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  1. Good catch. That is exactly what made scrubbing the obvious choice.
  2. "Did I remember to pay the insurance? Did I remember to pay the insurance? Did I remember to pay the insurance?"
  3. Thanks for chiming in guys. The forecast was looking good until yesterday when the jet stream dipped a little further south than expected. I appreciate your replies. As altitude increased the headwinds were getting ridiculous so I just ruled out 14,000-16,000 even though I have oxygen. I was hoping to make it into Pagosa but that's looking like low-IFR so the diversion was to Durango. The landing didn't concern me but those winds just didn't look good. I'm afraid even in the 252 you'd have been looking at headwinds of close to 100 knots along that stretch east of ABQ. I hear it sucks when the 18-wheelers on the ground are passing you. I'd love to hear that story sometime.
  4. I had to scrub this morning's flight across New Mexico into southern Colorado. Winds are across the ridges at ~50 knots and up to 70 knots at my flight level (12,000 msl). Airmets are in effect for low-level wind-shear. Oh well, I HATE flying my Mooney long distances at "maneuvering speed" anyway. Would any of you made this flight?
  5. I'm late to the discussion but in answer to your question... yes, the Jepp Skybound card-reader/programmer WILL NOT work to program your GNS data-card. You have to buy a new programmer from Garmin for $70. Also, a couple of years ago the WAAS capable cards were updated; the new (navdata) cards can be identified by having an "orange" label. At that time Jepp also updated the programmer such that the old programmer WILL NOT work with the newer cards, but their newer programmer WILL work with both the newer and older card versions. Jepp navdata isn't such a bad deal if you renew at an event where they'll give you 3-4 months free, but since I'll likely miss SnF this year I'm thinking about switching my GNS530W data subscription to Garmin. $440 with Jepp vs. $299 with Garmin is a big difference!
  6. LOL. Perhaps I should clarify that this photo was captured during the go-around on a practice instrument approach. I'm actually a "flaps down entering downwind" sorta guy.
  7. Mine is 7,000' x 100' with lots of open space at both ends. Sometimes I'll land, then change my mind and take off again, and then change my mind again and land. Just kidding, but I COULD. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Best aftermarket lettering I've seen yet. Great job! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. That's a Dukes, but there's good news. You may not need the "kit". Weldon now makes a pump that is a direct replacement for the Dukes. This info came directly from Weldon just 2 weeks ago: "The 18020-A is a drop-in replacement for the Dukes 1499-00-19A. Weldon can also claim installation eligibility for the 18020-A on the M20-J airframe. The serial number you reference 24-XXXX is within the range listed on FAA website (Mooney Airplane Company (M20J S/N thru 24-2999)." John DeMatteis, Weldon Pump, 440-232-2282 ext. 118 If you're trying to install a Weldon A8163-B then you might need the expensive conversion kit. This is exactly the information I've received (in 2017) as well. In fact I contacted Aeromotors and had a long conversation with a technician there who told me (in condensed form): 1. Original Dukes pumps contained fragile impellers. 2. Dukes later switched to a different material that would pick up foreign material and embed it in the impeller causing it to become inherently abrasive. 3. Previous overhauls required installation of Dukes manufactured replacement parts (which were supplied in kit form) that while not "fragile" were still problematic (see #2 above). 4. Aeromotors sought and received approval to manufacture parts for these pumps from proprietary materials. 5. Since switching to their own replacement parts Aeromotors has seen greatly enhanced durability from these pumps. Only Aeromotors uses these parts. 6. They tested the newly rebuilt pumps for continuous duty for a few hundred hours, even running them dry with no problems (but I still believe they don't advertise them as continuous duty). 7. The current rebuild price is $400 and typically also includes a new armature in the older pumps. After the horror stories I've been told about the rebuilt Dukes I was absolutely switching to a Weldon when that time came but at $1,236 (AS current price) I believe I'll give Aeromotors a shot instead. They COULD be lying out their arse about all of this but I believe the gentleman I spoke with was being truthful with me as he spoke at length and in great detail about the entire issue.
  10. Stunning alto-cumulus photo! We had a similar coverage here the other day but with the sun overhead. I took far fewer cloud pics before I became a pilot. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Shane, is this right? Self-serve? That's not shown on Foreflight or Airnav. I thought those tanks were for the FBO's full-service fuel only. I hope I'm wrong 'cause I stop there fairly often. I like to purchase fuel from facilities I visit but at $5.60/gal. I'm fearful of my CB club card being revoked. BTW, we really appreciate your efforts with the Klixon covers. I'll likely need a set someday in the near future. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. One more note regarding Austin Exec... Their newest policy is to charge their $10 overnight tie-down fee whether you purchase fuel or not. I think the fee is fair but their fuel is currently displaying on Foreflight as $2.20 higher than the SS municipal pump at Georgetown just a few miles north. It is a nice facility though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. It may be of value for you to know that the dimmer that controls my instrument lights must be turned down a lot to dim my incandescent Nulites around the instruments, and the dimming isn't very linear. The other dimmer on my glareshield lights is much more linear in its operation. I have no advice on specific resistance values though.
  14. Just got back in from our trip. I saw 3-4 at times during taxi but still ranged only 0-1 during flight. Headwinds were AWFUL peaking at 44 knots near Dallas, and that was at the best altitude according to winds aloft reports. Here's where the Sensorcon is mounted in my J. It fits better sideways, otherwise it would interfere with my cup holder or obscure the ventilation labels. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I can't answer about your Avidyne unit specifically but the Garmin GTX330ES is a similar device and has a programming setting that identifies you as being ADS-B "in" capable (even if your receiver is non-certified like a Stratus, etc.). IIRC the towers won't ping you unless that setting is programmed properly (unless you're in somebody else's puck of course). Avidyne may have this "on" by default, but perhaps not. Their tech support should be able to answer that question quickly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk