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  1. Can the orphaned sac be purchased, the faa.
  2. The last post by the complaining owner was on page 2 on July 31. Where is he or she?
  3. When Lasar did 3RM they put 2 brass tubes thru the firewall to fill and overflow the reservoir.
  4. Try your old one first, my old one worked ok, especially since I was not away from home that much.
  5. Sold. Thank you for your interest.
  6. Try a close to you shop, you may want to supervise occasionally. I picked a shop 2 hours flying or 6 hours driveling, was not a great experience. Ron
  7. I have a slightly used set also. Used 2 or 3 times. Make offer Ron
  8. When I was flying C310's, I had an engine failure at 93mph, 2 mph below rotation. The right engine failed on the runway, and I pulled both engines back to idle and corrected to keep the plane on the runway. 150 wide runway and was within 10' of going off the side. Since the power failure was only partial I was able to taxi back to the hanger. Another situation part of the throttle linkage came loose in the pattern one night. I could not advance power on the right engine. Just planned just in case that I needed to make a go around what the effects of a partial power go around would be. Maintained power on the right engine, used the left engine for adjustments until the runway was guaranteed, then pulled the right engine to idle. Twins can be great, lots of maintenance and fuel. I figured about twice the fuel compared to my M20F and 50% or more for maintenance. They both needed new avionics, paint etc. Ron
  9. I was not totally pleased with the paint shop. Stainless screws were promised and missed. When I caught it, it was too bad. Whoever paints your plane, be ready to detail inspection at least once a week. Hail dents, detail, color match, etc. look at the plane in the hanger and outside. Try not to have the omg attitude and overlook details.
  10. Several years ago, I was flying into Van Horn Texas, after several deviations north of the border but close, and then circling for weather, CBP was on the way to the airport, they contacted the airport manager and he confirmed that I was expected. They turned around within sight of the airport. I was below radar coverage, but did have a radar tower in sight. “Whose at what frequency?” Weather or CBP?? ron
  11. A cheap purchase price usually means a lot of money down the road. You are looking at a 45 to 55+ year old machine. Be careful. A detailed pre purchase inspection is not the same as an annual. Airworthy can still have deferred maintenance. Ron
  12. Check with Lasar, they should be able to custom cut a panel for you. May have pc parts also. Brittan is in business still and may have pc parts also. Ron
  13. It’s California, you’re screwed. I sold my plane last April and had to July 2018 to June 2019 taxes on it. So always sell before December and buy in January to get free of them.