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  1. The thing about flying and about flying Mooneys - it is both fun to fly fast and fun to figure stuff out. Yesterday I flew a long cross country and played around with things a little bit in flight. This morning, I stepped into the Infinity Pool of Mooneyspace, LOP, ROP, FF, and calculating HP. I think that I figured a few things out... and figured out a few things to look into. First, I think that I have been so conservative (scared?) of the red box that I have been super-conservative when it comes to 65% power. My go to setting to know that I'm under 65% power at any altitude is 21/2350 and 7.0 gph. This setting is probably somewhere around 15x7/200 52% power. It has treated me well when on long XCs - I can fly for 6 hours (easily) and land with more than 10 gallons in the tanks (my current minimum landing criteria). But on yesterday's flight, I flew ROP at 23/2400 (10.5 gph) with an IAS of about 151 mph giving a rough calculated TAS of about 172 mph (7,000 ft) The difference between 55% power and 135 mph IAS and 151 mph IAS was quite fun - the airplane just feels tighter (and less mushy). As others have noted above (and I'll paraphrase) - there is just more inertia at 151 mph to overcome slight altitude climb corrections than at 55%... and maybe that is a better quasi-definition of "step". @kortopates put together a nice table that I'm going to play/flight test for a while. While I've always appreciated the efficiency of the Mooney in getting me between Cinti and KC, I'm liking trying to figure out how to do it even better now.
  2. A very different thought - if you have a Britain altitude hold chamber in the tail of your E, isn’t there a line or something that needs disconnected or plugged when you do a static check? @takair, do you recall? If you don’t have the altitude hold, then never mind… but if you do, that could well be the source of your small leak.
  3. I’m looking forward to continued collection of data.
  4. That could be - I know that my fuel totalizer is off about 7% (so I'm guessing that the fuel flow is also off about 8%. In the long past, I have almost always flown at LOP 21/2350 and get about 134± IAS, but as Rob noted, there is more mushiness and the IAS varies more too. (Oh, and I consider it totalizer being off about 7% a feature - I'd rather have more fuel - always - than less... been there and once was enough.)
  5. I was at 6000 at 22/2400 (just under 10gph) I think - about 145-149 IAS - I was thinking that as I still have variation in the IAS that I should open the decay valve another 1/16 turn. It is good to know that it isn't just "my feel" but that others have noticed it too.
  6. During recent flights, I have been doing more rich of peak flying. (Mostly because I have included some shorter cross country's that don't get anywhere near my reserve of 10 gallons of fuel remaining). Anyway, maybe this is just a happy perception, but it seems like the plane just operates better when flying a little faster. It seems like my altitude hold works better (Brittain) and that there is overall less wandering. I kind of wonder if it has something to do with "mushiness" or being on/off step. It's about 15 mph IAS difference. Has anybody else noticed something like this?
  7. Great photo! I learned to fly out at Hawthorne (HHR) just south of LAX. Getting up to the flight corridor at 4,500 ft in a 150 usually took 2 boxes over HHR, but as a young pilot flying over all of those huge airplanes in a little 150 without talking to LAX tower still seems like getting away with something.
  8. Such a treat. I sometimes don’t know if I’m more impressed with the Mooney or with the iPhone camera.
  9. A somewhat unorthidox method to sell a Mooney. I've owned N6061Q since 2016 and have been quite happy with her. This fall we will have five in college and we will also be moving - I'm beginning to think more about cash flow. I fly the heck out of "Queenie" (link below) and pat her on the nose after each flight with a note of gratitude. I fly a lot of IFR, but not down to the deck - my personal minimums are 1,500 feet and 3 miles at landing (800 ft and 3 miles taking off). I think of her like my 2007 Toyota Corolla hangar car with 256,000 miles - not the prettiest, but faithful and gets me where I'm going. I fly her LOP (7.0 to 7.5 gph - 21/2350 or 2400) the vast majority of the time and usually on long-ish cross countries. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N6061Q/history Here is the unorthodox moment: I'm going to list for $65,000 if you want to go to the normal route and would feel better with pre-buy inspection and to haggle and stuff. That is ok. But, if you would like a plane that has some of her lipstick faded, but is an honest airplane and a good mode of transportation, then we would agree of $47,500 firm without the pre-buy and haggling. Youl'll need to meet or talk to me to get a feel for trusting me to make this work for you (this is the way that I've purchased two airplanes and while different from most, it has worked out well for me). Some of the things that I've learned about her are over here: https://windfield.farm (then click on "Mooney" in upper right corner) Here is the list of her attributes. When we talk, I'll go into detail on the things that I would change or that I keep track of (oil use, prop with AD, engine past suggested overhaul come to mind initially). TTAF: about 7,000; TSOH: about 2,100 If we didn't have five in school this fall, I would plan on flying her until 2,500 TSOH (with about 85% confidence of getting there) and everything after 2,500 would be gravy Attributes: Tanks resealed in 2021 by Paul at Weep No More Transponder: GTX 345 Artificial Horizon: G5 IFR GPS: Garmin GPS 155 TSO Brittian AP - Altitude hold works well (HDG wanders left and right) EDM 730
  10. JonD and I have been DMing. The cylinders were supposed to arrive to the reseller on 8/15. But nothing has hit my Amex yet, so I need to call for another update.
  11. And while it isn't art... it was kind of fun to have that track on flight aware.
  12. Well, the two short answers are "well, I don't know for sure" and "should I accidentally let people think that its knots and not mph?" LOP was 155 mph and ROP was 161 mph... But I'm not sure that I can just sum the three 120° headings and divide by three - the idea came to me on the long flight, but afterward, I looked up on line and realized that the standard is 3 legs 90º apart. I need to do some geometry and component angle thinking to see if my version has merit. I'm also not sure that I gave it enough time to settle-in. I wasn't in a hurry per se, but I didn't want to be annoying to ATC.
  13. I did it twice on the flight - one LOP, one ROP. The KC Center was more interested and asked question. Hulman Approach was more “Whatever.”
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