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  1. You can try David Norwood at Parowan Aero Services located at Parowan Utah. 1L9. He did it for me a few years ago when I had my old prop. The eddy current test was very reasonably priced. $100 if I remember correctly. Phone #435 477 8911.
  2. I just saw a YouTube video showing a preview of the Bonanza when it was up for sale last February. It looked like it didn't have shoulder harnesses at the time. The damage looks bad up to the leading edge of the wing. I'm not sure it would have been survivable if they had shoulder harnesses but you never know.
  3. Weird. Maybe Garmin doesn't like the shape of the rear windows in a 1964 M20C.
  4. It's probably a Razorback covering. The fiberglass fabric goes through the same dope process. Supposedly Razorback has a life time warranty. My understanding is that Razorback is difficult to work with and it much heavier. If I ever redo my wing I would like to use Oratex. No dope or chemicals. Fabric comes painted and is lighter. Just needs to be glue on wing and shrink it.
  5. It shows MooneyM20 as the whole fleet. Add all the Cessna's or Cirrus together and they have a higher average than Mooney.
  6. I like the Pledge knock off (Rinsco) at the Dollar Stores. It's a dollar a can. The consistency is very similar to Plexus.
  7. I have a wing leveler. I would be interested if they had a version for pitch only. Looking at the illustrations I don't see how it can attach to the instrument panel or the bushing the yoke shaft goes through.
  8. Those Dynon's are beautiful. Do they have a option of watching a movie on cross country trips? Lol
  9. I could use the Attitude indicator.
  10. I didn't notice #7 of the Blue Angels. The pilot of Blue Angel #7 is the son of colleague I've worked with in the past. Sad I didn't see him flying with the Thunderbirds..
  11. I remember when HF landed on the taxi way at John Wayne. The media was making a big deal because he was confused when getting his N# mixed up communicating with the tower. My first thought was if I owned 10 airplanes I would get my N# wrong every so often.
  12. I can see how Ford was confused. The tower spoke rushed and to fast. I could see how it would sound like "Husky 9HU continue across runway 25".
  13. Yes, the DG is operated by vacuum but the DG heading bug output to the autopilot controller is electric. In a prior post someone mentioned when they engage the AP it banks hard to one side. I would think this is an electrical issue. Either a bad electric plug connection or a problem with the TC. With my P2A I've had to clean the plug terminals at the back of the AP controller on more than one occasion to get my AP to work correctly.
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