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  1. Hah! Mine is the other way around--my aircraft tube tires never need refilling, but my car tires lose about 10 psi every 3-4 months.
  2. That seems a little much in terms of pressure loss. I have had "El Cheapo" main tire tubes installed 2 years ago, and I have yet to see any significant pressure loss (less than 2 psi) every 4 months at oil changes. My prior nose tube was losing about 10 psi every oil change which I thought was a leaky valve. When they swapped it out last year, they found significant cracks in the rubber around the base of the valve, so dodged a bullet there. So if you're losing any measurable amount every few months, that's more than I would expect...
  3. I know, I've been using it on multicopters for like 5 years
  4. Oh....hah hah, nice way to work in a funny!
  5. OK, now I get you. The tricky part would be programming it to land, but I agree it is technically possible. You could even program it to fly a terrain-following route to avoid radar.
  6. I knew someone who took out a couple runway lights and destroyed a Cherokee wing without realizing. He flew home, and we only noticed the damage at the next club meeting. I thought he was going to puke when he noticed the damage for the first time... The spar was damaged and the wing ended up needing replacement, so not a small impact, either
  7. Are you kidding? It was landing on the single biggest and longest taxiway in the world!
  8. 500 Lbs? I've seen some nitro powered models that have a 5 foot wingspan that can carry 10-20 lbs? I think after that, you might as well talk ultralight type aircraft...
  9. Most commercially available drones have useful loads of a few pounds. More than 5 lbs gets relatively pricey. 10 drones like that costs more than renting a Cessna 150 for the same duty, I'm guessing.
  10. I recall as a student pilot I was flying solo and cleared to land at a towered airport. I landed a little sideways, so I opted to go around. It was a busy moment, and my brain was at its limit during the go-around, so I finally called the tower once I was already a few hundred feet up. "Cherokee, on the go around" pause "Yes, we can see that"
  11. Hi Erik-- Welcome aboard and good luck with the checkride! My $0.02 Given you're probably interested in a Mooney in part because of the long cross country speed and efficiency, an autopilot is a pretty good near-requirement. While it adds complexity, cost and headache, it can reduce your workload in critical phases in flight, and you will be less fatigued at the end of a long flight when you need the most concentration. The more functions, the better, with approach/GS coupling, yaw control and GPSS being the most. Most older Mooneys have either the Century or BK series AP's, although there are some intrepid souls who have retrofitted other options. A multicylinder graphic engine monitor is a must, preferably with data logging. WAAS GPS is only necessary if you're planning on getting your IFR rating (which you should) ADS-B transponder is only necessary if you're planning on flying near any Class B airspace. Stormscopes are questionable in value, but a nice addition Speedbrakes might be helpful for some of the turbo long-bodies, but for any NA Mooney it's just a luxury. Edit: I somehow missed the fact that you're up in Beaverton. Give me a PM if you're interested in poking around a J model. It'll be down for a couple weeks here sorting out a fuel pressure issue, and an annual next month, but I'm just down in Corvallis
  12. $400 for a watch? That's it, you're no longer in the CB club! My $25 Timex broke after eight years, so I bought a $40 Timex...
  13. I'm guessing it's in the Airworthiness Limitations section for the Cirrus's, I think I remember hearing that somewhere. And I think the plural of Cirrus is, in fact Cirrus's
  14. Oh that's right! I forgot about the Bugs Bunny version! I couldn't remember anything about a mole and hook nose from the Niebelungenlied She sounded like a huge character who added a lot to aviation and the people around her. We need more people like her
  15. Where did the "broom" in "Broomhilda" come from?