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15 minutes ago, GeeBee said:

It has been and always is "Atlanta Approach". Look at the approach chart for any airport in the metro area. They changed the name of the city facilities, (which by the way is mostly not in the City of Atlanta or even the same county as the City of Atlanta) not the facility in Peachtree City which is a Federal facility. The correct name of the KATL tower is "Atlanta tower" as well. I assure you KLAS will continue to be "Las Vegas Tower" and "Las Vegas Approach" as well.

At least this much is true. Operationally speaking, most people just say [City name] [facility] in their radio calls so for most pilots, I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal.

However, the stupid part about this whole thing is that it's going to cost millions of taxpayer dollars to rebrand everything related to the airport and to re-mark all the signage on the road, just to name two of what's gonna need to happen. Of course, "millions of dollars" is pocket change in terms of government spending, but even then, why choose a name that is so polarizing? Regardless of political affiliation, any reasonable person is gonna know choosing a politician's name is going to cause a roughly 50/50 split of yea/nay amongst the population. The new name isn't even going to be named after a historical figure like Lincoln where people can at least find some common ground, but rather it's going to be a current senator shrouded with controversy? Either this is some elaborate political echo-chambering or this name change wasn't very well thought out.

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22 minutes ago, Minivation said:

 Either this is some elaborate political echo-chambering or this name change wasn't very well thought out.

Have you seen what's been coming out of DC the past several decades?????

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On 2/17/2021 at 7:57 AM, flyboy0681 said:

Atlanta is aka Maynard Jackson.

Probably the most appropriate name in the country is Louis Armstrong in New Orleans.

Bob Hope in Burbank kind of has a nice ring as well.

No one calls Burbank “Bob Hope Tower” and if you do the controllers will just respond “Burbank tower.” 

Not that I’m totally against naming airports after people but enough with these freaking politicians already! The only true cool airport named after a person is John Wayne. Oh, and the Sheriff helicopters go by the call sign “Duke 1” and “Duke 2.”

If they ever rename Burbank after Clint Eastwood, being that he keeps his helicopter there, I’d happily call it “Eastwood Tower” and no one would stop me.

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