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  1. He wasn’t trapped at all. Unfortunately the cockpit disintegrated. If you will go back and look at the video you’ll notice it isn’t attached to the airplane. The wings are inverted in the water and facing toward the tail which means everything else was detached. I also heard they found Roy closer to shore.
  2. BigAl

    Paging R. L. Carter

    Tested. Showed sent.
  3. BigAl

    ATC career

    I attended the Houston Tracon tour a couple of months ago and it was fascinating! This is the contact info for the gentleman that led the tour. I also have his card at home so if you need an email address then let me know and I'll track it down for you. I believe he is their longest tenured guy and will surely point you in the right direction. Very knowledgeable and nice guy. Good luck! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ronald Sorum Functional Job Title: AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER Service Unit: Terminal Services Directorate: Director Air Traffic Operation Central Service Area South Division: Texana District Office Phone: +12814435841 Fax: +18324941630 Physical Address: Mail Address: ASW Regional Office FAA Houston Intercont'l TRACON FAA Southwest Regional Office 4005 Greens Rd 10101 Hillwood Pkwy Houston, TX 77032 Fort Worth, TX 76177 Room Number: Room Number: Desk Location: Mail Stop:
  4. BigAl

    Opinions on this 252

    Close enough!
  5. BigAl

    Opinions on this 252

    Oddly enough, that tiny little airport in the middle of nowhere is where I took my PP oral and earned my ticket!
  6. BigAl

    Virginia Accident

    Also, that looks like the left wing laying just above the bulkhead near the water.
  7. BigAl

    Virginia Accident

    I’m guessing he turned right, lost power and tried to turn back. If the gear isn’t hanging out then the dude may have thought that strip of water was his best shot and had too much speed.
  8. BigAl

    Virginia Accident

    Glad all are ok!
  9. Glad I could help! Love the spinner!
  10. Do you know what he is asking for it?
  11. I personally have never seen one like this. Incredible panel and paint! The engine has some time on it but impressive nonetheless. They certainly are proud of it.