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  1. Don't forget, its pressurized. + or - depends
  2. Basic med problem

    My basic med was completed by me personal Doctor. We went through the form, line by line. I was told that they did not have the color test, so She got creative, pointed to a poster and asked what colors I could see. I did the vision test in the hallway with the normal charts. When we had this completed, Her comment was, Is that all, "this was much easier than the Special Issuance crap that we were doing yearly. " I have Kaiser Medical Insurance and the Dr. and I have a 10 year business relationship, so we know each other well. My Special Issuance is for a Heart Attack 10 years ago, and Diabetes is developing. I had a solo vehicle accident and suffered physically from it, I am all better, She did not put any additional restrictions on me flying or driving. I pushed for additional tests, knowing a bad test result could cost me my drivers license and medical. All tests came back that "I was normal." My Dr. is not a fan of flying, Her father flew, and she did not enjoy it. Keep looking, Drs. are out there that will do this for us. I have heard that some local clinic type offices may do it also, the ones that do sports medicals, drivers license medical etc. Ron
  3. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    Miller made highly modded Twinky's with IO360's, 200 hp, extended nose, wing baggage compartments etc. Some of these are turbo'ed also. Almost a twin Mooney. Looks like a nice plane. F. Lee Bailey also modded one. Was for sale for close to $500,000 years ago.
  4. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    I think that the only time I had 2 engines when I did my training was take and occasional time. Get running right on 2 and the instructor is going to kill an engine. Do it again and again.
  5. I patched mine several times. I have done roofing and this reminds of putting henry's around roof jacks. After several repairs on a 47 year old plane, I had Advanced Aircraft in Troutdale do a complete strip and seal. Money was well spent. As a DIY guy myself, I would not do a strip and seal myself. Some things are better left to the professionals. Ron
  6. Lasar when I talked to Robert about a month ago, did not have a waiting time. Top Gun did tell me if I pushed hard, they could probably get it in earlier.
  7. IFR training

    Also You need to be able to fly without the autopilot, in case of failure, and just to monitor it for proper function. And yes, the autopilot helps a lot. You can even look down to study an approach plate without the plane wondering off.
  8. Also Try Lowens Mooney Salvage. (Lasar)
  9. Are you seeing the coax for the nav antennae? This would be black and a 1/4" thick.
  10. Seat belt Airbags

    See the Amsafe News discussion currently going on.
  11. My good friend OWES me...

    I flew a friend in my Mooney to drop it off, and we picked up a 172 and brought it home. 15 minutes in the Mooney, 35 minutes in the 172.
  12. AmSafe news

    I crashed a Jeep Wrangler 3 months ago. I hit 2 Oak trees, badly damaged one. I am estimating that I went from 50 to 0 in about 3 feet. Had my belts with shoulder harnesses on me, air bag went off. I am convinced that they saved my life. Popped the air bag, hit my head on the steering wheel, 5 fractured ribs, fractured nose, cut on the side of my head. Steering wheel was bent. But I am still here, I think that these belts would be a good idea also.
  13. IFR training

    I did my instrument in my 69F. Autopilot was not used. You need a good instructor, one that knows your radios. I had recently installed my 430W and knew almost as much about it as the instructor, I had the wrong instructor. ILS, Loc and vor approaches worked out well, I was familiar with that equipment, the GPS though, not to well, I eventually learned it. Flying IFR is all mental, it takes time to become proficient mentally, especially after work and home. You can do it.
  14. What is the maintenance aspects with the wood wing and tail. Who can really safely inspect and repair these?
  15. Has your C been reweighed? Seems heavy according to the discussion above. Should be 40 to 60 lbs lighter than my F. My is 1696#'s. this is a continual calculation weight.