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  1. You'll like it, it's a vast improvement over twisting dials on the KT76A I recall someone had problems trying to install it in the upper part of the panel and had problems with brightness. I suspect the display is directional, since the installation manual specifies it should be installed in the lower half of the panel, so if you put it in the same spot as it is now, it should be fine. I can't say the extra functions are all that helpful, having a timer is silly since it's not typically within your field of view. Being able to change your call sign on the fly, though, was helpful for Angel Flights. It's easy on the KT-74, it seems less easy on some other systems. Good luck!
  2. Flight over Crater Lake, OR. I was depending on my passengers for better pictures, but this is all I could get from my phone and the dashcam.
  3. I wanna see a pic with the lights on! That's good to know about the signoff, it might help others who look to change it, thanks!
  4. Ha! I think that statement there sums it up I've had a fastish car for 15 years, and while I have gotten it up to top speed once (on a very straight road in the desert with nobody else within 10 miles), I think what I discovered was that I don't have that thrill-seeking gene. People talk about driving at "ten-tenth" effort, I think I find five or six tenths to be good enough for me. My wife drives faster to work than I do now...
  5. Pictures??!?!? Was your mechanic OK signing off on that as a minor modification?
  6. Also look for @donkaye's thread for updates on his G500 installation...
  7. AFAIK, oil analysis will miss particles that are too large for chemical or spectroscopic analysis, so it should be used in conjunction with checking the oil filter and screen.
  8. There are a bunch of people who've added PowerFlow exhausts (although I'd say it's not just a "little more" than $750). I recall @xcrmckenna just added one to his J recently? I recall there was an FAA AC or some kind of statement published recently about their concerns regarding multiple STC modifications, with the caution that while one STC modification results in known changes, multiple ones may result in unknown changes. Kind of like quantum mechanics and medication interactions ...
  9. Well, okay, bacteria that produce the enzyme that breaks down urea are pretty ubiquitous, but pure urea itself in solution starts out odorless. As the solution gets older and older, it will smell more and more of ammonia as bacteria break it down more. If it started with a lot of bacteria, it will break down faster. Stinky goodness!
  10. urea is odorless and pretty stable. If bacteria get to it and break it down, though, that will produce ammonia.
  11. Somebody or something peed in the tank?
  12. not other than the fact you're producing more HP and higher ICP than originally intended.
  13. And how many fewer hours will your cylinders survive? IIRC, your airspeed varies to the square root of power. so increasing the power by a factor of 1.15 will give you an increase of airspeed by 1.07. Assuming you get that proportional increase in power at cruise speed (probably not a good assumption), that's a difference from 150 KIAS to 160 KIAS.
  14. I think "much safer" might be overstating the case. IIRC, the UC Berkeley study suggested it was not more dangerous, with the caveats that traffic was below highway speed and when the motorcycle was not travelling much faster than the cars, e.g. in heavy traffic. I don't remember speeds, or if they looked at fatalities only or all accident types