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  1. Regardless the photo shown is a wood wing Mooney and wood floats.
  2. I believe the above picture is a wood wing Mooney and wood floats.
  3. Kmart is more accurate
  4. I did my SkyBeacon myself and my IA signed it off. Easy to do. SkyBeacon has a sample 337 on there website. I filled out the paper work with my IA info and signature and sent it in. Test flight was no big deal. Gave me an excuse to fly and report came back perfect. If you want to fly to Vegas I'm sure my IA would do it for you. He charged me $50.
  6. You can check the prop index. If blade #1 is aligned with cylinder #1 at top dead center it can help with vibration. It helped with my experimental with a Lycoming O-320.
  7. Looks new. 145k is a better deal then buying it right out of the Mooney factory.
  8. It could serve a 2nd purpose. If you get smoke in the cockpit you can use it as breathing device. Just make sure to use mouth wash afterwards.
  9. Maybe you could you get an original manual hand crank cable step from a model A,B or early C and use it to replace your vacuum step.
  10. I understand your logic but it makes me think how many WW2 pilots survived because they didn't have shoulder harnesses allowing them to have more maneuverability during combat.
  11. I have an old Sporty's 200. Its never failed me. I use it as my main com in my experimental.
  12. Thanks for the post. I never thought a truss assembly would break like that. I'll be checking mine this weekend.
  13. Back seat in a later model Mooney ain't going to do anything to that kids ears. I would imagine The child is starting to speak a few words. If you can get him to wear a headset then it might be a good time to start his radio work will Artcc.