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  1. Withdrawals...

    I don't know Brad, I am a CFI and flying right seat if you are not one is (at least perhaps) not a great idea. Yes the brakes are an issue, but I would worry about an insurance claim. I have a CFI buddy in Naples who owns a 172 that he rents. Two guys who rented it from him had the one guy who had his private let his buddy fly left seat (no ticket) and they bent the plane on the landing. Insurance said that the guy in left was acting as PIC so no insurance coverage. Be careful!
  2. Hurricane Irma

    This is 7 miles from my house
  3. Withdrawals...

    I feel your pain 3 months for paint, now 6 weeks for avionics. This will be longer thanks to Irma. Never complain I though 133DB was done for on Sunday. Phil (Tomlinson avionics) never made me happier when he called Monday and said his hanger made it!
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Well we made it out of the eye. Lots of wind damage in both KMKY, FA37 (where i wish my plane was), and KAPF. I have not seen my plane yet, but we are all ok!
  5. Hurricane Irma

    Well at this point I have pretty much given up on 133DB. She is in Tomlinson hanger in Ft. Myers (flood, tornado, wind) something will kill it. I just hope my house makes it. mike
  6. Hurricane Irma

    Well 133DB is stuck at Tomlinson with no panel :(. I am hoping my side (Naples) won't see as much of it. Hurricanes are a part of life down here. I have been here 15 years and this one might end up being the worst? One lesson I learned. Never have work done on your plane in the Summer. I would just fly out if I could
  7. New Panel

    More pics, Should start to look like a panel again soon!
  8. Good installer in southeast.

    You ever get down here Allan? I live at FA37. You should stop bye sometime we have 6 mooneys in our little community.
  9. New Panel

    Must be ok? It has always had work done per the FAR's?
  10. New Panel

    Hey Clarance, My steam AS, AI, ALT, DG,TC all come out as well as RPM, MP, Volt. All original guages are gone. I had a 750/Aspen single tube system. Now it will be an Aspen 2500/GTN 750 with a G5 and a JPI 900. I also have a panel mounted iPad mini that will talk to the 750 with a FS 510. Should be pretty sweet when it is done. I will post more pics as they start putting stuff back in!
  11. New Panel

    So now that paint is done, she is getting major surgery on the panel. It is scary looking at this! But Phil and Danny at Thomlinson at KFMY are masters at avionics. When done she will be amazing!
  12. Good installer in southeast.

    I have had multiple things done by Thomlinson at KFMY. Phil and Danny are great. They are doing a whole new panel for me right now.
  13. Thinking about a fs210

    Just make an offer guys, i am updating my panel and need to go to a 510. My 210 is 1.5 years old and works great. Thanks Mike
  14. Thinking about a fs210

    I have a used 210 that I am going to sell.
  15. I also have the Aspen EA100 route. In route you leave the KAP150 in heading mode and use the GPSS button on the Aspen and it flys the gps. On approach I have to hit Approach on the KAP 150 in order for it to enact the glide slope.