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  1. Thanks Brad. The gear is coming up, it just pops the breaker before it knows that it is. My mechanic does know the special tools required, just doesn't have them. Regardless, I had a long chat with extremely helpful and knowledgeable Clarence. Once we get 'er all figured out I will be sure to post what the problem was.
  2. I am quite sure he doesn't have the special tools as he said we may have to figure out if I can find some to borrow around here in south central Ontario. Thanks again!
  3. I'm listening but I don't understand her language just yet! Don't know any of answers to your queries; I have only had her two months and most of that time it's been either grounded due to weather or in annual waiting for parts. All I know is my mechanic, and the mechanic who did the pre-purchase a month beforehand were both very satisfied with the gear swings. We are going to put her back on the jacks and check her out. We will be sure to check into some of the items listed here, thanks all of you for help.
  4. Thanks, although not news I was hoping to hear. It is pretty much straight out of annual and a ton of gear swings in much warmer environments without a fuss. I suppose Ill just take it back to the mechanic and have him try cold and warm.
  5. It was very cold this weekend and while doing circuits whenever I retracted my gear it started to pop the gear circuit breaker. I discussed it with the previous owner who told me he had the gear bypass kit installed as shown here. I understand that it has something to do with the pucks expanding and being hardened in cold temps. Does anyone have the specs, operators manual or at least some instructions about how/when to use this? Thanks in advance! Dave
  6. Thanks Hank ... lol I said go easy - besides, mine just might! I don't have a push to talk on the co-pilot yolk, I purchased a plug-n-play type. I don't think it's an SPA-400 intercom system as it doesn't look like the switch in the middle of the SPA-400 is a three-way (Radio, Intercom, Off). It doesn't look like it is marked with the company name or type but I will double check tommorow. Dave
  7. Thanks, I will read up and look when I get back into it tomorrow; I didn't have much time to play with it as I had to outrun snow. This is a list of what I know I have (so far): NAV/COM KING KX-170B, COM Bendix/King Ky 97A, Audio Panel Narco CP 135, KING KT76, NARCO ADF 141
  8. Hello, I hope you can make sense of this question, I am a newbie so please go easy. I purchased my first plane, a 20C a few months ago. For reasons too lengthy to mention here I wanted to have the co-pilot able to use the radio and bought a push to talk plug. Unfortunately it didn't work. When I took her in for maintenance I mentioned it to my AME who said he'd play with it and see if he could get it working. I don't know if he got it working or not but when I flew it home I discovered that I (in the pilots seat), either have to have it set to radio a switch to send/receive on radio or on intercom to listen/talk to passengers. I used to be able to hear both and just press my push to talk to send on the radio. Now I have to operate a three-way switch on the panel which is visible in the top far right of the photo. Rather than assuming the AME rewired something poorly without testing it, is there a setting on the audio panel or somewhere else that might cause it to behave like this? Thanks bunchly! Dave