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  1. having the same problem here with two brand new IFD440s software is the latest WIFI is unusable.
  2. what flysamo ^^ says above. While it is good to learn as much as you can about an airplane. Using an expert in the inspection is the smartest thing a buyer can do. there are several versions of Ovation by year. There were: Two blade/280 HP - you won't like these for climb performance, but fast Three blade/280 HP - standard from the factory Three blade/310 HP - STC Around 2002 the panel was "lowered" but most people can't tell the difference and don't really care. the DX versions had G1000s. The Early ones were non WAAS. Some had STEC 55x autopilots. These
  3. In the March MAPA log there is a M20S listed for sale. It is basically an Ovation airframe with economy options. Looks to be priced attractively.
  4. here are the different fill tubes in Mooneys. (source unknown) 4” neck, 75 gallons usable, 81 gallons total 2” neck, 89 gallons usable, 95 gallons total No neck, 102 gallons usable, 108 gallons total.
  5. REFUELING Integrally sealed tanks, in forward, inboard sections of wing (LH & RH), carry the standard fuel quantity. With aircraft positioned on level ground, service each fuel tank after flight with 100 octane or 100LL aviation grade gasoline. The fuel tank contains 44.5 gal (168.45 li) fuel when level is at bottom of filler standpipe (M20R). An additional 5.5 gallons (21.0 li.) of fuel may be added up to the 0.37” hole located top of the neck in the standpipe for a total of 50.0 gallons (189 li.) in each tank.
  6. there are three different versions of the fill tube. You are full to your POH quantity when at the bottom of the fill tube. The M20S has the longest (about six inches) and full is 75 gallons, the M20R collar is about 4 inches and is full at 89 gallons, the new Mooneys are full at the top of the tank in the fill cap. (106 gallons) I might have the lengths wrong, I have them somewhere and will take the time to look later, but you get the idea.
  7. I don't think you can. The steel cage frame that the instrument panel bolts into is different. It would take major cutting and welding to lower it .
  8. Why do you care ? With that much fuel I am pretty sure I can go someplace. I did drain my tanks and add 5 gallons of fuel at a time to verify the sight gauges were accurate. I found they were good all the way to 30 but that is on the ground. They consistently read 5 gallons low in flight. Besides the needles jump around so much it is nearly impossible to get a valid reading even is smooth air.
  9. Is the purpose of the new small diameter fuel caps design to prevent misfuelling with the larger Jet-A nozzles ?
  10. six months old $750. Available immediately.
  11. agreed but the A64Pilot said "The line of thought is how can a pilot determine what equipment is necessary for flight if it’s not called out in a min equipment list?" the mere fact that it is an STC negates that argument.
  12. those examples you cite are violations of the STC but is that the same as the FAR requirement ? It could be argued that the STC was not part of the original certification so it is not required for flight.
  13. If the seat slid back the pilot would instinctively try to stop the travel by pulling on the yoke. (don't ask how I know this) it would not matter where the trim was set. Unless there was a co-pilot to take over control and the pilot let go of the yoke this is exactly the outcome to expect. Did the report mention anything about the pilot seat location ? What about the trim setting ?
  14. I would do one or the other. Definitely do something
  15. Consider the M20S Eagle in your search. Only 65 were built. They are 100% Ovation with economy options. Better UL and can be upgraded with the 310 HP STC. the POH performance tables go to 20,000 feet. Some Ovations have been know to make it to 25,000 feet without too much effort.
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