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  1. Yes, I do too. However, I have bought a bunch of cheap flashlights that look good, but fail shortly thereafter. I have sworn to only buy good flashlights now.
  2. I have an oil drain container, about 4 inches deep to place under the gascolator. As you describe, pull the ring for 5 seconds, switch tanks, pull for 5 seconds. Then, examine the oil drain pan for water.
  3. Aircraft Spruce has them, but I don't remember the cost.
  4. I have enjoyed Dave's posts. I hate to lose him. I have no idea which side he is on politically, and have no idea what he said to get crossways with whoever made the decision. But it appears to me this is the result of getting started on political crap. I never respond to political statements and would suggest everyone do the same. Or better yet, think before you post something which has a political tone.
  5. I figure they will cut him slack because he is Harrison Ford, or they will try to make an example of him because he is Harrison Ford.
  6. Oops, sorry about that. I was only considering the thought that you were making calibrated dip sticks. Just to nit pick. At what speed does Mooney say the plane is "level" in level flight. I know at slow speeds, a plane flies really tail low. I presume that the difference between level is pretty small at reasonable flying speeds, but there must be some differences.
  7. I would think you wouldn't necessarily want it level. Wouldn't you want it in the usual configuration it is in when you test prior to flight.
  8. I was looking at some photos in my album and shifted down and noticed that some folks had posted comments on them. I was unaware that someone could comment on photos. Some of these comments are years old, and asked questions about the pics. Not knowing they existed, I did not respond. Perhaps a system could be set up to notify the album "owner" when a comment is posted, so responses can be timely made.
  9. PM sent.
  10. I. (and I suspect many others), exercised financial prudence for many many years, so that I can now afford not to have to.
  11. You guys are pathetic. I had to go back an look about 4 times to realize how disgusting that is.
  12. I built my own. It is not perfectly "constant amperage draw", but plenty close to determine the capacity.
  13. Alright Don, I'll give it a whirl. Understand, I am not wanting an argument; a discussion at best. A lot of the "what one prefers" depends on what you learned on, or are used to. If I had learned on glass, I'm certain I would prefer it. Since I learned on steam, and have only flown on steam, it makes it a lot harder. I am not certain whether the images you show are true to scale, but if so, it appears the glass has about 1/2 the space as the steam gauges. So, your eyes would be shifting about 8 inches from one extreme to the other, rather than about 4 for the glass. Remember, my original question assumed no additional information between the glass and steam. The glass you show has information at the top and bottom which I would have to go to my Garmin 430 for (and some information I don't have at all). I admit it is nicer not to have to look over to the center of the panel for that additional info. Same thing for the terrain, towers, outside temperature, wind direction, TAS, and traffic. Frankly, I am not enamored with the altitude, VSI and airspeed on the glass. I generally don't care that I am doing 111. 7 knots and am at 2560 feet. I can more quickly glance and see I am doing about 110 at 3000 feet with no climb or descent. As to the AI and directional gyro, I don't think I would have a real preference. OK, I admit the glass looks more like the real world out there than the steam gauges. Does this mean more situational awareness? Maybe! Understand, I am not saying that steam gauges are superior to glass, only that the advantages to me are not as great as they apparently are to you. Again, I haven't flown with glass, and if I did, I might have an entirely different opinion. Unfortunately, I think I would likely have to spend quite a few hours to begin to appreciate the nuances, so I don't think I could go take a ride in your plane and get to my final opinion. So, bottom line. If I was buying a new plane, or money was no object, yes, I would go with glass. The advantages (great to you; at least some to me) accuracy, reliability, value of the plane, would make the decision a no-brainer. And after 6 months, I doubt if I would willingly go back.
  14. Don, I respect your opinions. I am not a CFI, and far from a great pilot. Not having glass, I can't talk with any authority. But don't you have to shift your attention from the airspeed indication, to the vertical speed indication, to attitude indication, etc. Is it really that much more difficult to shift your eye from one steam gauge to another. It would seem to me that the "attention shifting" is more difficult than the eye movement. In other words, I know that all the information on one glass panel is right there in the same panel, but your mind still has to shift. Do you think that is true. Can a student learn that mental shift that much faster with glass. Or do you believe that the depiction of the information is so much better, with glass, that it is easier to comprehend. Again, with my limited knowledge, it seems to me that the glass AI looks a lot like a steam AI. The glass "turn and bank" looks a little different. The glass airspeed is shown on a "tape", which, intuitively, seems more difficult to absorb that the hand on an analog gauge. What parts of this equation do you think contributes to the rapidity with which a student learns on glass.
  15. I don't have any glass. I think there is a limited advantage to looking at various spots on a glass panel, vs scanning over a larger area at different steam gauges. So, if glass gives you no more information than available on steam gauges, I'm not too excited. However, I am impressed by accuracy and reliability. So for long term, glass is definitely going to win. For now, I wouldn't spend a lot of money to make changes. But if something expensive fails, I will definitely be looking at options.
  16. Have you tried this? Does it work anything like advertised?
  17. Maybe whoever does polls could do one on battery brands, length of life and whether they were killed with cabin lights or master left on. My own opinion is that batteries die whenever they darn well want to after a couple of years.
  18. Did you check the cabin light switch. But almost 5 years is still pretty good.
  19. If I am understanding your question, that one that looks like a Hobbs, is it. My understanding is that it reads engine time with a variation for engine speed. When you are running at the particular engine speed it is set for, it reads hours. If you are at a lower RPM, it will read proportionally less. At higher RPM, proportionally more hours.
  20. I think everyone here is glad to have you participating on MS. Even though we mostly think you are a poor misguided soul I'm sure you will be happy flying your new machine.
  21. Price it like it was at TBO and needs an immediate OH. Make sure you have a fund sufficient to OH. Then you can't lose, and you are likely to win.
  22. 1/4 inch Snap-on ratchet. Probably my favorite tool. Had to have mine rebuilt a few years ago.
  23. E6B

    I ran rallyes back when all the rich folks used Curtas. I never had my hands on one. I competed in slide rule competition in Texas Interscholastic League. Really wonderful devices. One really can't be sad about super advancements in technology, but still... Will we be someday saying things about "back when we drove our own cars".
  24. Can you elaborate on the failings without modification, and how you modified it. Thanks