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  1. Thanks Mark I am sure that is well within the capabilities of my A&P
  2. Since a picture is worth 1000 words here is a snapshot of my panel. The majority of my instruments are steam gauges but I like my audio system. and if she can land it without killing herself the party will start.
  3. As I get older the reality of our eventual outcome of this game becomes more obvious. Just because I am going to die doesn’t mean I have to take my wife with me. So my wife doesn’t have to pull my headset off my dead corpse and have to reach over to press my push to talk button...how difficult and expensive is it to have a second button installed on the co-pilot side that is tied to her headset? If it’s more than 1amu, I am ok with her having to use my headset.
  4. Just a shot in the dark, but it looks very similar to this from Chief Wingtip Flash Tube Assembly, for A429 Strobe In Stock Item: WHL A427
  5. First of all, Congratulations on your “New to you” baby. When I saw the beautiful original paint job, it took me back in time. I purchased my 66C about 8 years ago, and when I purchased it the paint was about 6 years old and looked great. (and still does to this day). At the time of my purchase I had a title search completed and got all the history of its previous owners. To my surprise I found that my CFI had owned my airplane for a couple of months back in the 70’s. I told my CFI (who used to broker aircraft) that he used to own N3487X back in the 70’s. He hadn’t sold aircraft in deca
  6. Could not have said it any better! ! ! It’s a piece of cake. Or pie (I like pie)
  7. Just curious, if I created a Solidmodel from the drawing can I anonymously upload the file, or is my name and liability tied to the file?
  8. McMaster Carr is a bit more expensive, but you can buy very close to the exact size you want to purchase, not a 6 foot long bar https://www.mcmaster.com/9055k32-9055K325 don’t know the exact dimensions but you might be able to get an up and down lock out of this one piece
  9. I own a manual gear Mooney, so I really don’t know how that system works, but I am assuming that the 40:1 and 20:1 systems are for the manual back up system for the electric gear. The electric system most likely uses worm gears as they can handle higher torque than beveled gears. Boston Gear has been around for a long time and if the part numbers can be identified, the basic gears can be purchased. That doesn’t mean you’re done, Mooneyes subcontractor may have modified the gears thru hole to mount to the shafts they picked. Also, not only will the beveled gears ware the bearings may need to
  10. If someone was able to make a complete paper drawing, I am sure that someone else on Mooney Space would be able to generate a Solid Model of the part in either Solidworks or Pro”E”. With the solid model file in hand, the cost from a CNC would be reduced. This file (wouldn’t be viewable without the software), but can be easily shared and downloaded from a shared file on Mooney Space. In 2020 the tolerances off of a part created on a CNC 5-axis milling machine is much tighter than most parts manufactured in 1966.
  11. Welcome DJE, I sent you a message that hopefully helps, but the majority of what I stated have been covered in this thread by others. As far as fuel consumption goes, I tend to run a bit on the richer side. I have always flown this way, due to the fact the the overhaul will be on my dime. I recently flew from KSQL to KSBP. Nice tail wind on the way down and of course had to pay for it on my return flight. Total tach time was 3 hours, and fuel burn was 23.9 gallons = 7.97gph. This seems to be very typical for my plane.
  12. My tail cone is fix, I thought that was visible in this picture, and the person (my wife) isn’t hidings she is hard at work assisting in keeping my second favorite lady clean.
  13. WOW, I’ve owned my 66C for 7 years and never knew that there was such a thing as a short and a long rudder. I knew from day one that I had a lot less rudder on my Mooney compared to my Cessna. My airport is notorious for crosswinds, and I was taught both methods for flying on final - cross controlling and flying runway heading and also flying crab, and kicking it around to runway heading as I am flaring. I realized that my preference was to cross control. With a good stiff crosswind the only way I can make a good landing is crabbing it in. Just takes a bit of getting practice and getting
  14. I have a 66C and I'm 6'4". When I get in, which is easy now, but originally difficult until you get your routine down. I move the seat to the first position and I am very comfortable. 90% of the time it's just me and my wife. When we have others in the back, I have moved my seat one extra position forward, it's not that uncomfortable but I wouldn't fly cross country that way, but for an hour or two, it's a piece of cake. Love E's but couldn't pass up on my C.
  15. last year we flew, but this year we going commercial. Count my wife and I "in". And for all you haters out there that say I should be flying, just remember as your flying there, I'm enjoying a cocktail and a movie. Paul and Mindy
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