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  1. kerry

    $600 gets it all

    What's the asking price and what degree tilt?
  2. The controller has 4 buttons on the front of it. Pull on it. Should slide out of tray. On top of controller you'll see the pots that can adjust the gains on your autopilot. The manual has lots of info on tests and trouble shooting.
  3. I have the ground check and flight test procedures manual. I know you can adjust the TC turn rate inside of the controller. Inside my controller the pot adjusters are labelled. I'll try to attach the manual tomorrow.
  4. kerry

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    I never tried it but I thought of using Velcro to hold up visors.
  5. kerry

    Mooney down KSAF

    When I was a kid flying with my Dad in his Mooney he never used a headset. Hand mic and overhead speaker. I also know a lot of old timers that fly without headsets. My guess would be he was not using a headset.
  7. kerry

    1960 M20A--automatic no or?

    There is a recurrent AD on the Wing. The Rear fuel tank needs to come out, flap gap seals off, Wing root fairings off. Technically you are suppose to remove flaps and ailerons. It's not hard. Just takes time. My opinion is a metal wing Mooney is more expensive to maintain. Especially if you have corrosion on spar or a fuel tank leak. M20A has aluminum tanks and wood is easy to repair as long as you don't have rot. Find someone that know fabric airplane to inspect the plane. Things to look for- Grab the Flap brackets, if any movement then you should probably pass on the plane. Any give on the wing walk could also be a issue. Good luck and hopefully it's a gem. I bought mine for 12K a few years ago and couldn't be happier.
  8. kerry

    Is the mooney mite site down or gone?

    I always browsed the mooney mite site from time to time. I also enjoyed its classified adds of mites for sale. Someday I would like to own a mite. It would be nice if mite owners wanting to sell their mites post them on mooneyspace.
  9. I remember reading a post sometime ago on mooneyspace of a pilot dropping off a passenger at a airport in Sacramento. When the pilot started the plane for departure a FBO truck pulled in front of the plane and demanded a ramp fee. I'm not sure of the laws either but impeding a running airplane on a ramp of a federal funding airport seems illegal. I always call ahead and try to avoid airports with ramp fees. Ethically I feel I should pay the FBO if asked but I also would like know if there's legal justification.
  10. Does anyone know if insurance on a hangar covers the airplane inside the hanger if something catastrophic happens like a tornado or fire. I have friend who has a Lancair and does not have a current annual or hull insurance. He doesn't have insurance on his hangar either. I suggested he get insurance on the hangar because I thought it might cover the plane inside. Can anyone tell me if that's the case or not.
  11. kerry

    Remove back seats for fuel cell?

    The A model does have a 14 gallon tank under the rear bench. I've seen these auxiliary tanks available online. It would be interesting to know what space is available in a metal wing to drop in a metal tank. By the way I have to remove my rear tank every year as a recurrent AD so I can inspect my wood spar.
  12. Just did my annual last June. I just got a call from the ASI yesterday. He says he doesn't need to look at my plane. He's coming to my work on Monday and making copies of my aircraft log books.
  13. kerry

    Stuck for 2 days in Cedar City, Utah

    With all the snow pics you showed in SW Utah I bet Bryce Canyon is beautiful right now. When the weather changes in the next week or so I'll have to make a trip there before the park closes for the year.
  14. I received a letter from the FAA stating a IA that worked on my plane is under investigation. The letter says I need to schedule an appointment so they can evaluate all the records. I called the aviation safety inspector and he requested to meet me at the airport so he can look at the airplane and copy the records. The letter also stated that I'm not under investigation and the record examination will not affect the airworthiness of my aircraft. Makes me feel a bit uneasy that he wants to see the plane. Has anyone had this happen to them? Should I expect the same result as a ramp check. What should I do if he request to enter the plane or remove inspection panels. I have the AOPA legal plan and I'll call them Monday for their advice.
  15. kerry


    My barnstormer link didn't work right. Under Mooney click on M20A