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  1. Mooney Pre Buy Video

    I really don’t remember that is terrible. It was like just under 90k. I have put 90 or so more into it like i references in the video. I have done the following; 1) New Paint 2) All new panel (Aspen 2500, Garmin 750, JPI 900, Garmin G5, remote Garmin GTX 345 transponder, PS Audiio panel, FS510 tied to the iPad you see in the pics. Then new custom cut panel to house all of it. 3) Speed brakes 4) Landing gear donuts 5) new glass all around 6) 1 piece belly panel 7) zéro timed engine (aero mark in Ft. Lauderdale) 8) new prop 9) gami injectors 10) power flow exhaust 11) Led lighting all around I think that is all that i have done? The reason for the video was to show the “high” end of what you could do with an older plane. Not that you have to do all of that? I tried really hard to express that view throughout the video. My logic was always this is the only plane i will ever own and so even having say 60k more into it than i would ever get back, so what? It is not an investment to me, rather it is like buying a “classic” car and restoring it? I train many SR22 pilots (which i feel is a tremendous airplane), but it is nowhere near as “cool” as 133DB and they are at least 3 times as much money to be configured similar to my Mooney. inam 56 years old, live in a fly in community, so god willing I will get to fly her for 20 years or so. If that is the case, all the improvements will long since be superseded by newer and better “stuff”, but I got to use it for 20 years in mint condition? The only other major thing i would like to do on the horizon is to put in a GFC 500/600 AP. My KAP150 works well, but fails its test sometimes (indicative of needing a new servo). I really would rather just plunk down 20k more into a 21st century AP than just keep throwing 3 or 4K at a 40 year old AP every couple years? Sorry for the long post, just wanted to answer some of the questions I have been asked since the video was posted. Thanks! Mike
  2. Mooney Pre Buy Video

  3. Looking for a CFI

    Hey guys, Probabably not the correct place to put this. but I am involved with a small flight school at KMKY and we are in need of a “young” CFI looking to build time. The pay is very competitive and we have multiple aircraft. If anyone knows a person that would fit the profile please let me know. Marco Island is a great place to build time as a CFI. Thanks! Mike
  4. Mooney Pre Buy Video

    Let me know when your here. Wingsouth is 4 Miles from APF.
  5. Yes I am on MS and have been for awhile The annual costs i “guessed” did include the fact that i have redone just about everything on the Plane. They are working on a video of a more “average” Mooney also. The intent was to show what you could do. Anyways, I enjoyed the process and it has been fun with 133DB. The spinner is clean by the way now lol
  6. Mooney Pre Buy Video

    Guys, Adam from the “pre buy” guys had asked me to do this video a few months back. I wanted to post the video here for you all to see. I think he did a great job putting this together! Mike
  7. Looking to help a friend in the area.
  8. parts parts

    I would love the yoke trim switch that goes to fen KAP 150 in my 1982 J? Also looking for right side brakes for the same 82’J thanks!
  9. This is so on the money. I also learned to fly steam 35 years ago. I am all in on the argument that the 750/650/440 versus 530/430 is not all that much of a difference. I own a 750 and train my students on a 430. Like them both. But when it comes to PFD/MFD (I have 3 aspens and a G5), there is simply no comparison to the steam it replaced. I never found the tapes hard to read? Guess that is just me? But information and scan in hard IFR is 10000000000000000% easier. Guess I am a 56 year old millineal now lol
  10. What if...

    J.D. and Laura are the greatest. Please say hi for me. He has helped me so much. Can’t wait to see your prototype!
  11. @N601RX, would you mind sending me the paper work? Thanks so much! Mike
  12. What if...

    Bennett, You and I think so much alike. I bought 133DB for $95k almost 5 years ago. First I started working on the airframe to make sure it was perfect. I then added a GTN 750, 1 tube aspen, and a JPI830 (this was a mistake on my part as I ended up wanting primary and had to put in the JPI900). Then I zero timed my engine at Airmark in Ft. Lauderdale. Now I bought the plane with really nice interior (no quite as nice as yours, but for sure 8 or 9 out of 10). Then came a 1 piece belly, new landing gear pucks, new glass throughout. The. I had a new panel designed 3 tube aspen, JPI900, G5 so the vacuum system is gone. ADSB in and out, LED all around. Then off to Hawk for a tremendous paint job. Mine is probably a step below yours but it is one of the nicest I have ever seen. I probably have $200k in it. Will I ever get that back? No, but I have basically a brand new Mooney that I can fly for many years (I am 56). I am going to add more. A Garmin GFC500 or 600 when I can. Speed brakes and passenger side brakes this annual. Point is, for let’s say $225 you can have every bit as much Plane as what would cost $500 or $600 to build new Today. We need to take our planes to the same place someday just to see how they compare
  13. co-pilot brakes

    Thank you so much I appreciate!
  14. Hi all, I am looking for the kit to add passenger side brakes for my 1982 J. Thanks for any help! Mike
  15. co-pilot brakes

    Did you sell them? thank you