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  1. I’m spit balling to try to understand the hours. Remove existing equipment and trays. Assume 4 item to remove - complete in 1 day = 8 hours Label each wire connection while removing - another 4 hours Trace and diagram wiring of existing remaining equipment and sketch connections and interface to new equipment - two half days = 8 hours Clean up existing wires and install new connectors 4 hours for each = 16 hours On a bench, wire up each new unit to a new connector with the right amount of wire for airplane installation. 1 day for each unit = 8 hours (this number seems fat) = 32 hou
  2. This morning when driving under departing Amazon Prime jets out of CVG, it looked like they might be lit on the bottom. That got me thinking - who is going to have the first Mooney with tricked-out underwing LED lighting? Extra credit if you can tie or time the lights to Alexa.
  3. Love seeing how fast that nose-gear comes up - Johnson bars rule!
  4. Yes to the installation instructions - those are useful. What I'd really like to see is a section-view of both the pitch control and altitude control boxes. I look forward to hearing/reading about your results.
  5. Wow - that ground track on the last page of the report! (for others that didn't look at the report - it shows a desired flight path, the actual flight path of a non-instrumented rated student with the PC system on and off).
  6. Bumping an old post - I found that I went through a denial phase with my pulse oximeter. I remember putting it on at 8,000 feet on a bright sunny day and it reading below 90% and thinking. "It must be broken or the sun must be affecting the reading and its light." After that I started carrying a boost can. The engineer in me noted that it took about 20 seconds for a hit of O2 to move through my lungs to my bloodstream to my finger. After going through several boost cans, I used @Niko182's link here to move from boost cans to a system. I'm looking forward to arriving after a long f
  7. For the altitude control system, I was wondering if it would be possible to find something on line to its plans/details. I was thinking the US Patent office - to understand the theory of it. But a 30 minute minute search confirmed that the US Patent Office site is not my forte. Anyone have any other ideas?
  8. Ibid. This is pretty much where I am - the longer I own her, the more I know about here. Back when I owned a 150, there was a certain pleasure in having a simple and inexpensive to maintain airplane. Relatively speaking, I feel the same about the E - less expensive to maintain and insure, easy to understand systems, at the cost of arriving later (or to the benefit of greater hours in the logbook). I'm still three times faster than my automobile.
  9. This thread reminds me a little of a meandering dinner party. The thing that made this thread click in my brain - made me jot it down - was: 1. Curiosity about other's habits with snooping on flightaware.com 2. Reading someone's advise about doing cross-country flights or something similar, then looking at their recent tracks and seeing the long list flights that started and ended at the same airport - especially for a version of our brand that can fly very high and very fast. There have been many good and valid comments about teaching, using another airplane for the cross
  10. @N201MKTurbo, You did make me laugh out loud!
  11. This might be a little crass, but what the heck. I'll come forward and mention it. I've found that when I'm looking at advice and posts and I'm wondering about "how good or accurate" that advice might be, I harvest the commenter's tail number and head over to flightaware to take a look at their recent flight history. Shallow - yes. Invasive - yes. Illuminating - yes, I think so. Anyone else do this or am I the only scoundrel?
  12. In Little Rock, the airport is officially something like "Bill and Hillary Clinton International Airport" but IIRC, everyone stills calls "Adams Tower" and "Adams Ground".
  13. Hopped over to Shelbyville Indiana (KGEZ) to exercise the engine and to see an "Air Mail arrow" up close.
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