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  1. Fort Pierce (APP) has a community hangar and they’re supposedly going to build new tee hangars sometime soon.
  2. Don’t forget the price of the STC. Which they are careful not to mention it. How long before big government sunsets 100LL? Effectively forcing us to buy the STC. ACA already paved the way to allow this. I’ll bet an adult beverage that California will be the first to mandate its use.
  3. Interesting the G3X experimental doesn’t require the new GTN Xi. Makes me think the Xi requirement is a marketing idea, not an engineering position.
  4. It’s a 5 month wait just for the hardware, so plan accordingly.
  5. With that many hours you are likely to have to start spending significant money and time maintaining it. I would overhaul it.
  6. 1. It’s $16,000. 2. Doesn’t fix OPs problem. 3. Ram air doesn’t boost performance on the J anyhow.
  7. The DC TFR practically covers the entire eastern seaboard. ;-)
  8. Are 2 EFIS of the same model really redundant? I would argue maybe a backup EFIS from a different manufacturer or at least different model would be prudent if you fly IMC.
  9. The Js best glide speed is 98mph at 2300 lbs and 105mph at 2700lbs.
  10. I suggest Tapatalk, at least with iDevices. I assume android based has similar functionality.
  11. What is the length of Garmin’s warranty?
  12. Just write it up as: Airplane: $1000 Towbar: $200,000 Then it will save you a lot of money. ;-)
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