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  1. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a K? A friend of mine has a K that has a “back-up” alternator system that is failing. Problem is you don’t know the primary alternator is going out until the back up has failed. Trying to see if we can find the wiring information for it. Thanks for the Help! Mike
  2. MooneySpace Member Map

    Could I be listed and have a link? Thanks! Mike
  3. New Panel

    I have both AOA and SV, the Aspen has an altitude alert “alarm”. I am hoping someday to have a Garmin GNX 500 AP so that would be alititude preselect for me?
  4. New Panel

    This subject has been beaten to death. Done sorry. There is nothing wrong with the way it was done and my shop has not done this as a first time. So I guessing Best to ask your own shop?
  5. New Panel

    The G5 is technically primary. It has a back up battery (4 hour). Then the Aspen (also with back up battery) is my back up. There is a whole post on here about it. 337 takes care of it.
  6. New Panel

    This the first, lady and only airplane I have ever owned. I️ have had my ticket for 31 years but never owned a plane until 3BD. She is simply the only plane I will ever own
  7. New Panel

    Na it takes time, but if it is your “forever” Plane well worth it. Tell you something thought Tomlinson does just tremendous work and they are very fair with their prices.
  8. New Panel

    I Am not 100% sure on the screws but I will ask?
  9. New Panel

    The journey, So how tremendous 133DB looks now took a great deal of work and humility. In September of 2016 I did the unforgivable, gear up It was so humiliating. Here I am a CFI and I crash landed a plane I have loved for years. Fast forward 14 months, and this is what hard work and a great deal of money lol can do. So many people deserve so much credit, and none of them are me. First J. D. and Laura at Southwest Texas Aviation did everything possible to get me the parts and make sure I knew it would all work out. Simply the best MSC on the planet, remember I live in Florida and Texas is clearly the best! Hal Brannon my A&P at Wing South is simply the best mechanic in the world and probably the best human I have ever met. Such a kind caring person. He even had triple by pass surgery while we were being 133DB back to life. Joe Dinalfo at Hawk Aircraft Painting is a master at his craft. I was so lucky to have ever met him. I think he would do anything to help with your plane. Not just painting but making sure it was done correct. It looks so good because he did it perfect! Manzi Lawfer my next door neighbor who has done everything possible on the plane. New windows/windscreen no problem. New scat hoses no problem. Take out the ram air ok. New gear disc donuts I can do it! The guy is simply the most helpful person I know! Phil and Ralph Tomlinson and Danny Capinga at Tomlinson Avionics are the best shop in America. They have been working on my panel for over 3 years and we have all but a new AP (lol) done. I don’t think any shop could have made that panel any better than what they created. lastly Alan Davis (A&P/CFII). Great pilot really great friend, but he did so much more. Simple speech “those who have and those who will”, but he helped me believe that. I can’t thank him enough for that. Screwing up so bad shakes you to your core. Alan can be the toughest SOB in the world, but he knew how bad it hurt me and he built me back up again. Long rant I know, but the moral is really simple. 133DB is probably the nicest 201 on the planet, and while I get the benefit and joy of owning and flying her, the journey was long and amazing. If you think your invincible and it can’t/won’t happen to you listen to someone it has. Humans screw up and it is a fact of being human. Thanks to everyone of these great friends and especially my wife Rhonda for letting me do all of that work and spend all that money. What wife would let you do all of that after you F...ed up so bad? She let me bring a great old Mooney back to life. Can’t thank her enough for doing that for me. Mike
  10. New Panel

    More pics
  11. New Panel

    This pic does not do it justice and then breaker panel is not shown but here is what it looks like
  12. New Panel

    The Emergency Disc switch is for the ELT. The rotary knob above the ignition is to flash the landing light (no beacon on this plane). The buttons are called “Eaton” switches they are really cool. I really liked the way Phil/Danny tied in the AP with both Aspen (I will call them PFD’s). It really does provide true redundancy to my systems. Thanks for comments!
  13. New Panel

    Thanks guys it has been an 8 month project. I have some cool pictures of what the right side looks like also, I will upload them tomorrow. All the help here has been great except Jose and his tie raps lol
  14. New Panel

    Final product!
  15. JD and Laura are really great and I know they look at our boards. Good thing is they are young and will be here for the long run.