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  1. Google has the RR at 788.6 meters. Don't see me landing my Ovation there any day soon, although it would be an epic approach.
  2. Not in a Mooney but a memorable flight to Milford Sound, NZ (NZMF).. When I asked about RR length, our pilot calmly stated "bout a k or k and a half.half" Not a Mooney in sight, but several 182's and Caravans and a couple strange other things. Our ship was a Airbus H125. I could still smell the new car smell.
  3. Training at MAPA PPP this weekend: IMG_1430.MOV
  4. I usually have a longer final than this landing, but that is not what I meant. It looked like you never quite made it to center line on final and kept trying to "reach" over. Anyway, you can tell there was a lot of crosswind and you did good to bring it home.
  5. Was expecting a lot worse! Looks like you never were established on final. Looks like an acceptable landing and a terrible approach. But you waked away with no bent metal, so not all bad. Thanks for sharing. This weekend, at MAPA PPP, I did a greaser for my 1st landing. The instructor went on and on about how good that was. Each landing got progressively worse.
  6. Moonshine helps me look for bogeys and slow Cessnas. She hates the gyro noise but doesn’t seem to kind the rest.
  7. Who is going this weekend? I hope to be there, if this front will ever pass!
  8. Not trying to BS here. Thought most ovations are about the same. I just went back and looked at a recent flight to dallas: 182-184 TAS at 8500 with 3c OAT and about 650lbs payload, 2500 rpm 14.7 gph WOT. Realize i may be closer to peak than -20 at that fuel flow but still lop and cht’s were 350 max. 175 for 50 lop with 12.5- 13 gph would yield me about 175 TAS. Sorry to hijack thi thread , but i don't think the scoop costs you much. The loss of useful load is a more important consideration.
  9. 8-9k 14-15 gph Usually me an 50-60gal of fuel.
  10. No - ROP I can get closer to 190 TAS. I usually run 20 LOP as long as the CHT's look good. 182 TAS is typical. Before the 3 blade prop, I saw a magazine write up on my plane with 192 TAS (ROP). I am pretty disappointed if I see a 170 something. True 50 LOP would have me down at 175.
  11. I would rather leave someone at home than fly in Alabama summers with the 4 adults and no A/C! With the 3 blade prop and A/C I cruise 180-185 knots at 9k. Never flew my plane without them, so I don't know what I am missing.
  12. I am still waiting on the price and installation instructions from Precision Air for the OEM type system. Thanks for all the suggestions in the meantime. Recent flight to Dallas and back, had a pulse ox meter. Both of us were 88-92% after 30 minutes at 8,000. However, she was tired after 30 minutes and after 3 hours, she had a frontal headache, fatigue and numbness in her fingers and toes. Ox Meter still showed 88-90% after 3 hours. She is fit (Crossfit and marathon runner). Her symptoms seem like classic altitude sickness to me and I have seen it in several people and myself when mountain climbing. My 02 levels were also 88-92% but I had no noticeable side effects. Return flight, we were at 9,000 and even 11,000 for a while. She was alert, but still have finger/toe numbness and a headache. Muffler is 1 year old and we had the heater on both ways. Was thinking C0 could be a problem but doubt it. Good news is she wants to fly more in the future and I would like to help solve her issues. May purchase/borrow a portable system to see if it helps.
  13. The FAR's make it the owner/operator responsible for the condition of the plane. Not the mechanic or the previous owner. Selling a plane AS IS with a hold harmless should protect you against claims from the new owner, but not a 3rd party. Nothing to stop a lawyer from suing you anyway and you will be found liable for whatever the jury says. But I still think this is all an extremely small risk as long as you are not misrepresenting the plane or negligent in your actions. Having a MSC do a annual before you sell may put some of that liability on them. But if it were shown that you maintenance work or negligence caused the crash, you may have another party pursuing you. I hire my lawyers to protect me and inform me. But at the end of the day, I just have to live with a certain amount of risk and also have enough insurance to cover those risks.
  14. Back up batteries in the flight displays and dual main batteries in the tail of an ovation. I’m a lot more comfortable with the reserve of the new systems than vacuum. And it’s not just the vacuum system but the gyros themselves that are unreliable. I think the newer systems are far more reliable but don’t have anything except anecdotal evidence.