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  1. West Houston Airport Aerial

    For Sale: Mooney Rocket Condition: Unknown Features: Rare Mooney amphibian May be found as indicated below. Sigh. Addicks still not down enough to get access to check damage. Will continue to check daily.
  2. Garmin G5 STC $2149

    Flying in coastal Texas (maybe similar to Florida), it has limited practical usage. Did a mountain flying course in Colorado and suddenly the usefulness came alive. Very helpful and very informative when combined with the G500 and GTN750 standard terrain functions.
  3. I'm sorry, I know not of the concept of which you speak. I suspect it may be considered blasphemy, sacrilege, immoral and illegal in 47 states. Let's keep it polite and not have anymore of that talk, please.
  4. I sense a challenge has been issued. Is there a possible group effort to answer? My Rocket won't get the job done. Willing to support in other means.
  5. A plane with no name.

    Rocket = Dolly. Larger displacement equipment hung on the front in place of the factory jugs.
  6. Jeff,

    Are you a rocket 305 owner?  I am considering this model for a commute between Eugene, Or and the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you keep a cost model for operation of this plane, I would love to learn more about it. Would you be willing to share your experience?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. KIWS hosted an aviation expo this afternoon. Went out to see what I could see. 4 people walked past, looked like a father and his adult children. Boarded what I think was a Cherokee. It's a hot day in Houston - figure 95F and 60% humidity. Still checking out the Piper M350 when the Cherokee departed to the south. At lift off the baggage door in front of the windscreen opened. Airborne in the first 1/3 of the runway. Struggled in the air and at midfield began a turn back to the left. A halting, slow turn, nose up attitude. At the 180 point - now downwind - left wing still down, nose up. The wings leveled. Nose up the aircraft was descending. Appearances were of a behind the power curve descent. Estimating 100ft in altitude the aircraft appeared to stall, left 90 degree roll and went nose down into a field 1/4 miile east of the airport with a post crash fire. Have witnessed two accidents. The first had an outcome that with a little stretch could be call miraculous. This one did not. The sound of aluminum hitting the ground is distinctive and can do without hearing that again. Doing what he probably loved to do. Likely doing it with loved ones. A series of unfortunate events. Not to over state - I did not know these people - but this one left me a little rattled. Prayers, comfort and blessings to those they left behind. Sort of a therapy post. Thanks for your patience.
  8. I'd like to fly a Rocket 305

    That's correct - with the exception of ~140kts for climb. (Search for "Vz" speeds, if you haven't already. Apparently the most efficient climb rate.) When does a Rocket make sense? - Common cross-country trips at the outer edge of range. (No fuel stops.) - Willing to fly using oxygen. (Pretty sure my FBO thinks I'm doing something weird with the O2 given my frequent service requests.) - Price difference between cheaper Rockets and more expensive factory options is appealing. As stated before - happy with the plane, works for me. Would like to have some icing protection, pressurization and Erik's 4 bladed MT prop*. Aspirational goals for next aircraft purchase . . *Note that with the big propeller on the Rockets, ground clearance is an issue for uneven aprons, grass field ops (big Nope!) and the dreaded landing bounce. While I always fly within the W&B restrictions, the real world rumor and hypothetical situation is that a Rocket will perform a drama free take off and climb with whatever you can stuff in the cabin.
  9. I'd like to fly a Rocket 305

    Between 15.5k and 17.5k, 200kts true at 14gph. Not setup for LOP operations on my plane, so this is 1500 degrees TIT, ~150 ROP. (DO NOT want to start a LOP/ROP war - bought the aircraft from a NASA shuttle pilot/Chief Test Pilot for F-15E program and from engine data this is how he flew it. As a new aircraft owner and pilot, emulating his engine management approach seemed like a reasonable place to start.) At 3k, 200kts = 20+gph - only done this once when I really needed to get somewhere on time.
  10. I'd like to fly a Rocket 305

    Just to wrap this up - my Rocket is the only one I am aware of that does not have extended range tanks installed, so 75 gallons is the max. With extended range tanks - 30 gallons with speed brakes - useful load is as below: 906.00 lbs useful 437.25 lbs - main tanks 174.90 lbs - extended tanks 293.85 lbs - cabin contents. If you add in the CG field modification as described above (120 lbs) I would be left with dieting requirements to fly the aircraft. Regardless, still happy with the aircraft. True 200kts long range cruise. That's hard to beat at the available prices . . .
  11. I'd like to fly a Rocket 305

    After recent avionics upgrade: 906.00 lbs useful, 75 gals @ 5.83/gal 437.25 gas 468.75 for cabin contents My issue is rarely weight, but balance. Rocket mod left the aircraft CG very forward. Have 6 sand bags rigged up in varying volumes to maximize baggage compartment weight in order to move the CG aft and, in theory, gain back a few knots when it's just me in the plane.
  12. I'd like to fly a Rocket 305

    I have one in Houston, if you happen to find yourself in the area. As opposed to the grumpy nay sayers above, I find it to be a damn fine aircraft that does not require constant dieting to stay within W&B restrictions. :-) Jeff
  13. Insurance bump

    Received a similar letter in the same time frame - except without the "agreeable to renewing this policy" wording - just flat out said they were not renewing. No claims, no FAA actions. Falcon is shopping the policy and we'll see to what result . . .
  14. Yesterday's Boo Boo

    My friendly field FBO crew did the same to my flaps (on both sides). The issue is whether the rivets need to be pulled to allow the aluminum to return the original form. If the deformation reaches the next rivet row/column then you're likely to need a formal repair. I did not notice any flying issues with the damage. While yours is an aileron and mine flaps, for reference, one flap was able to be repaired. Replaced the other with a $500 used flap (non-matching paint . . . for now.) New build flap from Mooney was ~$3,000.00. FWIW and YMMV. Good luck. So frustrating. Jeff
  15. Engine Idle Issue

    I have a Rocket, not a 252, so your mileage may vary as the kids say . . . Check your climb temperatures - if a little high the issue may be require the fuel injection system to be re-balanced. Too lean at max throttle and too rich at low throttle. Check for any engine service bulletins related to the fuel injection system as a guide for your AP to diagnose the issue. And the above may not apply - just threads to pull to find a resolution. For me, I have to lean about a fingers width in the pattern to avoid stumbling and engine quitting on roll out. Still working on the FI issues . . . Sigh. Jeff