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  1. I have a set of black quiet technologies halo headsets for sale - bought about two weeks ago - I like them, but I found that I like my David Clark's better. All original items less one set of foam plugs included. $350.
  2. Today's flight for 2017

    Flew from Cincinnati to Kansas City on Wednesday and returned yesterday. Headwind on the way out kept the GS and IAS about the same the whole way - 140mph at 8500. Loved seeing 170mph GS at 9500 on the way back though. Under 65% both ways - leaned the cruise back to about 8.2 gph using LOP. After 4 hours of flight, landed with about 20 gallons remaining in the tanks. Leaving Downtown KC airport with a right 270 back over the airport - saw a mylar balloon at about 2,000 feet. Reminded me of Mark's (Hedge's) story of the drone at 4,500 - mine was not nearly as lethal, but the time between "what?" and "it's now past me" isn't too, too long.
  3. In The Ear Headset - Opinions?

    Agree - that is just the way my ear canals are - headset and earplugs work better.
  4. In The Ear Headset - Opinions?

    Hi all, I have a pair of the Quiet Technology in-the-ear headsets for sale. I received them a few weeks ago and have flown with them for about 10 hours. Although I like them, I think the my ear canals are just not the right type to use these. I'm offering them for sale at my cost with free shipping (kind of a balance for using one set of the in ear foam plugs that I don't think that you'll want - there are four sets of foam and a couple of the other kind included). DM me if you'd like them - $367.50.
  5. Today's flight for 2017

    Flew to Illinois today... because it was there and to color in another state.
  6. Is there an analogy that can be made between this and a manual transmission car? If I’m going 50 miles an hour in my car in fourth gear, the engine tachometer will be around 3000 RPM, but in fifth gear (still cruising at 50 mph and therefore the same power setting output) the tach will be around 2,500 rpm. I’d rather cruise in 5th gear at 2,500. The lower gears (analogous to higher MP) are just to get to a place where higher gears/lower MP and lower RPM can be used. So, my thinking is that lower RPM is better once level and stable at cruise altitude. (And I just realized that causes an over square problem - so, I too don’t know.)
  7. Today's flight for 2017

    Under 65% and LOP is pretty awesome. Did a 95nm round robin this evening at 2,500 ft after the rain and overcast slid off to the east. So much fun to see 6.3 gph and GAMI spread of 0.7 on the EDM. Smooth as silk, minor corrections with the rudders. Trimmed out nicely. Using amazing-in-its-day Garmin 155XLS and increasing my aptitude with it. Suggestion for those looking to get a new-to-them Mooney... nothing wrong with steam gauges and an iPad backup. Although I’d love glass and a well working autopilot, getting to know the Mooney - your Mooney - is pretty great on its own.
  8. Leg 1 of 4 completed

    Sound a lot like a few good shots on the course. Enjoy.
  9. About the same here, but another 66E. If I fill to 8 qts after an oil change, it blows out or get "used" filling the additional hoses to the relocated oil filter faster. Then settles down around the 6 qt level.
  10. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    Yep - that would make me want to walk away - was trying to say that is a positive way. Cheers.
  11. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    This might cause some hackles to rise... I've purchased two airplanes and passed on a formal PPI both times. I got a gut feel from both of the owners that they were good people. That went a long way for me. The next step was to have the cash that might have been used for a PPI in the bank because (well) things. Things did happen, but my (again) gut feel was that things would have occurred regardless of the name on the title. It has worked out well both times (knock on wood), I've spent a little money afterward, and got to know my new plane well in the process.
  12. Today's flight for 2017

    Fun day to fly up to see family in Marion, Indiana from Cincinnati Lunken. 55 minutes beats the heck out of 3 hour 20 minutes in the car. First time the rear seat was occupied. Older daughter enjoyed flying up and then they both napped on the way back home.
  13. Having issues with Tapatalk

    Soooooo much better! Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Having issues with Tapatalk

    +1 - I get the same message. Is there a systemic issue?
  15. Good advice above. I'll add the following... 1. When in cruise, fly with one hand on the yoke and one hand on the trim for a little while - small changes to the trim until it is perfect. Nothing like flying a perfectly trimmed Mooney. 2. Compared to the 172, the Mooney excels at taking advantage of the extra 2% TAS every 1,000 feet. Going high pays huge dividends. 3. Evening flights at 22"/2400 and 2,500 feet are my therapy. The engine is purring at less than 65%, so leaning until rough works - its fun to see less than 6.5 gph in a Mooney. 4. Hearing protection - QT Technologies is my favorite - even over Active Noise Reduction - filter both the highs and lows. 5. At some point, nearly drain one of the tanks, then fill in 5-gallon increments and mark it off on your own dip stick. It's great to have that knowledge. (oh and make the stick about 2-feet long and mark both ends so that you'll be able to see the wet line when you pull it out of the second tank). 6. Always close the baggage door right after you get out what you need (then re-open it to put it back), never leave a fuel cap on the wing just to walk the fueler back, and never set anything down on the left wing (at least on the right wing, you'll probably see it before you take off). And simply have fun, my E fits my mission so very well - four seats, but mostly use just one, great mph and gph, and it's my own personal time-machine.