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  1. Paint Shop Recommendations?

    My plane is at Hawk right now. Joe is so busy that it takes awhile to get through all the jobs, but his work is second to none. My buddy just had a flight school 172 done at Hawk with new interior done at KVDF and the plane looks brand new. I think the thing that is so good about Joe is he does the work he is very hands on. I will post pictures next week when I get her back.
  2. I would love the KFC600 system, but still at 25 to 30k installed lot of money. My Aspen/EA100 and KAP150 really works very well. The debate will rage over can you use a G5 in combo with the Aspen (multiple panel battery back up) and the need for vaccum. Anyway you look at this Garmin really is looking at creating a new market. There is really very little option when it comes to replacing the King A/p's many of us fly?
  3. I have 2 other sets of Bose A10 (I need to keep one set as 2 prong as I am a CFI fly many different planes) so I would end up with 5 sets if I kept my Zulu's. Thanks for advise thought!
  4. I have a barely used Zulu PFX ANR Bluetooth headset for sale. i am updating my panel to the powered plugs so don't need these any more. They have maybe been used 10 times. I will take $800 for them they are $1050 new. Thanks, Mike
  5. Garmin G5 Review

    Guys all I can tell you is the director of electronic flight initiative for FAA is not objecting? I don't pretend not intend to be an expert on the regs, but my avionics shop has been in business for over 25 years is well known in a MAJOR market for general aviation. They have done this multiple times and are signing my logs. I for sure don't want to get into a discussion of who is correct or not - mostly because I would loose! If the avionics shop is wrong they will have to take it out and redo the entire panel their cost. I have known them for years and they have never sent me wrong. If they sign it they have legal liability to make sure it conforms as they also do the IFR certification. I just wanted to provide the logic how they were doing it. mike
  6. Garmin G5 Review

    They do, the Aspen people concur. The ticket opening and closing is obviously the issue, but really if you have a two tube Aspen set up (3 for me) and a G5 what does L3 do but cost more. If it could drive my AP I would not even question, but reality is one of my PFD's had to do that. If they both fail I am landing and a attitude indicator is really what I need. Looks legit to me?
  7. Garmin G5 Review

    Well I figured it out. They take my single tube Aspen out first. Install the G5 it is now primary this is work order number 1. So I have a vacuum attitude, slip turn, altimeter and AS. This is legal IFR just no glass. Then they open ticket number 2 and put in the 3 tube Aspen with battery back up as the back up to the G5. This is legal and ok according to my shop. I have seen it now in 5 planes. I like the idea of not spending the extra $ on the ESi500 as it does nothing for me. The Aspen drives my AP either way and the ESI does not do that so it saves about 3k if you can use the G5. Thoughts? My J is at Hawk for paint now once it is done it will be killer inside and out
  8. Garmin G5 Review

    Thanks for the response it concerns me also as it is more to use the L3 product but I would rather get it correct first time. thank you!
  9. Garmin G5 Review

    So is how they install the G5 with the Aspen(s) marking the Aspen backup and the G5 primary? This is what my avionic shop is telling me. I will have 3 aspens, a JPI900 and the G5 and my shop says I won't need my vacuum anymore. My goal is no steam guages at all (no 6 pack or power). Is this feasible the way he is telling me? Thanks! Mike
  10. STC Ram Air

    Doc thanks so much that is exactly what I needed! mike
  11. STC Ram Air

    Anyone know who has the STC for removing the Ram Air on a J model? Thanks! Mike
  12. parts parts

    Do you have a king KAP 150 control wheel trim switch? Thanks
  13. WTB parts

    Let me tell you never make fun of it, it is not a fun thing and it can happen to anyone.
  14. parts parts

    Looking for precision speed brakes. Sorry your leaving