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  1. The problem is that it kind of messes up the upgrade path. Two G5's would be the obvious next step, but we still aren't 100% sure Garmin will add full KFC-150 support for the AI, if I understand correctly. Then we have to wonder if the KI-300 or the AV-30 will actually work as advertised, and whether they would play well with the G5 as an HSI...
  2. Do AME's no longer type up and give you certificate during the visit? That's what I recall at my last 3rd class exam
  3. Thanks! The PIREP is from 13 years ago, but the comments about the rocks you need to navigate around makes me a little nervous, especially with a new prop...
  4. I have to imagine for ADS-B In, it has the potential to be better than ground-based transmitters, since most of us put antennas on the glareshield or windows. On the other hand, for ADS-B Out, it might be more of an issue since most of us have transponder antennas under the plane. Has anyone heard if the UK is planning on implanting ADS-B In and Out over UAT, or just ADS-B In? I suspect the latter is more likely
  5. Wow! I didn't think any other country would consider using the UAT concept... Have fun! P.S. Don't forget the Stratux as a cheaper alternative. about $200 and you're up and running...
  6. We're planning a trip to see friends who live near Socorro, NM this summer. Socorro has a nice big airport, but they actually live near Magdalena, about 20 miles west (just east of the Very Large Array radio telescope). Magdalena has an airstrip, and there's actually a B&B at the field, but the field is listed as "dirt, treated with flyash, firm but dusty." I have no idea what that actually looks like or if that will be a problem in a RG plane like a Mooney. I could get our friends to check out the runway condition itself in terms of smoothness, rocks and potholes. Anyone been there before? https://skyvector.com/?ll=34.09277645520483,-107.28405761269521&chart=301&zoom=2&fpl=undefined
  7. I use about a quart of oil every 8-9 hours on a motor that was 100 hours after factory rebuild, so every 5-6 hours would still be quite good if not for the fact you are suggesting there was a more rapid increase in oil use recently. i'm guessing you keep the sump filled to the same quantity and you have not changed that recently? I used to keep 7-8 quarts in the sump, now I try to keep 6 quarts in the sump and have had noticeably less oil out the breather.
  8. Whenever I buy fuel, I enter the number of gallons purchased in my pilot's log (I use ZuluLog) I download info from my JPI regularly and upload them to SavvyAnalysis. That way, I have easy access to the fuel reported used (USD) as well as the actual fuel used available online easily
  9. Yikes. Is it just me or does that takeoff angle look steep? I'm completely unfamiliar with the Beech Duke I know it seems silly to ask, but do we know about any survivors?
  10. Welfare is one of the smaller federal expenditures as well https://www.usgovernmentspending.com/us_fed_spending_pie_chart
  11. Hah! I wish I listened to that advice at the time.
  12. I recall when I used to live in Los Angeles and worked as a contractor in Fresno for a few years, the city of LA came at me with a tax bill for unpaid city tax for businesses, to the tune of a few thousand dollars, because my tax (home) address was in LA. I had not realized one of the city codes was that all businesses based in the city are required to register with the city for tax purposes. I reviewed the laws, and wrote a letter describing the location of my work and that I could prove it. They responded within a couple weeks that was adequate, and that they would consider the matter settled if I registered as a business with the city ($100 or so) as required by law anyway. They never contacted me again except to send me a business license (to put in my window, I suppose), so the matter was handled pretty expediently. My point is that comparing every agency in California to the Nazis or suggesting there is a gestapo culture that permeates all agencies there is probably incorrect. We've certainly heard of similar stories with Maine, Michigan and Florida, both on MS and in the news.
  13. I'm pretty sure they are magnesium alloy. AC 43.13 has some pretty detailed guidance about how to remove corrosion and treat it. IIRC, it recommends removal of corrosion, then a timed alodine dip before any protective coating. While it's not exactly a structural part, you obviously don't want it failing at the hub.
  14. A bit of follow up and resurrecting this thread. I've previously used Jeppensen and their Skybound adapter to download aviation database updates to the left-hand card on my 530W. I already have a Garmin USB adapter that I've never used, but I assumed the previous owner had updated the terrain database at some point. I decided to switch to buying the database from Garmin. The flyGarmin website uses a Windows app to update the data card, so presumably you can't do it off a Mac or Android device. I just took my cheapo netbook/tablet and hotspotted it, and it worked fine. It seemed to take about 2/3 the time as the Jeppensen update (maybe 3-4 minutes). Long story short, I can confirm the Garmin USB adapter can be used through the flyGarmin website to update aviation databases to the same data card without a hiccup. The score seems to be for my database yearly: Garmin $300 for all the US Jeppensen $370 for only the western US