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  1. I did exactly this and found I wasn’t firing at 0 deg TDC. I had the same exact issue Andy had.. the retard p lead was worn at the knurled screw at the mag. I cleaned up / repaired the connection… and starts right up. If trying to start at 25 deg BTDC ugly things start to happen like kick back where the engine tries to start backwards, and… you can smell your starter motor beginning to fry… that scary electrical smell. I have since replaced my starter.
  2. Swing the gear on jacks, then woop out the voltmeter :-) I’ll suspect the brushes on your electric motor are worn. This happened to me recently. I have a spare good one I’ll sell you if that’s the case. it could also be one of the two solenoids that drive the gear motor or a limit switch. The schematics shouldn’t be hard to find. I have them.
  3. I’m also a Mike Bush follower. Why Euthanize a perfectly good engine at TBO? Most engine mortalities happen less than 300 hours. Just keep sending samples to Blackstone and dissecting the oil filter at every oil change… or spend $30k+ just because Lycoming recommends. The FAA doesn’t mandate TBO.
  4. To nail my pwr off 180s in my 66E, I’d give 2 flap pumps, 2 trim ups abeam the touch down point, pitch for 90mph, drop gear, then slip on short final as needed as I’m usually a little high, maintaining airspeed.. it’s been awhile since my commercial checkride, buts how I think I did it.. I need to go out and practice again. If you think you’re coming up a little short, pull the prop back, but be ready to shove it back in for a go around.
  5. I would say it is probably worth $60k. If you have say… nice avionics like dual G5’s, Avidyne stack, maybe $70k. Add a GFC500 it might be worth $80k.. just my 2 cents.
  6. I’m just trying to understand the Garmin exclusivity… specifically how long before certain products are allowed into the mainstream A&Ps… that’s all.
  7. Not all installs. I had my G5’s installed by a non-Garmin dealer… I was in a club where 430’s were installed by a non-Garmin dealer, etc etc, oh.. I recently had my GAD13 installed last week by a non-Garmin dealer.. the exclusivity is a temporary thing.
  8. I want to purchase a GFC500. I have a preference for my mechanic for installation. However, He is not able to install it because he is not an authorized dealer. How long does the exclusivity typically last before non-Garmin dealers can install Garmin products?
  9. In my opinion Yes, but I’m not a A&P.
  10. I forgot to mention… disconnect the starter solenoid before attempting the above!
  11. Once you set the gap, pull the plugs, ground one plug and connect the plug wire, rotate the prop to TDC on that cylinder to observe a strong shower of sparks. If no shower, check the retard p-lead on the left mag. In my case I had a short on that p-lead at the mag where it screws in… I thought I had a SOS issue when it was the retard p-lead.
  12. I removed my vacuum pump. I have two G5’s. Shed a little bit of useless extra weight.
  13. Nothing loose or falling off, but I do have an annoying oil leak somewhere around the back of the engine. I tried probing around with a borescope unsuccessfully.
  14. I have 350 hours SMOH, and wondering if there is a standard practice to recheck the case and cylinder torques? If so, how many hours would it take an avg A&P to do this?
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