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  1. I have looked at the abandoned airfield site for the airports near me. Strangely enough, one of them was Mustang field which was located on virtually the same site I now live on.
  2. I know that virtually all GB engines in K models have been converted to LBs, but apparently not all. Does anyone know what is involved in the conversion. Also, what kind of a hit is the owner of a 231 with a GB going to take at the time of sale, vs one which has been converted.
  3. To quote myself; I just reread my post and I seemed to have said I know several pilots who are better pilots than me. What I should have said is I know a bunch of pilots who are better pilots than me, and several or more of them may be VFR only.
  4. Wide open throttle
  5. I think this discussion (and all the other ones just like it), come about because of perceptions. Those of us who have instrument ratings, are (1) proud of our accomplishment (2) think it improves our flying and (3) think it would be of benefit to others. But it is really hard to express these thoughts without coming across as "I'm instrument rated and I'm better than you". I sure don't feel that way, and I suspect most every other IR pilot doesn't either; but it often comes across that way. You don't have to have an IR to be a good pilot. I know several (and probably a lot more that I am unaware of) who are VRF only and who are lot better pilot than me. But we still think it would be of benefit to all pilots and would encourage them to get the training.
  6. I don't know the Rocket engine. Is it clear from the drain plug down. If so, definitely use the straight one. If anything is in the way, you might need the 90 degree one to clear everything.
  7. Portability is a plus. I do like your idea of a rigid mount to hold the tail both down and up. Even with a floor ring, it would make sense to use a bar/tube rather than a chain.
  8. Maybe I should have added a smiley. I think full elegant is a ring embedded in the floor. But yours is nice. Do you have to polish your tub.
  9. And semi elegant.
  10. They make several types. Mine is wired only into the gear-down warning system and the stall warning system. That is, they are activated the same way as on a standard Mooney, but instead of hearing a horn in the ceiling of the cabin, I hear a female voice in my headset saying either "check landing gear, check landing gear" of "stall, stall, stall". The fact that it is transmitted in the headset is very good. The fact that you can't confuse the message (or wonder "what was that"), is even better. The downside is that the message is so good, there is a strong tendency to rely on it, rather than checking your landing three time on final.
  11. VFR, you don't have to talk to or deal with ATC, and you are free to deviate anywhere anytime you want or need to. IFR, you don't have to worry about entering hot MOAs, TFRs, or someone's airspace. If you get flight following, you get these benefits, but you can be dropped if ATC gets busy. If you are IFR, they can't drop you. To me it is also consoling to know that if you get into trouble, it is easier to tell someone, and get help, or the search people have a head start looking for you. I don't consider it a burden to file and deal with ATC. I almost always file unless I am just local or a short flight.
  12. I don't think there is any way to remove the sealant without physically scraping it off. You didn't say why you were trying to remove it. My opinion is that you are likely going to break them before you could get all the sealant off.
  13. But not as elegant
  14. Don't; it might make you tear out your eyeballs. Just hang around. He can't contain himself for long.
  15. No. Veterinarian in my first life, lawyer second, now a retired loafer. But I do enjoy developing answers to some minor problems.
  16. As long as you have a reserve of $ for an overhaul, go for it. Price it like a run-out engine. You may be able to fly it for several years "for free", and if it needs the overhaul fairly soon, you broke even.
  17. All recyclers (scrap metal yards) take (and pay for) batteries.
  18. I agree with most of these sentiments. You can work your way up; C then J, then ..... or you can start anywhere up the ladder. But the higher up the ladder you start, the more hours you will need with a CFI (preferably an experienced Mooney guy). And yes, it is building skills and judgement as you go. As Paul says, buy the highest you can reasonably afford, bearing in mind, you are going to spend a lot more in CFI costs.
  19. I have flown from Dallas to the Los Angeles area in one day, a few times, but finally figured out that 9 hours of flight just takes too much out of me. In addition, I don't think it is too smart on my part to wind up flying an approach when I am that tired.
  20. I have an Alpha AOA. I looked on their web site, an do not see mine. But it is the round instrument with a series of lights (multiple yellows and red on top, one blue on right and multiple greens on the bottom. I mounted mine in the panel. I removed the clock and shifted an instrument down, so the AOA is on the top left position in the panel. I just can't stand the thought of an installed instrument sitting up on the glare shield. I do not find it to be a problem to look at it that position. Once calibrated, it is really nice. I find I consistently land slower than I did using the ASI. I now know that when the blue light is on, I am at (what corresponds to) 1.3 VSO, and when the second yellow turns on, it will buffet. I did not opt for any accessories. Glad to give any additional info. Don 214 207-6744
  21. For easy figuring, assume $100 per hour. 150 hours to remove and rehang an engine. That is almost 4 guys working full time for a week.
  22. I've never blocked anyone's posts before. Can someone tell me how to do that.
  23. In the same vein in which I wrote the previous post, I will respond, once. I, too, think that the original incident gave rise to worthwhile discussion for a period of time. But like some others, it went downhill into name calling and what I considered to be outright rudeness. I appreciate your idea that we can choose what we want to read, but on MS, and perhaps others, there appears to be a lot of thread drift, and I often have to read a lot ofsome posts before I figure out I really am not interested. Maybe this is just me. Maybe I am being dramatic, but I have read at least one person's post on MS that "he was leaving and wouldn't be back". I hate to lose helpful folks here, because of bad feelings. I am sure that some people have a higher level of tolerance for disagreeable posts. I personally agree with the administrator here. He lets things go for perhaps a tiny bit longer than I would before pulling the plug. I consider most of the MSers to be my friends, and I don't want to lose any more of them than necessary.
  24. We just had a similar question over on the bugs forum. I don't like to get involved in contentious debates, as I feel that the best way to stop an unpleasant discussion is to ignore it. But let me take a shot at this, without taking sides or expressing an opinion as to whether anyone is right or wrong. On any forum, group or discussion site, it seems to me there is the real possibility that feelings can run so hot that the whole system could be put in jeopardy, as it could be so distasteful to a large enough percentage of participants, they would simply drop out. If that happened we could all lose the value of each other's advice and discussion. Or perhaps a topic has been discussed to such an extent that no further discussion seems to be helpful. Thus, it seems to me that someone needs to make a decision when any topic has reached the point that it should be abandoned. I assume the "administrator" has the job (authority?) to do that. I presume it would be too unwieldy to put such decision making position on a board or tribunal. So it seems that the administrator just makes the decision and we live with that decision. I guess if we really felt he was being too (pick your own term), we would have the choice of starting our own site and administrate it ourselves.