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  1. Many years ago, I was told to "taxi into position and hold", full length, there was a Cherokee holding in position mid field. I was cleared for takeoff with the Cherokee holding. I declined the takeoff, and the tower about dirtied his pants when he realized what was happening. This was Chino Ca, runway 21 before the parallel runway 26 was built. I listen to all tower and pilots communications, you can learn a lot from them. The Cherokee never moved or said a word??? Line up and wait, can help, but can get you hurt. Be safe.
  2. N803RM

    Jeppesen skybound 3 in 1

    I found mine finally, but it is packed for moving, may be available in mid October. PM me if interested with an offer. Ron
  3. Chris, has the fuel pressure gauge been checked? Gauge always showed in the green for me. Ron
  4. N803RM

    STOH why are cylinders being replaced

    I replaced all 4 on my IO360 Lycoming at about 1300 hrs. I was burning to much oil and Lycon said they were worn out, no choke left in them. My compressions were 70+, its been a few years ago. Ron
  5. N803RM

    Removing COMM 1 Antenna

    Use caution at the the radio shops at Fch.
  6. Density altitude 17500, actual indicated altitude 14500, with oxygen. ron
  7. N803RM

    Lakeport / Lampson

    Several years ago, I went in and out of Lakeport with a tfr over it, I just talked to the helicopter pilots and they would clear me in and out. I tried talking to the controlling facility, but they never answered. ATC suggested talking to the local helicopter pilots. At Mariposa on the current fire, they put in a temporary tower manned by retired center controllers, different but works. Check notams often. Ron
  8. N803RM

    Wish me luck...

    Battery may be under warrantee also. Check all of the log books. The battery should survive not being used for months, but with how many starts and very little charging? If someone siphoned the fuel, I doubt that they could get the last 3 or 4 gallons. You cant drain enough fuel through the drain to be effective to steal fuel. If they did for there car, someone will have catalytic converter problems. If bone dry, it must have leaked when the fuel lines were disconnected. I never noticed fuel disappearing like this though. Was the fuel selector turned completely off? Ron
  9. N803RM

    Wish me luck...

    Chris. Was the tank empty, or below the visible fuel level in the tank? Could be 5 gallons in it and you could not have seen it. Could the mechanic had something a little loose during all of the work and it leaked? The mechanic may have drained the battery with the work completed. I would suggest charge it good, test and then decide. Battery was replaced last sept or October. The age of the fuel pump and the mag wires is not known to me, could be the last engine overhaul. if you have flown the plane 75 hrs. Since April you are getting close to several ad’s being due. There are several that are every hundred hour due. Annual time now instead of a couple months from now? Fly safe. Ron
  10. N803RM

    Wish me luck...

    Chris, be safe. Have a great day. Ron
  11. N803RM

    Cracked Oil Cooler

    Try pacific oil coolers in Pomona CA. I replaced mine several years ago, it was not that much. Ron
  12. N803RM

    STEC-30 Servo Location

    In my 69F the aileron servo is in the left wing, in access plates after the flaps. Ron
  13. N803RM

    Fly with a bad fuel pump?

    Chris, not me. The boost pump was rebuilt less than 2 years ago, if I remember correctly. On this forum it has not been recommended to use the dukes pump any more than necessary. This flight is asking for it to be necessary. There is a filter at the boost pump. It was cleaned at the last annual. Also, is the FS450 transducer allowing fuel to go thru, or restricting the fuel? Engine pump was never touched in the years that I had the plane. May be old. Be safe, what is your but worth? Ron
  14. N803RM

    Riddle me this

    Chris, no idea. Old ram air seal maybe. Glad you are ok. Ron