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  1. Looking for precision speed brakes. Sorry your leaving
  2. I have installed a GTX345 in my J and had a GDL39 prior. The GDL is barely used, unfortunately when the avionics shop took it out (it was hard wired) I don't seem to have the power cord. You can buy one from garmin for $69. Make an offer and it is yours! Thanks! Mike
  3. I have on sitting in my hangar I can measure it tomorrow if you like?
  4. Electric would be best, but I could really use any
  5. Looking for a used set of speed brakes. Thanks! Mike
  6. I am going to try what is date?
  7. Lol not what I was selling
  8. I have the left flap for an 82J I has some damage to the inboard trailing edge I believe repairable? Pictures included. Pretty much any offer accepted.
  9. I have cowl flaps for an 82j
  10. Here are pictures of the exhaust I have for sale. I am upgrading to power flow.
  11. I have the position and strobes for an 82 J for sales (Make an offer). Upgrading to LED. I have the power pack and two Lenses for the left wing tip (one is cracked). The position and strobe lights are worth something I would take $75 for all of them.
  12. I would take $200 plus freight for all of it
  13. I have an exhaust system for a 1982 J. If any one is interested? Mike N133DB
  14. As a CFI I teach my students very simple stuff to start with. 800 minimum before attempting a return to field. Never more than 30 bank on turns in the pattern, and always outside in the pattern. If you do these three things you will have an AOA and airspeed that is above 1.4 let alone 1.3. Young pilots (in my opinion) simply need to think forward not return to the field until they basically turn downwind which in most planes (172, Cherokee, Mooneys) is about 800 feet AGL. It is really easy to teach in Marco Island as we are 6 foot MSL
  15. Thanks Don they look great!