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  1. Doc thanks so much that is exactly what I needed! mike
  2. Anyone know who has the STC for removing the Ram Air on a J model? Thanks! Mike
  3. Do you have a king KAP 150 control wheel trim switch? Thanks
  4. Let me tell you never make fun of it, it is not a fun thing and it can happen to anyone.
  5. Looking for precision speed brakes. Sorry your leaving
  6. I have installed a GTX345 in my J and had a GDL39 prior. The GDL is barely used, unfortunately when the avionics shop took it out (it was hard wired) I don't seem to have the power cord. You can buy one from garmin for $69. Make an offer and it is yours! Thanks! Mike
  7. I have on sitting in my hangar I can measure it tomorrow if you like?
  8. Electric would be best, but I could really use any
  9. Looking for a used set of speed brakes. Thanks! Mike
  10. I am going to try what is date?
  11. Lol not what I was selling
  12. I have the left flap for an 82J I has some damage to the inboard trailing edge I believe repairable? Pictures included. Pretty much any offer accepted.
  13. I have cowl flaps for an 82j
  14. Here are pictures of the exhaust I have for sale. I am upgrading to power flow.
  15. I have the position and strobes for an 82 J for sales (Make an offer). Upgrading to LED. I have the power pack and two Lenses for the left wing tip (one is cracked). The position and strobe lights are worth something I would take $75 for all of them.