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  1. Can a MP gauge overread

    Thanks for the hint, I will definitely check on that at startup next time.
  2. Can a MP gauge overread

    I use an external gauge to set RPM and I have no reason to believe that it is inaccurate; it gets the same readings as my mechanics. I will have to check the manifold pressure reading with engine off next time I'm at the plane. I have a EI ubg-16 but it's not hooked up for fuel flow or MP unfortunately.
  3. I started to keep some more detailed stats to see how not even close to the book numbers I am getting. Depending on altitude I typically setup for closest settings under 75%bhp and lean. Usually I am 15 or more mph short of the known unrealistic POH figures. I just started keeping fuel statistics though and I am running at 7-8 gph, certainly way better than the books range of 9 - 9.4. I have a portable tach that gets the actual RPM, leaving either I'm leaning waaaaay too much (which I don't think I am) or the MP gauge is off by an 1 - 1 1/2 ". Does anyone know if this is likely? Would my mechanic be able to verify the meter similar to the tach?
  4. Solenoid Replacement

    Merci / Thank you Yves. Looks like Ill be back in business quick.
  5. Solenoid Replacement

    Lol thanks I am a bit of a gambler but "$100 untested and uninspected" a win wouldn't feel like much of a win and as for a loss ....
  6. Solenoid Replacement

    Thanks. Before I posted I searched solenoid and came up with some information which wasn't specific enough for my lack of experience. A discussion that resolved to "Skytec metal can ones" and https://www.mcmaster.com/#solenoids/=16scf3q.
  7. My M20C has decided she loves me so much she doesn't want me to leave her alone so she leaves her electrics on after I shut off the master to keep me around. With a little help from my mechanic I suspect it's the solenoid. The parts manual lists the solenoid as part number 001464 which I cant seem to source from anywhere. Does anyone have the part number of a suitable replacement? Thanks! Dave.
  8. oil temp gauge

    Awesome, thanks. I'll let you know if I need to take you up on that offer in the next day or two.
  9. oil temp gauge

    Thanks for the great advice and giving us something to chase. $0.25 ... that's probably $0.32 Canadian.
  10. oil temp gauge

    I only assumed it was, but I suppose I really don't know. I will check for any markings if I get a chance later today.
  11. oil temp gauge

    i suppose I could do that, just doesn't make sense that it works fine when not needed; that's why mechanic was questioning its placement.
  12. oil temp gauge

    It worked in boiling water, it worked when shorted out, it doesn't work plugged into the engine. Consider it works in theory, just not in practice.
  13. Since purchase my oil temp gauge doesn't work. We pulled out the sensor, shorted it and it registered. We dipped it in boiling water and it read approx 232. I do have an engine analyzer that has a working oil temp gauge but I'd like to have the quick visual (besides the analyzer is only really supposed to be a secondary). Does anyone have any thoughts? I've attached a picture of where the probe is. Dave
  14. Taxi with pitot cover on

    Great idea, thanks for it. I will remember next time.