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  1. So why was it okay for the previous owner but not for the new owner? Just trying to make sure I follow this correctly. So you are telling me that by asking them to annual it, that gives them an open book to do what ever they want without communicating that with you first?
  2. I don't see that as a requirement in the manual. It just says you need to know your pressure altitude. Couldn't you just fly straight and level and verify with ATC that your transponder is working and ask them what altitude it is reporting?
  3. I don't think it is approved yet.
  4. I tried that as well, but no luck. How long did you try for?
  5. Nice. I tried today but didn’t have any luck. Try canceling your order and go through sportys. Last I looked this morning they had stock. It says on the product page. Kinda sad that they shipped a ton to sporty’s and not the people who preordered.
  6. Just curious who else picked one up. Their website says 4-6 weeks but I got the sporty's in stock mass email and ordered one Monday and just got it today. Looks simple enough. I'd give a pirep but my plane is still down. So once I get a whole new exhaust it had better be ready to fly again 4.5 months later
  7. Try an AOPA Vref with the hours reset to 0. Give them a copy of where it was prior to rebuild. Make sure to add in any new equipment. If you are lucky, they will accept it.
  8. I just had an airwolfe installed on my M20A. There wasn't room for the lycoming adapter. Not to mention a crap ton of cowling screws and three pieces that would have to be moved each oil change just to access the filter. Now mine sits happily in a corner where its easy to get to. So far no experience with it. Still waiting for my engine to get finished. The hoses were suppose to be ordered from Airwolfe before Labor Day. I talked with them the other day and he said he just passed the info on. My mechanic still hasn't heard of them shipping. I think at this point that is all I am waiting on to get my plane back together. As far as length, it all depends on where you mount it. It's setup to install it, measure, then order the hoses. \ Just my 2 cents. Good luck. I hope to enjoy mine soon.
  9. Wasn't aware of that. Thanks. Anybody know if there is an alternator for M20A?
  10. Some of these planes have had the generator for half a century or more. What is the benefit of upgrading to an alternator?
  11. Who is this grim reaper you speak of?
  12. Do you think that is actually the case. Or that the older Mooney owners are putting the New owners into a different category because they will never be able to afford a newer one? And are therefore jealous!
  13. For a piece of metal. Wow. Aviation prices still never cease to amaze me.
  14. If you don't have the 430w already I would ditch it and the sky beacon for the Garmin 375. That would clear up your panel immensely not needing a transponder and the 430. And price wise you can't be much different. Not to mention newer technology, ties in seamlessly with the G5's.