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  1. I have a set of oem gauges for sale. If interested pm me.
  2. Hi Everyone - 30 hours on the new stuff so far but grounded this week for annual I still have the Moritz gauges and KFC 225 system. Willing to split the A/P head and servos. Make offer. No one needs a Moritz gauge back up?Thought for sure there may be some CB around. Thanks!
  3. Wow, great job getting down safely. I would fly with you any day!
  4. +1 to check your timing. Temps seem higher than normal to me although sub 400 cht on hot days after long ground runs may not be very realistic. #3 is usually the hottest for me (O2 280hp).
  5. I did exactly what you are thinking and ended back in a mooney a few years later. I sold my f and bought into a beautiful BT36TC. Thing was, he kids got bigger, too big really and busy. I ended up flying a lone 80% of the time. Maintenance and fuel was much more. Now the kids are gone and its almost always just me or me and my wife on trips to see the kids or parents. I loved the Bo but found i really belong in a mooney. I also found the Bo was range OR payload limited. You could bring full fuel or full seats, not both.
  6. I decided against the yaw servo on my install. Maybe i don't know what i am missing. But i didn't see the point.
  7. I think silicone is what we used.
  8. Welcome! Not in SC but am nearly 6'2. I flew an F model for years and felt it was comfortable. The height is not a problem at all. With the seat all the way back, I can just reach the pedals. Width is more of a concern but I still didn't find it a problem at nearly 200#. Two big guys in front may rub shoulders, but off setting seats solves that. The seat is lower to the floor. Back pain didn't seem aggravated by 3-4 hour flights. Getting in and out the door may create a few grunts and groans.
  9. I can think of a few interesting ways! But I don't remember what exactly was done did other than cleaning and applying some lube. My last flight, I felt some minor binding during preflight and added this to the squawk list for my upcoming annual.
  10. None for me so far. Although, I did have a similar issue with the yoke lube with the prior A/P.
  11. Thanks! I will try that next time.
  12. I flew about 4 hours this Saturday and it felt good to be back in the air. It is hard to separate the impact of each of the upgrades, but flying the G3X, 750Xi and the GFC 500 A/P together is impressive. The availability of information and intuitive flow is excellent. One thing I noticed is that I never even glanced at my iPad. All the information was in front of me in the panel. The A/P flight envelope protection features are a great improvement. The KFC 225 was a great A/P but the stability of the GFC500 is better and the integration with the other avionics is much improved. There were a few times I said "what the heck is the A/P doing now" but by the 4th approach, I had it down. Flying victor airways is great as is selecting and flying holds at any fix. I also appreciate how it picks up the glide path and flies the missed approach so seamlessly. One other nice benefit is the gain in useful load of 30 lbs. Only a few bugs left from the install. Main one being my right fuel indicator Is not working properly. Also need to add lean assist option to engine monitoring. I feel lucky that I was able to do this at my home field (KPLR) and can wholeheartedly recommend Holder Aviation. He may not be the cheapest or the fastest but he did very good work and was easy to work with, even through the pandemic. The installation was very clean and professional. Notice the updated circuit breaker panel in the pics above. Small detail I know, but reverse engraving a new panel makes for a new looking panel. I am amazed at the amount of detailed work that was required to get this upgrade done and how few bugs there are to report. I am wondering how this upgrade impacts value. None of this equipment is listed on Vref yet. Personally, I think it was a great value in terms of what it cost for what I got, and hopefully translating into value of the plane (although I don't plan on selling anytime soon). Hopefully these upgrades will keep 51K in the air for the next 20 years. Next will be an engine replace/rebuild but hope to put that off a few more years. Any questions, let me know. Appreciate the support of this community.
  13. Valid points and I think think the GNS boxes are great. But I have a 430 without WAAS and couldn't imagine paying $4000 to upgrade it to WAAS. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't buy a one without WAAS.
  14. Heard the same. $4000 upgrade for the 430. It hardly seems worth it compared to some of the new stuff out there.
  15. Thanks - They are in the stock location, but removed stand-by vacuum and the blanks. Gained 30lbs in Useful Load!