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  1. Or boy scouts.
  2. I'm not sure which prop MT sells for the 4 cylinder models, but my MT (K model) is also 74 inches.
  3. I don't have manual gear, but has anyone tried turning the belt upside down, putting the buckle on the inside.
  4. Does anyone know how many MSers there are?
  5. Paul, Are you keeping up with how many are now listed, and what percentage of MSers are on it.
  6. Our second shot was again a "drive-in" as opposed to a "fly-in", but for the few of us attending, it was good to get to visit with fellow Mooney pilots.
  7. Great. So good to find a solution at small cost. Do you have the capability to do precise measurements to determine the differences. This may be extremely helpful to the next guy who stumbles into the problem.
  8. The weather is marginal VFR at RBD right now, so it appears today is a bust. We are down to virtually none. I will go out to the airport in case someone wants to show up, but unless you want to eat lunch with just me, you may want to consider another time. But I'll be glad to eat with whoever shows. Don
  9. Technically, you are right. I would never advocate someone fly with a "non airworthy" plane, but if someone decided to fly it out/home and was not aware of the problem, they might make the flight without noticing it.
  10. I probably could. If I could just keep people away from the airport, I would be OK. If no one is around I don't bounce too much. But if anyone is watching ...
  11. Have you been watching my landings.
  12. Do you think the seller is obligated to pay to "upgrade" to a G2, or only the cost to repair the existing gauge.
  13. That almost gives me vertigo.
  14. I guess I need to measure my new one. I thought the blade length was the same as the metal.
  15. I hope they have a fool-proof method of keeping those rotors in sync.