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  1. Sure why not. PM me and we'll get everything squared away
  2. Hello all, I just put in a Garmin EIS and have some gauges/a few other radios to get rid of. Figured I'd post here first before heading to Ebay or Barnstormers. All prices are OBO See attached pics Cluster gauges: includes both fuel quantities, oil pres and temp, and amps. cyl head temp is inop. LH fuel gauge was recently overhauled by Air Parts, can provide a copy of the 8130 if desired. Make offer for whole cluster or individual gauge(s) KI 202 VOR/LOC indicator - no idea if it works, since the radio it was linked to was inop when I purchased the plane. No reason to think it doesn't, though, and it wasn't labeled inop. SOLD Combo fuel pres/manifold pres gauge - worked upon removal. Asking $200 Insight graphic engine monitor 602 - worked upon removal except #4 CHT didn't indicate. Probably just needed a new probe. I have the old probes (both EGT and CHT) I can throw in if you want, but they're tired looking, and I don't know which one was the #4 CHT. Comes with on/off button. Have install manual and pilots guide booklet. Asking $600 KNS 80 NAV system - inop when I bought the plane. I never bothered to fix it, and when I finally ripped it out, I found a broken wire while crawling under the panel. I'm guessing it was the power wire, so the thing probably would work if hooked up to power. This is probably only good for a parts radio anyways, as there's much better systems out there nowadays. Have wiring harness but no tray. Make offer
  3. Hello all, For those of you who've upgraded to a GI 275 Engine indication system, have you run into any issues with the fuel indications showing red x's on the instrument? I have the original resistance-type floats, and they worked/indicated just fine on the old gauges before I dove in to this project. I can go into the diagnostics page of the 275 and can see that the GEA24 is reading something, since it shows numbers there, and those numbers change when I stick my hand in the tank and physically move the float. (those numbers are small, though, like .1-.2) I have the system set to 0-5V, as instructed in the STC on page 3-18. I tried it in the resistance setting also, just for the heck of it, but still got red x's. I also measured the resistance at one of the outboard senders and moved it through its travel. Got 1-35ish ohms doing this, which is about right. I spliced in to the existing wires, and I got my wiring harnesses for the Garmin setup from Midwest Panel Builders (they built them for me), so I really don't think the wiring harness itself is wrong. I feel like my issue isn't my gauges, since they worked before. But I'm confused on why I can see readings in the diagnostics page but still get red x's on the default page. I'm aware Garmin put an alert out for resistance type floats, but the alert does not have anything to do with zero indications at all. Anyone run into anything similar? What was your fix? Ceis is 5 weeks out. On top of the extra cost that I don't want, grounding my plane for 5 weeks is not desirable. Thanks in advance
  4. Update, I have found and purchased one. Thanks
  5. This is all I have for now, but I'll swing by the hangar later today and get a better pic of the entire spinner
  6. Hello, I find myself needing to replace my spinner. I have a Hartzel 2 blade HC-C2YR-1BF prop on my M20F. If you or someone you know is selling one, please let me know! Would prefer polished. Also searching other places (ebay, etc)
  7. I guess I'm blind. I looked at least twice and used the search bar at least once. Maybe because I was putting the word "illustrated" in with it... Thanks
  8. Anyone have a copy of the IPC for a 1974 F model that they'd be willing to share? I looked in the downloads section and didn't see one. Thanks!
  9. I'm impressed with your guessing skills! Spot on! Lucky for me I've got my A&P ticket, so no worries on that end. I'll await the expert's opinion. Thanks for all your insight and help :-)
  10. Lol. I've been staring at the panel since I bought the plane, trying to figure out where to put the switch. Because you're right, I need to be able to turn it off separately from the other lights for ground night ops and IFR in clouds. It's a 1974 F model. New to me, only had it about a month. I have no idea what that thing is in the center of the blank cover. I was thinking maybe putting the switch there, or putting it where the placarded checklist is, just to the left of the 530. I never look at it; I have separate checklists. Thought maybe there might be double switches out there (two separate switches in the same space as one) but not sure if they make those as CB switches. I'll have to look
  11. Switches circled....... They are black. I'll check spruce but I'm pretty sure I've already looked. I've been looking off and on for several days. Have yet to try calling though
  12. Only have a pic of the entire panel. I don't need a cover, I need an entire switch. I currently don't have strobes on the aircraft at all, and would like to add them. I have a switch labeled "anti col" which operates my beacon, and then just navs on wingtips. I suppose I could get a switch that says "rot beacon" and change the beacon to that, and use the existing "anti col" for strobes...
  13. Anyone have any leads on where I can get my hands on a black rocker switch (10A) for strobes for my 20F? Laser has them in white for an absolutely insane price tag... But I'd rather match the rest of my switches and hopefully get a decent price. $300+ for a switch is insane IMO. Thanks in advance! Edit: I was mistaken, laser doesn't have any switches that say "strobes".
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