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  1. Landing Longer in Summer

    Maybe in Harlingen.
  2. 252 oil change

    I changed the oil in my 231 yesterday. For the first time, I had no mess. (Actually, I lost about 3 drops, when I removed and replaced the hose to catch my sample for oil analysis). I used a dual system. First, a gallon plastic zip-lock baggie around the filter after loosening it. It is a bit of a PITA turning the filter inside the baggie, but doable. One problem with the 231 is the fact that when the filter comes off, it has to be turned in multiple directions to clear the linkage operating the cowl flaps, but the zipped up baggie does a pretty good job of that. Another problem is that when the filter is removed, the connector fitting continues to drip. This is where the second (back up) comes in. I built the attached drain channel to catch this. The channel snaps up under the transverse cowl flap rod and directs the oil the baggie didn't catch into an oil drain pan. Painful to have clean all this up, but far better than cleaning up the bottom of the firewall and nose tire. Oil Drain.doc
  3. Oshkosh 2017

    I think I remember seeing a report in Aviation Consumer a few years back about the various tie downs, where they measured the pulling force required to "fail" them. For anyone serious about this issue, it may well be worth the effort to dig it out.
  4. Show Your Tug

    PM returned. Bad email address?
  5. Show Your Tug

    It is on its way.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard.
  7. Show Your Tug

    It seems almost universal. There is a slight downgrade getting out of the hangar. I pull mine out by hand, as it is easier than hooking up the tug. But getting up that upslope putting it back in is a minor inconvenience for two people, but almost impossible for one. My tug has no problem with it. Mine moves just about as fast as two people pushing by hand.
  8. Show Your Tug

    He is using an adaptation of my original design. Mine has a 28 tooth drive gear and a 40 tooth driven gear. I do have all the plans for mine, and will gladly share. They are a little voluminous for this forum, but I can email all of them.
  9. LASAR Visors

    Yes, the LASAR visors articulate to the sides.
  10. Show Your Tug

    MBDiagMan, Look at my album for photos my tug. Now you have another reason to come see me at RBD; to look at mine in person. Don
  11. Oshkosh 2017

    How about details (materials, dimensions, etc., for the CBs trying to copy your design.) And how you pull the stakes up afterwards.
  12. my visors

    From the album Visors

  13. Visors

  14. Help, engine issue, grounded out of town

    I had the exact same thing. Engine got rough, within about 30 minutes of takeoff. I went through the process and came to the conclusion it did not require a precautionary landing. By the time I got to my destination, I had diagnosed a partially clogged injector. Told the mechanic to check the number x injector. Thirty minutes later, he had pulled and blew it out. Problem solved. Nice to not only save a bunch of A&P charges, but really feeds the ego.
  15. Stratux Mount

    This one costs $200. A build it yourself Stratux is cheaper. Mine was only about $75, but it is single band. If you are a real CB, that is big money
  16. I prefer the "flat" screw heads rather than the phillips. That way you can look and see they are all engaged by seeing that the screw slots line up.
  17. Halo in ear headsets

    We are all losing our hearing, either fast or not as fast. The only real question in what we can do about it. And thus far I have seen a zillion opinions, but no scientifically driven proof of the best way to slow down the hearing loss as much as possible. Acceptable answers do not include "don't fly".
  18. K model cowl flaps

    Is the effort necessary to close the cowl flaps (K model) dependent on the adjustment of the closed position of the flaps. My hangar elf may have adjusted mine open a little more than necessary when in the closed position. They open and close easily on the ground, and are easy to open in flight, but are very difficult to close when flying.
  19. Corrosion Repair

    Was it perhaps insured for a higher value than ordinary.
  20. New Member Groups

    Welcome Saul. Fill out your profile info so everyone will know where you are, what you fly, etc.
  21. Growing Family

    He has more hair than most of us. Lovely family.
  22. K belly pans

    Doing fiberglass work is easy. Doing fiberglass work well is very difficult.
  23. K belly pans

    And if another plane owner furnished you with the dimensions, materials to use, etc,. you cold make them an owner produced part.
  24. Oil driping from panel

    I especially liked Lucas starters. They jammed in the flywheel frequently, but Lucas recognized the problem and extended the starter shaft out the rear with a squared end, so you could turn it and "unjam" it. I carried an appropriate sized spanner in the trunk of my Lotus Elan. When it jammed, I could lay on the ground, reach up by feel and fix it in about 15 seconds.
  25. Benefits of improving GAMI spread

    My opinion; you will like it better if you can get it closer. GAMI will tune their injectors to within .5 gph.