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  1. Welcome to the A game. They are fast.
  2. The AD is on the fittings. Aluminum fitting need to be replaced with steel fittings.
  3. Looking at your speed you must of had a sizeable headwind.
  4. The beach house where Maverick took Charlies breath away was in front of our hotel in Oceanside CA. It was surrounded by a chain link fence waiting to be restored by the city of Oceanside. That was a year ago.
  5. Maybe I had the conversation with the dentist in the early 2000's and the event with the dental exam was earlier.
  6. I believe Chuck Yeager had fighter jet privileges into his upper 70's. I spoke to a military dentist that did his dental exam clearance at Edwards back in the early 2000's. After the dental exam Chuck Yeager offered him a jet ride. The dentist declined because he was to scared. I told him I would of jumped at the chance in a heart beat. He showed me a picture with Yeager's arm around him on his phone.
  7. I use Richard Mier in Las Vegas. He has a hangar in Boulder City. Let me know if you want me to PM his Ph#
  8. A few years ago I saw a plane just like it parked at KDAG.
  9. corrosion painted landing gear looks better than mine. I think his gear is fine.
  10. It seems strange it would catch fire again. After the explosion it kind of burns like a candle. I'm not a expert on the way fuel burns but it makes me think the possibility of jet fuel contamination. Just guessing.
  11. I should of searched Mooneyspace prior to posting. I'm convinced WD-40 has no benefit. Now I need data on Pam cooking spray given me 2 knots of speed increase.
  12. I was bored today so I was reading 2000 uses of WD40 on the internet. A couple of uses I particular took notice was to spray it on exterior house windows prior to a snow storm and the snow won't stick to the windows. It also weather proofs and prevents snow sticking to shoes or boots. It made me think maybe it might have benefits by spraying WD40 on your wings prior to flying in IMC conditions. I did read WD-40 will not harm paint. As I'm typing this I somewhat recall of a old timer pilot telling me he would spray Pam on his wing tips prior to his cross country flights. He claimed it would give him a couple of knot of cruise.
  13. I didn't get the flight #. As soon as he diverted he requested to climb to cruising altitude.
  14. I departed North Las Vegas today with a thunder storm in the West. My heading was NE to Cedar City UT. I was on flight following with LA center just out of Las Vegas airspace and listening to the controllers conversation with other aircraft. LA center instructed a SW airliner to hold a fix because LAS wasn't allowing any landing because of gusting winds. The SW pilot informed the controller of minimal fuel. It seem like 5 minutes and the SW pilot asked for vectors to Phoenix due to minimal fuel. Vectors were given then a couple of minutes later the controller told the SW pilot that LAS was good for arrival. The SW pilot declined saying he has minimal fuel and going to Phoenix. I'm not sure how close the SW plane was to LAS but I keep thinking the SW flight must of been a lot closer to Vegas Vs. Phoenix. I was feeling bad for the passengers and wondering what their delay was going to be. I'm a VFR who uses fight following quite often. I just wanted to say this is the most interesting experience I've had on flight following.