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  1. If I was not able to get into KSMO with the marine layer, my wife would not have approved of the plane. Even if we only fly there 3-4 times a year, that remains its primary mission, so the inability to fly that LPV approach would have meant I'd be sitting on the ground now. I think that is well worth the cost difference between the 530 and 530W of 4% of the plane
  2. jaylw314

    Intro and Hello

    During my IR training, my safety pilot was always amazed at how gently I could get the Mooney to touch down compared to her 172. I pointed out the long, low wing means much more ground effect at touchdown. It really is much easier to land than a 172, I've always thought, if you were able to be precise about speed management before the landing itself. Now that I think about it, that was dumb. I should have just bragged and taken credit for it. Never was a great ladies man
  3. jaylw314

    Check Gear!

    Unless you're in the soup at minimums, trying to find the runway, and trying to follow the approach lights down. At that point, you may be so task saturated that that may not be a good time to remember or do a final gear check
  4. jaylw314

    Check Gear!

    I was taught to do the "midline gear check" on short final, but I've changed that to a mental and verbal callout of "Gear white and green". I think back to a couple accidents I read about where someone went through a checklist touching each item, but managed to left the mixture out because they had got in the habit of touching each item without verifying them. I'm hoping the verbal callout of specific colors will keep me from doing that If you're one of those people who descends by using the prop, it is fully possible to get appropriate descent rates. I'll do enroute descents and even descents to airport at 15-20" MP and 1900 RPM, especially if the air is bumpy at all--my wife hates turbulence. In fact, you'd decrease RPM faster than MP to keep heat in the engine, so by the time you're done, the throttle may not even be close to setting off the gear warning. I'd vote for doing it a little earlier or a little later.
  5. jaylw314

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Ooooooooh! Why doesn't it just show the bus voltage all the time? It's kind of silly to have to press the button to show that?
  6. jaylw314

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Ooops, you're right! So you do run partial carb heat based on the carb temp, then, is my understanding?
  7. jaylw314

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Hey, just out of curiousity, what is the dial gauge in the upper left, right under the voltage warning light?
  8. jaylw314

    Check Gear!

    Nope. I managed to do it, right in front of my CFI as we were doing a particularly gnarly practice approach. To his credit, he just waited until the tower called and said "hey, you're gear's still up." as an aside, if you get an LED landing light, you can just leave it on for the entire flight
  9. jaylw314

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    I had forgotten the 15% thing, thanks. Do people with carb temperature sensors routinely run partial carb heat if the carburetor temp is below freezing?
  10. jaylw314

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    If you needed to save panel space, you could replace the suction gauge with a 1" gauge pretty cheap. That would be easy to install in any dead space since you can just drill a hole for it. If you do get install the EDM 900, I'd jettison the RPM, MAP and FF/FP gauges. They're not crucial to flight--you can probably fly IFR and land based on your knowledge of the knob positions, the sound of the engine and the plane's performance, and it's not like if you lose the 900, you will suddenly run out of fuel. Some might disagree on that, but I think most would agree you should only have backups of the things worth backing up. IIRC, the 900 is required to be installed within a certain lateral limit, basically in the center stack or to the left. I don't think it can be installed in the right panel
  11. jaylw314

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Is there really any negative to using carb heat all the time (in cruise flight, anyway)? I don't know by how much it would decrease your speed at full throttle, is it that significant in the O-360? Arguments about unfiltered air seem disingenuous in a plane that has a ram air intake, and if you left it on all the time, you wouldn't need to change the mixture.
  12. jaylw314

    ETA switch cover

    I just printed the labels out on a Brother labelmaker. It's good enough for government work, and from the pilot's seat, it's really not noticeable. I painted the switches with white gloss spray paint, but that didn't make too much of a difference since the labels cover most of the surface area anyway. I'll try to get a pic next time I'm in the plane...
  13. jaylw314

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Well, at least when the prop comes, I think it's just a quick bolt-on job. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  14. jaylw314

    Intro and Hello

    That cracked me up
  15. Hey, come on down to the Willamette Valley for a visit some day during the winter! On cold, clear days, we get a nice inversion layer, and we don't have the urban areas to heat it up, so you get a nice cloud layer about 1000' thick down to 500' AGL or so. Last weekend we had a day like that where it didn't burn off the entire day, great for IFR practice!