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  1. Not to hijack this thread but do you have any photos of this "worn out M20C" I would love to see what Mooney brought @carusoam into the Mooney fold.
  2. This one looks interesting. Even though I have Garmin Pilot, I may give this one a look. Thanks for posting it.
  3. They are trying (not a new fuel source but a combination of two available).... this flew at Oshkosh this year. Ampaire Electric Hybrid Flies from California To Oshkosh - Plane & Pilot (planeandpilotmag.com)
  4. It is figure 3-23 on page 3-7 Last part of paragraph 11 006-08773-0000-KLN-90B-Pilots-Guide.pdf (bendixking.com)
  5. I'm sure this does not help at all, because you know far more about these units than I do but the manual states that if this message appears it means the unit was installed with a remote GPS CRS switch. I don't suppose it is still hooked up to that remote switch? That may be why it won't do anything for you. It needs to be connected to that remote switch. Just a thought.
  6. Well, not by very much. The POH (Owner's Manual) is 51 pages. The airplane flight manual for my specific plane is a whopping 20 pages. I've seen Cessna 172 manuals that were so heavy they were difficult to carry and possibly affected the W&B when added or removed from the airplane.
  7. This may help you. It is the GAMI lean test pdf file. Microsoft Word - GAMI Lean Test.doc (advancedpilot.com)
  8. This is available on ebay and may work for you. MOONEY SHORT BODY BAGGAGE DOOR PROP | eBay
  9. I understand that mistakes can be made and I am one of the most forgiving individuals. But one time I was IFR on an IFR flight plan and had a controller contact me and say “Radar services terminated, squawk VFR for further flight following contact xxx.x” I came back and said that I was on an IFR flight plan, not VFR. He asked me to standby and then came back and told me to keep my current squawk code…. So funny things do happen even though we think that with all the high tech stuff we are immune.
  10. I’m not a mechanic and this following comment will support that but from your photos it looks like they took your airplane, held onto it for a little while, did nothing to it and returned it to you saying “okay, you’re done.”
  11. It was mentioned from another news crew on this that he elected to land gear up because of all the rain we have had here in the last few days he was not sure how dry the ground would be. But they also said he was trying to make it to Spinks airport. If you look at his flightaware track, I don't think that was the case unless he was very lost. The red circle is Fort Worth Spinks Airport.
  12. This is a Mooney from another thread on Mooneyspace. I think this is one of the nicest looking Mooneys I have seen.
  13. No injuries. One person on board. No audio at all with the video for some reason.
  14. This happened this morning about a mile away from my dental office. Small plane lands in Fort Worth field, only pilot on board - CBS DFW (cbsnews.com)
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