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  1. At Okeechobee Airport

    Aah, that makes sense. Thanks
  2. need help with Foreflight

    Davidwh, Some years ago, I called and a human answered and helped me. Some time later, it seems they went to a total internet thing. I just called the number you cited and "it is not a working number". Lamont and Paul, I still am not making any headway. I was under "downloads", tapped United States, and the states popped up below. I found Alaska listed at 2GB, but there are no green checks (and it doesn't swipe). Going back to downloads, all the states have green checks, but when I swipe Idaho, for example, the delete button comes up. Tapping it causes the green check to go away and be replaced with a blue dot with 2MB, and a down load appears over on the left. Does that only mean that if I wanted Idaho back, I would need to download it. It appears that I am only deleting the download, but not the state. And next time I start downloading info, it will pick all those I deleted and re-download them.
  3. need help with Foreflight

    That's what I'm trying to do, Paul. And not successfully at all.
  4. need help with Foreflight

    Lamont, Sorry to bug you again. On some of them, they won't swipe. On others, I can swipe and get to the delete button, but it doesn't seem to do anything. It is now downloading, Do I need to get out of download mode to make it work.
  5. need help with Foreflight

    Thanks. Did you just know that, or is it in the instructions somewhere.
  6. I have all the state's info on my IPad. I have overloaded my available space in its memory and want to delete some of the states. I have looked at the FF manual. but can not figure out how to do it. Any help appreciated. Step by step please; I'm a little slow. Thanks
  7. Mooney spar design

    I thought I was the only one who made sure all the light switch and receptacle plate screws were aligned vertically.
  8. At Okeechobee Airport

    Hard to explain. Surely nobody would drag the plane on its belly. Unless for some reason, the gear could not be extended even when lifted.
  9. As far as I know, you have to pull a cylinder or more to check for cam spalling, and is not part of an annual inspection. And I suspect most sellers would balk at having a one or more cylinders pulled to check for it also. So the surprising part might be that there are not more planes purchased with spalled cams.
  10. Because the type of tug that doesn't use the Mooney nose gear, requires the nose gear to be lifted off the ground, the complexity and necessary weight of the unit would make it quite difficult. I'm sure with enough time and resources (parts and materials), I could design one, but I'm afraid the cost would be too prohibitive.
  11. It's all in the economics. If you have a plane that will only sell for $30,000, and could be sold for $60,000 as parts, it would be a no brainer. The closer together those numbers get, the larger the incentive to sell intact, to avoid the headaches and time it takes to sell the parts. I don't like it and would much prefer to see the plane stay in the fleet, but if it was my money involved....
  12. My experience is that hooking the tow bar to the rear of the mower works better than the front, for backing. Also a longer tow bar makes backing easier.
  13. 80kt headwinds and early Mooneys

    Dave, Good to hear from you again. Did you move to Terrell. Thanks for the icing write-up.
  14. Mooney spar design

    I understand that the Mooney has a laminar flow wing, and understand why it is; that is, the airflow over it acts a certain way. But how does one make a wing "laminar flow". Is it shape, thickness to chord ratio, or some other factor(s). Can one tell by looking at a wing? Or do you have to test it in a wind tunnel to know.
  15. I can't believe anyone would even contemplate windshield wipers on a plastic windshield. My bet would be that it would be scratched within a short period of time.