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  1. I dug up an old picture of my unsuccessful battery replacement attempt from 2016 to illustrate the type of battery that was previously employed. Note that the battery is glued into the housing and any attempt to remove it will likely tear the outer metallic pouch. As I recall it was 2 flat packs glued together and hard-wired in parallel to a small separate pcb. The soldering isn't a big deal but I couldn't source them at the time. Now they sell the entire assembly (half the Stratus) which makes replacement simple. The battery is now identifiable on pics of the Stratus kit as 3.7V 5400 mAh but I only find them on Chinese sites with high minimum purchase quantities. If anybody knows a good source for these domestically please let me know.
  2. Can you provide a link or good search term. I've searched on YouTube and am now quite proficient at changing the battery in a DODGE Stratus but can't seem to find anything about an Appareo Stratus. I'm obviously not putting in the correct search terms. Thanks!
  3. My Stratus 2S has lost significant battery life as well, but not unreasonably I believe. I contacted Appareo support about this last September noting that I'd conducted 259 flights/335 logged hours using the device and was getting about 6+ hours out of the battery (new rated life is 8 hours). I've logged another ~57 hours since then and it seems to last about 4.5-5 hours now so it's definitely declining more quickly. In the past Appareo didn't offer do-it-yourself battery replacements and I learned with my original Stratus 2 that the battery was a proprietary flat-pack which I basically destroyed during disassembly. They were gracious enough to take my old unit (Stratus 2 that I screwed up) and replace it with a newer 2S unit for only $200 which I considered quite fair. In recent discussions with them regarding my declining battery they stated - "Based on the stats you provided about the battery, it is pretty average. Depending on the charging cycles, care of the unit, storage techniques, etc., we see batteries start to deplete around the 2.5-3 year mark or about 300 hours. There is a gauge associated with the battery that may develop a "memory" and performing a factory reset will help with this. If you haven't done so, please perform a factory reset on your unit, charge it fully, run down the battery, and then charge it back up again. This should reset this gauge." Regarding the Sentry unit you lose the ability to connect an external ADS-B or GPS antenna which is a deal-breaker for me. I keep my Stratus under the pilot's seat and use both external antennas (which also provide GREAT reception, even down low). This also keeps the unit out of the sun which should help battery life as well. I have a permanent USB power port on my panel and will plug in the Stratus on flights of 4+ hours but will likely be purchasing the battery replacement kit soon as it continues to decline.
  4. Upfront notice: I am a long-time user and fan of Foreflight. But... I’m mildly interested in the new feature “Airport 3D View” and have contacted Foreflight support about making it available as an add-on or ala-carte feature. It’s simply not worth an additional $100 (Performance Plus subscription) but I’d be willing to pay another $20-$25 to try it out for a year. Their reply offered some hope (that they may offer it as an add-on in the future) but for now they’re trying to entice people to upgrade to the higher subscription. If they get significant interest in making it an add-on that might help so if you're interested please drop them a note. The e-mail to inquire is The partial text of my e-mail and their reply was as follows: Inquiry: “With the introduction of your new feature “Airport 3D View” I thought it might be worth checking out but was disappointed that it’s only available as part of your Performance Plus subscription (which is overkill for my needs). I do realize that you’re offering a special on that subscription as an inducement, but Pro Plus is a much better fit for me. So… I thought I’d check to see if the new feature might be available as an add-on. In the past your website offered a “Build Your Own Plan” option at the bottom of the pricing page but that seems to have been discontinued. I was sorry to discover that, because I might be willing to add the “Airport 3D View” option as a $20-$25 subscription add-on. I simply can’t justify another $100 for that one feature.” Reply: Tom here - Thanks for your feedback. We try to offer a variety of features at different price points to accommodate different budgets. We often add new features to existing subscription levels for free. For example, Breadcrumbs was added for free to all subscription levels with ForeFlight 11 at no additional cost. Some new features are deemed to be premium features and are only available with a higher priced subscription. It is possible 3D maps may be included as an "ala-carte" feature in the future, but at this time, it is only available with Performance Plus.
  5. @jetdriven has a good memory of what’s in my hangar. Let me know if you need a replacement cover. I have some extras indeed and you’ve helped me out in the past. They have nutplates; no need for rivets. None on my J are riveted.
  6. Byron pinged me and said y'all were looking for this... Cnoe McCauley S.L. 1998-22A.pdf
  7. My issue was with the external "GPS" antenna, not the ADS-B antenna. I replaced the Stratus (GPS) antenna with Garmin's GA-25MCX and haven't had any problems since. Sorry I can't give you any help with your project.
