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  1. In theory, airflow at the surface in laminar flow is zero. The theory of smooth surfaces is so you don't have bumps that project upwards into the layers that ARE moving. My understanding is that rough surfaces and bigger bumps cause increased drag as well as potentially triggering turbulent flow
  2. True, but I suggest caution with the use of the phrase "educated guess." I see it commonly used these days to support the fallacy of equivalency
  3. IIRC they were basing that on the quantity of antibodies produced post-infection vs the quantity produced post-vaccination. One could argue that antibody quantity has not been proven to be predictive of degree of immunity, but lacking any other good measurements, it seems like a reasonable proxy.
  4. If you have ETA switches, you can commission them off Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/YR7FSMMJW/mooney-rocker-switch-cover-quot-eta-quot-type
  5. Welcome on board! I was going to ask if that is a modded windshield, the angle looks more like a J windshield, but it might've just been the angle of the photo? That's a nice looking paint scheme, though it's kind of tough to figure out what shade of red there is--it looks really dark in one photo and really bright in another
  6. To clarify, the degree of immunity past infection confers is unclear but is expected to be less than with vaccination. I heard one epidemiologist saying infection might confer as little as 5 months, but I suspect that is based on no data at all. The consensus seems to be, however, that vaccination is generally expected to produce longer-lasting or more effective immunity than prior infection. Hence the CDC recommendation that people with prior COVID-19 infection should still get vaccinated.
  7. True, most of the times I was hunting around the region for bad weather and IFR practice knowing the weather at home was okay. It's not hard to find approaches to minimums on the coast while it's completely clear inland. I haven't actually needed to go missed on a long trip away from home yet, that's when my personal minimums come into play...
  8. Geez guys, I've had several missed approaches and have only had my instrument ticket for a couple years. Of course, most of those were because I went out LOOKING for bad weather to practice approaches to minimums, but there were at least 3 instances weather being worse than reported causing missed approaches. The last one was interesting--I flew to my IA's shop last year for the annual, and the ATIS was reporting 600' ceilings. I asked ATC for the tailwind LPV approach, and the controller hemmed and hawed, but finallyl gave it to me. I didn't see the runway on the LPV DA at 200', however.
  9. I used Aerospace Reports. They are promoted by AOPA, and I was pretty happy with them. They helped out with a lot of little things that could have turned into complications. They did both the title search and escrow service. I can't remember how much they charged for the escrow, I think it was something like 0.6% of the purchase price (don't quote me on that)
  10. As long as I'm down to 90-100 by the time I turn base, I'm good. Flying into a busy non-towered airport, it's pretty much whatever speed fits into the current traffic on downwind. I've entered the pattern and flown downwind anywhere between 90 and 130 KIAS.
  11. Someone told me that when I was a kid and I totally believed that for years!
  12. Holy smokes! I'm still working on my little 6 oz spray bottle after a couple years!
  13. That was previously the Corvalis TT, named after where I live, where it was made until they moved production out to Kansas. Weirdly, they misspelled the name (it's Corvallis with two L's), I've never found a good explanation for that
  14. I use a cheapo Aero-Lites Fusion 46LR (PAR46). It has diffusers on 4 of the LED's to give you some side scatter for taxiing, and bright enough otherwise. I'm sure there are better, but at $160 not much more cost effective. My habit is to chant "flare early" to myself on final, because I seem to misperceive distances consistently.
  15. I'm in the water and microfiber tower category, although I add a couple drops of car wash detergent in a gallon. It provides just enough slipperiness to make it less likely to scratch stuff when you wipe it down. I use one of those pump insecticide sprayers, when it's pumped up I can really gun debris off the windshield before I touch anything. Occasionally I'll use some Novus plexiglass cleaner. There is a Rain-X for plexiglass, but I tried it before and I was pretty unimpressed at shedding water on the windshield. It did work well, however, applying it to the wing leading ed
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