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  1. I assume by "swinging the nose gear" you mean turning it left and right to its stops (as opposed to putting it up on jacks and retracting/extending it)? A plane is not airworthy if the pilot has reason to think it is not in safe condition to fly. After what @M20Doc said above, as a pilot I'd have reason to believe it might not be in safe condition to fly.
  2. It's hard to imagine switching to ground early being a likely mistake, since you KNOW you will have to respond to the tower's expected instructions to turn off the runway and contact ground.
  3. Does anyone have any idea as to what our total membership is here, and what proportion of actual Mooney owners we comprise?
  4. jaylw314

    New Mooney Pilot

    I will say I do miss the trim system on the Cherokee. It's nice to be able to put the yoke somewhere, trim off the pressure and just leave it there. With the Mooney trim changing the horizontal stab angle, I find whenever I adjust the trim, it changes the travel on the yoke a little bit, which gets me a little off. If I'm trying to be precise on trim, I'll usually have to come back a few seconds later to fine tune it. I hated the long travel on the aileron control, though. The yoke turns about 100o left and right, where the Mooney yoke only turns about 45o. The Cherokee felt like driving a limp-wristed Cadillac with too much power steering, while the Mooney feels like a sports-car at speed. I find the smaller travel makes it easier and quicker to react to gusts on landing--the larger travel on the Cherokee feels like I'm flailing around.
  5. jaylw314


    Dude, you need to lay off the caffeine!
  6. jaylw314

    New Mooney Pilot

    That's why I think short-field approaches are good practice--it burns that mentality of getting the airspeed pegged at one number, no higher and no lower.
  7. jaylw314

    Engine Starting

    Yeah, I was guessing that was why I could sometimes start the plane with a weak left mag. I could crank forever with no luck, but I cranked for a few seconds and let go, sometimes the engine would catch.
  8. jaylw314

    Depression loss for missing logs and damage.

    Sorry, that's not just "bad juju" (although I love that phrase!). That's just outright bad. I think these days it's not wrong to insist on access to electronic copies of the logbooks. While still not foolproof (they could just not scan all the logs), it should be more apparent who is being thorough and who is trying to yank your chain...
  9. jaylw314

    Yikes, cold thunder!

    We had some freezing thunderstorms forecast out here in Oregon last week. I thought about running out to the hangar, pulling out the plane and turning on the Stormscope to watch it! Then I stayed at home next to the fireplace...
  10. jaylw314

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Oh man, I am so sorry Were they willing to credit you a significant part of the overhaul cost?
  11. jaylw314

    Owner Assisted Avionics Install

    Dang it, I wish you had posted this last year. Had a KT-74 installed for ADS-B, and I wouldn't have minded trying to do this myself. I'll keep you guys in mind for future projects.
  12. jaylw314

    New Mooney Pilot

    That's cold
  13. jaylw314

    New Mooney Pilot

    That's weird, but possible, I've only flown Cherokees, so the heavier ones may do something different. Still, aerodynamically, IIRC the standard effect of deploying flaps is to produce a nose down moment, so something weird has to happen to produce the opposite effect (like with high-wing Cessna's) Here's a blurb from the Airplane Flying Handbook (I think) https://www.faasafety.gov/files/gslac/courses/content/35/376/Use of Flaps.pdf
  14. jaylw314

    New Mooney Pilot

    +1 on everyone's comments so far--get your PPL first, do your transition training after. If you have an Archer/Cherokee, that's a pretty straightforward transition. I found practicing short-field technique and flying down the runway in ground effect at landing attitude in a Cherokee to be two drills that helped me make the transition easily.