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  1. Roy Halladay (former MLB Pitcher/Cy Young winner) has apparently died in an Icon A5 crash in the Gulf off of Pasco, FL. Thoughts with his family first and another blow to Icon in the second . . .
  2. Jeff H.

    Aviation Jokes

    Pilot dies, gets sent to Hell. (Shocking) Finds himself in a chair before 3 doors. Devil pops in, says "Pick Door #1 or Door #2." Pilot says, "What about Door #3?" "Not for you - pick #1 or #2", says the Devil. They argue back and forth for a few minutes, finally the Devil says, "Hold on, I'll be back" and pops out. Pilot, wanting to get an edge, stands up to check out each door. - Behind Door #1 were two pilots in the cockpit doomed to repeat the pre-flight checklist over and over for all eternity. "No way." - Behind Door #2 were two pilots in the cockpit doomed to repeat the same in-flight emergency over and over for all eternity. "Oh, Hell no." - Behind Door #3 was a pilot in recliner surrounded by Flight Attendants who were catering to his every need and desire. "That's more like it." Just as the Pilot sits back down in the chair, the Devil pops back in and says, "Time's up, make your choice." Pilot chooses Door #3. Devil refuses. "Why not?!?", says the Pilot. Devil replies, "Because that's Flight Attendant Hell!" ---------------------------- Suggest memorization and use as needed on your next commercial flight. Goes over really well with the Flight Attendants. :-)
  3. Jeff H.

    Amphibian Rockets

    - Field never previously flooded. Generally accepted fact was that as the field was higher elevation than the dam, it couldn't flood. True fact was that Corps of Engineers raised the dam 8 feet at some point in the past. That increase never made it into the general field fact file. - By the time it was apparent there was a potential problem, weather made flying out no longer an option. And prior to that time the city had become impassable - no way to the field. 30" peak, ~23" for 4 days.
  4. Jeff H.

    Amphibian Rockets

    Final update - getting ready to go on the truck today. Ovation from the field also undergoing the same tear down. Sad to see her go.
  5. I was in your exact position when I bought my Rocket before getting my PPL. Your two best options are Falcon and AOPA. - Falcon has been great, no issues, no terrible restrictions imposed. - AOPA is the fall back - you'll get insurance, it will just be approximately the same cost as the value of your plane. (just kidding . . . although not by much) Really, just call Falcon - they're great and they will take good care of you.
  6. Jeff H.

    What is this switch

    I'm just going to pile on . . . Gremlin entry point - flip the switch to open the access port.
  7. Jeff H.

    Amphibian Rockets

    Gear motor, flap motors, limit switches, control tube ends and linkages and spar all submerged for 4+ days. Also the lower turbo and motor. Wiring issues alone were significant. The expert guidance is that the wires would wick water at junction points and draw it inside the insulation up the wire. Others here will know more . . . Provided in case you were pondering a reclamation project. :-)
  8. Today was official notification that my Rocket is a total loss due to Harvey flooding. Some pictures attached of when first opening the hangar and then after getting the belly open. That would be mud and debris left behind when the water receded. I think the airframe damage was enough, however the flooded avionics in the aft fuselage pretty much sealed the deal. Remote transponder and audio through the GTN750 seemed like a good idea at the time, along with the FlightStream. Those boxes were real purty sitting back there next to the G500 equipment. Carl Sharon at Houston Tank Specialists was a great help in getting through the repair estimate and tips on making it through the insurance process. Thanks to everyone here for all their advice and help pre-buy and during ownership. Very valuable and greatly appreciated. Now to double down on more training and keep pondering those sweet used Acclaims . . . :-)
  9. Jeff H.

    Virginia Accident

    CooperDog - May your lessons be quickly learned, your memory be short and your ass back in the air . . . this week. Don't beat yourself up by overthinking this - remember only the good die young so raise a glass in thanks, start looking for your next Mooney and look forward to having you hang out with the rest of us grumpy ol' bastards here for a good long time.
  10. Jeff H.

    Virginia Accident

    Maybe they crashed a party? I'll go get some more coffee now . . .
  11. Jeff H.

    West Houston Airport Aerial

    For Sale: Mooney Rocket Condition: Unknown Features: Rare Mooney amphibian May be found as indicated below. Sigh. Addicks still not down enough to get access to check damage. Will continue to check daily.
  12. Jeff H.

    Garmin G5 STC $2149

    Flying in coastal Texas (maybe similar to Florida), it has limited practical usage. Did a mountain flying course in Colorado and suddenly the usefulness came alive. Very helpful and very informative when combined with the G500 and GTN750 standard terrain functions.
  13. I'm sorry, I know not of the concept of which you speak. I suspect it may be considered blasphemy, sacrilege, immoral and illegal in 47 states. Let's keep it polite and not have anymore of that talk, please.
  14. I sense a challenge has been issued. Is there a possible group effort to answer? My Rocket won't get the job done. Willing to support in other means.
  15. Jeff H.

    A plane with no name.

    Rocket = Dolly. Larger displacement equipment hung on the front in place of the factory jugs.