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  1. I’ve gone a different route for a lot less. I’ll let you know how it works out.
  2. I looked at my invoice and am not sure I can even tell you how much of it is for the G3X and how much for other items. Guessing $15k if I would have just done the G3X. But that includes a completely new panel. You can read about my install here.
  3. Congratulations! Yours and mine were probably on the assembly line together - hope you enjoy it as much as I have!
  4. I started flying when the kids were 6-9. I kept up with our family's total weight over the years in a spreadsheet. Early on, the total weight for all five of us was under 600 lbs. Now it is 1042lbs with new daughter in law. No more Mooney family flying for us! For a brief time when we were 600-800lbs, the B36 worked out well. But eventually we out grew that and they got busy. Most of my flying was by myself and I told the B36 for the Ovation. Now it is just my wife and I going to visit the kids. I even took out one back seat so the golf clubs fit better. Baron, TBM or Pilatus is the onl
  5. I don't remember exactly, it was about 10 years ago. However, it was expensive until I got my IFR ticket. I believe the 1st year was about $3-4k for a plane that cost $60k and a partnership of 4 people. After IFR, I think it went down to about $700-1200. But even if you rent, you still need liability insurance and you are still responsible for the plane. Make sure you consider that. Non-retract may be less expensive, but by all means, get your IFR for many reasons.
  6. I was told to learn what I was going to fly. I bought my first Mooney (69F) with 100 hours. 10 hours dual and I was cleared by insurance. Some of this 10 hours was used for my IFR training.
  7. 70 hours now with the new set-up. A few thoughts: 1) I am very happy with the location of the GFC500 at the bottom of the center stack. 2) the GFC500 is a very stable and reliable and intuitive A/P. Integration with the GN750 and G3X makes flying IMC single pilot effortless. I feel very confident with it. 3) Still debugging the fuel gauges. Found out the stock gauges do not work with the Garmin G3X. Had to replace them and am still debugging that. 4) Happy with my choice of shops. Partly because it was local but Holder Aviation has been very thorough and responsive to al
  8. Sorry if this is more of a trip report than a flight! Wife and I were looking for a Covid escape and had planned a trip out west for our 28th anniversary. However, a business opportunity came up in the Great Lakes area. So we changed plans and flew from Pell City Alabama to Mackinac Island. I stopped in Fort Wayne to check the weather and took off after a short stop. We arrived in Mackinac Island with ceilings reported at 700' following a King Air on Approach. Had to throttle back for spacing (hehe) and broke out about 1000'. Short 3500' runway, but pulled off mid way. Took a horse and buggy t
  9. Parker came through for us, finding the primary and excess liability coverage we were looking for. It is a pretty thin market for the excess and higher primary coverages. Thanks Parker!
  10. I got about $9,000 for similar stuff and it sold pretty quick online except the ap which took 6 months. $1500 for complete kfc225 with servos.
  11. My experience in the Mooney has been 2 or 3 roll servos in 8 years. Prior to that, the original servos lasted 10 years. Rebuilt servo was $1700 with exchange and labor was $180. We self diagnosed with some consult and decided to assume it was the servo instead of spending hundreds of dollars on diagnosis. Previous experience in a Bo was about the same, except it was the pitch servo that kept going out.
  12. My quote was: Yaw Damp servo and kit $2,200.00 Yaw Damp labor $1,500.00 I decided not to do it as I didn't mind the ride when I didn't have it. Maybe I don't know what I am missing.
  13. Kfc225 sold for almost nothing. Mortiz gauges still available.
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