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  1. oil temp gauge

    Awesome, thanks. I'll let you know if I need to take you up on that offer in the next day or two.
  2. oil temp gauge

    Thanks for the great advice and giving us something to chase. $0.25 ... that's probably $0.32 Canadian.
  3. oil temp gauge

    I only assumed it was, but I suppose I really don't know. I will check for any markings if I get a chance later today.
  4. oil temp gauge

    i suppose I could do that, just doesn't make sense that it works fine when not needed; that's why mechanic was questioning its placement.
  5. oil temp gauge

    It worked in boiling water, it worked when shorted out, it doesn't work plugged into the engine. Consider it works in theory, just not in practice.
  6. Since purchase my oil temp gauge doesn't work. We pulled out the sensor, shorted it and it registered. We dipped it in boiling water and it read approx 232. I do have an engine analyzer that has a working oil temp gauge but I'd like to have the quick visual (besides the analyzer is only really supposed to be a secondary). Does anyone have any thoughts? I've attached a picture of where the probe is. Dave
  7. Taxi with pitot cover on

    Great idea, thanks for it. I will remember next time.
  8. Taxi with pitot cover on

    Noted .... I have a 50 point something megapixel camera and plenty of very fine glass to go with it ... this is the best I could come up :S.
  9. Taxi with pitot cover on

    Ahhh, thank you, I believe that solved the mystery. I also left the wing covers on.
  10. Taxi with pitot cover on

    of course I am just making an assumption that it has something to do with the pitot cover as it was the first time on when I started up.
  11. Taxi with pitot cover on

    It does have a "remove before use" red tail. I've always had my headsets on whenever the stall horn sounds and it isn't for that long. I didn't wear my headsets while taxiing, is the stall horn that loud?
  12. Taxi with pitot cover on

    Yes, before Christmas it tripped the breaker on gear up about 4 times in a row. Next time out, a few degrees warmer mind you, the override button lit up a couple times, pressed it and up she went without a complaint and she's behaved ever since.
  13. Taxi with pitot cover on

    It was pretty steady, maybe shut off for a few seconds a couple times.
  14. Taxi with pitot cover on

    I didn't know if it was somehow connected to a landing gear warning, I only know of two warnings, landing gear and stall (but think it was too loud for a stall warning).