  8. Back in 2014 @JohnB started an excellent post regarding interference issues caused by a failing (external) GPS antenna on his Stratus ADS-B receiver. Specifically a failing external (active) GPS antenna can suddenly cause your CERTIFIED GPS devices to lose satellite reception. The problem can be intermittent or last for considerable periods of time. Experiencing such a failure while on a direct-to route in IMC can be a real nuisance requiring notification to ATC and conversion to alternate methods of navigation. This issue has since been explored more fully (on MS, BT, and elsewhere) and the quick fix while enroute is to simply unplug the external antenna which should restore your panel GPS' functionality. This may or may not be a simple thing to do if your unit isn't readily available in the cockpit (under a seat or on a hat-rack). The folks at Appareo (the maker of Stratus units) have now admitted the existence of the issue and it is noted in their User Manual which states... "WARNING: Avoid pinching or bending the external GPS cable, especially near the antenna. This could damage the cable and cause interference between the antenna and other on-board GPS receivers. The cable’s minimum bend radius is 1 inch." As an avid user of the Stratus units I prefer to place it beneath the pilot seat (out of the sun and out of the way) and I employ both external ADS-B and GPS antennas which provide outstanding reception/coverage. Then I too experienced unexplained simultaneous GPS outages in my certified Garmin navigation equipment (as well as every other GPS receiver in the plane including the iPad and iPhone). At the time I was unaware of the issue described. Thanks to Mr. B and others I was able to discover the issue with some online sleuthing prior to spending large sums of money at the A&P/Avionics shops. So, when I decided to replace my existing (failing) antenna I wanted to look for an alternate, perhaps more robust antenna and began looking at options. As it turns out there are several antenna manufacturers out there with comparable products. The connector is a standard MCX version and I'd always been unhappy with the routing of the stock Stratus (actually AntennaFactor/LinxTechnologies) antenna which employed a straight-out cable. So after some studying and perusing I came to believe that the Garmin GA-25MCX antenna would be a suitable replacement (at half the cost for you CB'ers), and to make matters even better the connector employs a 90 degree fitting which permits much better cable routing in my case. So I bought one to try and am making this post to confirm that it works just fine so far. I've yet to complete in-flight testing with it but in ground testing I found it to pick up a full compliment of satellites without issue (see photo). Let me end by stating that I will monitor it for interference issues and if any arise I will report them here, but it is my understanding that the issue only occurs when the antenna is experiencing a failure of some sort, which mine was. I hope this helps somebody, as Mr. B's post helped me.
  9. That happens when the end rod gets bent slightly. It binds inside the other tube and when you push the mixture knob forward it pops the joint apart. It can be repaired by carefully straightening the rod then reinserting the tube into its socket. I’ve seen the safety wire trick but if it’s binding it will just pop out again. If you get it working well again use a short piece of heavy duty shrink sleeve (the kind with meltable adhesive sealant inside) to keep the joint both secure and sealed from the elements. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. If you change your mind here’s the place I’ve heard good things about. I can’t recall what they quoted me as it’s been a few years back. Before and after pics from their website: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. There are companies that can do this; it’s been discussed a lot in the past. It’s not really something you can do yourself economically. We’re not talking about an hour with Flitz and a buffer. Mine went from this... this... ... but it involved selling the original and buying the shiny one from someone upgrading to a 3-blade. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. With all due respect to Jose’s fine modification I personally have no need for it. I can fly 990 nm for 6.6 hours (+ VFR reserve) with my stock tanks which is well beyond my personal limits. IMO every Monroy LR tank installation should include a free Monroy relief assembly (along with a free belly-washing contract).[emoji846] But until there’s female-friendly and dog-friendly options I’ll have to keep limiting my flights to 990 nm or less. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I agree that the ultimate answer is situational but also agree with the interviewee that once the fan up front stops making power the goal is to use the airframe as a vehicle to minimize energy transfer to its occupants. The tubular steel framed cabin is perhaps the #1 Mooney attribute. As the old adage goes “if the engine quits it’s the insurance company’s plane”. Having made a few landings on grass strips I can testify that our gear isn’t very compliant on rough ground so it would have to appear quite smooth before I’d leave it down. And remember how robust our birds are when bellied in. When’s the last time you heard of a Mooney being scrapped following a gear-up landing? Therefore my default is likely to keep the gear up during an off-field and only drop it if a decent roll-out looks likely. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. You can get about anything you need there. Interchangeable with Camloks, and price competitive. Note that there are sometimes different lengths in different spots on the cowling. And if holes are worn you may want/need to adjust some lengths.
  15. As others have mentioned I respectfully believe he is mistaken. If we were talking about the CHT gauge I would agree because it is specified as a requirement in the CAR 3 documents; that has been an issue for all of us that have JPI 700-800 series. We have to retain the original CHT gauge because it is required, primary, and those JPI models are NOT certified as primary instruments. Our planes were certified under CAR 3, not Part 23. That is also stated in the TCDS. That is what controls what is required in our planes. Try this link for the CAR 3 regs: The applicable page is attached as a screenshot. Edited: Sorry another bad link, due to Tapatalk I suppose. You can google it; the navioneer site has a copy. Here’s what you’re looking for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk