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  1. I used stratoflex. That's what my existing hoses were.
  2. I just had my oil hoses made up. New fittings, fire sleeved for $280 at Luky's hardware company in Burbank California. They were recommended by my IA. Very happy how they turned out.
  3. I have O360 and I'm wanting to make up new oil lines. My fittings looks like Stratoflex. The only numbers I see on the fittings are 1102-8.. I want to buy the hose from Aircraft spruce.. I'm thinking the size hose is 111-8 stratoflex hose. Can anyone confirm that for me.
  4. If you pay $125/year you get unlimited landings and camping?
  5. I've always wanted to land there. Looking forward to the new runway. Does anyone if camping is allowed at the airport. When I was a kid I attended a boy scout camp on Catalina Island. Rather than doing merit badges at the camp my friends and I signed up to canoe around the island. It took us 5 days and 52 miles if I remember correctly. We survived on abalone that we skinned dived for and pop tarts.
  6. My servo is in the right wing. Access panel is in front of the aileron.
  7. There should be a button that says heading. If that button is pushed in 1/2 way then the A/P works as a wing leveler. When heading button is pushed in all the way then the A/P follows the heading bug on your DG. If you push the VOR or GPS buttons then it should follow those avionics if wired correctly. The GPS is confusing to me because GPS is a digital signal. Your autopilot is analog. To work you would need some kind of converter. Whenever you engage your A/P make sure heading bug on your DG is set.
  8. The auto pilot is all electrical. No vacuum.
  9. kerry

    Looking for a solid M20 E/F or J

    There's a couple of F's on Barnstormers with 201 mods that look real nice.
  10. kerry

    $600 gets it all

    What's the asking price and what degree tilt?
  11. The controller has 4 buttons on the front of it. Pull on it. Should slide out of tray. On top of controller you'll see the pots that can adjust the gains on your autopilot. The manual has lots of info on tests and trouble shooting.
  12. I have the ground check and flight test procedures manual. I know you can adjust the TC turn rate inside of the controller. Inside my controller the pot adjusters are labelled. I'll try to attach the manual tomorrow.
  13. kerry

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    I never tried it but I thought of using Velcro to hold up visors.
  14. kerry

    Mooney down KSAF

    When I was a kid flying with my Dad in his Mooney he never used a headset. Hand mic and overhead speaker. I also know a lot of old timers that fly without headsets. My guess would be he was not using a headset.