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  1. kerry

    Remove back seats for fuel cell?

    The A model does have a 14 gallon tank under the rear bench. I've seen these auxiliary tanks available online. It would be interesting to know what space is available in a metal wing to drop in a metal tank. By the way I have to remove my rear tank every year as a recurrent AD so I can inspect my wood spar.
  2. Just did my annual last June. I just got a call from the ASI yesterday. He says he doesn't need to look at my plane. He's coming to my work on Monday and making copies of my aircraft log books.
  3. kerry

    Stuck for 2 days in Cedar City, Utah

    With all the snow pics you showed in SW Utah I bet Bryce Canyon is beautiful right now. When the weather changes in the next week or so I'll have to make a trip there before the park closes for the year.
  4. I received a letter from the FAA stating a IA that worked on my plane is under investigation. The letter says I need to schedule an appointment so they can evaluate all the records. I called the aviation safety inspector and he requested to meet me at the airport so he can look at the airplane and copy the records. The letter also stated that I'm not under investigation and the record examination will not affect the airworthiness of my aircraft. Makes me feel a bit uneasy that he wants to see the plane. Has anyone had this happen to them? Should I expect the same result as a ramp check. What should I do if he request to enter the plane or remove inspection panels. I have the AOPA legal plan and I'll call them Monday for their advice.
  5. kerry


    My barnstormer link didn't work right. Under Mooney click on M20A
  6. kerry

  7. kerry


    A M20B model wing would work. I don't think a C would. I think you would be better off finding a wood wing from a project. They are out there for little money. I'm biased but a pristine wood wing is a much better wing for a short body in all aspects. People spend thousands of dollars on speed mods and you can spend thousands less for the best speed mod(a wood wing). Plus you get aluminum fuel tanks. You never have to worry about resealing a wet tank.
  8. kerry


    There are m20a projects out there where you can rebuild a wood wing. As far as a project it would be better to get a M20A with a 180hp.
  9. kerry


    3K with engine and prop. $300 without. My understanding is CS props for a O-320 are quite rare.
  11. I just landed chicken strip last April. Not in my Mooney but my tail wheel Bakeng Duece. I wouldn't call the surface gravel. It's more of a coarse sand. I think it comes from lava rock. Your nose wheel will sink in it. You already know how close the prop is on pavement. My guess is my mains probably sunk into the runway surface 2-3''. The surface has a lot of drag on the wheels. It helps a lot to slow the plane down as you land up hill. I could definitely the drag on take off. I'm guessing my mains took up 3/4's of the 1300' runway before leaving the surface. I personally think it would be easier to land my Mooney vs. a tail wheel at chicken strip because you will have better visibility but be prepared to see your prop nicked up.
  12. kerry

    Mooney + Porsche

    I remember a few years ago when Subaru came out with its diesel boxer engine. At the time I thought it would be a kit builders dream of a great aero engine. Has anyone heard of anyone putting one in a airplane.
  13. You should buy it just for the sweet paint scheme alone.
  14. kerry

    New ride

    I got my license in a C150 with the 150 hp conversion. I always like it especially flying with the windows open. I think it would be cool to have a aerobat.
  15. kerry

    pics of bent m20a

    From the pictures that wing looks repairable. The plywood on the wing walk area was to thin from the factory and has a tendency to become weak over time. This is a chance to strengthen the wing walk area with thicker plywood. I hope you can get it back from the insurance company at a great price. It would be a shame not to see it airworthy again.