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  1. Technically, you are right. I would never advocate someone fly with a "non airworthy" plane, but if someone decided to fly it out/home and was not aware of the problem, they might make the flight without noticing it.
  2. I probably could. If I could just keep people away from the airport, I would be OK. If no one is around I don't bounce too much. But if anyone is watching ...
  3. Have you been watching my landings.
  4. Do you think the seller is obligated to pay to "upgrade" to a G2, or only the cost to repair the existing gauge.
  5. That almost gives me vertigo.
  6. I guess I need to measure my new one. I thought the blade length was the same as the metal.
  7. I hope they have a fool-proof method of keeping those rotors in sync.
  8. My three blade MT is much quieter than the original 2 blade aluminum prop. I don't know if it is because it is 3 blade or because it is composite or whatever.
  9. The weather looks like it may cooperate this time.
  10. I still think it is a mis-match between the plug-ins and the ports. I just can't believe that all 4 ports or all your plug-ins would go bad at once. If you could figure out which plug-ins match your ports, it would be a lot easier and probably cheaper to replace those than the ports. Have you called and asked Aerox or other O2 parts supplier. They may some insight.
  11. OK guys! We have 5 semi committed. I will be at RBD (Dallas Executive) by about 11:00 and we will plan on eating at about noon at the field restaurant (Delta Charlie's). I will notify the restaurant to expect us, and will check with Ambassador Aviation about extending the $.25 gas discount. Come one, come all.
  12. It's nice to know that that folks out there know the same thing that I do; Paul and Shery are first class.
  13. I think the 3 logs, although not required, arose by tradition because it is likely an engine or prop my be replaced, and the log book for that unit can be disposed of. The goal being to reduce the amount of paperwork an owner has to keep.
  14. Of course I would meet you for lunch.
  15. I have had only 2 Mooneys and a Cessna do a semi commitment for the 27th. Unless thing change quickly, it doesn't look like an RBD (Dallas Executive) fly-in is going to happen. This only applies to a big group event. Anytime one of you wants to come to RBD, give me a call. Since I don't have to work for a living, I am usually available for a lunch with my Mooney friends.
  16. Mena aircraft interiors in Mena AR, may be a viable alternative. (They did mine 10+ years ago. See my gallery) You might give them a call. Not to take away from Hector. He does high quality work and is nice to work with.
  17. If it wasn't for Chris, we would all have cricks in our necks.
  18. MBdiagman and Sandy, Levelwing and Amanda, scottmccray, donmuncy, Cleatus and Paula, and Joe Dion (nonMSer), in that order, left to right.
  19. Same set-up I have. DC, Headsets, Inc. and Oregon Aero ear pads. I'm not sure they are quite as good as Bose, but close, and for a lot less money.
  20. We had our Fly-in at RBD, which turned into more of a "drive-in". We had only one plane that flew in. But we had a pretty good turn out of 9 people, counting me. We had a good time, Now we need to find out who would be interested in meeting again this coming weekend, bearing in mind that it is Memorial Day weekend. I would be glad to set up another one, but it doesn't seem like a worth while endeavor if only a couple of people were interested. I understand it is weather dependent, and naturally no one will hold you to it, but if you feel pretty sure you would attend, it the weather cooperates, please let me know. What do you think about "if 5 or more planes make a semi commitment", we set it up?
  21. We need to check with everybody. We are still technically on for tomorrow, and a few are committed to come. I'm willing to make another next week if enough want to.
  22. I think my 231 only has three different sizes, but they are still a pain to keep up with. I have seriously considered swapping a few with phillips slots so I would know which go where.
  23. I have found Mike to be very approachable. I have contacted him a couple of times and always got a response.
  24. It looks like it may work, but make your own decision, and don't take undue risk. I would rather see you next time than have anyone get into trouble.
  25. Try hard guys, but be safe.