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  1. Virginia Accident

    Also, that looks like the left wing laying just above the bulkhead near the water.
  2. Virginia Accident

    I’m guessing he turned right, lost power and tried to turn back. If the gear isn’t hanging out then the dude may have thought that strip of water was his best shot and had too much speed.
  3. Virginia Accident

    Glad all are ok!
  4. Glad I could help! Love the spinner!
  5. 1975 Mooney M20F May be coming on the Market

    Do you know what he is asking for it?
  6. I personally have never seen one like this. Incredible panel and paint! The engine has some time on it but impressive nonetheless. They certainly are proud of it.
  7. There are whirly birds covering the whole city right now. Traffic at KCXO is intense too.
  8. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    I just ordered one of those shirts. Thanks!
  9. I really am Big Al.
  10. Really Cool Osh Video

    Please tell him to keep it up! Thank you guys for allowing me to live through your experiences!