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  1. I was quite please with 190 hours. Many (westbound) at/near 4.0 hours between Cincinnnati and Kansas City and eastbound always better. They’re time machines! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  2. One of the things that I liked at GATTS was the all included price - even the checkride. Plus, I always felt like my instructor would spend as much time as needed with me. I also never had the feeling of “am I being charged for the sidebar discussion at a midpoint destination FBO.” It was all about the many different facets of flying. For me, it was like an all inclusive vacation - but instead of beer and suntan oil it was avgas and engine oil.
  3. I have noticed that if I turn off the recently installed ADSB, that the clicking in the overhead speaker stops. I'm not too crazy about thinking that this installation caused the clicking. I'm trying to be positive about the installation and think "maybe the clicking was there before and I didn't notice it."
  4. Just returned from a 4 hour XC where the voltage moved (in flight) from 13.1 to 14.0. At one point it read 13.3 and then increased to 13.8 after I turned Comm 2 back on. I'm doing the Plane Power change out. I'm tired of focusing on fluctuating voltages wondering if the bottom is going to fall out and it hit 11.9 or 11.8 and create the need for a diversion. I'll give an update when complete.
  5. A somewhat topical article from Savvy... https://www.savvyaviation.com/scramble-savvy-analysis-puzzler-november-2019/ Especially as it relates to "fluctuating voltage" and "happy electronics". Pushing me closer to a Plane Power regulator now.
  6. I agree and that is the way that I'm leaning and wanting to go - I'd be happier if it was a simple swap in/swap out between the Inter Av VR and the Plane Power VR.
  7. I was able to get the three measurements at the Voltage Regulator... but with the engine not spinning. (From top to bottom): Black (ground) 0 Green (field at VR) 0.76 Red (Reg at VR) 0.86 My guess is that if I were to take measurements at the VR with the engine running, I'd be able to get the voltages that would be near the 12 - 14v (operating) range.
  8. Oh, and I also made/noted these measurements: 12.92 at battery - all Switches off 12.4 on the JPI with all Switches on 12.50 at battery. All switches on Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  9. So, I followed the Inter Av matrix (master and avionics Switches on) and obtained the attached readings which gives me more confidence that things are “Inter Av normal”. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  10. OK - not the ADSB either. I'm still searching. Thanks much!
  11. Aha - I had the numbers correct but reversed - I guess that the JPI isn't the smoking gun. Thanks!
  12. That is a great summary - maybe I can find time between chores today to get down to the hangar. This list causes me to wonder about fluctuating voltages while static on the ground - within the master and avionics switches on, the JPI will sometimes start at 12.5v and then vary down to 11.8v - without any apparent loads induced into the system.
  13. The Inter Av VR. I agree about getting voltages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. And I just realized that the JPI is set to collet its data every 10 seconds - 6 times a minute.
  15. My thought with the 345 isn’t that I’m missing transmitting data - I was being tracked IFR during the flight - to me it is the possibility that the 345 went off line for just a little while (1.5 seconds) and during that time didn’t capture gps location so that when it came back on, I was father away and so it calculated the higher ground speed (the spikes at 10 sec intervals on ForeFlight). I’m trying to figure out if the 345 is getting a high or low voltage that kicks it off line for 1.5 sec every 10 sec. and what ever has a 10 sec freq might be holding the smoking gun. Right now, I’m wondering if the inter account regulator has some type of 6 time per minute process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro