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  1. I did...... I have a tap/die kit that has the 1/8 npt tap that I needed
  2. I ended up tapping the holes, the tap had little resistance so that made me feel better about the condition of the threads. Upon install, I was able to get 3 of the 4 nozzles properly aligned, the 4th one would have required way over- or under-torque so I just left it. Ops and leak check went great. Thanks for the advice and info everyone
  3. Thanks, I'm aware of proper torque procedures and have all the manuals, but blindly turning something until it reaches torque isn't correct, either. I'm only getting 3ish threads down. My concern is that this is not enough, which would indicate galled threads. They don't look all that terrible upon inspection, though, so my question is, are 3ish threads normal, or are they galling?
  4. Resurrecting an old thread... When installing the injectors, how far into the cylinder were any of you able to get them to go? Do the shoulders have to be flush with the cylinder? I can get about 3-4 threads on mine before they tighten up. I admit that I didn't pay attention to this when removing the old ones, and I don't see any reference to this in the Mooney Service Manual.
  5. I don't know about interchangability, but I have a rounded spinner off my F that needs repair. It's dented. I never got around to sending it out, but I'll do so today or tomorrow. If it's repairable, I'll sell it to you for the cost of the repair. If you haven't found another one before then, anyway. As an FYI, I was able to get my cracked one pictured in this thread repaired at ASEI. They are located in Georgia
  6. Thanks, after researching it a bit more after posting, that is exactly what I've decided to do. I've got an elevator yoke on its way to me from a salvage yard. Thanks for your input!
  7. I realize this is a long shot, since this post is >1 year old But do you still have the pair of PN 710066-501? They should look like this Thank you
  8. Just like the title says. Looking for control shafts for my 201 upgrade. I bought shafts with control yokes several months ago and have just gotten around to installing them. Unfortunately, they don't fit under the panel (where they connect to the elevator yoke). The correct PN's I need are 710072-508 and 710072-507. Lasar says the factory can make them to the tune of $1200 each with 6-8 week lead time. I'd rather not spend that kind of money. Would also be interested in the Brittain solenoid for the PC retrofit (PN 4085-20) but I have another lead on this part so I'm not too desperate for it. Thanks!
  9. Just a followup I'm not sure if its the result of the warmer weather or my lubing all 3 switches, but the horn and light are behaving better. Now it shuts up shortly after takeoff as opposed to 20-25 minutes after. We'll see if it continues to improve, especially when the weather starts getting cooler again
  10. *Her* gear horn :-) Rags, yeah I definitely have a squat switch. I went back to the airport earlier this evening and found no gap at the top of the donuts with weight on wheels, as the manual instructs. But that doesn't make much sense to me doing it with weight on them; you'll never have a gap. So I used my bottle jack and lifted one side (wish I could lift both at the same time for gear swings!), measured the gap. Came up with 86 thou, which is supposedly within tolerances. Unless the manual limit of .6 is a typo and should be .06" I have a scheduled flight tomorrow, I'm thinking I'll pull the belly panel beforehand and lube the two limit switches. And look into getting new donuts. My annuals coming up in December so that'd be a good time to do them. Thanks for all the replies, guys
  11. Hmm. I don't have jacks, but the Mx manual says full fuel, weight on wheels. I'll be back out at the airport either later today or tomorrow and will take a look
  12. Interesting! Does your C have a squat switch? Maybe that's where the issue lies, and the logic thinks the gear is still down? Maybe it's a "gear unsafe" horn even though I don't have a light for it. I've been trying to find a wiring diagram for my plane but so far no joy. Looks like my donuts are from 1998. Might be time for a new set
  13. Yes I'm sure. When the "gear up" light eventually illuminates, the horn shuts up.
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