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  1. Looks like he is looking for the electrical schematic.
  2. So where is the electrical diagram and photo of the finished product.
  3. Jolie, The first flight or two in actual IMC without a CFII on board will likely be the scariest flying you will ever do. The sooner you do it, the easier it is. Pick out a day when the ceilings are 3000 or 3500 feet, and relatively thin. Go up alone. If you take another competent pilot with you, you may subconsciously rely on them; just what you don't want. Climb up through the clouds. Then go back down into them and spend some time to get comfortable. On the next flight or two, pick days with low clouds at you departure and easy ceilings at your destination. Then you are ready to slowly start picking out ever decreasing destination ceilings, down to whatever you feel comfortable using as your personal minimums. I know, there are a bunch of good pilots that fly to legal minimums as a matter of course. But in my case, I don't fly enough real IMC to comfortably plan on legal minimums. I have always contended that flying on instruments is easy when you are at altitude. Going up into the clouds, brings on some moments of semi-panic until your mind switches to instruments. And the real puckering comes in when you are descending before you break out. Have fun.
  4. Was the judge setting him up for a further business opportunity
  5. Way to go Jolie. Proud of you.
  6. You guys are amazing. I'm only smart enough to understand "buy this brand" or don't use that one.
  7. Give us an idea of sizes, costs, how long they would power a couple of IPads, and how you recharge them.
  8. Insurance

  9. M20U

    This question arises out of a position of ignorance; but wasn't there some big problem with the earlier Mooney glass panel, as the plane was certified with it, as opposed to merely having it installed. I think I understood that this meant that you couldn't change to a new nav device without an STC. Are the new planes "certified" with this panel, and would that mean that panel manufacturer could allow some non-support problem to ground your plane at some point. Or was that issue fixed some way.
  10. Strip & Seal Fuel Tanks

    I have not had a reseal, but have kept up with who does them and how it is done. For a patch on a leak, I think an individual A & P could do it. For a complete strip and reseal, I don't think there is any way someone without a system for semi-automatic stripping could come close to matching what the "pros" do, unless they are working at unbelievably low hourly rates. If someone told me they could do it for the same price as the big guys, I would sure want to check their references from 10 years back.
  11. Insurance valuation

    If you insure your plane for too much, in the event of an accident, the insurance carrier may opt to repair, rather than pay out the full cost. If you insure for too little, you risk not getting enough to replace it. Plus the carrier will not insure it for a grossly exaggerated number. In my opinion, you should stick close to the real replacement value, a little on the high side.
  12. Propeller Question - What would you want?

    It is my understanding that was a problem earlier; that has been resolved. At least I sure hope so.
  13. Veterans Day

  14. Battery capacity tester

  15. Tug

  16. 3rd gen 1.JPG

    From the album Tug

  17. Mooney crystal blocks

    Crystal cubic block with Mooney image etched inside.
  18. Mooney screwdriver

  19. Video Camera Inside Cowling

    After a kink has been in the baffle material for a while, it is tough to get it to flatten back out. I would seriously consider replacing that strip that is bad (if all the others seem OK), or all of them it there is much doubt. In aviation terms, the material is dirt cheap. Even in real life terms it is not too expensive.
  20. Interesting thoughts. I had figured that infant mortality was due to assembly errors, rather than part failures. Obviously, failures can be because of either. I have never heard Mike Busch (or anyone else) differentiate between the two. It would be interesting to see numbers. Next time he has a webinar where the subject of infant mortality comes up, I will ask him if he has any numbers that show that.
  21. Wire welder

    I (mostly) self taught myself to gas weld almost 50 years ago, and manage to do a credible job. Several years later I got a stick arc welder, and never got very good at it, especially on thinner material. (In my experience, everybody who welds is better at the system they first learned on). Somebody told me that the wire welders are much easier to learn to use than stick welders. Although I don't do much welding, I am contemplating getting a cheap wire welder and giving it a try. Any and all thoughts, pro and con are appreciated.