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  1. Check with Lasar, they should be able to custom cut a panel for you. May have pc parts also. Brittan is in business still and may have pc parts also. Ron
  2. It’s California, you’re screwed. I sold my plane last April and had to July 2018 to June 2019 taxes on it. So always sell before December and buy in January to get free of them.
  3. When I had my F, a buddy with a Comanche 250 and I would race to lunch to an airport about an hour away. I would take off first and use every trick I could .think of and he would land before me. He was able to slow down fast,er than me. I had him once but was to fast over the numbers an,d just floated and floated behind him. Usefull loads were similar, he had only 60 gallon tanks and. With the higher fuel burn, I could have beat him due to less fuel stops on a 1500 mile cross country.
  4. Yes, the spar should be inspected, and behind the sidewalls is the tubes for the structure. Replace old fiberglass insulation if still installed. Service bulliton 208.
  5. Chris To complete AD 73-21-01 most of the plane has to come apart, some will say complete the Annual at the same time???? This is a, "your choice" item. Although it will put the plane back in the air sooner. AD 2015-19-07 is a simple visual inspection and could be completed at any oil changes with the top cowling off. Should be completed even though not signed when the A&P does a general scan of the engine. AD 75-23-04 is vague when it comes to the 40:1 gears. Contact Tom at Top Gun in Stockton. What he told me is: its not in writing, but his understanding is: It is not due again for 500 hours for the inspection. I would grease the motor every 100 hours though, I gave you a grease gun with the special grease installed. IF Tom is not available, ask for Mark. AD 77-17-04 Double check the hours that AD was completed, with the amount that you are flying you may be near that AD hours requirement. It seems to me that it was completed at less time that you wrote. As always, you need to double check all AD's and when they are due. Your mechanic should watch all of these. I think that you have listed all of them. I did have printouts in all of that paperwork for you. Hope this helps. Enjoy and fly safe Ron
  6. I have found mine, make an offer, located in SE Oklahoma.
  7. I started with a good airframe, and rebuilt as I went, installed a 430W, intercom, transponder, JPI 700 and FS450, and stec 30 with altitude and GPSS. Eventually did the tanks, speed mods, paint, and took out a decent interior and installed leather. Installed ADSB in and out. Unfortunately, it became time to retire and decided to sell the plane. I did not get my money out of it, I enjoyed the plane, some of the depreciation was the additional 500+ hours that I put on the plane. I would do it again, if I was able. It is your choice and your money. Safety and reliability are a must. Let us know what you do, and please post pictures. Ron
  8. With the 20:1, I could feel the gear slamming up and down, with the 40:1 to ones you can feel it, not nearly as much. Has to be easier on the components.
  9. Early electric gear motors are 20:1, 40:1 can be retro fit. 40:1 is much better. Ron
  10. Advertise it here, I sold mine quick.
  11. Chris. Is your engine monitor working correctly? Or could both problems be a common ground? Fly safe At least going west you will gain 2 hours of daylight.
  12. Mooney could, should cover the costs and then charge the paint shops insurance for the costs to make the Owners hole again. It is the plane shops mistake. Whose A&P signed the log book entry for the paint job?
  13. I thought this plane was in Florida and looking poorly. Is Mooney going to resurrect it, or put it in the Mooney Museum if it ever gets built? Looks great not though.
  14. Many years ago, I was told to "taxi into position and hold", full length, there was a Cherokee holding in position mid field. I was cleared for takeoff with the Cherokee holding. I declined the takeoff, and the tower about dirtied his pants when he realized what was happening. This was Chino Ca, runway 21 before the parallel runway 26 was built. I listen to all tower and pilots communications, you can learn a lot from them. The Cherokee never moved or said a word??? Line up and wait, can help, but can get you hurt. Be safe.