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  1. Between two Fs

    ASO.com Aviation Shopper.com Sometimes on Facebook. All 69's and newer are electric gear. Electric gear is simpler if you are making an IFR departure, and definitely easier if you are becoming more vintage. Mine has had new gears installed several years ago. If interested inquire. Ron
  2. Recent insurance quotes

    USAIG, $90000.00 Hull, 1,000,000 smooth. $1515.00 Ron
  3. Oil cooler hoses $460?

    Long hoses. Would it make sense to do oil cooler relaxation? Same cooler shorter hoses. Ron
  4. Buying an Airplane

    A 231 is a 6 cylinder, although it is still 360 cubic inch.
  5. Identify this Mooney?

    Altimeter looks like 1100 ft to me. Ron
  6. Considering a Mooney...

    Thanks, Now to find a buyer for it, He will need to appreciate the improvements. This is a higher priced F, but has so many improvements. The cost of the improvements is greater then the sale price. I am only selling so that I can retire. Can't keep the plane and retire, I have been thru the numbers many times.
  7. Considering a Mooney...

    I have a 69F for Sale. Talked to Jimmy at All American, He said approx. $78,500.00. Please see pictures and spec sheet attached. Ron 559-577-2398. Located central CA. N803RM.pdf
  8. Early 66 M20F gear switch

    Try ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mooney-M20E-Landing-Gear-Position-Switch-P-N-1TL149-3D/331626161390?hash=item4d3675a4ee:g:bRQAAOSw9N1Vygvh&vxp=mtr
  9. Get the rating.

    I will not take that one on. I began flying in 1972. Single and Multi Engine rated Private Pilot. 10 years ago I got my instrument rating. I still fly VFR mainly, have been IFR twice. The instrument rating was the best training I ever got in my Mooney. I did many circle to land approach's, you will learn how to be on speed in a challenging approach. I have a safety back up if I get caught and need to go on instruments. You must practice and practice more. I usually will do an IPC once a year after practice approach's all year. Having learned to fly in 1972, I did not us ATC services very much, I am much more proficient now at using ATC services, even when VFR. In all of the years before getting my instrument, I did do recurrent hood work just in case. I have and will cancel trips due to weather. Many times I will end up driving a long trip (1700 miles), only to see great VFR weather starting 200 miles away from home. Please get the training, it is well worth it. The life you might save, could be yours, the wife, kids or grand kids. Ron
  10. Selling my Plane

    I am probably going to take my 69F to All American Aircraft to have them sell it. Are there any suggestions of what I need to do prior to doing that. The plane is in annual, all AD's are current etc. My biggest thought is insurance. Any others? Ron
  11. On my 69F with electric gear, there is no gear horn test. I can test the warning lights to verify that all work. Also test the stall horn by lifting the switch with the master on. Ron
  12. Lightweight Portable Generator Review

    I would not have gas in cabin, fumes and electric can heat your plane to a melting point, real fast. Ron
  13. As a teenager, I have about a hundred hours in the back of a C. We even took a trip from California to Massachusetts and back. It can be done. As an adult, I would not want to be back there though. Ron
  14. Got ramp checked

    I have a copy of my Basic Med in my flight bag, and a copy in the glove box with the weight and balance info. I did this for my Special Issuance for years also. Ron