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  1. A short hop from Cincinnati Lunken to Marion Ind yesterday. Clouds closed in under me, so no joy in dropping stuff off in Indiana. Good still. New QuietTechnologies headset were very good. Saw this taxi by before we departed.
  2. Data and more data... Not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but thought that it might be. I've put the POH data into a spreadsheet and compared it to actual book values for my 66E. Two items popped out at me. First, my airplane's ability to come closer to the POH book values occurs (at least in the limited-to-date tests a higher altitude. Second, I can save about 15 minutes time on a 300sm XC when flying at 24/2400 vs. 22/2350 at 5,500 ft at a cost of about 1.8 gallons. And Second-prime, if the ceiling is lower and I'm going to stay down low, I can cruise way low of peak at 6.2 gph and arrive about 10 minutes later at the savings of about 6 gallons of gas. I'm curious to try this data at higher altitudes in the not-too-distant future.
  3. Crazy clear and smooth skies in Ohio River Valley (and 50% of the US). Went to 2500 'and to 5500' to get some numbers of LOP fuel flow when under 65% power. I was quite surprised that I could go down from the book value of 9.3 gph to the 6s while the motor still sounded good. Roughness began around 5.7gph. Does that seem reasonable? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Nice evening of the 4th flight over the fireworks with my younger son. Fun to see soooo many fireworks at once. 10 second video is attached, but doesn't do it justice. Fun. Fun. Fun. IMG_0168.MP4.mov
  5. Building on what Marcopolo said, I discovered that my #3 was connected to a sparkplug ring type sensor with the probe attached to the factor CHT - See link below. Later in flight, I verified my assumptions by seeing (and photographing) #3 Factory CHT being in line with the JPI 1, 2, and 4 sensors. Hope this is helpful.
  6. Holy cow. This thread has more drift than a Mooney holding 15 extra kts over the numbers. Congrats to the OP - such an excellent way to use your new time machine.
  7. Oh and mags and injectors check out - about 0.4 gph spread. Baffles - could be fixed/improved, but the MSer on the forum that does them, doesn’t yet have a template for an E.
  8. I no longer think that I am getting false or high readings. Initially, I thought that there was an issue and very high readings on Cylinder #3. I now think that I am indeed getting high readings on the JPI on Cylinder #3 - but that is because the CHT probe for #3 on the JPI is around the base of the spark plug... not the cylinder probe sensor. As someone noted, the Lycoming provided CHT “hole” on the cylinder (#3 in this case) has to lead back to the CHT gauge in the cockpit (not the JPI). So, my original CHT gauge (analogue gauge) is reading consistent with the Cyl 1, 2, and 4 on the JPI and the Cyl 3 on the JPI is reading about 50 degF higher (which is expected with the spark plug base sensor). Hope that helps clear it up.
  9. In tracing the wires back, it appears that my spark plug style sensor does indeed come back to my EDM and my standard EDM probe comes back to the factory gauge. This evening I noted that the factory CHT was very similar in easurements with the CHTs on 1, 2, & 4 on the EDM. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. There is nothing better than thinking a problem through logically and then systematically creating a plan to isolate the issue step by step until Occams Razor takes over. Brilliant.
  11. Last night while on a fuel run for some $3.79 fuel, I departed Snyder Field (K62) for Cincinnati Lunken (KLUK). It was about 80 °F outside. On climb out, I saw #3 CHT climb to 450 °F - The highest I usually see is about 395 °F. I have an EDM 730 and usually monitor #3 - because it is historically the highest CHT. Well, over 400 made me unhappy and 450 made me even more so. My #3 has a factory ring on the spark plug to measure CHT as well as the four CHT monitor probes. The problem was that I wasn't 100% sure which lead was feeding the EDM 730 from #3 - the spark plug or the standard probe below. So I decided to pull the spark plug out and take the monitor ring off then warm up the plane and make sure that #3 was staying relatively low. Last night while thinking of this plan, I realized I could do something else... My younger son and I headed to KLUK, took the spark plug out, took the ring off, then (while my son was videotaping) the EDM and me, surrounded the ring probe in a ziplock bag of ice water. Confirmation made! For some reason, the people that installed the EDM used the ring probe - even though they also installed a screw-in CHT probe in the block too. File Jun 12, 17 38 13.mov
  12. Quiet Technologies - back in stock as of today at 2017-06-10-Sat @ 10:39:34 -0400 .
  13. Touché.
  14. Aborting a takeoff roll is so hard to do. Simple in thought experiment -- so much harder to implement in real life. Congratulations on your ability and implementation. ... a 150 will also take off on one mag... especially when a commercial flight is taxiing behind you and they are number 2 for takeoff. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Suggestion... go back and reread all of the opinions in this thread regarding optimal rise. Many different opinions, you'll need to find where you are comfortable. Or where those that you trust are comfortable - the difference between 25 and 75 rpm on an analogue tach reminds me of the argument between accuracy and precision. Enjoy the ride!