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  1. DonMuncy

    Oxygen leak

    When you say you left the valve open overnight and no loss of pressure, I presume you did not have any cannula (mask) hoses plugged in. My best guess would be that there is a leak at the valve where one of the hoses plug into the system. Plug one hose in, but shut off the flow valve. Use soapy water around the connection of the hose. Repeat for the other one(s).
  2. If you are avid, you can send the metal bits off for an analysis. The specific make up of the metal (as I understand it) can often determine where it came from.
  3. DonMuncy

    Braking After Landing

    I assume if you find a spongy brake, you would conclude likely air in the line, and you would not do it that way.
  4. Looks like you are in for bearing repacking. Not fun, but it could have been a lot worse.
  5. DonMuncy

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    Good luck with the surgery and rehab.
  6. It is my understanding that the boost and the primer squirt fuel at a different spot in the induction system. I forget which is which. The amount of fuel is the same and the results are very similar but slightly different. I use high boost for about 5 seconds on all starts except for a start within a very few minutes of shutdown. I then use primer for a varying length of time, depending on temperature. Usually a little longer than indicated in the POH. This works for me. In my limited experience, if the Continental doesn't want to start, it needs more fuel.
  7. DonMuncy

    Braking After Landing

    When you say "the braking is worse", do you mean it doesn't slow down much? The brakes lock up and skid the tire? or what. If they lock and skid, it may be not all the weight is one the gear yet (still generating lift), or the fluid is gummed up. If the brakes feel good (not spongy), but doesn't slow down much, it may just be a Mooney.
  8. Congratulations Don. Well deserved.
  9. DonMuncy

    MooneyMax Conference and Clinics

    Don't get confused. DMax is Don, the father and PMax is Paul, the son. Both good guys and Mooney gurus.
  10. DonMuncy

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Below about 8, the J is a tad better. Eight to 12, about equal. Over 12, the turbo shines.
  11. DonMuncy

    Tank Reseal ... best options

    Houston Tank Specialists can patch or reseal.
  12. DonMuncy

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    That's tough Larry. Advice? First, don't panic. It may well be that your orthopod guy can get you going such, that with the help of these guys who know, you will be able to adapt and do fine. But definitely, call Don Maxwell as well. He will be knowledgeable about converting to electric, it that should turn out to be necessary. It would not surprise me if the conversion could be done with a high percentage of used and available parts. Let us know what you learn about the feasibility of converting. Other folks may be very interested.
  13. Being the dutiful airman that I am, I decided to use the FAA Basicmed system. I pulled up and passed the on-line medical course, only to find that I needed the name, etc. of the doctor doing the required exam. Not being certain that my doctor would do it, I decided to wait, get the medical exam, and go back and take the course again. I faxed the completed Basicmed forms to my doctor, asking if she would be able to do the exam (noting that I was aware my medical insurance would almost certainly not pay for a pilot's license exam and indicating I would be prepared to pay her.) Her assistant called me back, saying they do not have the equipment to do the vision test. I googled around and found that the problem was addressed by the AOPA which suggested I should likely get an eye specialist to do the vision requirements and give me a copy of the report to take with me and that "should suffice if my examining doctor would like to review that information before completing the medical exam checklist." I am virtually certain that my ophthalmologist does not have a form for the purpose of satisfying this particular part of the FAA requirements, so I am going to have to create a report form for him to sign, or take whatever form he routinely uses, and hope that is enough to get my examining doctor to "certify that she has performed an examination that included all the items on the checklist". My ophthalmologist is a semi-cousin-in-law, and my doctor is a very nice lady, both of whom will probably sign whatever I ask them. But using a "one doctor relying on another doctor's report to certify she did the examination, is spooky at best. Compounded with the fact the certification is laced with legal looking mumbo jumbo about the FAA laws. With my legal knowledge, I would be hesitant, if I were an MD. So the fact that I am going to pay two doctors, and take a few liberties with the technicalities, to get something I have never had a problem getting anyway, makes me wonder about my sanity. At least it will be good for 4 years, providing I remember to take the medical course again halfway through the time period. I suppose if I had, or should develop, some condition that would impair my ability to get a third class medical, and still not bad enough to prevent me from self- certifying my ability to fly, it would seem a lot more reasonable. Rant off.
  14. Yes, they are expensive. The people who make them do not have an overhaul procedure in place, thus no one can rebuild them. If you want a fully functioning one, I will sell you my spare for about half of what the new ones cost.
  15. DonMuncy

    Any tricks to pulling oil screen on IO-360?

    What did those turn out to be?
  16. DonMuncy

    Still a Mooniac...

    We are pleased for you Scott.
  17. DonMuncy

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Although a jig saw will do the job, and you may well get by with it, jig saws have a reciprocating action, which in my opinion runs a risk of breakage of the glass Incidentally, I think his plane uses clips and does not have fastener holes through the glass.
  18. DonMuncy

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Either one. I would get one for metal (for your next project). Make sure to get a blade with pretty fine teeth (similar to a hacksaw). Don't peel the protective covering off the glass until you have it fitted right, so as to not scratch it.
  19. DonMuncy

    Seat rails

    Wow, Lance, that is scary. Glad it worked out OK.
  20. DonMuncy

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Yes, you can do it under owner maintenance. I think the hours you were quoted are a little high. I didn't keep up with the hours, but if I had stayed after it diligently, I think I could have done all 4 in two days. It sounds like yours are exactly like my K model in fasteners and double copilot window. Yes, the gray looks nice, especially with the gray windshield. I have no opinion on the darker ones for the rear. It will take some cutting and fitting. It will really help to have a band saw (A cheap one from Harbor Freight works fine). If you have specific questions feel free to PM or call me. 214 207-6744.
  21. Again, not my area of practice, but my understanding is that financial damage due to copyright infringement can be one of two measures. If one were selling the copyrighted material, they would be liable for their selling price. Unfortunately, if the infringer is preventing the copyright holder from selling the copyright material, that would also qualify. I would think that if one were very cautious, they would not offer, on an open forum, to give away copyrighted material, if the holder might miss out on a sale to the person they were giving it to. I have never heard about Mooney giving anyone grief about this issue, but still ……. I still welcome anyone better informed, to educate me.
  22. DonMuncy

    Demo or rental near Boston

    Better not get a demo flight in a Mooney. Too much of a chance you will nudge your mission requirements to fit. Mooney's have that effect on pilots.
  23. Not the area of law I practiced, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I believe a copyright is an asset of the holder, and as such, would be treated like any other asset. It the bankruptcy was a chapter 11, the successor in interest (the ultimate purchaser of the company) would then own it. Under this theory, the various subsequent owners of the company would have kept the copyright as long as copyrights exist. Hopefully someone with better knowledge will chime in if there is some special bankruptcy rule for copyrights.
  24. DonMuncy

    Seat rails

    With an inspection mirror and a flashlight (and a somewhat younger body than mine), I think you can see whether extensions have been installed, without removing the seat. Look at the pics of the extensions that have been posted on MS before, to know what the pedals look like with and without them.
  25. DonMuncy

    Fuel sending unit

    I have found that working on the "inner" unit was far easier than the outer, where you have to work up through an inspection panel.