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  1. Major thread creep... I wouldn't be opposed for insurance discounts for some of those things - particular equipment like ADSB-in, in flight weather, and electric attitude systems are real proven safety features that counter known causes of accidents - like car insurance where you get discounts for ABS system (at least back in the old days when they weren't as common.) It acts as incentives for you to expend money to improve the safety of flight. Insurance rates have gotten absurdly high, a few discounts for people that do things to reduce risk (or spend more time training and proving profici
  2. i am flying the Airventure Cup which is an official event as part of Oshkosh. It’s an air race - but In terms of flying it’s simply a timed cross country flight flown under the FARs which should be fully covered under my regular insurance. And yet EAA (who surely has insurance) has asked us to get the waiver of subrogation with them named to participate. And for the first time ever that cost us $250 - as it has many other pilots participating. Does this mean I should not participate under your reasoning?
  3. I agree. At some point it would be cheaper to provide event insurance than 100 pilots paying $250 surcharges. And probably actually safer for the event because they can get the precise coverage they need.
  4. So this happened to us when we signed up for the Air Venture Cup also -- they charged us $250 to add EAA (since its an EAA sponsored event, they require being added to participate)). It a 1 day event flown as a cross country flight under the FARs. Like you, this amounts to basically 10% of our premium for a 1 day event. We have never been charged this before when we've had to name an event organizer on the insurance (or either EAA or MSF). Our agent said this seems to be a new thing this year and about half the policies are requiring it now when they have to add an event/program/organ
  5. this post ^^ but that’s just non-formation situational awareness. Presumably in formation, and arriving at Oshkosh, there would be significantly above normal priority placed on spacial awareness. The aircraft that was hit in the tail would not have been able to see it happen; but the aircraft which was struck in the wing, was struck by an aircraft that was in front of him and would have been visible (not to mention that type of wing damage had to have yawed/rattled the plane on impact). I am really surprised the NTSB did not either challenge this narrative or comment on why it would be
  6. In 200 years, science has allowed us to double the average human lifespan. So in answer, humans did not survive very long without modern medicine. The germ theory of disease wasn’t even really understood until late 1800s. Antibiotics, modern maternal care, vaccines, etc all makes us live longer. As do, these days, masks.
  7. Looks like an amazing weekend there. Anyone ever take a Mooney in? I want to hear about it! Its 2600' long and alllllllll ice. https://www.facebook.com/AltonBaySeaplaneBaseandIceRunway/ https://www.nh.gov/dot/org/aerorailtransit/aeronautics/sasp/airports/alton-bay.htm
  8. It appears you have more time to read MS than read mask mandates. Virginia, for instance, has significant guidance on what type of mask to wear and how to wear it -- linking back to the CDC guidance to the same --- on their mandate page page, but somehow I doubt you care but clearly the mask you posted would not be compliant: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/cloth-face-covers/#mask-tips
  9. Here's my two cents: 1. I choose to take my medical advice by people who have medical expertise. So far, every medical expert with meaningful credentials and knowledge of this pandemic has said masks work. For me, its not political, its that some people think the earth is round and some people think the earth is flat, and I just don't make counter-science decisions because someone tells me I have to do it to take some sort of political stand. Wearing a red MAGA hat is political. Spreading a deadly virus contrary to science is not a political expression, its just stupidity. 2. B
  10. A few months ago (before I was kicked off the Mooney Pilots Facebook group for having an opinion on a Mooney-related topic), the new folks at MAPA said they were hard at work building important critical things useful to Mooney pilots. They said their highest priority was to create an Internet forum where Mooney issues could be discussed to replace the email list. I said “hey you know there’s already a super active Internet forum called mooneyspace wouldn’t it make more sense for MAPA to get involved in that instead of spending limited resources creating a new and duplicative forum.” The sile
  11. It wasn’t additional insurance, you just called your existing insurance company and asked them to name EAA - which they did for free, I think ARC was the only time we’ve had this happen (though we also had to do it to take flight instruction at the MAPA safety clinic fwiw). SARL and Airventure Classic races are flown under the FARs (eg you maybe be “air racing” in name, but you are operating your plane in a way you are legally allowed to operate it any day of the week), so unless your insurance has a specific exclusion you should be covered when you air race. What would additional insura
  12. This post has a lot more information in it that was previously released. Good start as well as the willingness to share the results of the i investigation! I understand waiting until the NTSB, but presumably if the NTSB report takes too long the leaders will have to make a decision on those safety improvements before the next caravan. As to the text .. It says that the wingman over ran the lead aircraft, and the lead aircraft had correct course during that time exacerbating the situation. It says the two airplanes did execute some sort of avoidance maneuver. What’s the standard ca
  13. Yeah I suppose you’re right. In the perfect world you can do both, which is the appeal of the caravan. But when things get complicated, in those circumstances some people are going to the Caravan, some people are going to Oshkosh. Me, I’m choosing Oshkosh. I like hanging with Mooney people, but I like hanging with pilots in general too and had a great time at my N40 campsite with other pilots, pilot friends in all aircraft types from a Houston and Dc, so I don’t think I missed an opportunity to meet and hang out with other airplane people on Saturday and Sunday by being at Oshkosh rather th
  14. All I hear from this story is to give the EAA an earful about what I think about them allowing a caravan to spend days lobbying for a preferred camp site while they were actually turning other airplanes away. It’s one thing to make space among a field of other GA arrivals but here, the way you describe it, the EAA selected one GA arrival over the other and I am not sure I’m ok with that. The EAA published GA arrival policy is first come first serve and park with the people you arrive with. I think you are lucky the spot was dry on Sunday at all and that you had no competition lobbying for i
  15. sorry you’re right I’m an idiot about the timing and not ashamed to admit it. I was trying to refresh my memory of when the weather windows were via my text message history from my iPhone which is clearly as flawed as my memory. You were originally scheduled to arrive Saturday but didn’t make it until Sunday right? It was Saturday morning (when we arrived) that we thought the weather would hold out until closer to 1 but it came rolling it at 1130 so you put off to the next day, I’m not sure why I had it my head that you had been able to come that afternoon.... What I very much recall w
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