in the headliner, I don't have arm rests in the back seat, so that's out... Where are your rear seat jacks? Any great ideas for my hangar elf? Thanks!
  3. Maybe you could put that on a propeller lock...
  4. I agree somewhat with everything that has been suggested, borescope and download the CHT history, but I wonder about the metallurgy on the center electrodes. Notice that the outer electrodes seem to be just fine.
  5. Been a while, so I'm having to remember. We went with the thicker replacement 1-piece (not 201) windshield. BTW, I highly recommend this replacement. It makes a big difference in visibility without affecting the avionics access. I seem to remember commenting that it reduced the noise, but by how much? I suppose I should have carried a sound pressure level (SPL) meter with me. Our planes are still loud, no matter what you do. If you have ANC, I doubt you will notice a great difference.
  6. In that case, I want to thank him for his service. I hope we can save him some cash. If I might translate my post, yes, it seems high to me. It is owner approved maintenance, in the case of an m20f, it requires removal of one of the easiest panels and the battery box cover. Unless the replacement requires tracing of an electrical gremlin, and is not a standard maintenance, it seems high to me.
  7. Battery replacement, if I remember correctly, is owner approved maintenance. Order it from Spruce, put it in, simple simon.
  8. That's the sort of information that should be being logged somewhere on this site or somewhere for everyone to use at some point.
  9. When I think about Mustangs, I think of something that was way ahead of its time, so far that the equipment and market were both not ready. 'course that twin mooney was quite ugly, but I think that would have been a better direction at the time. Too bad we don't have both as continuing options today. I think if you were going to have an incredibly rare airplane like that, you would have to have a parts plane... Looks to me like what this owner is doing.
  10. I had hoped that the recent rewrite for Part 23 would cheapen things, so far I don't see a lot of that trickling down. Yeah, I could install a G5 or a Dynon EFIS-D10A with money I don't have, but I hoped it would encourage more investment at the more common end of the parts pool. I would love an efi or ignition system that would pole vault our airplanes into the 1970's for technology... I think it may have had something to do with that old song, "I fought the law and the law won." Fighting the government is pretty difficult. Your attitude really reminds me of myself when I started flying airplanes. I guess I have just beaten against the wall often enough that I have become more compliant. Not that I don't seek every opportunity to save a few dollars (one of which is my annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh to pick up parts) but I guess I have just gotten used to the high cost of flying. We have made numerous life choices to make flying happen for us as a family.
  11. BTW, measure your main wheel bolts, I was just told at annual that my cross bolts (that also hold on the brake discs), are 1/4" they are normally larger (I think he said 3/8").
  12. Unfortunately, looking at their website, unfortunately, it doesn't seem so. They state that you have to have the stc, and it doesn't appear that they have an stc for Mooneys.
  13. Sorry about your fingers I believe there is a specification for how deep the corrosion must be in a casting before it is unacceptable. I looked in my personal copy of AC 43.13-1b (also available as a pdf:, but I haven't yet found the number. I'm guessing any A&P worth his salt could tell you off the top of his head. I personally would be concerned about the bearing race, it looks to me like there is some corrosion too close to where the bearings run. The wheel certainly looks questionable from my perspective, however, I can't measure the depth from the picture.
  14. The Pilot's Side door is now part of the type certificated installations, it's just a 337 away...
  15. Different alternators require different rotation rates. Different size pulleys are part of that. When you are changing from one alternator to another, you are going to have to modify the baffling a little bit. I'd point it out to the IA, but I sincerely doubt there is a problem.